Capitol On Lockdown, Republicans Want To Bring Guns To RNC Knife-Fight. TOTALLY NORMAL.

The US Capitol -- and the White House too! -- is on lockdown just because someone decided to exercise their Second Amendment all over the visitor center. Emails telling all staff to shelter in place -- and, if you're...

Hot New Dating Site Helps Gun Humpers Hump Other Gun Humpers

Gun lovers! Do you love the idea of a romantic first date at a coffee shop, but fear that the ladies you meet on Tinder may be put off when you show up with a ginormous assault rifle strapped...

Trump Has Sads For Hurting Dreamers. Wonkagenda for Wed., Sept. 6, 2017

Trump's not so sure about DACA, Republicans dig in for debt showdown, and Putin divorces Trump. Your morning news brief.

Flake, Heinrich Announce Bill About Domestic Abusers With Guns. Is That Even LEGAL?

Oh no! A Republican is trying to prevent domestic abusers from buying guns, even though laws never work!
The Sisters of Perpetual Vigilance

Responsible Gun Owner Lets Life Imitate ’13 Hours’ By Shooting Nice Lady In Theater

More news of our Well Regulated Militia this week, as Responsible Gun Owners have once again kept themselves, their families, and their nation safe from tyranny by blowing holes in themselves and complete strangers. It's always a great day...

Here Are Erick Erickson’s Nuanced Thoughts About The Planned Parenthood Shooting

It's weird to watch a complete psychopath like Erick Erickson try to feign compassion. You can almost see his triple chin quiver with the sheer effort of it. You can see his piggish little eyes screw shut as he tries...
Guess this makes them serious candidates.

Trump And Carson Beg Obama’s G-Men To Protect Them From Bad Guys

In normal presidential elections, it wouldn't be particularly noteworthy that the top candidates have requested Secret Service protection. But this is a campaign where the two top Republicans are Donald Trump and Ben Carson, neither of whom ever appears within...
Do not takesess our precious.

Make America Great Again: Mount Doom, But for Guns

Since America is no longer great, according to certain dimwitted candidates for president, we are sharing ideas to Make America Great Again. Read more entries in the series here. “My preciousssssssssss.” Gun rights extremists are Gollum. Any whisper of an idea...

Republicans Running From Roy Moore. Wonkagenda for Wed., Nov. 15, 2017

EVERYONE is running away from Roy Moore, ex-KGB will guard US embassies, and Shep Smith is sick of Hannity's shit. Your morning news brief.
The Thin Blue Line

Tulsa Cop *Might* Not Even Get Away With Murder!

Good lord, we're actually praising the justice system in Oklahoma. It may not become a habit.
Teach us how to fight the gunmen, Elisabeth.

Fox News Teaches Kids How To Run Toward Gunfire, What Could Go Wrong?

Did we not just finish yelling at Elisabeth "Shouldn't You Be Leaving Now?" Hasselbeck for doing something stupid on the "Fox & Friends" television program? Yes, yes we did. But apparently she wasn't done, because during that same broadcast,...
Photo courtesy Hundred Acre Wood P.D.

Open Thread: A Florida Gentleman Named Elvis, His AR-15, A Car, And Some Cows

Sometimes everything just comes together. Stupidly.

NRA’s Secret Graphic Novel Revealed!

Pro-gun Democrats did better in the midterms than probably any other class of politician, but the National Rifle Association is not in the business of reflecting moderate political reality. The NRA lives off memberships, and the standard card-carrying member...

Paul Ryan Insists That ‘Prayer Works’ With Mass Shootings, Neglects To Specify How

Thanks for your help as always, Paul Ryan.
This aggression against our nuts will not stand, man

Charming Oregon Militia Dudes Totally Harmless, Except For The Murderer Maybe

What up, revolutionary white dudes camped out in Oregon? You still doing that or did you run out of vegan jerky and that one granola bar? Oh, you are still doing that. Maybe you're enjoying all those free sex toys. That's...

Paul Ryan SO MAD At Disrespectful Dems And Their Terrible Horrible Sit-In

Paul Ryan said he wouldn't dwell on the shocking lack of decorum in the House by Democrats who were staging a sit-in to call attention to gun violence. Then he very indecorously dismissed the action as a "publicity stunt" for the sole purpose of raising funds.