Senate Republicans Vote To Send Thoughts And Prayers To Future Mass Shooting Victims

What, you wanted background checks and stuff like that? Are you some kind of Communist?
He may or may not get to have a word with the Framers about original intent.

Dead Scalia Already Making America Great Again

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's corpse has not been rotting long enough for us to miss him yet because that's never going to happen, even if we live for a thousand years. But his death is already having some wondrous consequences...

Ted Nugent Lonely, Would Like To See His Secret Service Pals Just One More Time

Ted Nugent is neither dead nor in jail. But he keeps trying! Whom is Mr. Cat Scratch threatening to murder to death today? Oh, same old: Blah blah blah, hang Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama from the neck until dead,...

Las Vegas Police Might As Well Let Alex Jones Conduct Mass Shooting Investigation

No but seriously Las Vegas coppers, what the hell?

Bristol Palin Must Apologize For Mass Shootings

Unhyphenated fuckhole Gov. Bobby Jindal ranted on his blog Tuesday about who is really at fault for America's epidemic of mass shootings. We were so inspired by his profile in courage and leadership that we decided to consider whom...

Durham Topples Confederate Statue. Be Like Durham. Wonkagenda For Tues., Aug. 15, 2017

Trump reads an apology, special elections get heated, and neo-Nazis are having a sad. Your morning news brief!

BREAKING: Convicted Felon Dinesh D’Souza Is Vile Piece Of Shit. Who Knew!

Everything you never wanted to know about Dinesh D'Souza!

Kris Kobach Full Of Snide Things To Say About Teenagers Protesting Gun Violence

In which Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and a bunch of armed assholes talk shit about teenagers who don't want to be murdered with guns.
She seems as nice as ever.

‘Muslim Free’ Gun Range Lady Says Trump Got His Great Idea From Her, You’re Welcome

Hey, remember Jan Morgan, the Great American Hero who started something of a trendlet last year when she declared her Hot Springs, Arkansas, gun range a "Muslim Free zone"? She's now a minor celebrity in the Wingnuttosphere's Muslim-hatin' nether...

The Odd Couple. Wonkagenda For Tues. Oct. 17, 2017

Trump and McConnell's dysfunctional marriage, Puerto Ricans still struggling to survive, and John McCain tells Steve Bannon to suck it. Your morning news brief!
It's always nice to use this picture.

Gun-Lovin’ Texas Heroes Will Show Everybody How Fun Mass Shootings Really Are

If you're a paste-chomping weirdo, you've been watching the news and thinking, "Wow, another mass shooting. When do I get to be involved in something like that?" A group of gun-fondling Texans who truly believe all citizens should be...
This one came with a box of cereal

Roger Stone Finds His True Love: Cliven Bundy

Roger Stone has discovered Cliven Bundy and nobody knows what comes next
Empty-headed fool.

Ben Carson Sorta Sorry For Saying Jews Holocausted Themselves, Can He Be President Now?

It appears that someone suggested Dr. Ben Carson ask Jeeves about the Holocaust. You know, the real Holocaust, as opposed to the Republican fan-fic one, where that commie Muslim Adolf Hitler rose to power on a platform of marriage...

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Vagenda Of Manocide’ Coming To Manocide You With A Vagenda

Bet you didn't know you had to worry about Hillary Clinton's Vagenda of Manocide. She certainly doesn't have to worry about it, thanks to the interwebs.

Republicans On Gun Silencer Bill After Las Vegas: We Don’t Know Her!

Shh. The sportsmen have sensitive ears. Don't say anything to make them buy more guns. (They'll do that anyway)

Wonkagenda: September 14, 2016

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