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In April, Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois plans to win herself another first, after becoming the first woman amputee elected to Congress, the first Asian-American to represent Illinois, and the first US Senator to have been born in Thailand. On top of all that, of course, she’s the only member of the Senate to have lost two legs and part of her arm after the helicopter she was co-piloting was shot down with a rocket-propelled grenade in Iraq. Now, Duckworth will become the first member of the Senate to birth a baby while in office, and is looking forward to schooling — politely — her generally old-guy colleagues in the Senate on the challenges faced by working moms with new babies. Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a nursing nook in the Cloakroom in previous years (fine, we don’t know if she’ll nurse IN the Cloakroom, we’re just saying).

One of her colleagues from her time in the House figures Duckworth will handle the challenges of her new constituent just fine:

“She’s been through things that you and I will probably never understand. So I’m sure for her (having a baby) is in no way daunting,” said Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash., who had two children while serving in Congress. “She’s also someone who’s had a whole career in a male-dominated world.”

This will be Duckworth’s second baby; her first was born when she was a member of the House, in 2014. So now she’ll have two Favorite Daughter candidates. And as this very nice Military Times piece notes, she’s ready to do some more role model stuff, because she’s just plain one of those leader-type people:

Duckworth, who turns 50 in March, says she appreciates the historic nature of her baby’s birth, as well as the fact that she represents working mothers and women having babies later in life. She fully expects to have to find a place to nurse in some quiet parlor off the Senate floor.

Have any prominent political idiots come forward to lecture her on how she’s too old to be having a baby? We’ll assume not, since if they had, we’re fairly certain we’d have heard about it from Duckworth directly — she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, as we all saw a couple weeks back when Donald Trump was complaining Democrats had failed in their sacred duty to applaud his State of the Union monotone.

Before that, when Trump complained that Democrats were somehow hurting the military by insisting on helping DACA recipients, Duckworth was similarly not in the mood for his nonsense:

I spent my entire adult life looking out for the well-being, the training, the equipping of the troops for whom I was responsible. Sadly, this is something the current occupant of the Oval Office does not seem to care to do.

And I will not be lectured about what our military needs by a five-deferment draft dodger. And I have a message for Cadet Bone Spurs. If you cared about our military, you’d stop baiting Kim Jong-un into a war that could put 85,000 American troops and millions of innocent civilians in danger.

The Military Times attributes the “Cadet Bone Spurs” coinage to Duckworth, which sounds about right, but if some smarty with LexisNexus can find an earlier citation than that January 21 speech, we’ll update.

Update: Wonkette reader with LexisNexis finds an earlier reference — and darned if it isn’t ALSO Tammy Duckworth, so we guess she wins!

More recently, Duckworth has been fighting against a truly evil measure in the House that would limit “frivolous” lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act. “Frivolous” to just whom, exactly, she asked in an excellent Twitter thread:

The House bill passed, but Duckworth is looking forward to the fight to defeat it in the Senate.

Go give the Military Times profile of Duckworth a read — among other things, we learn that Sen. Bob Dole, who met Duckworth when Dick Durbin invited her to be his guest for George W. Bush’s 2005 State of the Union address, was so impressed with Duckworth — who had just been shot down the year before — that he dedicated his 2005 book to her, saying she “represents all those with their own battles ahead of them.”

The profile closes with a reminder that it’s a mistake to misunderestimate Tammy Duckworth:

One day in December as Duckworth wheeled around a corner in the Capitol toward the Senate’s historic vote on tax cuts, a young police officer stopped her. The elevators, he said, were reserved “for members only.”

Duckworth looked up and, all business, informed him that she’s the junior senator from Illinois.

The officer let Duckworth through — with apologies.

Gotta educate the boys: It’s not just troublemaking protesters using wheelchairs around there. And in a couple months, remind ’em that working moms have a vote. On the floor, in a few minutes.

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[Military Times]

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  • GreenGoldSharpie

    I voted for her!

    And I was thinking at least the ADA was a non-controversial thing. Good lord, what a bunch of evil fucks.

  • Msgr_MΩment

    One of her colleagues from her time in the House figures Duckworth will handle the challenges of her new constituent just fine:
    “She’s been through things that you and I will probably never understand.

    Sen. Roy Batty (D: Shouler of Orion)

  • ManchuCandidate

    The GOP knows how baby is made, but they still don’t understand why the Stork has to watch.

  • doggiedaddy

    MY Senator kicks ass!!

