Hi, Morgan.

I didn’t think you’d mind me addressing you publicly given that we’re both the kind of idiots who write books about our inner lives or let cameras follow us into public restrooms. (If I go missing, though, someone please tell the NYPD that my agent needs questioning, because I didn’t clear this with her.)

You have the deal for my memoir, which means that the job of translating my story to film — the story partially about my own sexual harassment and assault in the workplace — is yours. The story is about more than that, it’s about class and low wage work and everything that comes with it, but it is impossible to tell the story of a woman on the economy’s edges without telling the story of her sexual exploitation.

So you can see why I was a bit jarred to read your open letter detailing your harassment of women and worse. Then I was sad, because I wasn’t at all surprised. Rape month sucks.

I think I told you on our first call that I’d been holding out for the right filmmaker, waiting for someone I thought could make it sing. I picked you because a lot of the book you now represent happened not far from Beckley, where you grew up. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that if I gave you a list of names of the male bosses who were so gross to their female staff that the anecdotes merited inclusion in my book, you would at least know one or two of them from around, if not personally. I picked you because you know the context and nuance of my story far more intimately than most anyone in the industry ever could.

I showed up in your world — the new one, where one might attend a Christmas party and have a cocktail with a major network head — fresh from the mountains, straight off an overnight shift at a diner. I don’t have to tell you anything more, I’m sure, for you to imagine what kind of advantage people tried to take of a young uneducated woman who didn’t have enough confidence to do anything but defer to anyone she met, assuming them all impossibly sophisticated. How many men spoke about me like I wasn’t in the room, how many of them turned a dinner meeting into drinks and then tried for or simply took more. Even the ones who liked me well enough had a habit of being dismissive, as though I couldn’t possibly know or understand what I wanted for myself.

It’s not lost on me that I am selling my story of exploitation by men to men who will make money off it, and that I will therefore constantly be reliving those worst moments for the benefit of men who will critique their retelling and then, at least sometimes, add to my collection of anecdotes about being exploited by men.

I knew that when I agreed to the deal with you. I worked in restaurants; I’m used to ranking potential jobs and taking into consideration how bad the manager might be. I know the ropes of this new world now, too. I’d tank my own career and any shot I had of doing good if I refused to work with every dude who’s crossed lines. It’s unfair for your bad behavior to derail my work, and you and I have discussed what kind of impact this project could have.

But how am I supposed to choose between the things you’ve just told me — that you didn’t understand that no meant no and that when a girl starts crying and you stop that doesn’t mean that you hadn’t seconds previously been not-stopping, that you needed the threat of exposure during a massive and far-reaching scandal to understand publicly that you should have been better than this all along — and the work that I can’t get done without you or a man like you? It’s hard to credit confessions made under duress.

I really hate that y’all keep making me consider, over and over again, just how many women have to be how hurt by you before I have to say I can’t work with you. That I have to make that determination in a vacuum, because I don’t know those women. I hate that I have to consider this today just because today was the day you felt like unburdening your soul.

I can’t say I thank you. I can’t say you’re not doing the right thing here.

I picked you to tell my story because I thought you would know intimately the kind of men I’d dealt with in my life. I hadn’t realized how intimately. I want you to know, because you said you were ready to listen, how far-reaching your impact has been, that even those of us in early discussions with you are finding our days disrupted and our inner thoughts taken over with these considerations. That we’re worried that it’s worse than you’ve said, because it seems it usually is, and that if we guess wrong we’ll be giving cover to a man to keep being predatory. That we are reliving instances where other men treated us with as much contempt and wondering whether that is what those women you told us about felt.

I don’t know you. I can’t imagine today is easy for you. But you chose today, so as someone who has trusted you with my stories of the men you’ve just admitted to being, and as a woman from these woods in particular, I feel entitled to say the following: Boy, you’re damn lucky ain’t nobody’s daddy found you first. You know and I know that there’s plenty around here just plain old sumbitches and ain’t nobody perfect, which don’t excuse you none. You better hope ain’t no women out there that you left out gonna come telling tales now or it’ll take years before you’re invited back to church, even. It’s not okay. Ain’t gonna be okay. But at least it was you told everyone. That’ll go some way with folks.

After that I got nothin’ to say to you ’cause there’s some things you don’t need words for, and one of them is that feeling when someone’s monumentally fucked up. Those times you just look at the sky and consider the stars.

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  • h4rr4r

    He made this about himself. Sick.

    • wide_stance_hubby

      No shit, Spurlock.

