No one wants to fuck him either.

This week, the world at large discovered what we here at Wonkette have known for quite some time: that there are a lot of deeply and terrifyingly misogynistic men who call themselves “incels” and who congregate on the internet to discuss how unfair it is that women have bodily autonomy and do not fuck them. And, also, that these men are often very dangerous and violent. In real life and not just on the internet.

And yet, the incels have found themselves a new friend, and it is neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer — who, as a hateful nutbar himself, feels deeply for their plight.

Over on the r/braincels subreddit, one user posted the text from a Daily Stormer post about mass murderer Alek Minassian, in which Anglin expresses his suspicion that Minassian wasn’t really an incel, but also his hope that said mass murder will bring “much needed” attention to their cause of… wanting to have sex with women who don’t want to have sex with them.

Incel terrorist….
This is possible, I guess.

Suspicious for a number of reasons.

Firstly, he’s Armenian and he could easily go to his home country and get decent pussy just being normal, and presumably as a foreign-born Armenian could be pulling from the top shelf.

Furthermore, if he’s a member of the incel rebellion, why would he target random people with a bus?
Elliot Rodger had a logical target in a sorority house.

If you’re going to ruin your life doing an act of terrorism for ideological reasons, it seems to me you’d want to choose a meaningful target, which in this case would be stuck-up sluts.

I Hope He is an Incel Terrorist
This might bring much needed attention to just what the sexual revolution has done to the average male in Western society, who simply cannot get laid, because every single bitch is on Instagram fucking Chad.
The Jews told us that the sexual revolution meant all men would get free sex and what it turned out to mean is that <5% of men get harems of all the women in the society. There isn’t really an answer to this problem, other than to severely restrict the rights of women. Or to reinstate a regime of shame on women for their whorish behavior. Because women pretty much only respond to one thing and that one thing is social shaming.

And oh, how the incels cheered for their new Nazi friend. Finally, someone who understands that women are responsible for everything terrible in society. Because of the “soft hearts” we have, despite also being evil Instagram Chad-fucking bitches.

And he’s completely correct. The only way we can ever hope to take back Western society at all is to get control of the women. They are almost single-handedly responsible for the rot of everything you see. They were the targets of (((Marxist))) social engineering, and because they’re fucking women, they bought it.

Now our countries are degenerate and corrupt, as we spiral out into inevitable collapse… and the soft hearts of women were responsible.

The original poster of the article was simply appalled that someone would dismiss Anglin’s very reasonable thesis, just because he’s a Nazi. How silly!

First he mentions that the entire Incel angle is questionable and lays out two hypothesis as to why. Then Anglin explains how an Ibcel terror attack would bring attention to a problem, what that problem is, and a possible solution.

You really couldn’t follow that? Or did you just say “lol it’s a Nazi article. Must be dumb”?

Of course, the post itself would be “dumb” enough even if it hadn’t been written by a Nazi, but that does have a je ne sais quoi to it.

The creepy thing here though is that this poster, and the other incels in this sub and elsewhere, genuinely do not appear to understand that no one else thinks that their not getting laid is a problem that needs to be fixed — that no one is going to say What? No one is fucking these horrible misogynists? That is just wrong! Thank you, mass murderer, for bringing this to our attention. Sorry, ladies — but we’re just going to have to take away your rights and start publicly shaming you for only having sex with men you want to have sex with. THEM’S THE BREAKS.

Just like no one cares that Andrew Anglin thinks it’s unfair that he can’t have the all-white country of his dreams.

Another poster was very excited to be ahead of his time on the shaming women front:

“Or to reinstate a regime of shame on women for their whorish behavior.”
That’s what we do! We’re ahead of our time.

Yeah, except you can’t “shame” someone who doesn’t give a fuck what you think — which is literally all of the women in the entire world. Not a single woman is looking at this mass murderer, or looking at any of the incel message board and going “Oh no! What have I done? I feel so deeply ashamed for my behavior! I will change my ways instantly and start only having sex with repulsive, misogynistic men.”

This is not happening. Also not happening? People suddenly going Oh! I didn’t realize how bad things were for these incels! We need to start forcing women to sleep with them, stat! What can we do to help? No, everyone thinks they fucked up assholes, which they are.

And yet somehow, they are still confident that they can pull this off, and that it will be good for society.

TBH, I mean, it sounds harsh as fuck, but that’s what existed for centuries before the sexual revolution, and it worked. After the dissolution of sexual moors, followed by the nuclear family, women’s behavior was and still is held in check by mental health medication (1/4 of all women use these drugs).
Every negative trend we’ve seen in sexuality, family life, and male/female relationships is tied to the sexual revolution from decades past, and, by proxy, feminism. The absence of social shame is the main tool used to carry on the legacy of those ideologies.

When asked if men should also be shamed for promiscuity, several incels explained that men and women are supposed to be held to different standards, because “A key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock.”

And because…

Women don’t date in their own league. Even the ugliest women want an above average man. They will rather sleep around with good looking guys than go out on a date with guy who is disadvantaged in looks department. This will anger men of lower status and will eventually harm society. Sexual promiscuity will destroy western Civilization.

Yeah, no. It won’t.

Though this is far from the first time “incel nazi” has been a thing, the incels are not, by and large, just white men. Racially, they’re actually pretty diverse, which is maybe the “best” thing anyone can say about them.

Still, it’s hardly surprising that they are eagerly embracing Anglin as a fellow traveler, and even less surprising that he is embracing them. Both spend their lives concocting elaborate and hateful conspiracies that make no actual sense, and both are deeply repugnant to any decent human being with half a brain.


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