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Trump Embraces The Dark Side. More. Wonkagenda for Mon., Aug. 14, 2017

Pence yells at the media, Wall St. can't wait to be free, and Ajit Pai is giving Sinclair Broadcasting a helping hand. Your morning news brief!

Idaho Lawmaker Will Make Sure Kids Learn Science Directly From King James Bible

You know how stupid liberal science textbooks are. They're all, "Once upon a time there was nothing, but then the universe banged itself real hard, and then a bunch of atoms shot out and landed on earth and turned into...
What are we supposed to do with these finger puppets? What are 'fingers' anyway?

Wonkagenda: Friday, August 12, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
Ecce Pistolium

Bristol Palin Delighted By How Well Kids And Guns Play Together

Bristol Palin, the Little Flower of Uninformed Commentary, has some thoughts about an "experiment" done by a TV station -- so you know it has excellent research value! -- about kids-n-guns. Waterloo, Iowa teevee station KWWL did a little...

Matthew Keys Totally Going To Prison For Loaning Someone His Password To HBOGo!

Who Is Matthew Keys? Matthew Keys is an Internet hero, I guess. He was a social media guy with a big Twitter following, and then he lost or quit his job after publicly criticizing his TV station's newscasts, and then...

Bristol Palin Outraged Other Girls Won’t Get Knocked Up In High School Like She Did

Uh oh, someone put a shiny thing in front of Bristol Palin's face, and now her ghostblogger has to write about how SO MAD Bristol is. Seems she learned that the state of Washington has a program to provide...

Did Alleged Abusive Baby-Hoarding Kansas Councilman Steal A Child From Lesbians? Probably

Remember Topeka Councilman Jonathan Schumm, and his sad wife, Allison, and how they were IN JAIL for felony child abuse of at least one of their 16 children? Thanks to excellent reporting by Buzzfeed, we have two new gross...
Where is your Godzilla now?

Michele Bachmann Not About To Let Obama Become Antichrist At The United Nations, No Way

Former Congresspastor Michele Bachmann has been playing the ol' "The Bible Is A Roadmap For History" game again, and she has some pretty fascinating predictions about what's going to happen in the Middle East any day now, as we...
It's Smitin' Time!

‘Moderate’ John Kasich Only Wants To Bring Back The Crusades A Little Bit

We have to say, we never saw this one coming. In the race to see who could come up with the most insane, unconstitutional proposal in reaction to the Paris massacre, our money was on the obvious favorites, Ben...
If only they'd built a YOOGE classy wall to keep Columbus out

Bigots Weep As Oklahoma Town Murders Christopher Columbus

Congrats to Anadarko, Oklahoma (population 6,762), the first municipality in that state to celebrate today as Indigenous Peoples' Day instead of Columbus Day, thanks to a City Council resolution passed unanimously in September. The proclamation was formally signed by...

North Carolina Republican Breaks Up With Bruce Springsteen, Becomes Belieber

You might have heard that Bruce Springsteen was one of the first to actually put his money where his mouth is regarding North Carolina's new hate law HB 2, canceling a scheduled concert in Greensboro. Can you believe that?...

New Orleans Mayor Dick-Slaps Confederate Losers, With Awesome Words That You Will Like!

The last Confederate monument has come down, and Mayor Mitch Landrieu HAD SOME WORDS 'BOUT THAT.

Anderson Cooper Tells Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi To Sit Her Ass Down

Why does Anderson have to keep pointing out Pam Bondi's past anti-gay bigotry, NO FAIR!

Ben Shapiro Forgets To Pretend Texas’s Bad Abortion Law Was About Women’s Health

The anti-choice cat comes out of the bag for this Monday Cringefest.