    (no pun intended)

    • Rick Hill

      My senator’s a rock….(or, at least one of them is. Sherrod Brown, rocks!)

      • Msgr_MΩment

        The other has them in his cranium.

      • LeighBowery’sLuxuryComedy

        We got a bunch of Buckeyes on here seems like.

        • Rick Hill

          We used to have John Glenn and Howard Metzenbaum. Now those two really truooly rocked

          • Lascauxcaveman

            And one of them also rocketed.

          • LeighBowery’sLuxuryComedy

            Man, those were the days. I still remember how bummed I was when i heard Metzenbaum was retiring.

        • data_ninja

          We are here and there, yes.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      I have two pretty good senators myself, but damn, Tammy is awesome.

      • therblig

        i have 2 who generally vote the right way, but think nj can do way better than one who dodges indictments and an empty suit who’s owned by big pharma.

    • FlemmishSpy

      Sigh, I’m inflicted with NRA boy-toy, ‘lil Marco.

    • Rebel Scum with permit

      I have Teh Ladies From Hell: Diane Feinstein, that old war horse who knows exactly where the fight is, and chooses her battles, and Kamala Harris. They are a good team and balance each other out.

      • sarafina

        I have Cornyn and Senator Anchor Baby. But Beto O’Rourke looks good at challenging the latter.

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson
  • TheGrandWazoo2
    • LeighBowery’sLuxuryComedy

      this is genius.

    • Lascauxcaveman

      Terry Gilliam inspired so much wonderful and weird shit.

  • Tracey Soppanish

    Can she just be president now??? Cause we need her to…PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE

  • Ellie

    My congresscon voted against it! I wonder if he will now be in trouble with Cadet Bone Spurs?

  • Crystalclear12

    If I ever grow up I want to be her.

    • FlemmishSpy

      Minus that whole RPG thing. She wouldn’t wish that on anyone, I’m sure.

  • (((fka_donnie_d))), SOB

    In my local panera bread, a sign says “Delivering Soon”. My question is, “twins”?

  • BadKitty904

    I’m hoping Tammy gives birth on Mitch McConnell’s Chamber desk.

  • memzilla Ω

    Can’t you just imagine Senator Duckworth on the Senate floor, responding to McConnell (R-Grifty McGriftyface), with “May I invite my esteemed colleague to come over here so I can robot-kick his ass out the side door?” WOULD PAY ACTUAL MUNNIEZ TO WATCH.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      The man is a walking Voight-Kampff test.

      • Msgr_MΩment

        “You know what a turtle is, don’t you?”

  • beingreleased

    I’ve been expecting Trump and the Republicans to go after the ADA for a while. Think of all the rules and regulations and burdens it imposes on businesses.

    • Rebel Scum Puipui

      “How dare the law require us to be reasonable!”

    • Rebel Scum with permit

      I have a disability that keeps me from walking very far without support. It’s really frustrating. And I’ve also seen some abuses that I wish could be fixed.
      The hair salon where I go had a drive by ADA problem- somebody just got out of the car and measured doorways- they didn’t try to use the business. The hair dresser who happened to talk to them was sued. He wasn’t even the owner of the building or the business, both of whom told him tough shit. The hairdressers lawyer told him to just settle for a few thousand- that it would be cheaper than legal fees involved in trying to straighten the mess out.
      And you know what came out of it? A sign on the door saying that there were no restrooms available to the public.
      There has to be a way of fixing the problem without filing nuisance law suits.

      • Lascauxcaveman

        I thought there were carveouts (exemptions) for small businesses who could demonstrate that ADA compliance would create and onerous financial burden. In other words, you send a letter to the ADA compliance people that, yes, your business only nets $100K a year so, no, you’re not going to install an elevator that costs $250K.

  • James Baskin

    I love that she took down that miserable SOB Joe Walsh.

    • (((fka_donnie_d))), SOB

      So hard, in fact, that he went slightly sane.

      • Lashaunda Hailey

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  • Villago Delenda Est

    I look forward to Inhofe’s chest pains.

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    I want 100 Senators like Sen. Duckworth. She is truly the best of us.

  • PRW

    Dr. Zoom is slipping; hed should read ‘will teach US Senate how is babby formed’.

  • Msgr_MΩment

    Backwards and in heels, Ginger? Hold my beer.

  • Vagenda and Pee-ara

    KISMET! I was just coming to the Wonkette to post this:
    “In a 225-192 vote Thursday, most House Republicans and a dozen Democrats passed a bill that makes it harder for disabled persons to sue for discrimination, in an effort to prevent opportunistic attorneys from taking advantage of business owners.”

