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Bernie has his Truth Finger going

Bernie Sanders Jumps On ‘Don’t Be Schmucks To Foreigns’ Bandwagon

Bernie Sanders is not going to let Barack Obama get away with being the only guy condemning the wave of anti-refugee hysteria. He would like you all to know that he too has had it up to here with...

Wonkette Editrix Wins CNN

It's our Editriix! On the Teevee!
Also, you wouldn't believe the amount of batshit around here.

Oregon Standoff Ends In Arrests, Disappointment At Failure To Spark Revolution

Good news from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Thursday, as the last four militia loons occupying the refuge surrendered to FBI agents without violence. Three of the four surrendered as planned when Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and preacher...

Hannity Going On Vacation To Farm Where He Can Run And Chase Chickens All Day Long

Is Sean Hannity headed for the Home For Retired Fox Hosts? Probably not. But one can hope.
If it's U of Oregon maybe that should be a duck girl instead of a cat girl...

Student Libertarians Demand Government Give Them Money For Guns. UR DOIN IT RONG.

Libertarians at the University of Oregon are feeling mighty oppressed -- not only does the school ban open or concealed carry of firearms on campus, but the student government wouldn't fund an event the group held to protest the...
We think those may actually be Charlton Heston's cold dead fingers

Nevada Wingnut Sharron Angle Threatens To Lose Another Senate Race

Be of good cheer, O Ye Wonkers, for behold, we bring you tidings of great joy! Sharron Angle, the Nevada loon who somehow lost her Senate bid against Harry Reid in 2010, even though she said that "second amendment...

Hillary Clinton Went On ‘Between Two Ferns’ To Show Kids These Days How Hip Grandma Is

Hey, millennials! It is Hillary Clinton, doing a funny thing!
Get ready to be sick of winning

CBS News Magically Turns Boos Into Cheers For Infallible God King Donald Trump

'Cheers,' CBS? Uh ... sure. Yes. Let's go with that.

New Orleans Removes Confederate Statues! Wingnuts Totally Reasonable About It, As You’d Expect!

Well shoot, guess nobody will remember the Civil War now.
Yes America is that dumb

There May Be Enough White Voters To Elect Donald Trump. But Are There Enough Complete Idiots?

It might just be statistically possible for Donald Trump to win the presidency, although such an outcome would obviously give a completely new meaning to the term 'margin of error.'
Cry all you want, still gonna call you A Idiot.

No, Bristol Palin, Hillary Clinton Is Not Afraid Of Your Grizzly Mama

OK, now that we have yelled at (some of) The Gays about how Hillary Clinton's "anti-gay" email is kind of no big fucking deal, it is time to yell into the hollow cavity of Bristol Palin's brain, because SHE...

TrumpCare Rises From The Grave! Your Wonkagenda for April 26, 2017

You'll never guess who's getting a tax cut, WealthCare rides again, and Anne Coulter is set to invade Eternia! Your morning news brief!
It's the House Finch of Proportional Representation!

Now Bernie Sanders Trying To Steal Kentucky, JUST KIDDING, JESUS

Bernie Sanders is asking for a recanvass of last week's Kentucky primary, which seems like a good idea. Do birds count?

Trump’s Lying Campaign Manager Knows Who Was For Iraq War, And It Was Barack Obama

Is there NOTHING the Trump campaign won't lie about?
Thanks, Bern. I'll Snapchat you later

Hillary And Bernie About To Do Fisticuffs One More Time, Please God Let This Be The Last Time

WHOA HEY it's been a minute since we've had one of these debate-styley things! But things have been getting super UGLY in the Democratic race, so they need to do this again, obviously. Bernie was like "I CHALLENGE YOU...