Breitbart Dipshit So Mad The Beatles Made Roy Moore Touch Those Kids (Allegedly)

Dad of the year thinks it's cool for grown men to hit on teenage girls. Maybe cancel that slumber party at the Pollaks' house.

WHITE DADS ON DOPE! A Thanksgiving Mommyblog

And how was YOUR Thanksgiving?

Gather Ye, Salt Lake City, Pocatello, And Helena Libs! We Got Some Celebrating To Do!

It's our last week of 'vacation,' LOL, and we're spending it in your heartland! Don't miss us!

Fox News: If You’d Been Murdered Here, You’d Be Home By Now!

The morons are out IN FORCE.

Betsy DeVos Rescinds Ed Department Guidance Documents On Disability Rights. Is That Bad?

Is it possible the Trump administration has done something that's not fucking people over? Maybe, this once.

Donna Rose And The Cowboy

The heart is a cowboy.

Potato Chip Cookies. NO, SERIOUSLY!

Let's get baked!

Advice For Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen, From Wonkette’s Jewish Mother

Happy New Year Michael Cohen, you nudnik! Also it's your OPEN THREAD!

Newsbuster ‘Breaks’ Story Of Martha Plimpton’s Shameful Abortions, About Which She’s NOT EVEN ASHAMED!

Wingnuts discover a pro-choice actor isn't freaked out by abortions. Pearls are clutched.

Coarse And Onanistic? US? A Most Vintage Dear Shit-Fer-Brains!

This man would not last long at your Wonkette, no longs at all!

It Is Your Monthly Reminder, Gentle Wonkette Readers, To #PayTheFuckUp

What time is it? It's time to PAY THE PIPER, by which we mean 'me.'

Mommy, How Are Icky Trump Surrogates’ Adultery Love Babies Made?

Congratulations on the fruits of your fucking, Jason Miller and A.J. Delgado!

Fuck You, Ben Sasse!

Ben Sasse made some dumb words about lazy poors. AND WE ARE MAD!

Where Are We Drinky-Thinging At You Next Friday, Wonkers?

Where in the world is the Wonkebago?

Hawaii Crisis Pregnancy Center Will Jam An Ultrasound Wand In Your Vagina FOR JESUS!

Nurse Rebecca will get that 'baby photo,' even if she has to jam that probe up to your eyeballs! That's dedication!

A Shitty Yelp Review For A Trump Resort That Doesn’t Exist