    Won’t you dumb libtards think of the poor, suffering, business owners?

    • Ellie

      As I posted down thread, I’m gobsmacked that my congresscon voted against it. That is, Chris Collins whose lips are usually attached firmly to Cadet BS’ read end. I’d love to know why. Perhaps he will explain in his next newsletter, which I didn’t ask for but get anyway.

      • My Evil Twin Skippy

        Perhaps he has a relative? That often does it.

        • Ellie

          Hadn’t thought of that. Maybe.

      • Vagenda and Pee-ara

        A Republican voting AGAINST the interests of businesspeople? He must actually know a disabled person, because Republicans don’t ever give a shit about anything unless it affects them personally. See: Brady, James and gun control.

      • TorbyIsHere

        My rep (Cathy McMorris-Rodgers) voted against it too, but it’s because her son has Down Syndrome. They only care when it affects them personally.

      • Celtic_Gnome

        Rob Portman did that to me. I sent him an actual letter in an envelope with a stamp, complaining about his signature on Tom Cotton’s Iran letter. He sent back a reply that basically boiled down to “I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree” and scarfed by email address for his newsletter, “Rob’s Rundown.”

        • Ellie

          I believe I started getting them after I responded to a letter he did send me about humanist chaplains in the military (he’s against) telling him that as a Christian, I cared more about the nones in the military than he did. And then, the newsletters started coming. Go figure.

    • BadKitty904

      Laws can be repealed and/or amended. But first we have to get the Republicans out of our Congress.

      • Vagenda and Pee-ara

        It can’t happen soon enough for me. I need a win in 2018, or I’m just going to be so disheartened. Also, CONOR LAMB NOW!

        • BadKitty904

          We can do it if we’re willing to work hard enough to make it happen. We both know freedom ain’t free.

          • Vagenda and Pee-ara

            It’s not us I’m worried about, it’s all those idiots who think a $10 tax cut is worth not having Social Security. Jeez, this is a dumb country.

          • BadKitty904

            There’s nothing we can do about them, so I refuse to waste any time or energy worrying about that minority.

  • I like junior Senators from Illinois.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      They seem to be exceptionaly good recently.

      • JerAmerica

        Not Mark Kirk, but he was one-term and done.

        Our senior senator is pretty fearless and badass too.

  • FlemmishSpy

    SCOTUS has emasculated ADA with several rulings yet its key words “reasonable accommodation” continue to vex the heartless GOP.

    • BadKitty904

      If We the People can take back our Congress, then we can set about taking back our Supreme Court.

      • pstokk

        This will be necessary. And no Democrats will dare. It will be up to us to make them dare.
        Lower courts too.

        • BadKitty904

          The Russo-Republican Congress is packing as many of their judges into the courts as fast as they can for a reason.

    • My Evil Twin Skippy

      The GOP hates reasonableness. For them might makes right.

  • Scooby

    If I can’t fuck with women, children and the disabled why did I even get elected.
    -Every Republican

    • Bobathonic

      “I can’t understand you with those rich people balls in your mouth”

      ~Me, to AOT,K

    • Villago Delenda Est

      “Well, to make it easier for white boys with attitudes to procure AR-15s.”

  • SayItWithWookies

    It’s odd — if I don’t pay my water bill, and it’s a seemingly small — or frivolous — amount, the water company doesn’t typically shrug and ignore it, and I don’t see any legislation pending to require them to do that. But if individual people can’t move around a building, they shouldn’t be required to fix it? It’s almost like corporations have more rights than citizens or something.

    • Most Stable Land Shark

      That’s just a nasty librul rumor! Corporations need our love, ya know.

    • Noxious Resistance

      “Corporations are people too, my friend.”

  • Marion in Savannah

    OT, but da fuq?

    The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is making what’s been dubbed an unofficial visit to India to promote his family’s real estate projects there. But he’s also planning to deliver a foreign policy speech on Indo-Pacific relations at an event with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    The fucking trip is bad enough (emoluments clause, anyone?) but a foreign policy speech??? As I said, da fuq?

    • Pierre_de_Fermat

      Well, since it is for US Foreign Policy, the US pays for it.

      • Courser_Resistance

        But, but… he has no standing to speak to anyone about anything! As far as I know he hold no office, he’s just the Idiot’s Idiot child

        • Jamoche

          You’re applying Real World logic. By Donnie logic, that’s exactly why he gets to do it.

