The media has finally found a Trump scandal that can outlast the 12-hour news firehose, and it is “when did you stop beating your wife.” Did you think the Rob Porter mess would still be a thing even a day later? Let alone five? Me either! But it is easier to hold focus on something unsullied by any boring “policy,” especially when the president of the United States of America does things like “defend the guy who beat two of his wives.” Let’s go in the wayback machine, to the mists of time of “Saturday”!

Other reporting suggests that in private, Donald Trump thinks Rob Porter is a real asshole who should not beat women. AND YET! Donald Trump still can’t say so in public. (See above.)

So what bullshit did the White House throw at the Sunday shows? It was “nah man, Trump wasn’t defending Rob Porter. He was defending the rapist.”

[Chris] Wallace pressed Mulvaney, noting that even after Porter resigned, Trump “still has not said anything about zero-tolerance. He still hasn’t mentioned that the lives of the two women who were the subjects of abuse, that those lives have been shattered too.”

Mulvaney responded that Trump’s tweet “can be applied to a bunch of different people. When I saw the tweet, I had wondered if he was talking about his friend Steve Wynn.

STEVE WYNN? The alleged rapist who terrified dozens of female employees? The guy who raised millions as finance chair of the Republican National Committee, and whose personal gifts of $375,000 in sticky money the RNC decided it would KEEP?

Oh, Mick Mulvaney, you aren’t supposed to mention him. Otherwise, Chris Cillizza might remember that he left the alleged rapist off the hook while everyone went after Hillary Clinton for not firing the guy who rubbed a lady’s shoulders, when both stories broke the same day. Just kidding, Chris Cillizza will never remember that.

You know who’s not stupid enough to bring up the (alleged) rapist whose money the RNC just can’t quit? Kellyanne Conway, that is who. That lady ain’t dumb! Instead, she is just going to snow-blind you, with a blizzard of WORDS!

STEPHANOPOULOS: […] Kellyanne, you just said you take this seriously. You just said the president is shocked. The president himself has not said that. He didn’t say he was shocked. He didn’t say he was disturbed by this — by these allegations, he didn’t say that he was taking domestic violence seriously, he said you have to pay attention to the fact that Rob Porter says he’s innocent.

And then he talks about mere allegations, people being falsely accused. So let me ask you again, does the president believe that Rob Porter is falsely accused?

CONWAY: The president believes, as he said the other day, you have to consider all sides. He has said this in the past about incidents that relate to him as well. At the same time, you have to look at the results. The result is that Rob Porter is no longer the staff secretary. It is — it is — the president tells me that he learned just this week, when the rest of us did, what these allegations are, what — these pictures, the contemporaneous, police reports, the detailed information as having been provided to the FBI. …

Does anybody know what Kellyanne Conway just said? She sure didn’t bring up THE RAPIST. Except that … she brought up TRUMP. Know who’s been accused of rape? By his OWN WIFE, UNDER OATH (among others)?

Anyway, as of five days later, the president of the United States has wished well the wife-beater, and MAYBE the rapist, and definitely himself, for whom he has much compassion, and not any of the women, if you were keeping count, the end.

Wonkette: yelling at wife beaters and rapists and presidents of the United States, FOR YOU. Please give us money.

[Shareblue / WaPo]

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  • Scooby

    He could have also been defending Roy Moore.

    • SisterArtemis


    • OneYieldRegular

      He did defend Roy Moore, and in fact encourage him.

  • Skeptical_thinker

    He will defend anyone but a woman.

    • rosenbomb

      well, and a blah guy. unless it’s sleepy Ben

    • Good_Gawd_Yall

      Except the princess.

  • calliecallie

    If you were keeping count? There is no keeping count with this administration. Just go straight to ELEVENTY!!11!!!

    • Amazing Professional Lunatic

      ELEVENTY SEVEN even!!11!!!

  • Relativicus

    The only thing I ever expected to come of this was that Rob Portman was going to find himself answering some very confusing and awkward questions for the next forever.

    • Angela Ruzzo

      Someone should look into whether he has an account on Ashley Madison.

      • Jennaratrix

        OT: I scrolled all the way through the deleted comments non-comments from yesterday trying to find an update on your cat with no luck; is everthing okay?

      • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

        They all do!

  • armed_bears
  • Uncle Zor

    I’m pretty sure he’s mostly talking about defending himself.

    • LesBontemps

      And yet, his “life and career” seem to still be here.

