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Fare la Volpe is the Wonkenym of one Mr. Patrick Murphy, amateur woo chronicler. He is a social worker residing in Tennessee who religiously follows nonsense blogs in an obsession that concerns his family greatly.
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft...

The Measles Vaccine Has Saved Twenty Million Children! Your Snake Oil Bulletin Good News Edition!

We wish we could say good morrow to you, readers, but it most assuredly isn't. Donald Trump won the election and his Legion of Doom is slowly building. While Yr Volpe prides himself on being an enthusiastic (if sarcastic)...

Donald Trump Makes Last Minute Booty Call To Anti-Vaxxers

Greetings, fellow election sufferers. It's time once more for the Snake Oil Bulletin! We have a shortened bulletin this week because this election has left us emotionally drained, and if we have to continue writing about the ongoing awful...

A Children’s Treasury of Crazy People Reacting to Hillary Probably Winning

Oh, yes, the LoonySphere has thoughts on the election, too. Some are simply worried about illegal aliens FROM SPACE.
Sorry, Victor

Freeze Your Balls Off the Medicinal Way

Experts agree: freezing men's privates just leaves them cold-cocked.

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Whiz Kid Con Artist at it Again!

God morrow to ye, fellow thespians! It's time once again for the Snake Oil Bulletin. This week we profile two actors of superlative skill in the dramatic arts. So convincing were their performances that they were able to play...

San Antonio District Attorney Will Put Vaccines IN JAIL!

God bless ye, gentle readers, and welcome once more to the Snake Oil Bulletin! This week we have a virulent case of Dumb Pox spreading around, so do be sure to take precautions. Drink plenty of bleach, snort all...
Srsly. This is Srs Bsns on Srs Internet.

Please Don’t DIY Your Own EpiPen! Your Snake Oil Bulletin

Greetings, settlers and sharecroppers alike! It's time for ye olde fashioned medicine show and discount homeopathic dentist, The Snake Oil Bulletin! This week, we decided to attack a dangerous if well-meaning meme making the inter-rounds that is encouraging people...

Athletes, Please Don’t Stick Your Wieners in Vacuums

Welcome, lovelies, to the Snake Oil Bulletin, your (semi-)weekly roundup of the choicest stuff and nonsense the internet can hurl our way! A thousand pardons for our absence last week, but we're back again to make a dent in...

No, Jill Stein, WiFi Isn’t Cooking Our Children’s Brainzzzz

Greetings once more, dear readers! It's that time of the week for the Snake Oil Bulletin! This week we continue our ongoing theme of examining the anti-science beliefs of the various frontrunners and also-rans of this three-ring election cycle....

‘Dr.’ Jill Stein Pandering to Anti-Vaxxers, Because She Is Awful

Greetings, flim flammers and rubes alike! It's time once more for the Snake Oil Bulletin, your weekly dose of Dr. la Volpe's Olde Fashioned Miracle Elixir and Grout Remover to cure the ails of your weary world. We're taking...
dear leader plz don't steal our emails

Glorious Leader Cures Cancer Forever with Evian

North Korean leader Kim Jon-un has revealed a miracle cancer cure: springwater that has "smaller molecules." See? Commies don't need filthy capitalism to be charlatans!

Magic Wands Do Not Detect Bombs

Greetings to you, old friends, and welcome once more to the Snake Oil Bulletin! Our coverage this week takes us to international waters, to the mystical Bush-besmirched land of Iraq. After terrible tragedy striking the nation less than two...

Don’t Listen To Teevee Chefs About Sunscreen Plz

Oh thank God, it's the Snake Oil Bulletin!

Canadian Kiddie Murderers Sentenced To All-Natural Wrist-Slap

Greetings, you scandalous scallywags! It's time once more for your weekly recap of pseudoscientific psychopaths, the Snake Oil Bulletin!

Anti-Vaxxers Dox Young Boy As Just Punishment For Anti-Vax Speech Crimes

Welcome welcome, friends and frenemies. It's time for your weekly tales of flim-flammery and fakery, the Snake Oil Bulletin. We've had our fair share of idjit anti-vaxxers lately, so who are we to spoil a winning streak like that?...

Presumably, Alex Radita’s Parents Will Be Going To Jail

Alex Radita weighed 37 pounds when he died. He was 15 years old. His parents faith healed him. It's weird that it did not work.