        • Pierre_de_Fermat

          Well, no Dean Acheson or George F Kennan, but he *is* the President’s son which has to count for *something*
          (well, actually, no, no it doesn’t. These criminals have to be removed from public office as soon as possible)

    • Villago Delenda Est

      Well, let’s put it this way. His speech will probably go over as well as a speech of his namesake.

      You know, Uday.

    • armed_bears
    • pstokk

      Makes perfect sense. The foreign policy of this administration is, first and foremost, to support overseas Trump projects, and keep the Russian creditors sweet. All that blather about NK, Iran, China, Nambia, is just blather.

    • But he’s also planning to deliver a foreign policy speech on Indo-Pacific relations at an event with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

      So India and Pakistan will be going to war sometime later this afternoon then?

    • Nockular cavity

      He’s probably going to “joke” that India is where Senator Pocahontas comes from, haw-haw!

      • Most Stable Land Shark

        Don’t give him ideas!

    • Me_And_My_Arrow

      Well, he’s about as eloquent a spokesman as our foreign policy apparatus has these days.

    • sarafina

      We used to have functioning State Dept. Sic gloria transit mundi (iirc).

  • Opiwan


    OMG! Is Happy Fun Ball still being dropped from bombers in Iraq???

    • Most Stable Land Shark

      Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

      • My Evil Twin Skippy

        Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries

  • The Senate knows where babies come from. From the horrible intern bitches who refuse a perfectly reasonable request to have an abortion that I offered to pay for. Seriously, Kristine, just because I offered to let you use my “buy nine, get the tenth one free” card doesn’t mean you’re not special to me, you didn’t have to run crying to the Washington Post.

  • TJ Barke

    Don’t wanna be disabled? BE BORN ABLED! Or with Wolverine’s healing powers! GOSH!

    • Villago Delenda Est

      And do nothing (like get your helicopter shot down) to change your abled status!

  • Christopher Story

    My favorite part of “Cadet Bone Spurs” is the “Cadet” part. I know enough about our military to understand that calling him “cadet” is itself a withering excoriation.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      It is indeed.

      • Me_And_My_Arrow

        But he made his bed well, I’m told.

        • weejee

          But he wet his bed well, I’m told.

          / fixed

          • Stable Uniomist Raan

            Well, he had it wet, at least.

  • My Evil Twin Skippy

    Dok: Thanks for the extended twittlings about HR620 and the ADA.

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    Trump would probably like to sue Tammy’s first teacher who told her to ‘use her words’.

  • TJ Barke

    Complete dissolution of the social contract…

    • Me_And_My_Arrow

      It’s was pretty flogged to death after 8 years of Reagan.

    • My Evil Twin Skippy

      “There is no such thing as society.”
      — Margaret Thatcher

      • Wonky “TurnipShepherd” McGoo

        “there is no such thing as margaret thatcher.”

  • jesuswasablack

    Hey wonkette, congratulations you were duped by a bunch of twitter bots in your assist in the take-down of Al Franken, too bad you don’t even get a mention in the attached article?

    • HazooToo

      Did he not behave inappropriately at all? Wikipedia seems to contain a lot more complaints than just Tweeden’s.

      • jesuswasablack

        Wikipedia? Really, read the article the whole fucking thing was a right-wing hit job, wonkette should publicly apologize for participating.

        • HazooToo

          I read the article, but I’m asking about the additional complaints. Were they untrue?

          • RickyG

            We will never know because no investigation was conducted. Just a knee-jerk removal. :(

          • HazooToo

            Perhaps there should still be an investigation. It would be nice to fully clear him, or to know for sure that it was the right thing to let him resign.

          • RickyG

            Oh indeed yes. If only to answer your previous rhetorical question!

          • HazooToo

            I don’t know if that was snark or not, but either way is fine. You are a good person.

          • RickyG


          • jesuswasablack

            The fact that the complaints stopped the minute he stepped down should tell you something? Franken got rolled by a phony online campaign assisted by “progressive” media outlets and a bunch of spineless democratic senators.

          • HazooToo

            I would like to see the other complaints investigated, then. Wikipedia says that there was an ethics investigation in progress, but it doesn’t say anything about what they found. Only that he resigned. Perhaps ethics investigations should not stop just because someone quits.

          • jesuswasablack

            Wikipedia is not a source for facts, it is an open source bullshit library?