      • MegLittle

        Yeah, but people say mean things about him, so he’s the real victim.

  • Bebecca

    See you all, Donald Trump was as surprised as anyone that he has a woman abuser(s) on his staff. He thinks they are both fine people.

  • Spotts1701, Porg Wrangler

    Uh, when you start getting confused about which woman-hater and assaulter you’re talking about, maybe the problem is that you have too many of them in your circle?

  • Bebecca

    He has said this in the past about incidents that relate to him as well. Including all 19 women who claimed he made unwelcomed advances toward him.
    Actually what is so ridiculous about that is that we have trump telling Billy Bush, bragging actually, that he forces himself on women because he can. But the women who come out and say “yeah he did” are liars.

    • Bobathonic

      Well look at the source: Trump himself. Everyone knows he’s a big fat liar. Trump deserves due process against these scurrilous accusations levied by that notorious liar, Trump.

    • TJ Barke


    • ((( Augustus )))


  • Nounverb911
    • ((( Augustus )))

      goddamn I hate that motherfucker

      • Lord Jim

        No need to hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel.

  • Hamilton Ω, AKA Formerly DN

    I hate all of these fucking assholes. May they all be deluged with flaming radioactive votes for ever.

  • Spotts1701, Porg Wrangler

    OT: Uh-oh, Jefferson Beauregard done said a racism again.

    • rebecca

      probably referring to his hero, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

    • OneYieldRegular

      Call me crazy, but if I (god forbid) were an old white guy from Alabama named after a Confederate general, I think I’d be awfully careful about going around touting the “the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.”

    • UncleTravelingMatt

      Irish-American heritage. And the reason for it is that assholes like you discriminated against the Irish because they were poor and Catholic, and police officer was a job done by people of low social standing.

    • eggs ackly-wright

      See: Forrest, Nathan

    • Hollandaise

      No, no, no, he just meant that the slave patrols were honorable and should be brought back. That’s all.

    • TJ Barke

      You think he’s dogwhistling hard enough?

      • Lord Jim

        He didn’t say “superior Aryan race.” If you don’t say that, it’s not racist.

      • OneYieldRegular

        “heritage” – Sessions might just as well have been dressed up like Johnny Reb with a white hood over his head, waving the Confederate flag in front of a burning cross.

        • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

          How do we know he didn’t?

      • Beanz&Berryz

        He’s good at putting his lips together and blowing.

  • fawkedifiknow

    In the Trump administration, wife-beating isn’t a bug. It’s a feature.

    • Ling Ling

      Might even be mandatory

      • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

        Kompromat in case they ever buck you later.

  • Nounverb911
  • chascates

    Kellyanne Conway said the President said you have to listen to all sides. And she continued:

    Anyone watch the National Geographic shows on North Korea last night? Ordinary citizens praised Dear Leader for anything positive in their lives.

  • ManchuCandidate

    The typical Trump admin interview.
    Trump Aide: Rape, murder, arson and rape!
    Hedley Kelly: You said rape twice!
    Trump Aide: I like rape.

    • bbayliss

      G W Bush “rape rooms”

  • BillEGoatSmirk

    If you want to lower your blood pressure a little bit in this regard, watch the documentary “Seeing Allred” on Netflix. Even for those who think she’s a grandstander, you’ll come away with the knowledge that women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community would be in an even worse place if she didn’t exist. Her story, and history of being a balls-to-the-wall women’s advocate, is quite remarkable.

    • Lord Jim

      Thanks for the info.

    • OneYieldRegular

      I met her back in the late 1980’s when a college friend worked in her office, and even then the disconnect between the actual and deeply committed person and the vilely misogynistic portrayals with which she was slandered in the press was an abyss.

    • chortlingdingo

      Oh yes, I put that in my watch list. I’m looking forward to watching it.

  • Lord Jim

    Hey, KAC (< Grk, κακος "evil" ), are YOU sheltering abusers?

  • Professor Fate

    You know it’s a bad bad sign when you send a tweet casting doubt on the women accusing a man of something horrible and it could be applied to more than one person in your circle. That’s really not good. Now of course if you’re head of a mob family you’re bound to have a few murderers wife beaters and rapists on the payroll but not when you are the president.

    • Lord Jim

      Mom was watching some of Chuck Toad recently and he had some guy on there trying to blame “the process, the same process in place during the Obama administration” for not catching Porter faster. Setting aside the bullshit that nobody had any idea til just last week, I find it funny that there were none of these scandals under O. So, WH water-carrier, imma say the problem is with YOU GUYS.

