John Thomas

Garden In A Bowl

Gazpacho: the Original Smoothie?

So, here we are. 4th of July. Independence Day. The Most Sacred Celebration in our Nation's secular canon. A time to reflect upon the ideals our nation was founded upon and our efforts in striving to live...
Sweet, Spicy Yum!

If It’s Summertime, It’s Shrimping Time!

Check out these two great shrimp recipes!


Sweet, savory, acidic AND piquant, all at the same time? That's a mighty tasty raft!
As Southern as Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson shaking hands with Jefferson Davis in front of a Rebel flag in a cotton field. Except, y'know, without the hate and bigotry. Or the slavery

These Shrimp & Grits The Best Thing You’ll Ever Put In Your Mouth? PROBABLY!

Happy Easter, for those who celebrate it, whether as the Festival of Zombie Christ, or in accordance with earlier traditions! For those who don't, Happy Weekend! To those who do neither Easter nor Weekends, uh, Hi? I hope your...
Sinuses: CLEARED!

Taste Of Home: Spicy Syrian Style Chicken Thighs

Something familiar, comforting, spiced with tears of rage.
Good for both your belly and your brain.

Beer Battered Fish For Your Bigly Battered Brain

Gotta keep your brain strong to deal with this crazy.

Let’s Make Sammiches! Yes, The Boys, Too!

If we teach MRAs how to make sammiches themselves, perhaps they can become productive citizens again.
No longer doubles as a thermometer.

Heavy Metal: Tuna’s Got Less Of It Now! Let’s Make Some Tuna Steaks!

Thanks to government regulation of coal plants, tuna is less bad for you now! Let's eat them!
Bowl of Warm

Shepherd’s Pie. Seasonal Food For Un-Seasonable Weather

Shepherd's pie to warm you up. Oh, you're already warm? THANKS AL GORE.
So tender. Much flavor. Yum!

Braised Beef Shanks. Forward To The Past!

We now live under an administration that derides modernity in all things. Education should be guided by Bronze Age mythology. Settled medical consensus is rejected in favor of lies and poorly constructed, misleading arguments regarding the side effects and...
Queued up, ready to ROCK!

What Stew Is It You Wanna Taste? Your Open Thread!

Put this easy, delicious beef stew on heavy rotation!
I am so sorry you can't see the beautiful picture. You really are missing out!


OK, so: President Bannon, fascist dictatorship, Constitutional crisis, WTF did he just tweet? Pissed off allies, Putin puppet, marriage equality LOL, RESISTANCE! PROTESTS! *Yawn* Typical week under the Trump regime, right? And the Real Writers here at Wonkette...
Fish that USED TO swim. (makes hand motion)

Feed Your Head With Balsamic Glazed Salmon

Wanna win the war? You'll need some brain food!
witty alt text goes here

Have Some Jewish Penicillin, Because We All Feel Pretty Sick Right Now

Part of Yr Wonkette's self care regimen. Also yummy for its own sake.
Just me, showing off my meat.

Beef Wellington: Proof That I Have Lost My Damn Mind

Are you ready for Pinkham's meat?