          • HazooToo

            That’s why I’m asking questions. I would be glad to find that they were fictional complaints. I think if we had a clear answer on that, many people would be apologizing. So far, only Mr Franken has. I think he’s done a good job of it.

          • The other complaints were true. There was contemporaneous evidence in the form of FB posts that strongly supported the allegations.


          • jesuswasablack

            FB posts, what a fool you are, haven’t you learned anything, I suggest you read Mueller’s 13 indictments, you’ll learn something about facebook posts?

          • They were contemporaneous posts meaning that they were made at the time of the incident which predated the public accusation by years. Um, what do you think I’m missing?

          • jesuswasablack

            russian bot says what, you really are a fucking moron, facebook evidence, go back under your rock.

          • Look, I’m only going to do this one more time. Facebook posts are time stamped. These were posted, i.e. time stamped, before the public accusations and shortly after the groping incident. That makes them unlikely to be the result of bots. It’s that whole years of advanced planning and planting evidence bugaboo that people run into when arguing that these things are made up.

            Either you go look this stuff up yourself or you keep posting your nonsense arguments like a troll. Your choice.

        • As I stated above, Franken took advantage of vulnerable women. That much is clear. Did he need to resign? I don’t know. But, he was a serial groper on the order of Poppy Bush.

          • jesuswasablack

            You are a fool, he was set up he didn’t take advantage of anyone, are you fucking blind?

          • Well, when you put it that way I guess I don’t have any choice but to reconsider the five blog posts and the research that supports them… yes, he did take advantage of women and no I’m not fucking bling.

    • Wonky “TurnipShepherd” McGoo

      it doesn’t matter who spread the story, it matters whether or not it’s true.

      • jesuswasablack

        Wow really?

        • Wonky “TurnipShepherd” McGoo

          yes. there are cases where the truth of what happened matters more than who’s telling it, i know it’s crazy.

      • Zippy W Pinhead

        While I have mixed feelings about the Franken issue, that comment sounds exactly like what the Wikileaks apologists say

        • Wonky “TurnipShepherd” McGoo

          true. i meant that in this instance, i value veracity over provenance.

    • Shanzgood (9 Days!)

      Send it to the tip line.

    • Yeah. These things happen. The human brain, as it turns out, is easy to fool. We are tricked into believing things that aren’t real nearly every day of our lives. This is why it is imperative for the consumers of information to verify but also for the producers to have the executive functioning and ethics to refrain from producing lies and misinformation.

      Other than that, what’s your point? Even with the bot action and the piling on and stirring up by rightwing activists, Franken was not behaving ethically when women were vulnerable. That he treated the women in his life that weren’t vulnerable well is immaterial. When women were in a position to be taken advantage of, he took advantage of them.

      So what’s your point?

      • jesuswasablack

        My point is he did nothing wrong, the picture with the FAUX news chick was staged, it was shopped around during his election and deemed to be BS, the rest of the allegations were just #metoo piling on. he never admitted anything, he was forced out by a social media wave. I was not fooled for one second?

        • There was more than one accuser and two of the subsequent ones had contemporaneous evidence that he groped them in the process of taking a picture. There was the comedian that he assaulted at the USO. I mean, those are pretty plausible accusations. Not all of those were staged. You’re missing some of the narrative here.

          • jesuswasablack

            “contemporaneous evidence”
            like what?

          • The Facebook posts they made after the groping incident happened and before the accusations went public. You realize every poster with the name IgnusFatuus is the same person, right?

        • Shanzgood (9 Days!)

          Whether you were right or wrong, you’ve been an asshole about it the entire time, particularly about #metoo. That’s earned you zero points for being able to discuss anything rationally here.

          • jesuswasablack

            If being an asshole means pointing out how ridiculous the whole thing was from the jump, then yes I plead guilty. hey I’m just a commenter on a lefty blog, maybe I don’t have PR skills, sue me. The most progressive senator we had was forced out for complete bullshit, wonkette was part of the piling on, they should at least apologize publicly, other-wise they are no better than FAUX news? It’s one thing to be wrong it’s quite another not to own up to it.

    • Seriously, you should read my entire series on the Franken thing. There was genuine ambivalence on the parts of progressive and liberals about whether he should resign or not.

      But there were serious and plausible accusations beyond the first one of his misbehavior.

      And Franken didn’t exactly handle it all well. It was a shitstorm that he could’ve survived if he hadn’t just hunkered down and denied denied denied.

      So again, what’s your point? What should we be taking away from your comment?

