Republican Platform Knows Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan Will Save America — Yes, In 2016

Update: Dok Zoom notes, because Yr Editrix is too embarrassed to write this note herself: Yep, this is the whole darn 2012 party platform preamble. We initially thought the RNC had simply had slapped the 2012 preamble onto the...

Trump Gives Press Pass To ‘Alt-Right’ Racist Frog Lunatic (We Mean Again)

We old-timers (online since 1987) don't know what to make of these kids and their Inter Webs anymore.
Really can't go wrong with this pic. Or the corndog.

Michele Bachmann Makes Donald Trump’s ‘Evangelical Advisory Board,’ Wasn’t Busy Anyway

Donald Trump went and got himself a bunch of top rightwing Christian thought leaders to join his newly-announced 'evangelical advisory board.' He got Michele Bachmann, too.

Marco Rubio Is A Lot Like Harry Potter, And All These Other Fictional Characters

Did you know Marco Rubio is exactly like Harry Potter? Well, apart from the whole "Harry Potter wins in the end" thing. And the "Harry Potter is a sympathetic character" thing. And the "Harry Potter isn't a sad, annoying...

Carly Fiorina Will Not Be Swayed By Your Petty Facts About Generals Or Anything Else Really

Remember how Tuesday night during that rage-fueled blusterfest that was the one millionth GOP debate, Carly Fiorina tottered up to the microphone to list the names of some generals she'd had a minion look up on Wikipedia the night...
Oh, one more. How about 'I'd like that in used, nonsequential $100 bills'?

Paul Manafort Resigns Trump Campaign To Spend More Time With Beloved Despots

Paul Manafort had resigned from Donald Trump's presidential campaign; we bet everyone's all broken up about that.

Let’s Give Joe Biden A Hug And Leave Him The F*ck Alone Now

Joe Biden is not running for president. Contrary to Anonymous Sources and People Involved and Internet Rumors and Some Saying and Maureen Dowd, the vice president announced on Wednesday that he will not Run Joe Run, nor be Draft...
A lot of very bad dudes

Donald Trump Rally Comes To Logical Conclusion

Donald Trump's rally in Chicago was cancelled Friday night after hundreds of protesters (probably all personally paid by George Soros, according to Breitbart commenters, who know what's really going on) got into the venue at the University of...
Actual scary 'Hillary's coming for you are guns' meme found in the wild

North Carolina Gun Humpers Raffle Off AR-15, Throw In Picture Of Hillary Clinton, Haw-Haw-Haw

A pro-gun group is raffling off an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle along with a photo of Hillary Clinton, not that it means anything.

Why Did Ben Carson’s Enemies Force Him To Shill For Quack Cancer Cure?

Now that Dr. Ben Carson is the Republican Party's new daddy of the month, his enemies are out to get him. How? By hopping in their submarine time machines, apparently, and forcing him to use his reputation as a...

Mitt Romney Will Make His Buttocks Available For Kicking, If Needed

Mitt Romney is not running for president, OK? He has said several times now that he is not running for president. Sure, he might be thinking he looks awful darn good to the GOP now, given the unbelievable clustermess of...
You're fooling yourself. Equestria is a dictatorship

Deleted Comments: Wonkette’s Crackhead Pretense Of Liberalism Isn’t Fooling Anyone.

How is Wonkette being a dumb stupid jerkoff Shillary for Hillary today? All of the ways!
winner winner chicken dicker

How To Beat Donald Trump If You Don’t Actually Agree With Him

Donald Trump, right? GAHHH UGH GRRRR ARGH, Donald goddamned Trump. He is gross and disgusting and awful and terrible and all of that all over again, times a million infinity plus two. The worse he is, the more his...

Trump Bows To Not America. Wonkagenda for Mon., May 22, 2017

Trump is exhausted in the Middle East, President Kushner is in trouble, and Ajit Pai wants to make right-wing t.v. free for all. Your morning news brief.

Wonkagenda: Monday, October 10, 2016

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Wonkagenda: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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