Megyn Kelly Teaches Donald Trump’s Idiot Campaign Manager How Campaigns Work

It's NOT FAIR how Hillary keeps bringing up the terrible things Trump says about women, just because he says terrible things about women.

Joe And Mika Ready To Bang Each Other In The Bonds Of Holy Matrimony!

They love each other! They really do!

Daily Mail Called Melania A Hooker, And Now She Can’t Sell Us First Lady Fragrances! Lawsuit!

Melania Trump is SUING. She is suing the Daily Mail for $150 million, because of an article they wrote that she believes suggested that she was maybe a hooker at one point. Now! If Melania did not work...

Fox & Friends Newshounds Find Buried Lede In Lester Holt Trump Interview: Holt Rudely Asked Questions!

Nine interruptions is nothing. Let Bill O'Reilly show you how to interrupt a president!

Maybe Don’t Stiff Your Server Because You’re Mad About Apartheid

What reason is someone using to avoid having to tip now? Oh, Apartheid? Well, that's a new one. Cool. An Oxford University student named Ntokozo Qwabe created something of a viral storm after celebrating his friend's shitty treatment of...

Happy Christmas, This Trump Idiot Wants Michelle Obama To Get Gorilla-Raped Ha Ha Ha Ha

Trump pal Carl Paladino had bad thoughts. If only -- if ONLY -- we could wish him into the cornfield

Clown-Faced Wonkette Typist WORLD FAMOUS Among Creepy MRA Douchebags

Oh no Robyn got Sick Burned by this mom's basement dude (for real). Must mean it's time for OPEN THREAD!

Trump-Supporting NYU Dudebro Super Terrified Of Mean Campus Liberals

a href=""Fox & Friends brings us a shocking tale of Political Correctness Run Amok on our college campuses, in the form of an interview with an NYU engineering major (OF COURSE he's an engineering major!) who has had his...

Oklahoma Court Just Fine With Oral Rape, As Long As Victim’s Really, Really Drunk

In a novel bit of legal reasoning, an Oklahoma state appeals court has decided that under Oklahoma law, oral sex with a person who's completely unconscious isn't actually a crime. They're not unsympathetic to victims, no, not at...
Maybe we could give them axes instead

Police Group Suggests Maybe Police Could Try Being A Little Less Shooty, Please

A national law enforcement organization released an important report calling for police departments to rethink their training and policies on use of deadly force, with less emphasis on "Shoot/Don't Shoot" decisions and more training on ways to de-escalate situations...

Women Abandoning Feminism In Droves In Hopes Of Winning Heart Of *This Guy*!

Dave Hon is your new boyfriend and you love him.

House Republicans Will Never Stop Taking Down Cop Painting That Hurts Their Feelings

Grab your Culture Guns, folks. We've got a war over a painting going on in Congress.
all woman, no kidneys

Rejoice! New Barbie Body Types Will Enhance Self-Esteem Of Mattel Shareholders

This week we'll talk about dolls, soda and lying because deep down, like most of us, our Corporate Persons are runny-nosed little kids. Barbie's new curves not as hot as some of the takes they're producing Barbie! She's...

Sexxxy Barack Obama Throatcramming America With Gayness. Again!

You know he's only issuing gay pride proclamations because he's a secret cocaine hooker.