  • Shanzgood (9 Days!)

    Where’s Angela? I saw this yesterday and thought of her.

    • My Evil Twin Skippy

      Super thread.

  • So you can make a baby without paying a seven figure sum to your current fake ‘Super Model’ wife who insists on a clause specifying Sven the Houseboy perform the actual insertion of the turkey baster?

  • Christopher Story

    I have to admit, I got choked up reading her defense of the ADA. I know she’s not my congress critter, but I feel like I have a real representative in her. Now go break a metal foot off in congress’s ass.

    • crotch ow

    • Wonky “TurnipShepherd” McGoo

      me, too. when i feel like i don’t have a voice in my government, i remember her and gain some hope.

  • Tammy


    You’d say that I’d waste my time

  • weejee

    Senator Duckworth is such an incredible role model. For you boys as well as for the girls.

  • Starting about 10 years ago I was hired by a wheelchair bound individual to be an “expert witness” as to ADA code compliance or lack of compliance. This individual, in the course of his daily life, would just make note of facilities that weren’t just ADA non-compliant, but were utterly unapproachable by people with limited mobility.

    The client would file a suit against the business or entity for compliance violations and I would document areas of non-compliance and the “reasonable” things that could be done to at least make an effort for access. I would right a report and testify as to my findings.

    The lawsuits were never about money rewards to any individual, just to see to it that simple repairs or changes could be made to allow access. And we always looked for the most affordable wasy to provide reasonable access to folks without it becoming burdensome on the business or entity.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      Not thinking like a vampire Rethuglican. How rude!

    • Rebel Scum with permit

      You were one of the good ones, then. There have been some people involved who have given that line of work a black eye.
      And I’m sympathetic. It’s hard enough getting around with it being difficult to walk- I can’t imagine having to negotiate in a wheelchair or scooter.
      And I see other abuses, like junior parks in the handicapped space, leaves granny, who’s actually disabled, in the car, and runs in the store to go shopping. Or leaves granny at home and borrows the parking tag.- I guess I’m just ranting.

      • My disability is not physical. Hang that on a placard/

        • Rebel Scum with permit

          Mine is not obvious. I can walk. Just not very far. And I can do ok if I can find a shopping cart right away. But to the ordinary observer I don’t look that bad. But after about 10 minutes I have to hold on to something.
          But it is a problem in California, to where they’ve been matching placards to registrations and finding out the the amount of fraud higher than you would think. It’s not good for any of us. That’s what I meant.

          • And I saw that on a Houston local channel “Exposed” not in a wheelchair; you’re not disabled. I’m with you.

          • Rebel Scum with permit

            One more thing- as a planner, I sometimes thought the state requirement for handicapped spaces was excessive. Now I can hardly find one when I need one. That’s my Karma, I guess.

          • Lord High theCryptofishist

            As someone in a wheelchair, I cringe when people do that to my sisters and brothers in disability. This is something for doctors to determine after careful examination; not some bozo on the street who knows that we’re just fat and lazy. I think that there is a madonna/whore thing that goes on with disability, and as one of the madonnas, I want off this damn pedestal!

          • I want off this pedestal.

      • Cornelius Fussbudget

        I blame the ADA itself for not going far enough. The ADA goes the short-sighted “cheap” privitization route that usually ends up more expensive in the end. Instead of essentially deputizing private prosecutors, HHS could have an enforcement division for compliance. Then we could ensure that the strategy of enforcement served the interests of public policy.

    • Lord High theCryptofishist

      Thank you.

  • Mr. Blobfish

    I figured out why Trump wants a parade. While our brave troops are parading down Pennsylvania Avenue, President Nutjob will give the order for Russia to invade.

    • Rebel Scum with permit

      He already did that, in a manner of speaking. We’ve had a cyber invasion.

    • MynameisBlarney

      Prez Nutjob don’t give orders to russia.
      They give orders to him.

      • Khavrinen

        The only orders Trump gives are at KFC & McDonalds.

    • Cat Cafe

      While the Toddler in Chief is waving his arms and goo-gahing at the big parade, President Putin won’t even need to give the order for Russia to invade.

  • ObscurePopCultureReference

    Just ran this through Lexis, and the earliest confirmed “Cadet Bone Spurs” result in news was from The Week, on Jan. 03, 2018, and that was in reference to Rep. Duckworth. She still holds the title, but from an earlier date than expected.

