2016 Presidential Election

Exclusive footage from tonight's Democratic debate.

Time For Hillary And Bernie To Call Each Other Big Hairy Dumb Stupidheads Again!

Oh look it's time to do another Democratic debate because might as well. The New Hampshire primary is over, and now Hillary and Bernie are heading to Nevada and then South Carolina, and who's winning? DEMOCRACY IS WINNING. As...
Nah gonna happen.

Marco Rubio So Sad New Yorkers Can’t Shoot Each Other In The Face All The Time

Marco Rubio's sassy little boots have a point to make again, about guns, again. See, Donald Trump made a YOOOGE LOL this weekend when he said, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and...

Yeah, There’s Still No Voter Fraud, Despite Your Idiot Facebook Friends

Who'd have guessed rampant paranoia would result in false rumors of voting fraud?

Why Do Hillary Clinton Press Conferences Hate White People So Much?

Ask Hillary if she's 'trustworthy' again. ASK HER, WE DARE YOU.

You’ll Need A Cigarette After Watching Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Donald Trump Nad-Stompin’

Seriously, can she be the vice president? Because that would be just great.

Happy Birthday Jeb! Bush, Don’t Set Yourself On Fire With Those Candles

John Ellis J.E.B. Jeb Bush was squirted out of his mama's beautiful mind on this day, but in the last century, some 63 or so years ago, somewhere in the middle of a Texas oil field, probably. While his...
Love the smell of Republican infighting!

RNC Fires Racist Dirtbag Magazine For Being Mean To Racist Dirtbag Candidate

Oh how terrible, it seems that Donald Trump's existence continues to tear the Republican Party asunder, we are so deeply sorry about how hard we are LOLing. National Review, the racist collective of racist goons spawned from William F. Buckley,...

We Think We’re Starting To Get Why Russia Wanted To Do Sexxx Conspiracies With Gross Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Junior's Latest Russian Conspiracy Buddy Identified!
Tanned, Rested, and Ready

These Are The Songs Sexxxy Obama Listens To When He’s Pumping His Sex Body

BONUS VIDEO: Obama texting like a 16-year-old girl!
You can't let her in here! She'll see everything! She'll see the Big Board!

Paul Ryan Says Hillary Clinton Too Dangerous For CIA Briefings, Trump Just Fine

Paul Ryan would prefer that Hillary Clinton not know America's secrets. Or at least not any that she didn't already know after four years as Secretary of State.

Join Wonkette For Another Brilliantly-Scheduled Democratic Debate

Are you all ready for another of the most important televised debates of the 2016 election? It should be sometime in the spring, we think. In the meantime, here's this sad bit of holiday-weekend programming that both Bernie Sanders...

Mike Pence Still In Love With Cuddly Pussburglar Donald Trump

Principles! Mike Pence does not have them!

Whom Did Hillary Clinton Threaten To Murder To Get Jerry Brown’s Endorsement?

The Washington Post explains Jerry Brown's 'lukewarm' endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Lucky mindreaders at the Washington Post!
Both screencaps are from teevee shows starting with 'State of...' Isn't that something?


Brazile writes about how she wanted to replace Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. That is ... not actually democratic?

Trump & Assad: LET’S HAVE A WAR! Wonkagenda For Fri., April 7, 2017

Trump plays with his missile, conspiracy cooks are going bonkers, and Russia is mad Trump lied...to THEM! Your morning news brief!