Is Ivanka Trump A Dirty, Dirty Girl? FBI ‘Counterintelligence’ Is Just Wondering!

We're sure Ivanka's sleeping very well tonight.

Devin Nunes Has Leaking Fever, Only Cure Is More Cow

Devin Nunes plays dress-up as a bigboy lawyer!

Georgia Teacher Arrested In Gun Incident, More Armed Teachers Might Not Have Been Helpful

'Arm the teachers' not looking like the wisest strategy at the moment.

Trump Solves Opioid Crisis: 1. Become Dictator Of Philippines; 2. Kill Everyone; 3. ???; 4. PROFIT!

What do you mean he can't do that? He's president, isn't he?

Missouri GOP IS Dogwhistling Past The Graveyard In Wake Of Greitens Indictment

Yep, they're doubling down on Governor Revenge Porn.

Rick Gates, Fucking Dummy, Tried To Put One Over On Bob Mueller. A Lawsplainer!

What part of 'don't lie to the FBI during your proffer' does Rick Gates not get? Also, what's a proffer? ASKED AND ANSWERED!

Missouri Gov Eric Greitens Is Fifty Shades Of Fucked

Consent, how does it work?

Wingnuts Magic Up Novel Legal Theory About Michael Flynn’s Innocence, Are Pathetic :(

Sometimes when a Mommy Liar and a Daddy Liar love each other very much, they rub up against each other on the internet. And three days later a Baby Lie is born!

BREAKING: Convicted Felon Dinesh D’Souza Is Vile Piece Of Shit. Who Knew!

Everything you never wanted to know about Dinesh D'Souza!

Nation’s Idiots Rush To Explain Why Florida School Massacre Isn’t About Guns

A Children's Garden Of Bullshit And Misdirection

Senate Gives Dreamers ICE Nightmares. Wonkagenda For Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

The Senate kills the American Dream, Congress tries to ignore another mass shooting, and Trump goes out of his way to hide affairs with porn stars. Your morning news brief.

How Could Such A Tragedy Happen Again After The Last Time We Did Absolutely Nothing?

Here we are again. One of these days we might even do something about it.

Chuck Grassley Saying The Coverup Part Out Loud Again

Chuck Grassley has no inside voice.