Mr. Sex Appeal

What a Friday News Dump! Just let those GOP fuckers try to deny Russian influence now! Oh, we are silly today. Those assholes are already out there insisting that Mueller’s 37-page indictment proves there is NO COLLUSION, Trump exonerated, praise Holy White Jesus.


But did you feel like there was something missing yesterday? Maybe that unforgettable soupçon of ginfarts and Old Spice that trails the once and future king (there’s always hope, Little Buddy!) of Dead Breitbart’s Home for Compassionate Fascists And Rebekah Mercer’s Money. We were just about to tell you the latest with Sir Liverspots, but then it was BREAKING MUELLER DRUDGE SIRENS O’CLOCK.

(We’re apparently never going to get to report on Ms. Mercer’s batshit crazy WSJ editorial where she claims to “believe in a kind and generous United States, where the hungry are fed, the sick are cared for, and the homeless are sheltered.” But you should go read it yourself this weekend, because OMGLOL!)

But back to Steve Bannon, who spent OVER 20 HOURS this week getting hot and heavy with Robert Mueller, only to turn around and slap the House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) across the face and insist he is not that kind of girl. Bannon’s not the only witness to rebuff Trey Gowdy’s advances — Lewandowski and Don, Jr told him to get lost, too when he asked questions beyond your standard, Donald Trump: Great President, or Greatest President EVER? But Bannon, being in a foul odor with his fellow Republicans, is the only one that caused a bipartisan shitfit.

On January 16, he “preserved the president’s right to invoke executive privilege” by refusing to answer any questions about his Trumpland adventures during the transition, his time in the White House, and even after he was fired and just gossiping on the phone for hours on end while the president devoured a sack of Big Macs. Which is NOT HOW EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE WORKS. Even Gowdy was pissed, calling it “the most tortured analysis of executive privilege I have ever heard of.”

So House Republicans issued a subpoena for Bannon’s testimony and spent the past month stomping their feet shouting, TELL US OR ELSE! And Bannon spent the month using his middle finger to scratch his eyebrow and sucking up to the White House, which seems less than totally confident in Devin Nunes’s ability to kneecap the investigation if Bannon spills the beans. Did the White House Counsel’s Office tell Bannon he could sit at the cool kids’ table again if he kept his mouth shut? Per CNN,

Steve Bannon told the House Intelligence Committee that he had been instructed by the White House to invoke executive privilege on behalf of President Donald Trump, declining to answer a wide array of key questions pertinent to the Russia investigation and prompting lawmakers to consider holding him in contempt.

GOP Rep. Mike Conaway of Texas and Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California said Thursday that the only questions Bannon would answer were 25 authorized by the White House. The President’s former chief strategist answered “no” to all of them, they said.

The committee is weighing whether to hold Bannon in contempt. Conaway said he hasn’t spoken to House Speaker Paul Ryan yet but will meet with him about the next steps.

Oh, Mike Conaway, you’re such a comedian! Like Paul Ryan is going to hold a Republican witness in contempt for refusing to incriminate the president. Do you think Bannon would do this if he thought there was any real risk of getting fragged by you useless tossers in the House?

Which brings us back to the ongoing debate in the Wonkette Seekrit Chatcave as to why Bannon has been SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS when it comes to the House Intelligence Committee. Wonkette’s own Evan Hurst is of the opinion that Bannon is trying to preserve his testimony for Robert Mueller. Knowing that whatever he says to Devin Nunes will immediately leak to the White House, he’s “helping” the Special Counsel by pretending to cooperate with the White House, preserving his testimony for Mueller’s eyes only.

Your FDF thinks not! Steve Bannon is out for Steve Bannon alone, and he’s trying to make the best of a bad hand. Without Trump and that Mercer Woman, he’s a non-entity. He’ll surrender his ass for whatever punishment the White House wants to inflict, and he’ll spout whatever nonsense version of executive privilege they ask for. It’s his only chance to get back to his old life.

He won’t pull that shit with the Special Counsel, though — he’s not trying to get his hard drive seized in a pre-dawn raid like Paul Manafort. But that doesn’t mean he’s #TeamMueller. Bannon ran the campaign and was on the board of Cambridge Analytica. If Trumpland goes down, he’s going down with ’em. There is no way he’s doing anything with the goal of “helping” Mueller nail Trump.

[ETA: There is no universe — NONE! — where Robert Mueller compromises his investigation by instructing a witness not to cooperate with a lawful Congressional inquiry. NFW!]

Only time will tell who’s right. (It’s me!)

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  • Victoria Ricola

    Team Steve Bannon is out for Steve Bannon alone.

  • mancityRed6

    20 hours in a week. and you know that Mueller wouldn’t just ask the approved questions.
    just on that alone, he’s burning his bridges with the brainfart “readers”. he might be coy and trying to play the field but he knows he’s toast and Mueller is the only way out of this.

  • Michael R
    • mancityRed6

      his O face is uuuuugly

      • ziggywiggy

        his face is uuuuugly, not enough bleach in the world for thinking about the “O” part

      • Amy!

        I think that’s his “poop” face. Also known as his “tweet” face.

    • Daniel

      How many times poor Melania has had to see that expression, through the eye holes of an Ivanka mask.

    • puredog

      Is that his “O face”?

  • ManchuCandidate

    Steve “Maverickiest” Bannon knows that everything he says puts him in the… Danger zone. He can claim all he wants that he’s just playing with the boys, but either way he’s going to end up with a Russian hanging on his six ready to take his breath away permanently hard deck or not.

  • armed_bears
    • (((fka_donnie_d))), SOB

      Two shirts tho

    • Cogswell that ends well

      Who needs pants when you’re wearing five shirts?

    • Daniel

      “This is how an alpha claims a chair. MAGA.”

    • Daniel

      The self-proclaimed Leninist has slid off track and become a skid Marxist.

      • arglebargle

        tighty whitey supremacy

    • wavicles

      Hey, that’s my line!

    • Rooster Cogburn105

      “Ya want Seg Yard, put on yer pants or no yard!”

      Prison has rules both written and unwritten

      Run with the herd with your head down until you know ‘em Chapter and Verse

  • yyyaz

    I have to side with $5F on this one. I see Bannon as self-aware enough that he doesn’t actually eat the garbage he spews about burning it all down. He has had a life near the top for far too long to be able to bear living — or dying — as a commoner.

