And we're going to reclaim 'Tea Party' for girls, dammit

Let’s Take A Breather And Treat Ourselves To The Whimsical Stylings Of Maureen Dowd, Oh Sweet Jesus

Maureen Dowd ate another pot brownie and had a fever sex dream about Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. It was a very stupid fever sex dream.

Are The Duggars About To Finger Our Souls With New Season Of ’19 Kids And Counting’?

We just ... I ... what? WHY? If this report from the Christian Post is in any way true, the TLC network is a buncha rancid whores: After seeing the success of , it was announced that TLC will be bringing back "19...

Gawker Suer/Trumpkin/Libertarian Peter Thiel Is Kindest, Warmest, Most Wonderful Human Be

You know how Libertarians "love" freedom of speech and of the press and of religion and of the right to assemble and of the right to keep their homes free from quartering troops against their will? And you know...

How Obama Coulda Helped Black People Better, As Told By Trump Supporters

Curiously, their ideas dovetail perfectly with the interests of those who want cheap labor, don't want to pay taxes that help the poor, and don't want to hear about police brutality.
We could have made a similar picture with Bill O'Reilly's face, but ain't nobody wanna see that.

Fox News Dudes Being Total Girls About Donald Trump’s Sexism

Oh, golly goodness, it would appear that there is once again discord in the House That Ailes Built. After taking a brief vacation, Fox's Megyn Kelly returned to the network Monday night, and Donald Trump drunk-tweeted a bunch of...

Trump Inaugural Poem By Self-Published Poet Is Epitome Of Trump: It’s TERRIBLE

The Trump poem is so bad you guys that the part where he insults Trump's 'tyrant' predecessor is the least offensive part of it.
Yes America is that dumb

Yr Wonket Beated Up A Idiot Today And It Was Great, Also Too

You mad, bro? You must be mad because you are like GAHHHHH and ARGHHHHHH and angry comments (which we do not allow) and angry tweets (which we mute) and angry MyFacePlace words (which we ignore) and OMG we even made the spitting rage...

The First Rule Of Hillary And Bernie Fight Club Is MOMMY AND DADDY, STOP FIGHTING!

Thursday night's Democratic debate was fun! As usual, it featured grown-ups saying brain thoughts to each other, as opposed to the poo-flinging zoo creatures on the crowded GOP debate stage. But this time the grown-ups' faces got all red...

Tucker Carlson Running Actual Scam Charitable Foundation, Unlike Hill…OH, FFS!

Is there anything the Republicans accused Hillary of that they aren't doing themselves? NOPE.

Wonkette Made You A Present, It Is This Game Of US America Elections: The Game!

You saved so much money last year by not donating to any of the assorted bigot pizzas, and bigot florists, and bigot bigots. It is time for you to spend that money on YOU, by which we mean us,...

Daddy Bush Says It’s Dick’s Fault Dubya Was A Idiot

Damn it, Poppy, you were a lot more likable when you were flashing your fabulous stripey socks and doing gay-lesbian weddings and jumping out of planes for your 117th birthday. Why, we could almost forget that you were the one...
P.S.: I am not a crank

Deleted Comments Of The Week: ‘The Cookie Jar Is Human Organ Trafficking’

It was a rather dry week for deleted comments -- yes, there was plenty of raving, but only a few of our visiting wingnuts said anything worth quoting. Step up your game, crazies -- make it memorable, will you?...

Fourth-Most-Famous David French, Bristol Palin’s Ghostblogger’s Husband, Running For President. Neat!

Who is David French? A weirdo scary man control monster freak. David French for president, yayyyyyy!

Talk To Mama! Your Open Thread!

Well, my dear terrible ones, it's been a couple of days since we took out all the ads! DO YOU LIKE IT? Also, apparently, it has been a day and a half since you could post pictures to Disqus....

Fear And Loving In New Hampshire: Your Wonkebago Primary Wrap-Up!

It was supposed to be eight hours from our Pennsylvania rest stop to Nashua, New Hampshire. But 13 hours later, we were still driving, looping around looking for a freeway that wouldn't lop the top off our Wonkebago. We...

All Right, ‘Fox & Friends’ Idiots, Time For A F*cking Bible Lesson

They're just pretty sure? That Jesus? Was never a gross brown refugee child?