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what the fresh prince did at home

Supreme Court Tells Pennsylvania GOP To Eat It, My, Isn’t That Sad

So unfair when Republicans can't draw their own districts as White Gun Jesus intended!

My Goodness, Why Are We Being So Mean To That Nice Hope Hicks???

But can a pretty girl even go to jail? Is that, like, LEGAL?

Buzzfeed Takes Michael Cohen To Law School, For Maybe His First Time

Buzzfeed harmed MICHAEL COHEN'S reputation? O RLLY?

Can Seth Rich’s Grieving Parents ‘Gawker’ Fox News Out Of Existence?

Fox News, they're even WORSE than you think!

All These Trump Lawyers Suing Stormy Daniels Still Have Nothing To Do With Trump

No, but seriously! WTF is wrong with Donald Trump's lawyers?

Don’t Watch, Just Read The Top Seven Fuckbonkers Things Donald Trump Said In Pennsylvania!

But what has Pennsylvania done to deserve this?!?

Michael Cohen, Lawyer Extraordinaire And A Week Of Stormy Weather

PUNS! That's what you've brought us to, Michael Cohen!

Paul Manafort: So Fucked

This guy is SO SCREWED.

Now For Sarah Huckabee Sanders With The Porn Report

What are the odds Daniels is the only one who got paid off?

Hey, Can Trump Talk To Mueller’s Witnesses? Is That Kosher Or LOL?

New York Times 'sources' say Don McGahn is a *living saint*.

We’re Not Saying Devin Nunes Leaked To Michael Cohen. But We’re Not Saying He *Didn’t*!

Gonna need one with wings to catch all those leaks!

No, Gary Cohn, You’re Still Not Invited To Seder!

Wonkette's Jewish Mother is NOT IMPRESSED, BOYCHIK!

Is Michael Cohen TOO GOOD At Law? Let’s Ask The Porn Star Suing The President.

The answer is no. Michael Cohen is not too good at law.