  • Scooby

    I think he fancies himself a Shakespearean character like Earl of Sandwich or Earl of Salisbury.

    • The Wanderer

      More like Bottom.

      • Scooby

        Me thinks he is an ass.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      Earl of Shitsammich, perhaps.

      • Scooby

        Duke of Bombay and Tanqueray.

        • Villago Delenda Est

          Oh, I think he’s definitely bottom shelf generic.

          • Stable Uniomist Raan

            Sir Samuel of Choice?

          • puredog

            C’mon, Cutty the Snark.

    • memzilla Ω

      Not even Earl of Olay.

      • yyyaz

        Nor Duke of Oil.

        • Villago Delenda Est

          Duke, duke, duke, duke of oil, duke, duke, duke of oil

          Great. Earworm planted.

          • anon_the_great

            Ya beat me to this punch

        • Stable Uniomist Raan

          Neither Sir Loin of Beef nor Baron of Munchausen.

          • Cletus Safari

            For Bannon? Sir Osis of Liver!

        • Rooster Cogburn105

          Duke Yermug of Fisticuffs?

      • Scooby

        I was going with the food motif.

      • folderol

        Okay, great. Now comes a string of earls puns

        • Rooster Cogburn105

          Put up your Dukes!

      • William Bourdeau

        I am Sir Bill of Sale. But don’t tell anyone.

      • Rooster Cogburn105

        Had a girlfriend get mad when I pointed out O of O’s main ingredient: stearic acid

        What’s left of Bessie on the killing floor

    • anon_the_great

      No, no, no.

      Sir Toby Belch from 12th Night is Bannon’s Shakespearean personna

      • Scooby

        You should be a casting director.

      • Daniel

        Toby Belch was liked and funny. Bannon is Falstaff’s liver.

        • Rooster Cogburn105

          The pate doubles as an appetizer AND and brandy cordial

      • good god no.

    • Msgr_MΩment
    • Me not sure

      I’d steak my life on it.
      (Here’s some lost Shakespeare, for those with tyme.)

      • Canned Covfefe

        Love Shakespeare, Firesign Theatre (for which you get upvote) and truly hate that disgusting unsteak-stuff.

    • Rooster Cogburn105

      Earl of fulminant hepatitis

  • memzilla Ω

    Steve Bannon is out for Steve Bannon alone…

    Well, of course he is. And that’s why he’s not sucking up to HPSCI and Nunes, knowing — and Mueller knowing — that Nunes will turn over any info about Mueller’s strategy to Dolt 45, so it can be countered in the media. Bannon wants to keep as much negotiating room as possible with Mueller.

    And Bannon’s laughable claim to “executive privilege?” What if that strategy is what Mueller suggested, to make Bannon’s intransigence seem plausible?

    But one of the signals Mueller sent — and not just to Bannon — with 17 indictments and Pinedo’s guilty plea is: your time to cut a plea deal is almost over, and you better have a Come to Jesus moment if you want to try to get one.

  • Villago Delenda Est

    As long as Steve here saves the juicy bits for Mueller and the trial of the Donald, I won’t get too chuffed about this, even if Adam Schiff is.

  • Cogswell that ends well

    I’m of the opinion that he couldn’t answer their questions because of a gag order imposed by Mueller and the special investigation into his royal anus.

    • Spurning Beer

      First reaction: Mueller wouldn’t be so un-boy-scoutlike as to tell Bannon to use a bullshit Executive Privilege ruse.

      Second reaction: Mueller would say Steve could just take the Fifth. (Yeah, I know, he just buys the 1.75 liter bottles.)

  • Me not sure

    Bannon plays a game called “Winners and Losers”. I think he smells loser stink all over Devin Nunes, and the sweet smell of success on Mueller. He’s going with what he perceives as a winner.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      Another zero-sum idiot.

      • Me not sure

        You can’t plea bargain with the Congress.

  • mancityRed6

    I really don’t want “two shirts” Steve coming out of this looking anything other than the shirt sandwich he is.
    but if he can take down that fake tanned idiot and Pence, I’ll get over it.
    he’d never work in the media again, anyway.

  • folderol

    He’s going to help Mueller nail Trump with anything Mueller doesn’t already have…which ain’t much at this point. Information is the only thing he has in trade for a light sentence. Unless he’s banking on a presidential pardon, but the Executive Cheeto is too erratic to count on that happening.

  • memzilla Ω

    A little Saturday music for Bannon and Company:

  • Nenatopia

    I’m on Team Evan on this one. Bannon is surely up to his shiny red nose in the shenanigans, and I agree with FDF that Bannon is looking out for Bannon, but in this case, he needs to be concerned about criminal charges and prison time. His best way to avoid that is to cooperate with Mueller.

  • efoveks

    Evan or FDF? OR BOTH????

    My mind is strictly on the irrelevant today… :)

  • SayItWithWookies

    The HPSCI can whine and stamp its feet. Mueller can put Bannon away for life. Bannon’s no fool, or at least not such a complete one that he doesn’t grasp where the real danger is.

  • Gigglesnort

    The Mercers are probably ok with “the hungry are fed, the sick are cared for, and the homeless are sheltered” as long as they are not on the hook for that, and none of their tax dollars are used.

    • No, they kind of aren’t. He’s had to leave the public face of his company and their political engagement because some really nasty social darwinist racism came out, and there’s never been any space between them.

      Also he owes $7B in back taxes.

    • Cogswell that ends well

      I doubt they’ve paid any taxes at all in decades.

    • Marguerite Garcia

      Mmmmm… they’d probably also be okay with it if Donald awards them a no-bid contract for his “Harvest Box” proposal.

    • Rooster Cogburn105

      No, it’s not enough for those assholes to be rich, someone has to be poor

  • Christopher Story

    He’s a nihilist with nothing to lose .He just wants to see the world burn.

    • Daniel

      And gin.

      • Christopher Story

        He strikes me a surely drunk.

  • Martini A 🍸 , glamazon bitch

    As long as Skinsplotch’s testimony helps “lock him up” Jr and eventually Dotard, I’m ok with either proposed scenario.

  • BadKitty904

    I’m sorry, Evan, but FDF is correct. Steve Bannon will do, as always, whatever he thinks is best for Steve Bannon.

  • weave

    Eight years ago today people — NEVER FORGET!

  • Mintie

    Bannon is being suspiciously coy. One would think at his age he’d rather play beat the clock than hard to get.