      • Egret1

        It sounds like the process would have worked out if they had hired professional people with government experience. Those people can generally get full security clearances.

        Moreover, what was stopping these idiots from doing a background check themselves on these losers? Didn’t Trump say he would “hire the best people,”

    • OneYieldRegular

      Exactly. It just demonstrates how completely out of touch they are, even on an issue as “DUH!” as spousal abuse. It’s the same issue with their racism.

  • Nounverb911

    Meanwhile, back in the there’s a tweet for everything department:

  • (((fka_donnie_d))), SOB

    Yes, because ACTUAL FUCKING HUMANS WITH SOULS can all agree that being forced to quit a job at which you have already made millions === having your life destroyed.

    These fucking people.

  • susan_g

    Back in the 1980s, Marie Brenner wrote about cheeto in a Vanity Fair article which is worth reading:

    He didn’t like it and later poured wine down the writer’s back at a gala at Tavern on the Green. He later bragged about doing it, also called her “unattractive”, and even exaggerated about the amount of wine he poured on her.

    Nothing has changed with this turd.

    • TJ Barke

      The man is just begging for an ass beating.

    • Lord Jim

      It kills me that info about what a contemptible dirtbag Trump is has been available for years, and some of it was being rerun during the 2016 campaign season, oh let’s not even mention how flagrantly dickish he acted during the campaign. But still he got enough vote to secure an electoral college win.

      • TJ Barke


        • Lord Jim

          Point taken.

      • cmd resistor

        Yeah, like his most prominent traits that people like him for were being and asshole and a dirtbag. Bragging about pouring red instead of white wine on Leona Helmsley’s dress because it would do more damage. What an ass.

  • LesBontemps

    Also too, WTF is Trump blabbering about “due process”??? If he thinks Rob Porter or David Sorenson or anyone else is entitled to “due process” before being shit-canned from his job, it’s up to HIM to provide whatever “process” may be “due.” If he thinks his wife-beating employees should have a hearing or an arbitration or an administrative appeal or whatever, that’s HIS fucking responsibility!

    • Bobathonic

      His lawyers probably told him, “No, you can’t lock up the victims.”

      • Beanz&Berryz

        But Presidential slander is perfectly fine

    • ((( Augustus )))

      he’s a fucking idiot who has no clue what the hell he’s talking about, as usual

      • LesBontemps

        That goes without saying.

    • CindyinEncinitas

      He just learned those werdz. He’s new at this.

      • cmd resistor

        Someone musta said “Dew Process” on Fox this weekend.

    • BillEGoatSmirk

      I believe that he could ask the FBI or the DOJ to investigate the complaints against Porter….except it was the FBI who already told Donnie and his cabal that Porter was a wife beater, so duh.

    • cmd resistor

      Yeah, like getting to work a year on an interim security clearing because you can’t pass the normal one. Like tell me they came up with a stricter clearance for the Trump people and that’s the only reason he didn’t pass……Deep StaTE !!!111!1!

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    This administration has turned the rule of law into a Due Processpool.

  • JMP

    Why do all those wife beaters and rapist keep associating closely with alleged wife beater and rapist Donald Trump?

  • Bill D. Burger

    Jennie Willoughby, one of Rob Porter’s ex-wives: “In light of the President’s and the White House’s continued dismissal of me and Colbie, I want to assure you my truth has not been diminished. I own my story.”


  • chascates
    • rosenbomb

      Very timely, SMOTI. A shot of Melon decorating for Christmas is always relevant to news in February.

    • TJ Barke

      These people are fucking insane…

      • Lord Jim

        Sometimes I wonder if some of this is just a shtick for the rubes.

        • TJ Barke

          It’s insane that they could believe it, it’s insane they think such a story is remotely acceptable .

    • Nockular cavity

      What kind of cleaning product works best on demonic residue?

    • Bad news for humanity, people still believe in invisible evil monsters that lurk in the shadows just waiting for you to choose the wrong piece of artwork

    • rg9rts

      Its still a shithole as long as trump is there

    • Carole

      How unoriginal. Karl Rove did this about 16 years ago.

      • cmd resistor

        Yeah, but that was before all the Obama demons moved in.

    • Kateaux

      What Melania has done has merely sped up the evolution of exorcism-resistant demonic forces. Exhibit One: her husband’s continued political “career”.

