New York Times Lady Simply Aghast VP-Elect Mike Pence Got Booed At ‘Hamilton’

Faint your pearls and clutch your couches, VP-elect Mike Pence got booed at Hamilton! And the civility police are ON THE CASE!

Snippy Ivanka Trump Bolts From Hard Hitting Cosmo Interview To Be Anywhere Else At All

Why ladymag so mean to nice Ivanka?

Supreme Court Not Having North Carolina’s Jim Crow, Thanks And Fuck You

SCOTUS is not having it with this OOPSIE accidental voter discrimination!

Donald Trump Thinks Hillary Clinton Just Doesn’t Have That Presidential Look

He also says his temperament is his single greatest asset.
Unclear whether it's the Clinton or Trump foundation. If the workers never got paid, it's Trump's.

Guess Which Charity Is More Terrific, Yooge, Best Charity, Hillary Clinton’s Or Donald Trump’s? No, Guess!

Oh, look! Both presidential candidates have charitable foundations. And you can probably guess which one is a real charity.
You really don't want to call her "Princess"

Powerpuff Girls Are Back To Tap Dance On MRA Bullies’ Faces! Your Saturday Nerdout

Good gawd, y'all, the Powerpuff Girls are making a return to Cartoon Network, and the first teaser clip has Buttercup beating up a Male Supremacist Pig. We are in love all over again. Also, can Gravitational Waves Improve Your...

Everybody Hates Ted Cruz And His Stupid Foreign-Born Face

Do you know how hard it is to write yet another post about how much everyone hates Ted Cruz? Not because it makes us sad to write it, or because it is difficult to write. Hating a face like...
No idea why someone would shop a Twilight Sparkle plushie into a David Duke pic. She's no lavender supremacist.

David Duke Thinks Donald Trump Could Tone It Down A Notch

Here's a little tip for fetid vomitsack and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump: When former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke says you're a bit over the top, it might be time to consider dialing things back just a skosh. Duke shared...
Boom! Take that, Mexico!

Trump Bodyguard Slugs Hispanican Protester, Seals GOP Nomination For Boss

Donald Trump's security detail put its best fists forward in a confrontation with Latino protesters outside the Trump Tower Thursday, ripping away a protest sign and coldcocking a protester who tried to grab it back. When you watch this...
That's one Ugly American there

Donald Trump Fanboy Can’t Believe Univision Anchor Even Allowed In White People’s America

So here's a charming addendum to Tuesday night's Donald Trump presser in Dubuque, Iowa, when the Human Flannel Moth deported Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos for being out of line. Once Ramos was out in the hallway, an as-yet...

Wonkagenda: Friday, August 19, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW

DCCC Sees No Need To Elect Red State Dems To Congress. We See No Need To Give Money To DCCC.

There's a guy running in a special Congressional election in Montana, Rob Quist. He's a musician, a grassroots guy, works for food banks and arts funding in schools, swell fella, looks hella good for 69. (Nice.) You can and...
Toxic Sludge is Good for You!

Obama Declares A State Of Disgusting In Flint’s Poisoned Water

After the state mismanaged the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, about as terribly as humanly possible, Gov. Rick Snyder finally got his typewriter and stamps together and requested emergency assistance from the federal government. On Saturday, President Obama declared...

Lindsey Graham To Hold Off On Murdering Sumbitch Ted Cruz For Now

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-The Genteel South) does not like Ted Cruz. Nobody likes Ted Cruz, of course, but Lindsey? He really don't like Ted Cruz. It's uncouth uncivilized Canadian Yankees like Cruz who've turned Graham's beloved Grand Old Party "batshit crazy." Here's...
Let Them Eat Trump Steaks

You Will Completely Believe How Good Trump Campaign Has Been For Trump-Owned Businesses

Donald Trump's campaign has been great business for Donald Trump. And any business owned by his family.