  • Beowoof14

    Wow, your story really made me sad. I am sorry that has happened and is happening to you.

  • armed_bears

    He’s so bad, he broke Disqus.

    • mackafritz

      I think Disqus must be held together with bubblegum and old string.

      • TJ Barke

        Baling twine, specifically.

        • LA Julian

          Pretty sure there’s some Post-Its doing heroic duty in there, as well.

    • wide_stance_hubby

      Apparently, the word ‘votes’ is a real trigger for Disqus. And it has seen so many recently.

  • OutOfOrbit

    Morgan who?

    • House0fTheBlueLights

      Super Size Me guy (I had to look it up, too)

      • OutOfOrbit

        Wasn’t he just a flash in the pan?

        • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

          A turd in the toilet awaiting the the flush?

      • h4rr4r

        Which was so fake.

  • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

    Ignore this fuck.

    • jesterpunk

      She cant, if I am reading the article right he has the rights to her story to make a movie out of it.

      • OutOfOrbit

        so she just gave him a path to make atonement & all he has to do is step up to it, i guess, i dunno

      • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

        Let me Skwerlsplain a few things here:
        #1) What’s this reading thing you speak of?
        #2) There is an acorn I buried somewhere around here.
        #48) Is that a peanut in the leaves?

  • HazooToo

    Wow. I feel your unluck, KM, I really do. This fucking sucks.

    • willi0000000

      has nothing to do with luck . . . it has to do with the fact that too many people who should know better let fucks like spurlock get away with treating women like he does . . . and even rewards them for that kind of behavior . . . year after year after year after year after year after year after…

      • HazooToo

        Yeah, agreed. It just feels like she tried really hard to find a guy who DIDN’T do that to tell her story, but then of course he turns out to be a closeted asshole. Just imagining myself in her shoes makes my blood cold.

  • Spotts1701, Nothingburger Chef

    Morgan, buddy, pal…confession is only part of the deal. You have to do penance too. The guys who confess to murder maybe get less time in the can than the guys who don’t, but they all get to spend time staring at 4 blank walls.
    The fact that you decided to get ahead of the train before it ran you over only earns you a very small measure of mercy. Now comes the atonement.

    • LA Julian


  • Michael Smith

    But what happens when the stars are falling

    • BreakingDeadMen

      The fault is not in our stars

  • Anne Of Green Bagels

    Morgan’s confession sounds a lot like Republicans sending hopes and prayers.

    • willi0000000

      well . . . it did involve a small action on his part . . . so maybe it rises to the level of signing an internet petition?

      • Anne Of Green Bagels

        sternly worded letter even?

        • willi0000000

          lets not go overboard here.

  • BreakingDeadMen

    I do believe that the role for most of us men, owning our bullshit is an important thing that we can all do. But this isn’t ownership, it’s just more self-serving bullshit.

  • mrFawkes
    • BreakingDeadMen

      Quite a bit more useful than their homonyms.

    • DrBigHead

      OK, I am going to demonstrate how old and out of touch I am. I have absolutely no idea what that image means. Perhaps it is because, as someone raised in the upper Midwest, all I see are pears and one of the four basic food groups (tater tots). would someone please show pity and explain?

      • everstar

        (Tater) tots and pears = thoughts and prayers. It took me a second, too.

        • DrBigHead

          Thank you, and, as someone who loves a good pun, I am mildly embarrassed.

          • everstar

            It’s okay, I won’t tell.

    • Nigel R. Toppinglift, III

      Cockney rhyming slang?

  • ariel_gee_398

    I knew that when I agreed to the deal with you. I worked in restaurants; I’m used to ranking potential jobs and taking into consideration how bad the manager might be.

    Do men not understand that this is how pretty much all women, from low-wage workers up to professionals, navigate our work lives? The men we work with are grouped into those who will respect us and let us do our jobs and those who won’t. And then we have to figure out how to handle the ones who won’t.

    • AnneBonny

      They do not understand that.

    • BreakingDeadMen

      Actually, some of that is true of men as well. Not the threat of physical assault and sexualization, but definitely I try to find out how psychologically abusive management and patronage may or may not be at a job and I have nixed opportunities and left jobs based on that. Sadistic micromanagement crosses gender lines.

    • MC Planck

      I had a female boss straight-up lie to me, which I only discovered by trying to confirm it with the CEO.

      Bad bossery knows no gender. That said, women have an *additional* burden on top of all the others. John Scalzi pointed out white men are playing the game on easy mode; women are playing on “add extra monsters” mode.

