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Matt Drudge Gives Male Roommate Traditional Heterosexual Gift Of Real Estate

DRUDGE SIRENS AND DISCO BALLS AND CHER SINGING "DO YOU BELIEEEEEVE IN LIFE AFTER LOVE?!" There is a News Item in the News, about Matt Drudge, racist copy/paster for the Drudge Report, who says he is a heterosexual, which...

‘Trump Not Under Investigation’ No Longer Operative. Wonkagenda For Thurs., June 15, 2017

Trump's OFFICIALLY under official investigation, it's cool to hate Megyn Kelly again, and something is REALLY wrong in Jon Ossoff's election.
Obama's magazine cover JUST KIDDING LOL

Gay Barack Obama On Gay Magazine Cover Proves He’s A Secret Gay

One of the most hysterical myths about President Obama, perpetuated by men who seem quite out of touch with their own masculinity, is that President Obama, with his swagger and his hot wife, is secretly a gay. So here is the latest...
Sit on it and spin, you orange baboon.

Donald Trump Loves The Gays So Much He Wants Them To Go Outside On This Nice Day

We sent Major Major Major Major to the Donald Trump Howler Monkey Circus stop in Atlanta! Word poop was flung!

Team Of Evils: Michael Flynn’s Son (And Chief Of Staff!) Very Concerned About Dating Sites For White People

Meet Michael G. Flynn! A person who will soon have a lot of access to the White House! Nice!

Kim Davis’s Loser Lawyers Can’t Wait To Defend North Carolina’s Bathroom Sniffing Habits

Remember long ago and far away, there was the lady called Kim Davis? She didn't want to use her Kentucky grease fingers to sign gross gay marriage licenses, and she had some really bad lawyers from a wingnut outfit...
Christian who somehow has not been jailed yet

Meet This One Christian Baker Who’s NOT A Dick To Gay People!

Being a fundamentalist Christian who owns a cake-baking business or works for the government as the county clerk is SO hard. You have to get up each and every day and go to work and abide by super-unfair laws...

Indiana Pizza Bigots Accidentally Cater Gay Wedding, Will Go Straight To Hell

You remember those assholes, Kevin O'Connor and daughter Crystal, who own Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana? Let us quickly refresh you. They said, "No way, none of our pizza will ever be used to consummate a homosexual butt wedding,"...

Obama Says ‘Radical Islam’ Three Times In Terrorism Speech. Are All The Terrorists Dead Yet?

It's almost like those aren't magic words or something!

Republicans Commemorate One Month Anniversary Of Orlando Shooting With Fun New Anti-Gay Bill

Picture it! Washington, June 17, 2015, somewhere inside the secret Republican evil dude lair beneath the United States Capitol Building: "Gee boss, it's starting to look like SAME SEX MARRIAGE will soon be the law of the land, what're we...
A power bottom for your gay love, and also your dollars.

Does Ted Cruz Secretly Want To Gay Marry The Homosexuals?

BREAKING NEWS, EVERYONE. Ted Cruz, a politician from Texas, is a politician, and he is from Texas. (And Canada. And Cuba.) Yes, we know, everybody thinks he's this Pure Conservative Social Warrior, untainted by the taint smells of politickin', but...

Attorney General Loretta Lynch ‘Bout To Have To Smack A Bunch More States Upside Their Heads

Oh look, a whole posse of bigot states are joining together to say 'EW TRANS PEOPLE'!

Tennessee Legislators Love Bible, Hate Sex So Much

a href=""It's been a busy week for the Tennessee Legislature, which voted Monday to name the Holy Bible the state's "official book," so it can join the official gun (.50 cal Barrett sniper rifle, manufactured in the state), official...

TrumpCare Back? Back Again?! Wonkagenda For Thurs., April 6, 2017

Congress trashes TrumpCare, Trump dumps Bannon, and Valdimir Putin HATES being called a gay clown! Your morning news brief!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Wants To Kill The Constitution Dead. Pew Pew Pew!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott knows what's gone wrong with American government: it's let the Constitution get completely out of control! There's the Supreme Court telling the gays they deserve equal protection under the law, even when that grosses out...