fetuses do not work that way!

Florida Not-Birth Certificates For Miscarriages Definitely Not A Ghoulish Anti-Abortion Move, No Way

Conservatives wouldn't be as cynical as we suspect, would they? UNPOSSIBLE.

Breitbart Editor Remembers The Good Old Days, When Rape Used To Mean Something

Alex Marlow insists that the definition of rape has changed to 'any sex you later regret.'
Danger! Teachers may have opinions you don't like!

College Prof Who Told Class She Fears Trump Goes Into Hiding After Death Threats. What Silly Fears!

A college teacher said unkind things about Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and now College Republicans are demanding a safe space.

TRUMP MEANT TO DO THAT. Wonkagenda For Tues., May 16, 2017

OF COURSE Trump leaked classified info to Russia. HE MEANT TO! Your morning news brief!

Delta Flight Attendant: Is There A White Doctor On This Plane?

A black woman doctor on an airplane tried to help with an emergency. Yeah, you know where this story's heading.

A List Of All The Women Who Are To Blame For Harvey Weinstein Being A Sex Pig, By Some Idiots

Behind every successful man is a woman who DIDNT EVEN STOP HIM.

Hillary Clinton Inspires America’s Little Girls To Become Corporatist Shills, Or President

Hillary Clinton would like to have a word with you young ladies out there: Get yourselves elected.
Don't call it torture. Call it nostalgia

Gina Haspel Almost Thought Better Of Her CIA Nomination, But Then Trump Thought Better Of Her Thinking Better Of It

Guess it's time for another calm, rational discussion of whether war crimes have their good points.

Russia? Never Heard Of Him! Wonkagenda For Tues., June 27, 2017

The CBO shakes pill bottles at Congress, and the US Park Police shake down black kids. Your morning news brief!

Orrin Hatch Just Heartbroken Over How This Rob Porter Scandal Has Hurt Orrin Hatch

He seems more heartbroken for himself than the woman who got punched in the face.

Trump Finds An Anonymous Source He Likes — Himself!

'Senior Administration Official: Donald And Melania Definitely Having Sexual Intercourse On The Regular, And She Is Very Into It, And Him. Sexually.'

Transphobic Target Lady Is Here To Yell At Teenz About All Their Bathroom Sex And MTV

'Open Air Preacher' Angela Cummings is a sheer delight.
When did Tobias F√ľnke become a publishing consultant?

Playboy To Go Never-Nude In 2016. We’ll Be Grieving In Our Bunk

When we saw the headline "Playboy says it will no longer print images of nude women" in our newsfeed Tuesday, we were pretty sure it had to be from one of those dollar-store imitations of The Onion, not the...

The Week In Garbage Men: How To Celebrate International Men’s Day Like A Misogynistic Asshat

Today, in case you were not aware, is International Mens Day. Coincidentally, it is also National Toilet Day.