    • chimpevil

      She needs to spray some of that shit on Mayor McCheese

    • chimpevil

      She needs to spray some of that shit on Mayor MacCheese

    • Snowbound Ron

      It didn’t work. He’s still president.

    • Snowbound Ron

      I thought this might be a joke, till I saw the byline.

    • like really RESISTLY GHERKINS!

      OH NO!! What did she do with Stephen Miller’s jizz socks?!

  • Kellyanne has way too much experience defending Republican men who say stupid, evil things about rape to make that kind of rookie error. She must be well-and-truly over him.

  • Nockular cavity

    Trump’s tweet “can be applied to a bunch of different people.”

    “Come on, you could say that about ANYONE in the Trump administration who’s been accused of a felony!”

  • Bright Bart

    yes you have to consider all sides, there was raping on many sides.

  • Bill D. Burger
    • rg9rts

      any related to Billie O?

    • TundraGrifter

      Not to mention adultery – Lewandowski and DJT. And Mr. Trump had a child “out of wedlock.”

  • only the best rapists.

  • shastakoala

    Oh my god Kellyanne, you sound like a drunk text.

    • rg9rts

      its her daily ugly pill

      • chimpevil

        She gotta lifetime supply

  • rg9rts

    The FM is accused by how many women??

  • Bright Bart

    hey, who knew defending wife beaters and Nazis could get so complicated?

  • Bill D. Burger

    “Lyin’ bitches always set us up. Believe me. You can believe me. Everybody knows it. Everybody’s saying it. Believe me.”

  • AJ Milne

    It _is_ impressive the legs this thing has…

    … a bit weird, though. Man has survived all _kinds_ of things would have finished anyone else off, sent them back to whatever it was they did before politics… If they were lucky. And has survived previous awful in the same general area… His _own_ fucking assaults, fer fucksake. And _this_ is sticking?

    I have this faint hope it’s some cumulative thing. Some cousin of the way rumours and slightly inside jokes on the talk shows and at the award ceremony dog guys like Cosby and Weinstein for decades… And then something snaps, and people finally say, right, time’s up…

    Guess I’ll be waiting to see what the polls do? Thing is: I got this nasty sense (not, in fairness, nailed to anything real hard nor empirical) that a lot of that rump of 30 odd percent knew damned well he was a shit, and exactly what kind of shit, and clearly didn’t care… So not even sure even if this _does_ stick hard and define him the way political gravity is normally _supposed_ to work that we’ll even see much movement, there…

    (Still be nice to think it’s karma _finally_ saying to them it’d like a word, tho’.)

    • Lord Jim

      Most of Trump’s base knew what he was and embraced it with both arms. I’d love to think that there’s a straw about to be dropped that will break the camel’s back, but his approval ratings are ticking back up and the same with the awful tax bill. Not encouraging.

  • Bill D. Burger
  • Bill D. Burger

    ‘Po-taaa’-toe’ ___ ‘Po-tahh’-toe’

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    Boy, I’m sure glad I’m not a woman! Those hags and liars – why, you can’t trust a goddamn one of ’em! The first time a man accidentally brushes his fist against her lunging face a woman’ll do everything in her considerable, world-owning, unstoppable power to ruin his life over really nothing! The nerve of those creatures! Why, somebody oughtta –
    (stops rant, checks bathing suit areas)

    • (sniffles) and there was the incredibly clumsy woman who kept running into doors, falling down the stairs, and she blames me! (sob)

  • UnsaltedSinner

    “How dare you suggest that Trump was praising Mussolini? He was clearly talking about Hitler!”

    White House spokesperson, in the near future.

  • The Wanderer

    Steve Bannon bemoaned what he perceived as “10,000 years of history” in some type of jeopardy if men have to stop treating women as inferiors.

    If that’s what it takes, I’m on board.

    • Snowbound Ron

      Yup. Consider that THIS is where that 10,000 years was headed, I’m perfectly happy with trying a different way.

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    NOW Dolt 45 wants due process? The birther-in-chief wants people to take their time, study the facts, not believe the first story that fits their narrative (in his concept of it)? The guy who wanted the Central Park Five executed AFTER they were exonerated wants due process for his white –

    • Lord Jim

      Credit the lies, doubt the truth.

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    Yeah, I think I’ll take the word of the side that has photographic evidence and a restraining order over that of a TrumpPenceZee FFS.