  • Granny Sprinkles

    I don’t think those two hypotheses are mutually exclusive. In fact, I think they work very well together. At Mueller’s request, Bannon stonewalls HPSCI to preserve the appearance that he’s on team trump, then sings like a bird to Mueller. This would make him more valuable to Mueller, hence worthy of a deal. His late night sex chats with trump could be monitored after all.

    This would fulfill Bannon’s need to be grandiose (How I Infiltrated and Took Down the Most Corrupt Administration Ever coming soon to a book seller near you!) while keeping him out of prison.

  • Bub, Secret Society zombie
    • Msgr_MΩment

      “There it is, folks, he’s executed the difficult Quadruple Woof!”

      • Daniel

        Triple Bowwow.

        • Me not sure

          …and the Russian judge awards a 10!

          • msanthropesmr

            He would. It’s a borzoi.

          • Daniel

            And a very good borzoi. Yes it is. Yes it is!

        • Tail spin.

    • mancityRed6

      “no pills, please”

    • Carole

      We’re always perfectly on-topic here.

    • TJ Barke

      I like how dog can’t construct sentences properly.

      • wavicles

        It’s proper Canine Haiku

        • H0mer0

          “I sound the alarm!
          Mailman fiend-come to kill us!

          –Excerpt from Winston Churchill on his daughter Mary’s pet pug.

      • mancityRed6

        it’s about. being easily distrac. ted.

    • Canned Covfefe

      this is wonderful. i don’t twiter. thank you.

    • Angela Ruzzo

      Cats can do that too. You should see my younger cat when she is in the litter box in the laundry room, and I start slicing cheese in the kitchen. You’d think there’s a luge in the house.

      • H0mer0

        cats are a different story. They teleport and shift between phases of matter.

        • Angela Ruzzo

          This is true. They can also eat and throw up simultaneously.

      • Pax Americana Per Ars Smith

        And they have no bones!

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    I have less than a half of a fuck to give about this mutt, as long as he does significant prison time and takes down Dolt 45, Pence, Ryan, McConnell, and Rebekkkah Mercer, who deserves to burn in hell for what she’s helped finance in this country.

    • mancityRed6

      and those Kochs

  • BadKitty904
    • RickyG


    • (((Secret Agent Sedagive)))

      I know the feeling.

    • Rebel Scum with permit

      All that negative publicity just sucks, doesn’t it? It was a lot nicer when she could just give money to white nationalists an sit back and enjoy the results.

      • BadKitty904

        Treachery and treason cannot bear the light of day. They fear and hate exposure.

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    I absolutely adore Adam Schiff, and I would support him if he ran for president, but on this one issue I think he maybe ought to let up a tad. If Bannon is cooperating with Mueller, knowing how his own committee behaves, and that Nunes would run straight to the WH with any testimony Bannon gave them, and would give them an opportunity to create a “fake news!!!111!!!” shitstorm on their favorite channel, Schiff might want to take a minute to rethink this strategery.

    • Rachel Book Harlot

      I think Jill Weinback (sp?) made a good point the other day that Mueller’s investigation is related to crimes whereas Congress is about oversight/Russian meddling in our elections and how to prevent it. I think she made a good point that both have distinct roles and are important.

  • Daniel

    OT: various Republicans have given their opinions on the indictments.
    Nunes has blamed Obama.

    • Good_Gawd_Yall

      In other news, water continues to be wet.

    • Christopher Story

      All good things are of Donald, all bad things are from Obama

    • Rachel Book Harlot

      Time to get the bingo card out.

  • WiscoJoe

    I had lunch with my mom yesterday. She was trying to tell me about Bannon refusing to answer questions, but she couldn’t remember his name or the exact details, so she just kept referring to him as “that crazy one” and “the one who looks like his face is about to peel off,” and “the guy that looks like he’s got a drug problem, you know the one with the bad hair and face,” and “that one who won’t shut up about spreading darkness and being like Darth Vader,” I totally knew who she was trying to identify, but I let her keep the game up because it was so delightful.

    • Daniel

      The one who looks like a slug wearing his salt-crystal coat inside out.

      • weejee

        The one who is always last out the door at closing time.

        • Phried Ω

          Passed out in a crumpled heap in front of the toilet.

          • Lorene Smith

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        • schmannity

          The one that always pisses by the dumpster

    • BadKitty904

      The one who looks like he’s decomposing…

    • Master Contrail Program
    • Kiri the Unicorn

      Oh, you mean Bannon Harkonnen.

    • schmannity

      She could have been describing Miller

      • Gigglesnort

        Miller is just Bannon in a slightly less revolting package.

        • schmannity

          Miller is Goebbels to Bannon’s Goering

          • H0mer0

            Goering was a handsome man when he was younger

          • Daniel

            Bannon is Frank to Miller’s Streicher.

          • John Thorstensen

            No, he’s Heydrich to Bannon’s Goering. The resemblance is definitely there.

    • Angela Ruzzo

      For some obscure reason this made me think of the scene in “House of Dark Shadows” when Barnabas Collins suddenly begins to age. I was 14 when I saw this movie in 1972 and it really grossed me out. I hadn’t thought about this in more than 40 years. Tell your mom “Thanks for reminding me of my misspent youth.”

      • Red Bird on a Shithouse

        Was this the movie that spawned the tv series?

        • Angela Ruzzo

          No, this movie was released about 6 months after the TV series was cancelled. There was a second movie a year later called “Night of Dark Shadows.” You had to be a serious Dark Shadows fan to appreciate either one. (I had both on VHS and now on DVD. I just can’t stop myself, I was an obsessed fan when I was 12. I never actually watch either film.)

          • Miss Dill

            I loved Dark Shadows…watched it every afternoon after school.

    • Little Lulu Ω

      I like the description a Wonketteer shared a few months ago: Steve Bannon looks like a guy who stayed up watching porn until 6:45 and his alarm went off at 7.

      • khanurik

        Forgive me, because I know I’ve posted this before, but my favorite take on Bannon is from Colbert: “he looks like his syphilis has herpes.”

    • YoBunnyBunny

      Moms… gotta luv ’em.

    • Red Bird on a Shithouse

      Does she think Trump is innocent?

      • WiscoJoe

        She thinks Dump is guilty as hell (of multiple crimes up to and including treason). She also thinks his brain is rotting from chronic untreated syphillis.

