Spy vs Lie. Wonkagenda For Fri., May 18, 2018

Trump world freaking out about spies, an assault on abortion, and Fox is woke now. Your morning news brief.

One Year Later. Wonkagenda For Wed., May 16, 2018

Michael Cohen's got a BIG problem, it's military warehouses for kids at the border, and the #Vagenda claims another big victory. Your morning news brief.

Sunday Show Roundup: Trump White House Mean Girls Take On Iran, North Korea, And John McCain

Hello Wonks! It was Sunday and, even though it was a day to celebrate mothers, I had the wonderful task of finding the dumbest motherfucking things said on the political shows. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in. First,...
Viva sandino!

Raise Less Corn, More Hell! Your BEST Mother’s Day Tradition!

Here is your fifth or twentieth annual listicle of Mi Mamacita Communista, or Things My Mother Taught Me

If People Calling You A Nazi Turns You Into A Nazi, The Nazi Was In You All Along

Saying being called 'alt-right' makes you want to join the 'alt-right' is like saying being called a 'shithead' makes you want a hat made of human feces.

How Long Do We Have To Listen To White Dudes Whine Before They Are Officially Uncensored?

Until they stop defining 'censorship' as 'people thinking they are assholes', the answer may be 'forever.'

Kellyanne Conway And Friends Keep Trying To Turn #MeToo Into A ‘Gotcha’ Game

Conservatives think that the accusations against Eric Schneiderman mean they've 'won' something. But this isn't a game.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, GET THE FUCK OUT

We lost a great AG, and apparently A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING. Time's the fuck up, Eric Schneiderman.
Don't call it torture. Call it nostalgia

Gina Haspel Almost Thought Better Of Her CIA Nomination, But Then Trump Thought Better Of Her Thinking Better Of It

Guess it's time for another calm, rational discussion of whether war crimes have their good points.

Shitty New Iowa Abortion Law Is Why Republicans Keep Winning

Conservatives keep asking for impossible things, and it's not hurting them. It's time to take notes.

The Redistribution Of Human Flesh, By Ross Douthbag

If we guarantee a right to sex for 'incels', shouldn't we also guarantee a right to human flesh for cannibals?

Kiddy-Botherer Roy Moore Sues Whores And Gays For Telling People About It

Roy Moore gonna sue those hussies for keeping him out of the Senate where Jesus wanted him.

Kellyanne Conway, Get Back Under Your Tree

Kellyanne wonders if criticizing Sarah Huckabee Sanders for lying is an attack on ALL women. It's not.

NBC Women Say They Were Pressured To Sign ‘Tom Brokaw Is Not A Sex Creep’ Letter No One Is Buying Anyway

Megyn Kelly is refusing to sign the letter, so now we have to give Megyn Kelly credit again for a thing.