  • SayItWithWookies

    The only thing keeping Assmouth from issuing a simple condemnation of Porter is his own pride. I mean, this is America — it’s not like there’s a shortage of stupid, power-worshiping violent men and he’ll never find another unqualified person to deliver papers to him. No, it’s just that his fucking ego prevents him from saying someone on his team did something horrible, especially when it correctly reflects Assmouth’s own misogynistic views.

    Not that we didn’t know this shit would happen more than a year ago — what’s constantly shocking, though, is the number of ways this behavior unfolds through a variety of situations.

    • cmd resistor

      The only thing he would consider horrible is something he could consider a betrayal of him.

  • OrdinaryJoe

    “When you put it that way it’s so unfair. Just to focus on 5 men. I am sure the President knows hundreds of men who do not beat up and abuse women. Fake news.” Kellyanne Conway

  • Blackest Noobs

    oh gang it’s ok, it’s a given, you ALWAYS defend the old rich white rapist.
    it is just how it is.

    nothing to see, and remember, defend old rich white rapist.

    • Rooster Cogburn105

      As The Almighty Bronze Age Boogeyman intended

  • onedollarjuana

    Trump is all worried about false allegations and due process, but he is also in favor of throwing people he doesn’t like in Gitmo for life without any due process.

    • Jennaratrix

      Well, but those people are not him, and typically are also not white. So.

    • Anna Rompage

      Not to mention, advocating for the death penalty against innocent kids who were framed for a crime they didn’t commit…

    • RobGinChicago

      Porter was provided with due process. Complaints were filed with the police and the courts, complaints were investigated, and, after a court hearing, a Judge issued a restraining order. Seems like those “mere allegations” pretty much became established facts after all that due process.

  • OrdinaryJoe

    “Our lies are truth, your truths are lies.” Kellyanne Conway

  • La forza del resistino

    As a witness giving testimony, if Donald mentions the women. That’s when Jack McCoy swoops in and says, Your Honor, he opened the door. DAH DUN.

    • Parakeetist

      And Adam Schiff spins in his chair and says, “We don’t have a case.”

  • Vagenda and Pee-ara

    So now it’s politically incorrect to put a cigarette out on your wife, and punch her in the face? I don’t even know this country anymore. Thanks, LIBTARDS!!!

    • Shawn Charniga

      Both are fine; it’s running over any part of her with a car that crosses the line.

      The More you Know!

      • Vagenda and Pee-ara

        Actually, it’s getting CAUGHT that’s the real issue, at least as far as dumb Dimitri Trump is concerned.

    • MamaBrown

      Nobody has a sense of humor anymore. Political Correctness run amok. Time was your wife and her friends would compare bruises at the sewing circle. Try that nowadays!

    • JustDon’tSayCAPSLOCK!!!

      Also, too, did you know there’s an “age of consent?” No, for real! No fun times unless your date is, like, over some age. 16, 17, 18? I don’t know; it’s very confusing…

      • Vagenda and Pee-ara

        WHAT???? That is outrageous! Is there an exemption if you ask their mama’s permission? Asking for a friend in Alabama.

        • JustDon’tSayCAPSLOCK!!!

          Is she a single mother? Then, yes. Apparently.

      • jenny_whyme

        There’s a guy who raped a three year old because… wait for it.. she asked for it.

        We are fucked.

        • JustDon’tSayCAPSLOCK!!!

          oof. can’t upvote that.

  • Vagenda and Pee-ara

    Say, you know who didn’t get even a hint of due process after being accused of ass grabbing by a few anonymous Trump supporters? Al Franken. Strangely, I don’t remember president Pussgrab calling for any due process, even after Franken requested an ethics investigation.

    • (pssst!)He was a Democrat.

      • Vagenda and Pee-ara

        I’m pretty sure he got rat fucked by Trump’s pal Roger Stone, also, too.

        • Old Man Yells at Cloud

          And Kirsten “Going to lose to Trump in 2020” Gillibrand

          • Vagenda and Pee-ara

            I lost all respect for her after that. She put her own political ambitions ahead of what was right. If it hadn’t been for her, I think Franken would have been cleared by that ethics investigation.

            Plus, she’s also a former Republican, so she can go to hell.

    • everstar

      I’m still heartbroken about Al.

      • Vagenda and Pee-ara

        I am too, and I’m amazed how Dems played right into Roger Stone’s ratfucking, greasy, little hands.