    • goonemeritus

      For all future elections no one should vote before they get you mothers opinion.

  • Dept. of Space Tacos

    “Only time will tell who’s right.”

    i would submit to you, it’s because he’s a contrarian, obstructionist ass.

    What do I win?

    • Parakeetist

      A hat

    • Rebel Scum with permit

      Also a bomb thrower. His natural inclination is to wreck things.

    • Phried Ω

      Ten gallons of Cover Girl foundation in pasty white guy shade.

  • The Very Stable Librarian

    Bannon is out for Bannon. He won’t care if anyone else goes down, but if he goes, he’ll take as many as he can with him.

    • Phried Ω

      He’s constantly on the look out for a new Sugary Daddy/Mommy. With Rebekhaha Forehead looking dodgy lately he’s preserving options and scheming on how to stay out of jail. Up fingering congress is obviously the best way to play for time.

      • Rooster Cogburn105


        I’ve seen and smelled enough Pruno during shakedowns to know that Steve will never get used to that after the top shelf stuff he’s drinking now

        • Mehmeisterjr

          Maybe for a few rubles under the table he could arrange to receive Pruno Elite, the Champagne of Bottled Prunos.

    • CripesAmighty

      They all are. And they’ll keep clawing over one another until somebody clamps a lid on the pot and turns up the flame.

  • Rachel Book Harlot

    One of Lawrence’s guests said that it’s infrastructure week so in honor of that Bannon was paving a road directly to Jared’s door.

  • (((Secret Agent Sedagive)))

    Bannon has complete and utter contempt for Democrats and Republicans alike. He sees all of them as cucks who enable the nanny state. He’s thumbing his nose to make a point; this is all theatre to him.

    I truly wonder how he’ll handle Mueller though. Most bullies crack when confronted with genuine authority.

  • BadKitty904

    OT: Indictment: Social Media Firms Got Played by Russian Agents

    Friday’s election-interference indictment brought by Robert Mueller, the U.S. special counsel, underscores how thoroughly social-media companies like Facebook and Twitter were played by Russian propagandists.

    And it’s not clear if the companies have taken sufficient action to prevent something similar from happening again.

    • Cogswell that ends well

      Shut ’em down and lock ’em up.


    • Rachel Book Harlot

      “And it’s not clear if the companies have taken sufficient action to prevent something similar from happening again.”

      Spoiler alert: they haven’t.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        They never will. The technology will change overnight and they will never keep up with it even if they try, and they won’t try. This is one reason why I never use social media.

      • BadKitty904

        They won’t do jack until they’re forced to. Why should they?

        • Rachel Book Harlot

          I agree. The other thing is that I’m sure their advertising dollars are based on the number of users they have so I doubt they are anxious to remove fake accounts, etc.

          • BadKitty904

            Again, what ‘s in it for them?

        • Recent case – the Russian twitterbot farms sending out tweets against gun control only yesterday

      • Rooster Cogburn105

        Not true, FSB Book has implemented a new Rubles to Dollars software for all future Political Ads.

        “When it comes time to hang the Capitalist West, an American Businessman will sell it the rope”

        N. Kruschev, 1962

        • BadKitty904

          As we are currently seeing…

      • H0mer0

        (that’s pretty clear)

  • Cogswell that ends well
  • Rachel Book Harlot

    I think there is only one true way to solve this debate between Evan and FDF: mud wrestling.

  • WomanInThePersistence

    I am seizing the means of open thread production.

    • H0mer0

      so much talent!
      (also too love the pink glasses.)

    • Snowbound Ron

      The man is a treasure. A TREASURE.

  • Mueller wouldn’t have to say the words to Bannon. Bannon knows that Mueller knows the House is full of leakers who would run straight to Trump. Bannon is being his usual Machiavellian self. Not talking to congress, allows him to both “support” the president, and not screw Mueller.

    • Mehmeisterjr

      Agreed. Mueller would never suggest such a strategy to Bannon. He knows how the bastard thinks and knows that Bannon will come up with it all by himself.

    • Last Hussar

      This is why FDF Is right. Even if the house committee was watertight Bannon knows information can be spent once.
      Anything he doesn’t tell HSC he can tell Mueller.
      Anything he doesn’t tell Mueller goes in the Memoirs.


    OT: Melon still wonk hold Little Donnie’s hand – perhaps because he keeps auditioning Wife #4.

  • MynameisBlarney

    *OT, but it’s now confirmed that Hillary met with Russian agent during 2016 election!!!

    *shamelessly purloined from DU

  • BadKitty904

    OT: How to Disrupt an Election: Fake IDs, Fraud and Facebook,-fraud-and-Facebook

    A year before Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy, two Russian operatives landed in the United States to lay groundwork for an intelligence operation targeting the legitimacy of the 2016 election.

    What began as a Cold War-like attack by an old adversary would mix old-fashioned political agitation with 21st century social media tools that ultimately roiled the election and shook America’s political landscape.

  • Fatalysk Barnes

    Definitely with Evan on this. Nunes looked pissed, Schiff’s just playin. Mueller told Bannon to play clam. Nunes is righteously screwed here. Bannon was a latecomer anyway, what does he care about Manafort and Trump’s 20 year old money laundering problems?

  • CripesAmighty

    OT- crazy chicks are on (women’s skeleton). Holeee fuck!

  • sweeper

    Theory: Bannon will do anything to preserve/resuscitate his standing among the fascists. He is positioning himself to be a hero who was on the side of law and order this whole time!
    He knows where this is going and he’s laying the groundwork to create a redacted narrative for the fascists going forward.

  • brucej

    He won’t pull that shit with the Special Counsel, though — he’s not trying to get his hard drive seized in a pre-dawn raid like Paul Manafort. But that doesn’t mean he’s #TeamMueller. Bannon ran the campaign and was on the board of Cambridge Analytica. If Trumpland goes down, he’s going down with ’em. There is no way he’s doing anything with the goal of “helping” Mueller nail Trump.

    It does if his plea deal keeps him out of prison, or out of prison long enough.

    See: Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. And hey! Lookie who Mueller has on his team? The guy who convinced The Bull to roll on the Teflon Don…

    • Rebel Scum with permit

      No matter what happens, the odds of Trump actually going to prison are minuscule. Although Pence is just weasel enough not to pardon him (because he’ll remember Gerald Ford), some future Dem President will pardon him in the interests of “moving forward”. Trump will spend his days in some form of internal exile/house arrest.

