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Pamela Geller Is Suing The Facebook For Loving Muslims Too Much

Pamela Geller, a lady who is solely famous for being a horrible bigot and going around whining about Muslim people existing, is totally gonna sue Facebook. Why? Well, she says it is because Facebook is going around banning people...
They're only cuddling to protect each other from the Devil Women.

Dudes Who Wait Until Marriage Bad At Boning, Probably Gay, Says Science

Hey-o, my fellow Christian bro-mies, what are YOU doing? Just staying abstinent until marriage, because you're pretty sure Jesus says no getting your dick wet until you're with whatever lady-wife you pick out at age 19, like a common...

Cops: It’s True, These Republican Congressmen Are GIANT PUSSIES

All the GOP congressmen are terrified of all these little old ladies. The cops? Are laughing their asses off. SAD.

You’ll Never Guess Who Might Be Going To Prison For Those Planned Parenthood Videos

Last year, we heard some devastating whoa if true horror stories about Planned Parenthood. Undercover videos released by a group of "pro-life" terrorist-sympathizer scumbags called the Center for Medical Progress, led by cock rash James O'Keefe wannabe David Daleiden, confirmed the...
Hasa diga eebowai, motherfuckers.

Thousands Of Mormons To Nail Magic Underpants To Temple Door In Mass Resignation

Oh fiddlesticks, the Mormon Church has angered some of the people on its membership rolls! If you'll remember, the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints decided it was time to update its policies on the EW GAYS,...
I'm really more of a Rams fan...

Brave Christian Football Coach Suspended, Can Spend All Day Talking With God Now

The Great Jesus Sportsball War continues in Washington, where Bremerton High School administrators have placed assistant football coach Joe Kennedy on paid administrative leave for ignoring multiple requests that he stop leading players in prayer at the 50-yard line...

Let’s Lock Up Pregnant Women To Protect Babies! USA! USA!

But are pregnant women even people?
Portrait of the idiot in her natural surroundings.

Bristol Palin Shocked To Learn She Is A Idiot

Commenters, we need to ask you a question, and we PROMISE we will not get mad. Has somebody out there been doing some rogue, face-to-face guerilla Wonkette-ing? Because somebody marched right into the medical office where Bristol Palin works...
When in doubt, use this picture

Michele Bachmann Knows Jesus Told Her To Jump Huma Abedin’s Muslim Bones

Does Michele Bachmann regret being the most insane congresslady ever? Heck no, she was just doing the Lord's work!

Donald Trump Terrific At Saying Classiest Bible Verses Almost Perfectly

As per the ancient Martin Luther King Day tradition -- no, not the one where Republicans Tweeterspace about how they woulda been total brahs with Dr. King if they were borneded when he was alive -- Donald J. Trump has...
Watch where you point that thing, bub

Alex Jones Thanks God For Hero CIA Hacking Hillary Clinton, Subverting American Democracy! Hooray!

Also, he says American spies hacking one side of an (American) election and doing a 'counter-coup' is a good thing.

Utah Judge Won’t Let Loving Lesbians Get Their Gay All Over Foster Kid

Time for another episode of "Wingnuts think they know what's best for kids, probably shouldn't be allowed anywhere near kids." This time it's a Utah judge responsible for deciding whether parents are fit to adopt kids. His name is...
News man.

15 Things Bill O’Reilly Got Wrong While Laughing At How Stupid These Hippies Are

Watch the latest video at Above you will find a video from Bill O'Reilly. It is a stupid video, there is no need to watch it. In this stupid video, which you should definitely not watch, O'Reilly sends his...
How Not to Protect America

Armed Idiot Protects Oklahoma Gun Store From Muslims By Shooting Himself

In Oktaha, Oklahoma, the owners of a local survivalist shop and gun range decided last week that it was high time to jump on the "Muslim-free zone" gravy train, because there's a whole lot of ISIS activity in the...