  • SweetDeeKat

    Holy shit, a fucking amazing hero is even more of a hero to me for birthing at 50. She’s so badass I am ashamed of my usual whining. She makes me want to be a better person.

    • Parakeetist

      Me also

  • Cloakroom schmoakroom. In CIVILIZED countries, legislators nurse their bouncy babbies right there in the legislature during debates.

    • ObscurePopCultureReference

      Surrounding innocent babbies with politicians does not seem like a healthy child-rearing environment.

    • Sheepshagger

      “If you ain’t seen a tit you ain’t shit. Now hush, babby sleeping”

  • Angela Ruzzo
  • Martin Chambers

    Can she count as natural born (via her father) even though she was born in Thailand?
    Duckworth/Anyone 2020

    • Sheepshagger

      She’s better than natural. She’s the fucking six million dollar woman.

    • YetAnotherRebecca

      I’m not sure, but I’m definitely hoping so! I know her father was in the military, so I’m wondering if she was born on a base (a la John McCain and his Panamanian birth) and thus it wouldn’t matter since that should count as “American soil” regardless.

    • Phried Ω

      Of course she can be elected president. I point out that Rafael Cruz was assembled from sludge dredged out of a Calgary fast food sink drain and he can run for nationally elected office.

    • renegade500

      Yes. Given that he was a citizen when she was born, she is a natural born citizen, just as Ted Cruz is.

    • jowgajen

      She’s just as qualified as John McCain and “Ted” Cruz.

      Edit: way more qualified, but just as qualified on the birther front.

  • The Wanderer

    “Leave it all to us, you’ll never know what hit you!”

    • And get the machine that goes ping

      • Me not sure

        “We paid quite a lot for that.”

  • “80% of disabilities are invisible.”


    • Angela Ruzzo

      This is true. Nobody can see my spinal degeneration through my skin or my clothes. Also, you can’t see pain.

      • Rebel Scum with permit

        And Aladdin was kind enough to make me think of this- a person coul be agouriphobic, or on the spectrum, where they need to minimize the amount of time they spend in a store or in a crowded parking lot, for example.

        • Angela Ruzzo

          This is not a phobia, but I can’t hardly stand to set foot in large department stores because they always put the makeup and perfume counters right at the main entrance, and that part of the store REEKS of perfume, and I am extremely sensitive to smells.

          • Shanzgood (9 Days!)

            Same here.

    • renegade500

      I have an invisible disability (a balance disorder). I had some woman bitch at me once for parking in a handicapped spot that she wanted and I happened to get to first. She said I was heartless. I got out of my car, walked up to her and told her she wasn’t my doctor, and she could just STFU about me being heartless when I had the exact same right to that spot as she did. I’m not interested in no kinda bullshit from anyone.

      • h4rr4r

        Did you have a disabled plate?

        People who take disabled spots without plates should have their cars crushed into a cube.

        • renegade500

          Yes I do (well, a placard). And I take no shit from anyone.

          And don’t get me started on people who park in those spots without credentials! There are not enough of them as it is.

          • Old town Urbandale

            Or people with the plate/placard who park in a disabled spot, then send an able-bodied person into the store while they sit in the car playing with their phone.

          • Robyn Ryan

            I’m 100% DAV. But it’s mental. I have DV tags, but no hanging tag.
            I never, ever park in disabled.

      • Really, it’s about bein’ old enough.

        I think.

    • Would color blindness count? Epilepsy?

    • InDogsWeTrust

      I have a life-threatening illness that requires fierce medication and medical supervision, but, you know, nobody knows.

  • Ghoti theLinguist

    Wow! Having a baby at age 50! More power to her. I couldn’t imagine being a new parent again!

    • “Unpresidented” Linda

      Me, either. Having one at thirty was exhausting, with a seven year old and a full time job.

  • Resistance Ftr PuckStopsHere

    Tammy’s got your Big Parade right here, DonnieJohn.

  • Parakeetist

    When a man and a ladyperson love each other very much, something something something something babby.

    My parents told me I was assembled in a factory.

    • Was there a warranty and return policy?

      • Parakeetist

        I’ll check.

    • wavicles

      I remember that you don’t buy a car built on a Friday or Monday ‘cuz, you know… humans.
      I think i wuz put together mostly Friday afternoon and finished first thing Monday.

  • jowgajen

    Tammy is still my favorite candidate for President of All of Us. Badass, smart, badass, tough, badass, gives a shit about others, did I mention totally fucking badass?

    • InDogsWeTrust

      Duckworth is Badass. This is worth mentioning.