  • Cousin Itt un Mondialiste

    Each of the four clickbait ads at the bottom of Morgan’s website are about dating or exploiting women. I would copy it here but I don’t want to risk infecting my computer.

    • jesterpunk

      Try an link. It should get the ads too when it archives the site.

    • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

      I can click for you, but I see no ads. Nor do I see Killy’s project. Are you sure somebody’s Al Gore Rhythm hasn’t tagged you as a incel?

      • Cousin Itt un Mondialiste
        • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

          I get fisherman sweaters and ads for anvils.

          What? Why is everybody looking at me?

          Someone has to repair the harpoons.

          • Slamtundra

            How the hell else are you gonna catch that road runner? You got to have a steady supply of anvils.

      • Boojum

        Old insomniacs
        Sexy Asian women
        Skin tags

        So, three out of four?

  • BreakingDeadMen

    Killer Martinis, do you have a way to get the rights back?

    • KillerMartinis

      Yeah, they’ll revert to me if he doesn’t sell it, and even so it’s with his production company and not him directly, I think. So who knows, this is one of those where you watch and then consider.

      • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

        That’s a bit of a relief.

        Been worried about you woman.

      • yyyaz

        In addition to your agent, I hope you have excellent legal representation. Great piece of writing and, if I may be so bold to say, we are all hoping for the best for you. Oh, and jeezus aitch jumpin’ christ on a stick the universe can be a poke in the eyes some days.

        • KillerMartinis

          I honestly wasn’t far into the process enough where I have to worry about it; it’s far more likely that a bunch of projects at the production company fall by the wayside while they sort this all out. I’ve loved working with everyone from there I met from another project I worked with them on, so I’m hoping for some resolution where I could keep with them.

  • Iron Monkey

    Dear Morgan Spurlock:

    No one gives a shit about your feelings or why you acted like a lout.


    Fuck you very much.

  • Paperless Tiger

    Rape month, Hell. With some of these time-frames, this could go on for a generation. Maybe all the bosses should just leave now and let the workers take over the means of production.

  • Martini Ambassador 🍸

    God, this story makes me sick to my stomach, and I’m not the exploited party here. Sorry KM, I can only imagine how ill you must feel right now.

    • KillerMartinis

      See, my plan is, I’m gonna take all the shit I can this year on the theory that if I can get the bar low enough, I’m gonna see 4% growth next year

      what? 4% is totally reasonable. Why are you looking at me like that?

      • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

        Just don’t use dynamic scoring!

        • KillerMartinis

          I never would.

      • Historicat

        I know a guy who can write you a report which will definitely show 4% growth next year.

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    So you can see why I was a bit jarred to read your open letter detailing your harassment of women and worse.

    I’m not sure I can handle this, but let’s try it…

    (opens link, reads)

    • Sean Jungian

      It’s like every shitty non-pology every sexual predator has given these past few months. with a few heaping dollops of self-pity coated with self-aggrandizement.

  • Bobathonic

    Well fucking hell. Sorry about all those shitty men.

    ETA: Just started his letter. “Hero after hero” grabs me as pretty wrong. And that’s the first sentence?

  • alpacapunchbowl

    Never liked this guy. Despite the veneer of activism, everything with him is ultimately about him and how awesome and woke he is. Yuk. I knew a LOT of guys like that in college.
    I’m sorry KM, this situation sucks. Maybe if you’re in a financial situation that you’re able to, give some of the money you got from selling the rights to women’s causes? You probably already do that anyway, but maybe throwing a few extra bucks that came from his pocket could help assuage your conscience a little bit?

    • KillerMartinis

      oh, I’ve not made a penny. There are a lot of projects where you’ll sign someone as your representative, Morgan’s company has limited rights to my film for something something I have to go look at the contract. Like I said, early stages.

      • alpacapunchbowl

        Ugh, I’m sorry.

    • Sean Jungian

      Yeah, when I read “Morgan Spurlock” I thought, “Yikes, THAT guy? Blech.”

      If his name is on it, it’s usually a guarantee that I won’t bother to see/read/whatever it.

      May make an exception, we’ll see.

      • KillerMartinis

        You might be surprised, actually, his company bankrolls a ton of indie films. Like this movie I was in about Malheur was funded by him, which was funny ’cause when the director of that film called me he didn’t know I was in talks with his producer, it’s just that tiny of a world at the end of the day. But the film is really good.

        • Sean Jungian

          Honestly, that just makes me MORE angry. He’s always been a hack, albeit a hack with a gimmick. The fact that he’s been rewarded for his hackery with power is beyond gross.