      • Phried Ω

        I hear Miami Beach is a good place to spend the terminal days of advanced syphilis.

      • cutting him off from adulation and letting him stew in his neediness would be a nice punishment for him.

      • Poorly Behaved Pérsistanista

        Perhaps, perhaps not, in that 45’s crimes make Nixon look like a teenage girl stealing lipstick in the Woolworth.

        Regardless, New York State may well pursue state charges.

      • Rooster Cogburn105


        He’ll cut a deal with the Congress “Leadership” and scuttle for the chopper like Nixon

        Or he’ll experience a Grade 4 Cardiac SAE and go out on a gurney, dude’s LVEF must be measured in microliters

        • Rebel Scum with permit

          I thought he’d cut a deal at one time. I think he’s come to believe that he’s invincible. It goes with the ego. Maybe if Princess Vanky convinces him.

  • Nockular cavity

    he’s not trying to get his hard drive seized in a pre-dawn raid like Paul Manafort

    Christ on a Hoveround, I do NOT want to find out what twisted manner of pr0n Bannon is into. One can only “Hah, Rule 34!” so many times before begging for mercy.

  • schmannity

    How do you say swamp in Russian?

    • Phried Ω

      The words swamp and reform mean opposite things depending on who is saying and listening to those words.


    • John Thorstensen

      We prefer to call them “wetlands”.

    • Rooster Cogburn105


  • Daniel

    OT: UKIP has replaced their dimwitted philandering leader with a dimwitted histrionic xenophobe a standard UKIP member who considers the EU to be a Nazi creation.

    The Stupid will destroy us all.

    • Ukip is ridiculous and anytime i’ve seen one of their people on TV i am reminded of the Habsburgs, near the end of the dynasty

      • Daniel

        At least the Habsburgs knew what they wanted and just failed to understand their people.

    • IdiokraticKulturKommissar
      • Beelzebubba

        The gods themselves…

      • Fatalysk Barnes

        That’s brilliant. Never heard before. Perfectly describes the average voter in an R+ district, the one I live in anyway.

      • Last Hussar

        Yes. The fuckers outnumber us.

      • Rooster Cogburn105

        “Against human folly the Gods themselves struggle in vain “

        Ancient Greeks

    • Last Hussar

      In other words. There was a vote. Now the result has been shown to be shit, they have ignored the majority.

      There’s something just on the edge of my brain I can’t quite lock onto….

  • there’s also a chance that it’s a mixed plate of both options discussed in the article. being only out for himself, he could throw anyone under the bus including his former benefactors.

  • Okay, up front warning, the following may be X-Files level conspiracy theorizing. Or it may be…something? One of the questions bandied about over the past months has been: “How did the Russians decide which social media platforms and accounts they should troll to bring down Hillary and help elect Trump?” The answer just might be Cambridge Analytica, Rebekah Mercer’s data analysis company which did a lot of consulting work for the Trump campaign. Consider that Mercer owns a significant stake in the company. And that Bannon was vice president of CA, before going to work for Trump. And that CA does the kind of deep, big data demographic analysis that would enable targeting of Russian trolling efforts. Coincidence? Mueller has subpoenaed CA’s records.

    • Poorly Behaved Pérsistanista

      Works for me.

      • Phried Ω

        Doesn’t seem far fetched to me.

        • CripesAmighty


    • Rags

      It’s a massive right wing conspiracy.

    • Beelzebubba

      Mueller seems to have access to every damned scrap of paper and e-mail file that the Russki trolls created. If CA-related documents are in there, he knows it already.

      • Cornelius Fussbudget

        In fact, choosing now to unseal this indictment, with the quotes from the Translator Project emails, may be a message aimed directly at Bannon, Mercer et al. Because they know, if Mueller has those emails, then he must have those other emails too. You know, the ones that those “known conspirators” sent.

        “Guess what, dearies. Your boys in Saint Petersburg done got hacked. Time to play Let’s Make A Deal.”

        Information does want to be free, doesn’t it?

    • littlegreen

      Not X-files at all. It’s known the Russians did a great job of targeted messaging and many suspect they had help from Cambridge Analytica.

      I’d bet big bucks the troll farms had the benefit of their research –and that analysis of their messaging will make that increasingly clear. I’m just not one hundred percent sure Mueller will find who tipped them off or how. No doubt Russian spies took an interest in the company’s personnel.

      Kushner bragged that he developed instant expertise in voter micro-targeting. I’m not sure how he interfaced with the company, but suspect his comment piqued the interest of several parties… Mueller included.

    • littlegreen
  • Bitter Scribe

    So Rebekah believes “in a kind and generous United States, where the hungry are fed, the sick are cared for, and the homeless are sheltered”? Pro tip, honey: We all do. The difference is that some of us are willing to spend tax dollars on these things.

    • Bananas Foster

      I think you’re giving your fellow human beings far too much credit.

      There are many people who don’t give a rat’s dirty ass about those things.

      • Ω cynmac asks for your excuse?

        Or they want these things for themselves but not for others.

  • i think russia and collusion is distracting us from the dirty money.

    as many of us say all the time, it’s about the damn money.

    • Poorly Behaved Pérsistanista

      Nothing distracts Mueller. He is a steely-eyed lawyer man!

      • John Thorstensen

        The wonderful story of the origin of that phrase (with “missle man” substituted):

      • Fatalysk Barnes

        Mueller is my new hero. He’s going to come out of this like Woodward and Bernstein WISH. He should be the new Chuck Norris/Most Interesting Man. Where is Special Prosecutor in the line of succession when the Trump Crime Syndicate goes into exile and/or prison?

    • Daniel

      Fortunate Mueller’s also looking into that then.

    • DrBigHead

      I suspect the dirty money is at the core of the Trump-Russia festival of collusion. I doubt you can consider one without the other

    • OrdinaryJoe

      But her emails…!!!!!!!!

  • Walter Wellstone

    Interesting set of possibilities but the question remains: is he or is he not trying to suck his own cock?

    • LeighBowery’sLuxuryComedy

      I think that gut would get in the way, no matter how flexible he is.

      Oh. Did you not mean that literally?

  • House0fTheBlueLights

    WSJ has an absolutely impenetrable paywall. Anyone want to do a solid and c-p the whole Mercer thing in the non-comments?