    • gffish

      Unfortunately, Tammy Duckworth was born in Thailand, so she is not eligible to be President of the U. S.

      • jowgajen

        Her father is an American service man. The same as John McCain who was born in Panama

  • Sen. Duckworth just keeps getting more and more awesome with each passing day.

  • Bananas Foster

    I’m surprised he didn’t shoot her before she got a chance to identify herself.

  • Bitter Scribe

    MY senator!!!!

    Not all politics sucks.

    • Cat Cafe

      Mine is Kamala Harris so we should both party to celebrate our fierce goddesses!

      • InDogsWeTrust

        Kamala is fierce! I attended the event where she announced her candidacy, and volunteered for her campaign.

    • My Senators are Cruz and Cornyn.


      • ScrwUStillaTexanLibrul

        I share your pain.

      • chortlingdingo

        Yeah, me too.

      • “Unpresidented” Linda

        Mine, too. At least we don’t have any inconsiderate townhalls to plan for.

      • Vel Venturi

        I’m just over here getting ready to crawl over some broken glass.

  • JAKvirginia

    The ADA works for everybody! Got a kid in a stroller? Those curb cuts and ramps come in handy, no? Or how about schlepping that rolling luggage? Arms full of packages? Nice to have those auto-open doors. And a whole bunch of other ways they are helpful for people with permanent disabilities or even temporary ones (re: broken leg in cast and crutches). The ADA is just better design principles useful to us all. To not see that just shows meaness as well as stupidity.

    • Lord High theCryptofishist

      I cannot upfist this enough. Thank you for saying this.

    • JayGoldenBeach

      Without meanness and stupidity, most Republican politicians would be common sycophantic grifters deep throating rich campaign supporters for personal enrichment. Stupidity keeps them in office and their meanness guarantees that We The People will continue to be bent over and fisted by Big Business oligarchs and Wall Street money changers.

  • Lord High theCryptofishist

    She’s right about “humiliating.” Please, remember that when someone in a wheelchair snarls.

  • Zyxomma

    Thank you, Senator.

    I am able-bodied, but my dad became a double amputee because of complications of diabetes (and heart disease, which ultimately did him in when he was 13 years younger than I am now).

    This was BEFORE there was an ADA. When our family went on vacation, my job was to carry the tape measure to measure motel room doors to see if the wheelchair could get through them. When I took my dad to the ballet, I had to pull that wheelchair up ALL the zillion steps of the War Memorial Building in Trenton. He couldn’t join me in our seats, which were up many more flights of steps, so he sat at the back of the audience.

    Other weird shit happened, as it will. We all went to eat at a restaurant once. The waitress snapped at my mother, “What is HE having?” as if he were deaf and mentally disabled because he was an amputee.

    Thank you again, Senator.

  • Lord High theCryptofishist

    I wanted to read to the end, but disqis is fucked. Again. Try resorting…

  • Antimassacree

    No nursing nook in the Senate cloak room.

    Really? All those slurping sounds have to be coming from somewhere.

    • Jeffery Campbell

      Yes, from the NRA teat.

  • Friday’s_cat

    While Tammy Duckworth was flying Black Hawks republicans were sitting home safe and sound figuring new ways to screw over real Americans.

    • rg9rts

      and the vets

  • Magic Juan

    Really is nice to know some folks in political office aren’t total fucking shit heads like Doanld and so many others! Thank you Ms. Duckworth!

  • “Unpresidented” Linda

    As someone who is an advocate for those with disabilities, I’ve been to meetings ABOUT disabilities, in buildings that were housing agencies that received state and federal funding that had no wheelchair accessible ramps, doorways or modified bathrooms, I back Ms. Duckworth 100%.

    I made a couple of phone calls after that meeting.

  • rg9rts

    You could give the senate a map and a flashlight and they still coulhdn’t figure it out

    • Harry Nuggets

      You could give Paul Ryan the New Testament and he’d quote Ayn Rand.

      • HooverVilles


  • chronozoan

    I love the idea of some glorified mallcop telling Tammy Duckworth her business and getting squished like a bug for it.

  • phoenix00

    Go Tammy Go!

  • Mintie

    I love her, unabashedly and without limits. I also kinda want her uterus, if only because it gives me a little more time.

  • Hope the baby can hold out ’til April 18 – then we’ll share a birthday!

  • Dept. of Space Tacos

    dok – you got a typo in the headline – should be babbies.

    ; p

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