          • Roadstergal

            All of this thread. Ugh.

  • weejee

    Dang. KM, you’ve shown great courage in sharing this. It is so profoundly unfortunate that such sharing is necessary in the 21st century. Thank you very much.

  • Me not sure

    “Ya want lies with that?”

    • weejee

      With that disorder?

  • Rasilom

    Thanks Martinis. Well writen and thoughtful. As to Spurlock, very good job owning your shit. I appreciate that you came forward and confessed. No smoke, no mirrors, no excuses. Speaks volumes provided that 1)You have actually delivered all the dirt your self. 2)You really are ready to listen and change. 3)Most important, you havent left anything out and are just trying to make more smoke and mirrors. As a pasty white boy I am sick of this shit. White male does not equate to a right to anything other than an easy sunburn. Treat all people of all sexes, identities, preferance and color as you want to be treated. Goes a long way twords making the world a better place.

  • She said she didn’t want to have sex

    Aaaannnnd… right there is when you say ‘good night,’ turn over, and go to sleep.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      “Feel free to gently nudge me awake if you change your mind, but otherwise, pleasant dreams!”

  • Angela Ruzzo

    You know what, Killermartinis? You have emboldened me to talk about the Boss From Hell that I worked for in the 80’s, the man I have been waiting to die so I could write my autobiography and not get sued by him for libel. His name is Carl Leistner, and he is a psychopath and a monster. He never sexually harassed any of the women he employed because he was a closet homosexual, but he certainly enjoyed denigrating and belittling and insulting them. In the four years I worked for him, during which I excelled at my job, he constantly gave me bad evaluations so I wouldn’t get a raise – something he did to all the women who worked for him. And he only hired young women in their 20’s – because he assumed we were all too timid and unsophisticated to fight back. He made a big mistake when he hired me, because I fought back. Boy, did he hate my guts for that. Then in 1986 he hired a young man for the first time in 20 years, and this precipitated a confrontation because he treated this man very differently, almost like a son. I filed a grievance against him for discrimination before I quit – and I won. As part of my grievance settlement I required him to not say anything negative about me in job references, which he violated almost immediately. I should have sued him, but I simply changed careers into a much more lucrative one and told him to go fuck himself. I really enjoyed doing that.

    I have to wonder how many Carl Leistner’s there are out there. Far too many.

    • Resistor Radio

      Good for you, Angela. The deck is so incredibly stacked against the person making the complaint, particularly back in the eighties, I’m sure. And that stuff about not badmouthing you to job references, that happens sooooo much, often as a defensive measure against having their own reputations damaged by their own bad behavior. It’s a small world in any field, and once you’ve been branded a “troublemaker,” there’s no coming back. I’m glad you found better horizons in a more lucrative field.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        I had an exit interview with the head of department, and I read her a 112 point detailed list of incidents in which Carl belittled or denigrated or discriminated against me and other female employees over four years, including times he had said negative things about HER. She wanted me to leave a copy of this list with her, but I refused…it would inevitably end up in my personnel file and be used against me. There are an awful lot of assholes out there…which is a fact that nobody warned me about when I was growing up, and you have to protect yourself, because nobody else gives a damn, especially HR departments.

        The sad thing is that I was really good at that job – I was really helping people every day – but I had to stop doing that job.

        • Begin Anew Day


        • kareemachan

          I was given a totally negative job review for dating my boss one year – something I was never told was against the rules. I was told I wouldn’t have it on my record if I wrote an apology, and I did, stating that because nobody had the brains to tell me it was against the rules, so they should have it on their record, not me.

          Never heard anything from them again.

          • Angela Ruzzo

            Ha ha! Very clever! My psycho boss would put on my resume that I had not done a certain project that 1) wasn’t on my job description and 2) he had never told me to do, which was one of his common methods for preventing his employees from getting raises.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      I have a new hero today. It’s you, Angela, not dickhead Carl.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        Well thank you, but you should really say my mother is the hero – she was my role model. She didn’t take shit from anyone.

        • Villago Delenda Est

          Your mom obviously raised a daughter right.

          • kareemachan

            I have to thank both of my parents. They may not have been in the forefront of the feminist movement, but they *both* encouraged me to do my own thing – which included working summers in a male-dominated industry so I could graduate from college without debt, and going on to work in male-dominated jobs (which they freaked out about privately, I’m sure, cuz they were dangerous) when I chose to do so. I love and miss you, Mom and Dad.