    • Beelzebubba
      • House0fTheBlueLights

        thank you! Having read it, I now need to go sandpaper my eyes.

        • Beelzebubba

          Oops – should have warned you. Reptilians don’t mimic sympathy very well. (See Trump’s Florida photo-op.)

          • House0fTheBlueLights

            It’s Republican 101– I will say all these things that sound right, then enact policies that benefit me and me only, about which I’ve told myself all the right platitudes, and then be completely poleaxed that people don’t seem to understand what a good person I am because I haven’t actually kicked an actual dog lately.

      • FamilyThalamus,Stable Genius

        So incredibly eye roll- worthy. Good god, why did I read that?

    • puredog

      No more “absolutely impenetrable” than Trumpie’s southern wall.
      1. Copy the WSJ link you wish to see.
      2. Go to
      3. Paste WSJ link in the second panel on the page you have arrived at.
      4. Read. “Enjoy.”

      • littlegreen

        Thank you! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll be blissed out if this works for WaPo. I can’t afford a subscription to everything.

        • puredog

          Dunno about WaPo, but if you have a PC (dunno about Mac), you can right-click a WaPo link and open it in a private window and avoid the paywall. (I subscribe, now, as it is hella cheap for a Prime member. Thanks, Bezos!)

        • Last Hussar

          Journos need to be paid.

          • littlegreen

            They do. God knows I’ve happily paid them an extraordinary amount in my lifetime.

            I do have pangs of guilt sneaking around a paywall. Perhaps I should never rationalize them, but when it comes to Rupert Murdoch I do.

      • Zyxomma

        Thank you. Done.

  • Most Stable Land Shark

    I vote with 5$F … Bannon is doing CYA to keep from getting jail time from Mueller. He knows the scam is over.

  • Beelzebubba

    Full Mercer: “where the hungry are fed, the sick are cared for, and the homeless are sheltered . . . but not on my dime.”

    • Wonky “TurnipShepherd” McGoo

      “where Someone Else cleans up my messes, in perpetuity”

    • Zyxomma

      And I can’t read the article past the first half paragraph, because I refuse to subscribe.

      • Beelzebubba

        You aren’t missing anything. Unless you really like hypocrisy.


    Two things–first, whatever is said to the House committee will be instantly relayed to the White House, second, Congress can only investigate whereas Justice can indict, try, convict and imprison him, so Bannon is singing his song to the people who really matter

  • C.W. St. John Nobbs

    Bonus upfists for the use of tossers. Brings back some warm memories, FDF. Tanks

  • Jeff Mobile Rob

    I think you’re both half right and 2 halves make a whole. Bannon knows the House investigation is a clown show and he’s stonewalling them Mr. Mueller’s team is a serious investigation. Bannon knows he has to come clean with them. I don’t think Bannon was grifting any cash or really involved in the money trail. He was at places with people in meetings that Mueller may have questions about.

  • puredog

    I’m with you, FDF.

  • Stulexington

    Or maybe he’s an anarchist who is tickled pink over being given a license by the government to give another part of the government the finger.

    • Charles Insandiego

      You may be onto something there.

  • Beelzebubba

    It’s hard to make a plea deal if you’ve already spilled your guts to Congress. Il Douche and his henchmen think they’re keeping him quiet, but Bannon is simply saving it for Mueller. They’ve had some long conversations already.

  • TundraGrifter

    What if Mr. Mueller doesn’t want Bannon to spill the beans to the members of Congress? They leak like a week old pair of Depends. And it might take some of the pressure off Bannon (See “North, Ollie”).

    • disqus_lWwzrwNaw6

      That’s wishful thinking, I’m afraid. Bannon has exactly zero future if he rats out the Godfather, whereas if he’s a good little goombah and invokes his right not to incriminate himself or say a word about the Godfather (criminal conspiracy? what criminal conspiracy?) what’s the worst that can happen?

      On the other hand, if he were to rat out the Godfather and try to save his immortal soul (ew, Steve Bannon’s immortal soul) by telling the truth for the first time in his ugly, venomous, liver-spotted, whisky-soaked, cigar-scented, unholy life, he could be in real trouble with people who have the money and the means to make his life hell, or just to end it.

    • Pax Americana Per Ars Smith

      Or what if Mueller has hard evidence against certain members of the committee. Looking at you Devin.

  • Paperless Tiger

    The whole strategy of the Trump regime is that the Republicans will let them break the law. That’s what Bannon is thinking.

  • Fatalysk Barnes

    FDF, still on the other side but re-read your last point, a good one, about my new hero Mueller not being stupid enough to compromise his investigation by telling Bannon to not cooperate. Fair enough, but 2 things: 1) it’s not like he couldn’t “finesse “ Bannon a little by letting him say the obvious…. what are Conaway and (the recused ha ha ha Devin Nunes going to do if Bannon pleads executive privilege in their Darkness at Noon joke of an investigation?… especially when, 2) the way some possibly “in the know “ Republicans are bailing out lately ( e.g. Corker, Flake, Gowdy), maybe cooperating with Nunes right now is just furthering an ongoing crime; obstruction?

  • LeighBowery’sLuxuryComedy

    Love ya, Evan, but I’m with our FDF all the way on this one. Hope we find out who’s right *real darn soon*.

  • OrdinaryJoe

    What if Melania Knaus has been part of the whole Putin RICO scheme to take control of the Trump businesses to use them as his personal full service money laundry?

  • Quinten Brantley

    Why does he always look like he is literally rotting from the inside out? Like I swear every time I see a picture of him I can literally smell a faint, foul odor wafting in the air.

    • Jonny On Maui

      But that portrait in the attic keeps looking better and better!

    • Mormos

      probably because he is literally rotting from the inside out

    • Jukesgrrl

      That’s what happens when your liver stops functioning. He says he’s no longer drinking. It might be true. Some pictures I saw of him recently made him look a BIT more sentient than he usually appears. He could be at he point where the docs told him he was near death. He obviously has the bulbous nose and rosacea of a heavy drinker, caused by enlarged and broken blood vessels. He also shows some of the physical symptoms of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, an irreversible condition where the body fails to absorb some necessary nutrients because of chronic alcohol abuse, causing eye problems and mental processing disorders — including confabulation, a big problem throughout the White House these days. Cirrhosis of the liver means the cells of the liver are dying because of the body’s inability to process certain vitamins, just as the brain doesn’t process others causing W-K (aka wet brain).

