Alex Jones Claims To Be A Performance Artist None Of Us Is Deep Enough To Get

But only for child custody hearings, mind you.

Trump Tries To Burn This Mother Down. Wonkagenda For Fri., June 2, 2017

Trump tried to drop Russian sanctions, President Kushner can't get his story straight, and Not America is pissed about the Paris accords. Your morning news brief!

Her Name Is Hillary Clinton. Madame President If You’re Nasty.

Hillary Clinton used the third debate to give Trump the ass-kicking we've all been waiting for.

Ted Nugent Lonely, Would Like To See His Secret Service Pals Just One More Time

Ted Nugent is neither dead nor in jail. But he keeps trying! Whom is Mr. Cat Scratch threatening to murder to death today? Oh, same old: Blah blah blah, hang Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama from the neck until dead,...

Where Are We Drinky-Thinging At You Next Friday, Wonkers?

Where in the world is the Wonkebago?

The Eight Best Times This Badass ‘Teen Vogue’ Chick Kicked Tucker Carlson In The Nads!

Lauren Duca is GREAT, and she is not askeered of Tucker Carlson.

Your 2016 Definitely Happy And Not At All Sad DANCE PARTY HALLELUJAH HOORAY!

This is not a sad post. It is a commemorative post about the amazing, iconic musical artists the year 2016 murdered. (And to all those who are all het up like "Stop saying a YEAR murdered them," oh will...

The ‘Alt-Right’ Twitter Purge Explained With Cartoon Deer

A cartoon! You like cartoons!

Sally Yates Throws Shade Across DC. Wonkagenda for May, 09, 2017

Sally Yates plays rough, Paul Ryan stays quiet, and TrumpCare gets even worse. Your morning news brief!

FCC Can’t Wait To Do For Internet What Trumpcare Will Do For Healthcare

One easy thing about this next fight over Net Neutrality: whatever Trump's position is, you can rest assured it's dead wrong.

Steve Bannon And The Devil

The War Room, the Magna Carta, and the Murdoch Soup Incident.
weird things in this scene: 1. Applejack with out her hat 2. Applejack reading 3. Applejack at a spa 4. Doktor Zoom using an applejack pic in the first place

Wonkagenda: Thursday, September 1, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Trump Tries To Hide ANOTHER Putin Meeting. Wonkagenda For Wed., July 19, 2017

Trump has a secret dinner with Putin, Mitch McConnell still trying to kill Obamacare, and Trump Jr. is 'miserable,' poor baby! Your morning news brief!
Red Lobster's all "Will you be our girlfriend?"

Red Lobster Thrilled Beyoncé Considers It Top Choice For Post-Coital Noshing

Red Lobster is having a very giggity week right now, what with the shoutout it just got from Queen Beyoncé Who Slays, in her stunning new single "Formation," which she released as a surprise on Saturday, the way she likes to do....