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Mississippi Governor Tired Of You Discriminating Against His Shiny New Jim Crow Laws For Homos

Phil Bryant says he is just trying to protect people who want to discriminate from being discriminated against.
Professional cum-sock.

Texas Attorney General Will Save North Carolina From Transgender Pee-Pee Monsters

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is sticking his dumb nose in where it doesn't belong, again.

Rightwing Nutjob Begs: ‘Mr. Trump, Tear Down This Stonewall Inn!’

This is apparently some kind of revenge for taking down confederate monuments.
Senator, Jesus wants you to sit over there, away from the microphones

Mike Huckabee Didn’t Appreciate Ted Cruz Trying to Hijack His Kim Davis Jesus Party

Mike Huckabee would just like you all to know that if anyone's going to go to jail in Kim Davis's place, it's Mike Huckabee, not that Canadian-come-lately Ted Cruz. Following the hilarious scene Tuesday of a Huckabee staffer blocking...
No actual CEOs up against the wall. This time.

Target Restroom Bombed, Police Unsure Whether It Was Trans Panic Or Your Mom


GOP Convention Guests Get To Potty Next To ALL The Trans Folk In Cleveland, Yippee!


North Carolina Rep Will Axe-Murder Your Gay Marriage, PROBABLY Won’t Axe-Murder Your Puppy

One of the guys sponsoring the bill to kill marriage equality in North Carolina used to make jokes about killing puppies with axes. FUNNY!

Archbishop Steve King Lectures Pope On How To Catholic Good

Iowa congressmelon Steve King is a Catholic, and as a concerned member of the most strictly hierarchical religious institution on the planet, he'd like to take the opportunity to set Pope Francis straight about a few points of Catholic...

All Of Indonesia Competing To Say Craziest Thing About The Gays

America isn't the only country where conservatives with a mouthpiece loudly use it to extol the icky iniquities of The Gays Who Do The Butt Stuff. Indonesian public figures seem to be playing a game of can-you-top-this with each...

Bryan Fischer Wants To Watch You Pee

Fischer says unisex bathrooms are UNFAIR, because he is not a god-hating 'unisex' we guess.

Lesbian Superhero Houston Mayor Wants Gay Rights Ordinance Back Right Now, Dammit

Tuesday night, Houston took one giant leap backward for humankind, as the Jenny Jerkoffs who showed up to vote decided to listen to lying religious right mofos instead of their own good sense, and effectively killed the Houston Equal...

Jeff Sessions Can’t Pee Test Everyone In D.C. Your Wonkagenda For Thurs., April 20, 2017

Patriots in the White House, Jesus doesn't love horndog gov Robert Bentley, and Rexxon is full steam ahead. Your morning news brief!
One's a rubber-faced novelty item that became a fad for no good reason. The other's a doll.

Deleted Comments Of The Week: ‘Get Off Your Rump And Vote For Trump!’

Lucky us! We've been visited by TrumpThumpers a few times in the last week, and they'd like to set us straight on a thing or three. We learned that Trump fans are a diverse bunch, ranging from people who...
blood meridian 2015

Walmart Knows Where It Wants Trans Folks To Make Toilet, But Shhhhhh, It’s A Secret!

Walmart doesn't have the stones to say where boys without stones or girls with them should drop their kids off at the pool.

Bill O’Reilly’s Falafel Thingie Distressed By All The Dicks In The Girls’ Locker Room

Bill O'Reilly, who maybe beat his wife, has thoughts on how transgenders in bathrooms are 'inappropriate.'
Common mistake!

Westboro Baptist Church Knows Paris Attacks Happened Because God Hates Frogs

Hip hooray, the Phelps family of Westboro Baptist Church has offered to lend a hand in the aftermath of the Paris attacks! So of course, they're doing Christ-like things like sending money and medical care and HAHA JUST FOOLIN'. Instead,...