  • Sean Jungian

    Please don’t fight! MY PARENTS USED TO FIGHT!

    But I’m with FDF on this one.

    • Charles Insandiego

      My parents used to fight, too, and I hated it. From a young age I realized their fights were stupid and pointless, but it didn’t make them less scary.

  • khanurik

    The only reason I come to this alleged mommy blog and recipe hub is for the kinky content like “the most tortured analysis of executive privilege.” So you can forget your “50 Shades of Grey” – pffft. What I want to know is if the execute privilege actually liked its “tortured analysis” like a common Steve Bannon and will there be a sequel with Dakota Johnson?

    • phoenix00

      I’m pretty sure Trump liked Bannon’s tortured executive privilege….

    • bobbybluetoyou

      no, actually, the only reason you cone here is to make yourself look silly. And you did. Again. Practice makes perfect..

  • Schmoopie Poopie

    You both make excellent points. You’re making me waffle more than Mitt Romney at a Waffle House…wait…would he waffle there? No. He wouldn’t. He would pancake at the Waffle House and waffle at the Pancake House? That makes more sense? At least for now. Check back in three days.

    • phoenix00

      Now if Romney orders burgers at Buffalo Wild Wings and hot dogs at Five Guys….

      (wait, I ordered a hot dog at Five Guys once….)

      • John Thorstensen

        Bisons from Buffalo NY intimidate other bisons from Buffalo NY!

        Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo!

  • the economist quotes a Sri Lankan human rights activist talking about the return of a former (asshole strongman) president:

    “those who chose not to cast their lot with imperfect beasts have now to contend with monsters.”


  • wait! what?

    #TeamEvan – You take off all of your clothes in front of the strangely hot Billy Burke and turn into a wolf.

    #TeamFDF – You sparkle yourself and demolish Steve Bannon at arm wrestling.

    • Sakonyachen

      Both! I’ll be in my bunk.

  • Mike Steele

    We actually don’t believe House Committee is the least bit interested in having Bannon answer anything honestly OR publicly. They don’t need to hear who-did-what, as it was THEY who-did-what. All they’re fishin’ for is what Steverino told Mueller, so they can get their cover stories straight.

  • Zyxomma

    Why not both? I’m sure in Steve Bannon’s alcohol-and-drug-addled-brain, it all makes the most perfect sense.

  • IMPOed

    Sorry FDF, I’m going with Even on this one, I believe Muller told him to quit fucking things up and I’ll be gentle.. :>D

    • Last Hussar

      Nah, sorry mate
      You’re wrong. It’s Bannon first, Bannon only.

  • littlegreen

    Regardless of whose theory is right, the role of Bannon’s ego can’t be understated.

    His whole schtick, his core belief, is that he’s a once-in-a-century genius of such towering intellect that hardly anyone can understand his advanced thought processes. Atlantic had an article about his old internet posts. The poor guy is doomed to a life of isolation because people with an IQ of 180 (that would be him) simply can’t communicate with people with an IQ of 120 (that would be a big chunk of educated humanity). It’s like talking to an ant.

    (Aside: you’d think such brilliance could do better than Breitbart and his godawful films.)

    The man is desperate for his rare genius to be recognized. I think he sabotaged his career by blabbing to Wolff because: A) The banality and vacuity of the Trump kids and others enraged him. He thought he’d be calling all the shots, given his obvious superiority; and ended up taking a backseat to the likes of Jarvanka, establishment repubs, Hicks, et. al., and it drove him off the deep end. B) Wolff probably was a more amusing and appreciative conversationslist than the average WH denizen.

    So I conclude a big reason he’s not talking to congress is they’re beneath him. Mueller is more to his taste. He may not be quite as brilliant as Steve, but he’s a cut above the riff raff.

    Both motives are possible: that he’s decided to screw Trump OR decided this is his chance to ingratiate Trump and Mercer. BUT, regardless of motive, with Mueller he’s as liable as Trump to blab ANYTHING.

    Like Trump, he lives to be admired. He’s just more selective about the quality of the admirer. If Mueller strikes him as an intellectual heavyweight, he’ll be putty in his hands.

    My gut says he’s competing with Trump, that he’s determined to demonstrate his superiority and prove Trump failed to appreciate his greatest asset. He’ll trash Trump when he finds the right venue. Mueller may be that special someone who grasps the totality of his intellectual magnificence.

    Or he may not be.

    • SadDemInTex

      I agree with you. I’m surprised his head wasn’t a complete bloody pulp after dealing with the most stupid WH ever. Everything in Wolff’s Book rings true.

    • NellCote71

      Ha, ha. I love the imagery you described in (a), “the banality and vacuity of the Trump kids.” I of course could never claim to be on the same intellectual level as Stable Genius Bannon, but having to share space with those idiots would dive me off the deep end, too.

    • this is great.

      i also think he can’t stand the thought that HE got trump elected and trump is taking all the credit.

    • Dante Ardenz

      The inflated ego of a serious addict .

    • FamilyThalamus,Stable Genius

      You know, you have just described the dynamic between every serial killer and author or detective in that particular film genre.

      It’s my belief that you are spot on.

      Narcissistic sociopathy will be Bannon’s eventual Achilles heel.

  • Last Hussar

    FDF is right. Bannon is doing anything he can to preserve his arse. He may be preserving stuff for Mueller, but only so he has chips to stake.

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      I think it’s a little from column A, a little from column B. Bannon is totes looking out for number one and would not hesitate to use the privilege issue as a smokescreen. Nor would he hesitate to use the idea of Mueller wanting him to remain quiet as an excuse. Mueller of course would never jeopardize his investigation with any hanky panky though. Short answer is- Bannon would like to avoid answering anyone’s questions, but in the end Mueller has the leverage to twist his balls into a knot and squeeze until Gin Blossom boy sings…

  • BMW

    Executive priveledge? Were the questions about Russia?

  • Deborah Ujevich

    As much as I respect the FDF – & I also believe that Bannon is only about Bannon – I agree with Evan. Look, Bannon is THE ONLY one who had any smarts. But I think he’ll burn the village down, & HE HAS SEINFELD MONEY. He knows who’s controlling the narrative & who has the actual authority here. Congress, SCHMONGRESS, Bannon’s true value is in what he has to offer St Bob Mueller. The Mercers, Trump, etc – they can disparage him & write him off…at their own risk.

