Probably what this dude's cakes look like.

Colorado Supreme Court Tells Gay-Hatin’ Baker To Go Choke On Some Cake Batter

Dig a fresh grave, y'all, we gots another Christian martyr to bury: The Colorado Supreme Court will not hear the case of a cake shop owner who refused to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples. That means the appellate court ruling...

Ross Douthat Knows Donald Trump Is Totally Obama’s Fault

It has brought us no end of joy to watch the GOP try to run away from Donald Trump, pretending that particular monster is not the fruit of their own racist, sexist, and rage-filled loins. (Ewww. We just grossed ourselves...

Tampa Can’t Get Rid Of Confederate Loser Traitor Statue Fast Enough

Ultimatum? Hell, they hardly knew 'em!

How Many Russians Does It Take To Rig An Election? Wonkagenda For Tues., June 6, 2017

The NSA loses some Trump-Russia documents, Trump's DC hotels have some problems, and US diplomats have some concerns. Your daily news brief!

Democracy Is Coming To The U.S.A. (Your Tuesday Night OPEN THREAD!)


Porn Sites Help Utah Kids With Hard Core Sex (Education)

Porn companies step into the breach to teach Utahns sex stuff.

Donald Trump Rises Firm And Hard To Sue Artist Who Painted Him With Itty-Bitty Peener

If you've haunted the Interwebs regularly, you've probably already seen Los Angeles artist Illma Gore's now-infamous painting of a nude Donald Trump as a would-be emperor (and a less than impressively endowed one, at that) with no clothes on...

Here’s Bernie Sanders On The Ellen Show, Talkin’ About Handcuffs And Tight Panties

Oh look, Bernie Sanders has a softer side! He's not all GRRRRR! free college and AAAAAARGH! murder Wall Street all the time. Sen. Sanders stopped by the Ellen show, probably because he was still in the neighborhood after Tuesday's...
Comic Book Guy: I must Protest! Volkswagen Buses Were Never Manufactured In China!

China Will Win Your Capitalist American Heart With This Weird-Ass Music Video

From China's Xinhua News Agency comes proof that, whatever the formerly socialist nation's successes in introducing aspects of market economics to their planned economy, they're still getting the hang of producing advertising that works for Westerners. This 3-minute slice...

Surprise! Huggy Cuddlebear John Kasich Actually Giant Jerkface

We keep telling you Ohio Gov. John "Look at me, I'm so moderate!" Kasich is a terrible rotten standard-issue rightwing extremist Republican butthead. But do you ever listen to us? Sigh. No, you get suckered in by his inside...
Cool Story, Bro

‘Journalist’ James O’Keefe’s Dumb Videos Will Send Hillary TO ELECTION JAIL, You Bet

Shameless watchdog or public-spirited self promoter?
Look! I have a Bible! See? It's my very own copy! I'M YOU!

Donald Trump Takes Out His Jesus Thing, Waves It At Christian Voters

Donald Trump brought his circus act Friday to the Values Voters Summit in Washington, the great annual Jesusthon sponsored by the Family Research Council, the "pro-family" group that used to employ Josh Duggar. Trump turkey-danced his way through the...


Yesterday, Donald Trump opened his mouth and -- in the most charitable interpretation, because we are Charity Itself -- made a "joke" about gun nuts killing Hillary Clinton to stop her from repealing the Second Amendment. This was, for...

In Which The #MarchForLife Merges With The #BetaUprising. Thanks, Racist Cartoon Frog!

Oh, will you just look at the darling sign this fella is carrying (via Anne Helen Peterson) as he marches for LIFE? It reads "When she won't let you become Papa, so you stay Pepe," but it says so...
Why's everybody always picking on him? He's a winner!

Dead Breitbart: Why Are All These Black People Forcing Trump Supporters To Kick Their Ass?

Hey, you know how Donald Trump's rally in Las Vegas Monday was disrupted by a number of liberal protesters, and Trump supporters went Full Brownshirt on them, yelling unpleasant things like "Kick his ass!" "Shoot him!" or "Light the...

What’s Up With How ‘Teen Vogue’ Is So Badass Lately?

Update your bookmarks, because the teen girl magazine is writing some VERY IMPORTANT STUFF these days!