        • We had to. Had we not, every time something like this came up, it would have been What about Al?
          Is it fair? No. Is it right? No. It is, however, the reality.
          Al will continue to fight the good fight from the sidelines.

          • Vagenda and Pee-ara

            He should have been given an ethics investigation, since none of the women were even slightly credible. In fact, 36 women he worked with said he didn’t do it, but we preferred to believe a friend of Hannity’s, and Roger Stone. It was the best rat fucking I’ve ever seen, and I saw the “John McCain fathered a black baby” rat fucking of 2000.
            We’ll probably end up with senator Tim Pawlenty, or an even worse shitbag. YAY for us!

          • Old Man Yells at Cloud

            Actually, it would have gone one of two ways:
            1) The Republican led ethics investigation would have concluded Al was an ass grabber and he would be gone so the Democrats could have brought up Al and asked the Republicans when they were going to have the ethics investigations of the Pussy Grabber.

            2) The Republican led ethics investigation would have concluded Al was not an ass grabber so the response would have been “The Republican led Investigation cleared Al of being an ass grabber. Now its time to have the ethics investigation of the Pussy grabber”

          • Daniel

            Yes, because Republican investigations turning up literally nothing on Democratic politicians have an excellent track record of making right wing talking points based on them disappear.

          • Barbara

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  • ryp

    It’s still a story five days later only as it connects to John Kelly’s actions, because there are people close to Trump who want Kelly out, and they are keeping it alive, hoping to force a situation where Trump finally fires Kelly, using this situation as a pretext. Notice we aren’t still hearing about the other wife beater that just left.

  • ibwilliamsi

    Wife Beater/Wife Rapist in Chief defends Wife Beaters and Rapists On His Payroll.

    There. FIFY.

    • Brian Fowler

      Still misleading, in that it implies he’s only raped his wives…

      • ibwilliamsi

        True dat.

  • Daniel

    Translated Kellyanne:
    “He didn’t say what Porter did was right, shit, that Porter was accused of doing was right, and anyway he just found out about it and it’s often hard to know if spousal abuse is wrong, but he fired him and accepted his resignation so what more do you want? Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton.”

    • Cat Cafe

      To be fair, my impulse is also “Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton.”

      • Egret1

        And how Hillary would have been much better than Trump.

  • Zyxomma

    Thanks, Rebecca. This shit is making me consider the Bulimia Diet.

  • IMPOed

    Not to mention he could shoot somebody in the fucking face on 5th avenue and not lose any votes, child rapist, abuser, lying cheating stealing motherfucker!!

  • Mike Steele

    He also wished well Mr. Due Process, though not extending it as far as exonerated Central Park 5 (‘hang ’em high!’) or unindicted HRC (‘lock ‘er up!’). His hypocrisy is incurable; one can only hope the prognosis is grim.

  • Delu

    Why not he was defending BOTH of them?

    Because you know he totally WAS.

    Actually he was also defending HIMSELF with that!

    • Wookie Monster

      With Trump, it’s always about himself.

  • sillyclucker

    Why doesn’t Trump apply that Tweet to Hillary ?

    • phoenix00

      Due Process for me, LOCK HER UP! for you.

  • Postpaleo

    He’s doing just what he did with Charlottesville. He wants to stick to his ignorant ways, bigotry, anti woman, sick shit, and still try to say he isn’t. Both sides. He’s such a good worker, hellava nice guy… means the NeoNazis are good people, they work hard at what they do. It’s his supporters that need to get hit with this stuff, he’ll never understand it. He’s incapable.

  • Boojum

    Kellyanne also pointed out the wife beater is gone, and he is a close parallel to Trump, so…

  • Daniel

    I find Kellyanne a grim curiosity. She clearly loathes Trump and quite possibly most of the men associated with him, and despite her denials I do think their open disdain for women upsets her. But they pay her and she gets some association with power, and so she keeps on working for them.
    With Huckabee-Sanders I feel slightly sorry for her,because she’s a product of a fucked up evangelical background pushed by the likes of her child sexual assault defending father, where women are subordinate to men and obedience to authority is the highest good. Kellyanne, though, is worse. Kellyanne is utterly amoral and, sadly, does what she does because above all else she is a professional.

  • Leftflank

    Well, at least the wife beater/raper/abusers haven’t accused the women of asking for it yet or claiming that they are the victims.

    Hah, j/k-they did that immediately and probably as they were beating and abusing their beloved women.

    All I an say is, come on justice!

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