  • CB

    Actually, you’re both right!

    Captain Meth Potatoe is both cooperating with Mueller and saving his own skin.

    He’s not going to let Dumpster know the song he’s singing through the GOP traitors in Congress, because that would make the information less valuable to Mueller. The less valuable the information, the less favourable the plea deal.

    He’s doing it all on his own, and I think it makes a lot of sense!

    • Heyzeus Ahchay

      I hope you are proven correct.

    • John Thorstensen

      I think you’re right ….

      both cooperating with Mueller and saving his own skin.

      … it’s a dessert topping and a floor wax!

      • CB

        “it’s a dessert topping and a floor wax!”


        It’s herpes and syphilis!

  • MC Planck

    FDF: since your position is the most cynical and debased, it must be the right one.

    Sorry, Evan.

    • Last Hussar

      Rule number 2.

  • Charles Insandiego

    It just occurred to me that Bannon could have claimed Executive Privilege for 20 hours in front of Mueller, making this speculation moot. At this point, we can’t know, because Chez Mueller is as tight as the bark on a tree.

    • MC Planck

      Nobody wants to believe that Mueller would be as toothless as Trey Gowdy. So your comment is going to be deleted now*, for everyone’s mental health.

      * obviously not, since there are no comments, therefore there is nothing to delete.

      • Charles Insandiego

        I’m not claiming that Mueller would put up with such bullshit, I’m just thinking that his response would not necessarily be immediate, and it certainly wouldn’t be public untill he chose to reveal it.

        • MC Planck

          True, we wouldn’t know if Bannon stonewalled Mueller or not – there’s no way Mueller would let that leak.

          But even the suggestion that it might have happened is depressing.

    • Mahousu

      He can’t claim executive privilege with Mueller, since Mueller is also part of the executive branch. Executive privilege can only be used against other branches of government.

      He could claim, say, fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination, but that’s an entirely different matter.

    • Heyzeus Ahchay

      I think he’d be in the Gray Bar Hotel already if he’d tried that with Mueller.

  • Jack

    Muller should circumcise him with a nine pound hammer, then ask him how he likes being a Trumpinista?

  • Heyzeus Ahchay

    Bannon, being a narcissist at heart like Cheeto Hitler, may be making a last bold stand, refusing to bow to the government he wants — and has worked to have — destroyed in order to achieve some sort of, in his own mind, heroic place in history for being a martyr to his idiotic right-wing Dimbart followers — even if it means having to throw himself on the mercy of a Drumpenfuhrer pardon to stop him from going to prison. I think he’s got an ego big enough to believe he thinks he can get away with it.

  • Heyzeus Ahchay

    So, while we are speaking of garbage humans, I want to take this opportunity to once again credit those same garbage humans for the election of the biggest turd ever to stumble under its own power through the doors of the White House. I want you give you credit for voting in support of the biggest piece of shit that somehow achieved sentience and the ability to barely speak a language into the highest office in America. I know that, being pieces of shit yourselves, you identified with his grossness and stupidity, making him your logical choice for president. But being the last turd not to be flushed down the primary-bowl toilet of the Republican Party does not make him special. It just means he consisted of more waste than the other turds. And being as stupid and gross as you does not make him worthy of anything more than another swipe of toilet tissue.

    • MOG253

      They must be soooo proud. #SHAME

    • toughsister

      Please, don’t squeeze the Charmin!

  • Garbageman

    Steve’s not talkin’ to those asshos, ’cause he’s very busy watchin’ porno . . .

  • Clay Denton

    You “guys” actually talk?

  • laineypc

    I take the long view. Bannon’s project is decades in the making, he’s put his blood, sweat, tears and ego into the Trump presidency. His motives now hinge on how attached he is to seeing his project through, and the degree to which he is still able to wield influence and resources where needed to keep propping Trump up. Given that the president’s approval ratings seem to have bottomed out, and his supporters seem to not be bothered about Russian meddling, I’m sorry to say he figures he’s still got a shot at the kingmaker legacy he’s after. I want Evan to be right, but I think it’s closer to FDF.

  • I’m sure someone here in the Wonketariat has pointed out that Bannon may be turning cooperating witness to avoid going down with the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and have a chance at writing a tell all book and becoming another talking head on Fox or CNN or even get a show on MSNBC.

    He shares a lawyer with one of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s lawyer. Anything he has to say is known to the WH before he says it because attorney-client privilege includes the Ol’ Pussy Grabber according to the Ol’ Pussy Grabber anytime you’ve spoken to him. It is kind of like even looking at the Ol’ Pussy Grabber from across the room means you’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement according to him. So, I don’t know who or what he is protecting by not speaking publicly at the committee since his lawyer done blabbed it all to the WH.

    I suspect that he is being difficult with the committee because (a) he is Steve Bannon, and that’s what he does; (b) he does what Steve Bannon always does when he is confronted by the Deep State and has the thinnest veneer of legal cover; and (c) did I mention that Steve Bannon just enjoys being an obstructionist because he can? If not, that’s why he’s doing it.

    Mueller, on the other hand, has the goods on everyone and can compel him to testify under oath before the grand jury if he so desires, and Steve Bannon enjoys all the pampering and attention he’ll get if he goes along to interview with Mueller’s team as if he is an equal and not in danger of going to jail for the rest of his life for believing all of his stupid rhetoric and theatrics.

  • Ken Berry

    Having been forcibly removed from Rebekah Mercer’s bounteous teats o’ cash, Super Pustule is desperate to hang on to his passport, so he can go visit the money he has stashed in the Caymans and Cyprus.

  • Boscoe

    The only way Bannon isn’t on #teammueller after 20 hours of testimony is if:

    A: Mueller has nothing on him
    B: He actually trusts Drumph to pardon him.

    So, I’m #teamevan apparently because I think Bannon is smart enough to know better. :)

  • Johnny Appleseed

    “pre-dawn raid”!
    “pre-dawn raid”!
    “pre-dawn raid”!

    No Knock.

  • Ruhe

    Is there any possibility that the party Bannon may actually be trying to protect is the Mercers? While the President may have the power of the pardon I assume that, like their Russian counterparts, American oligarchs have the power to make you dead.

  • Maybe Steve accidentally left his keys or wallet or irrefutable evidence or blackened soul in his old office at the White House & just wants to make sure he can retrieve them at a later date.

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