Mean Lawyers Ready To Put Kellyanne Conway In Ethics JAIL

Will Kellyanne go to Ethics Jail for being a lawyer who lies all the time? Let's lawsplore!

What The Healthcare? Wonkagenda For Tues., July 25, 2017

Trump takes on Sessions, Sessions takes on weed, and the Senate takes on healthcare. Your morning news brief!

Wisconsin Lutheran School Loves Free Government Cash, Hates Gays. What A Pickle!

St. John's Lutheran school won't say LGBT kids can't attend, but would like them to know they are NOT WELCOME.

Betsy DeVos Couldn’t Hire Trump University Fraud Chief, Went With Next Best Thing

We expected Betsy DeVos to be terrible. But are you even kidding with this!!!

Trump Has Sads For Hurting Dreamers. Wonkagenda for Wed., Sept. 6, 2017

Trump's not so sure about DACA, Republicans dig in for debt showdown, and Putin divorces Trump. Your morning news brief.

Hero Parents Will Save Us All From The Terror Of Jihadi Handwriting

If you were wondering if anti-Muslim hysteria has hit fever pitch in America yet, wonder no longer. Feast your eyes on the good -- OK, actually not very good at all -- people of Augusta County Virginia. Now, we are...

Texas Supreme Court Permits Homeschooling Parents To Continue Being Sh*theads

Last year, we wondered at you just how stupid you were legally permitted to be in Texas; now, thanks to the nine (all-Republican!) unelected (?) judges in robe on the Texas Supreme Court, we know the answer: We are...
See? Grammar not a problem.

Texas Couple Fights To Keep Kids Good And Stupid, The Way Jesus Likes ‘Em

There are no times tables at the Second Coming, that's what yr Wonkette always says. And apparently Michael and Laura McIntyre of El Paso agree with us, as they are suing the state of Texas for their God-given right...

NC School District To Let Kids Pepper Spray Scary Trans Students In The Potty, Why Not?

This is for sure a thing that will turn out well for everyone involved.
Campuses feel safer already

‘Oath Keepers’ To Teach America’s Kids How To Bum-Rush Gunmen, Resist Tyranny

Those Oath Keeper guys are really branching out! No longer content to wait for the chance to have an armed showdown with the feds over gold mines on public land, they've recently started boycotting Waffle House for not hugging...

All-American Teenage Science Nerd Hero Ahmed Mohamed Invited To Run The World

It's been a seriously strange 48 hours for Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old kid from Irving, Texas, who went from potential criminal suspect to instant Geek Hero, thanks to his idiot school's overreaction to a simple electronic clock that scared...

Did Your Son Rape A Woman? We Mean ‘Drink Excessively And Do Promiscuity To Her’?

We know you love your son. But maybe don't blame him raping a woman on 'promiscuity'.

Sad Dumb North Carolina Town: Stop These Solar Panels From Bogarting Our Sun!

If the state legislatures are the laboratories of democracy, hyper-local political bodies are the petri dishes of blindingly stupid petty misguided god-knows-what kind of governing system, and it is just shooting paramecium in a barrel, really. But then a...

Say, Did We Mention TrumpCare Will Screw Over Disabled Kids And Special Ed? GET MAD.

You want deplorable? Here's deplorable.