Five Dollar Feminist

Your FDF lives in Baltimore under deep cover as a Respectable Member of Society. Shhhhh! Don't tell the PTA she makes cusses on the interwebs!

TFW Everyone Kicks You In The Nuts And You Think You’re WINNING!

Turns out there are actually downsides to sending a demented idiot out to represent our country.

Lucky Jared Kushner Follows Double Rainbow To Pot Of Gold!

Nice of the Qataris to bail out Jared's family! In totally unrelated news, we'd like the Saudis to stop blockading them now.

Ronan Farrow’s Got Your Dirty Sexy Money … Hangin’

Oh, so actually Michael Cohen took in another $2 million in funnymoney? HUH.

The Top Five Times Rudy Giuliani Was A Batshit Lunatic Since … Oh, Since Last Night

The president's lawyer takes his THE BEST WORDS on teevee!

Trump Knows ONE WEIRD CHINESE TRICK To Screw Up Trade Policy AND National Security!

Yes, let's let an illiterate blowhard get us into a trade war with the Chinese. That'll work out.

Rudy Giuliani’s Exit Interview: A Play In One Act

Touch me in the morning, then just walk away. We don't have tomorrow, but we had yesterday.

Is Michael Avenatti In BIG TROUBLE MISTER? A LOL, No, Lawsplainer!

Do not come for Michael Avenatti. Especially if you are the dumbest lawyer in America.

Diamond And Silk Idiots Again

Who runs in the primaries again?

Have We Mentioned That Everyone At Fox Is Going Straight To Hell?

Actually, hell is too good for them.