Been a while. We missed this one.

Hillary Clinton Re-Murdered DNC Staffer All Over Again Because Wikileaks. Obviously.

As Team Trump gets into more trouble, get ready to learn more and more about Hillary Clinton's death squads. It's only logical.
Look! It's Times Square! Where the terrorists are, almost certainly, maybe.

Fake Journalist James O’Keefe Says Refugees Have Fake Passports. Please Panic Now.

Look! It's Times Square! Where the terrorists are, almost certainly, maybe. James O'Keefe, rightwing media's thrift-store Leni Reifenstahl, has a brand new Shocking Terrifying Video that should strike fear into the hearts of every easily frightened American who's certain Syrian...

Some Newspaper: Jerry Hall And Rupert Murdoch Totally Doing It. Sorry About Your Breakfast

The Telegraph news-paper of Jollye Olde Englande has some items of interest to pique your gag reflex: According to "reports" and "some people" and "other citations that oddly do not exist," sexy ladies man Rupert Murdoch is totally sticking...

Donald Trump Actually Horrifying

That Donald Trump is always good for a laff and a couple web-dick-joke-emporium page-click-views. But did you hear about the hilarious time he cut off his infant nephew's medical care -- the infant nephew with cerebral palsy -- because...

Fox & Friends Corrects Lying Story About Food Stamp Fraud! Apocalypse Is Truly Here!

Fox admits it was wrong about a thing? How can this be?

All-American Teenage Science Nerd Hero Ahmed Mohamed Invited To Run The World

It's been a seriously strange 48 hours for Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old kid from Irving, Texas, who went from potential criminal suspect to instant Geek Hero, thanks to his idiot school's overreaction to a simple electronic clock that scared...

Trump Aides Compete In Ass-Kissing Contest, EVERYBODY WINS! :D

Donald Trump's spin doctors are about as competent as his physician.
still as cool and edgy as ever

James O’Keefe Gets Democratic Operatives Fired. Countdown To When He Pays Them $100,000 Starts Now

James O'Keefe has released more dumb video that proves -- to people who believe it already -- the election is rigged.

Possible Trump Spox/Daily Mail ‘Reporter’ Celebrates Trump’s Landslide Popular Vote Win!

Just in: If the Daily Mail carried news, it'd be a newspaper.

Ask Wonkette Anything About Why We Are Doing A Reddit Ask Me Anything!

Remember a couple years back, when we got BANNED by REDDIT (/r/politics) for the crime of inserting a speculum into their vagina? Those were fun good times! I was all hey we are not crime? And they said no,...

Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Thing Still Bullshit *Even Though Republicans Hate Her A LOT*

Everything you need to know about how Susan Rice did nothing wrong and Donald Trump is a lying idiot.

David Brooks Misses Obama, Wishes He Were Still President

Poor David Brooks. Spiraling ever downward into his midlife crisis, which for some reason he is paid to liveblog weekly at the New York Times, he inflicts upon us once more his struggle to understand how and why his sad...

Mick Mulvaney? He’s This Dick. Your Wonkagenda For Wed., May 3, 2017

Mick Mulvaney is a real asshole, TrumpCare is under the weather, and the Heritage Foundation flushes Jim DeMint. Your morning news brief!

Fox News Reminds Stupid Fox News Hosts Not To Be So Stupid All The Time

BREAKING NEWS: Fox News has 'editorial standards.' WHO KNEW?

Matthew Keys Totally Going To Prison For Loaning Someone His Password To HBOGo!

Who Is Matthew Keys? Matthew Keys is an Internet hero, I guess. He was a social media guy with a big Twitter following, and then he lost or quit his job after publicly criticizing his TV station's newscasts, and then...