Class War

World On Fire. Wonkagenda For Tues., May 15, 2018

Mike Pence's shadow campaign, no peace in the Middle East, and Trump's Chinese theme park. Your morning news brief.

Scott Pruitt Stars In ‘My Dinner With Accused Sex-Abuser Cardinal Who Says Global Warming’s Fake’

Scott Pruitt has some funny ideas about how science works -- and about who counts as an expert on climate.

White Women Being Reeeeaaaallllll Shitty, For A Change

'Checking out of an AirBnb' and 'falling asleep in the dorm common room at Yale' are now worthy of a 9-1-1 call. But only if you are black, so, calm down white people.

Maxine Waters Runs Right Over Paul Ryan But Still Gets Rolled On Racist Car Loans

When Paul Ryan says he wants to help you, RUN.
bad photoshop of Trump's head on Nixon waving goodbye from his helicopter after resigning

Donald Trump Might Be Taking His Richard Nixon Cosplay A Little Too Seriously

History doesn't repeat itself, but this sucker's rhyming like crazy.

Trump Admin Wants To Let Teens Fall Off Roofs So They Can Feed Their Teen Families

This ought to get the little bastards off their iPhones.

Guess Melania Trump Picked The Wrong Day To Start Caring About Children

Jeff Sessions loves America so much he'll rip families apart to protect American values. Which now include RIPPING FAMILIES APART.

Don Blankenship Wouldn’t Have To Hit You, Trump, If You Didn’t Make Him So Mad

If Don Blankenship wins, Joe Manchin has a better chance to hold his Senate seat. If he loses, we may not have to hear about Don Blankenship for a while.

You Can Now Be Too Poor To Die

Adams County Coroner James Keller is holding the remains of the dead, and their death certificates, hostage.
This is the real Britt Mc Henry

Britt McHenry Says A Hot Mess Of Reverse Racism Got Her Fired From ESPN, Deletes Tweet Because LOL

Girl's in a footrace with Tomi Lahren to take gold in the White Victimhood 400 Yard Dash.

Trump Urges Voters To Reject Don Blankenship, Who’s As Bad As That Alabama Loser He Backed

Donald Trump really can't stand this guy, unless of course he wins the West Virginia GOP primary.

Midterm Madness: The Congressional White Supremacist Edition.

The white supremacists are crawling out of their holes and heading to the polls.

Teachers Cuck Arizona Republicans

A pay raise is a good start. But the teachers have this crazy ideas schools need to be funded, too.

Sure We Believe You Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Wonkagenda For Fri., May 4, 2018

Hurricane Rudy damages Trump's White House, Don Blankenship loses his shit, Trump stops funding White Helmets. Your morning news brief!