          • Shirley

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  • Boojum

    Beckley? West Virginia?

    • KillerMartinis


      • Boojum

        My Dad was from near there. I’ve been to Beckley a bunch of times.

        • KillerMartinis

          oh good, then you could hear that last bit properly.

          • Boojum

            Yep. I remember going to Batoff Mountain to my great grandmother’s house when I was a kid.

            They didn’t have running water, yet. There was an outhouse, water was pumped from the cistern by hand, and baths were in the living room in a big wash tub.

        • Msgr_MΩment

          You wanna produce a movie?

          • Boojum


        • Weevie

          My wife grew up in Hinton. I almost died on the New River, +6 means “don’t.” Yeah, that’s a beautiful area but really “small.”

          • Boojum

            And, being West Virginia, the potential for violence is always just under the surface. Or breaking the surface. Or UP ON TOP FUCKING UP EVERYBODY!!!

  • Résistance Land Shark Ω

    Trust and respect are hard earned, but instantly lost. I’m sad that I say this as a universal truth. I’m also sad that so many people I have had respect for in the past have destroyed that respect and trust in an instant.

    This sucks …

  • Msgr_MΩment

    I’ll take my cue and not offer a dick joke in this non-comment.

    • theCryptofishist

      (And I won’t take all these shoe remarks and say something about having no feet.)

  • tegrat

    Very well said. I hope your story will still make a difference and it works out. There’s so many, way too many, shoes left out there.

  • Alan

    Who is Morgan Spurlock?

    • He’s a writer of non-fiction that cover popular culture stuff.

      • kareemachan

        Someone I did have a modicum of respect for at one time.

    • Anna in PDX

      30 days guy and author of super size me

  • Courser_Resistance

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. I understand how difficult it is to place your trust in someone, perhaps even show vulnerability to them, only to learn later that they weren’t entirely the person you thought they were. It sucks. Bad. Again, I’m so sorry.

    And I don’t know what else to say other than to take some time before you make any big decisions about your work. Wait for the other shoe to drop, if it’s going to. Just don’t make any decisions that you don’t absolutely *have* to. This is not meant to minimize anyone’s pain but try to let things ‘settle’ a bit. I guess that’s ‘old lady’ advice but just about any time I’ve made a decision at a difficult time, it hasn’t worked out particularly well.

  • Sakonyachen

    As I often say something stupid, I will just offer my sympathy.

  • Dear KM, Thank you for this post. You can put into words exactly what is in my mind and that I can relate to but am not able to express. Now I’m a old so all of the bad things should be gone but they never really go away. All of these recent revelations have brought many things to the forefront but I try to not dwell on them. The persons who abused and/or hurt me are dead and gone. I wish you the best going forward.

  • Anna in PDX

    Jesus. I know his first wife’s mom and remember how proud that family was of all his successes back several years ago. I am sad for her now.

  • The Rick

    Never really cared for him after the first supersize me. Into the void with you, is Michael Moore still a thing? To the void with him too.

    • javadavis

      Didn’t see Supersize Me, but did see a part of some gig he did where he pledged to live on minimum wage for a while. His girlfriend walked out on him on camera apparently because she was doing the gig with him on the understanding he would, allegedly, treat her like an equal partner in the project. Then he got paid and blew his whole paycheck instead of paying any dam bills. Smart girlfriend figured that treatment wouldn’t stop when the gig was over, so out the door she went.

      • The Rick

        Yeah stage stuff is real. Sorry but it’s not.

        • javadavis

          I believed her at the time. She didn’t stage it up at all, just packed her thing and left.

  • Timothy Cataldo

    Your story is heartbreaking. I can’t pretend to be better than Morgan. All I can hope is that the illumination of these countless stories will be the catalyst for a great turning — away from thousands of years of male dominated so-called “civilization” (which has brought us to the brink of mega-extinction) to an equitable & sustainable way of being. I propose giving women a shot running things for the next 8 to 10….s’only fair.

    • The Rick

      His story is also real, just like yours.

      • The Rick

        Sorry glad you both want to be better. Just snarky tonight so I’ve been told.

  • Timothy Cataldo

    Meant to say 8 to 10 millennia

  • Zyxomma

    Killermartinis, I just tried to find you at muckrack, and could not. Do you have a better link? It’s horrid that you’re going through this; you’ve been through enough. I hope that by the time your kids are grown, all this will be nothing more than a history lesson, but that doesn’t seem likely.

    • LeighBowery’sLuxuryComedy

      I don’t know from muckrack, but she is on twitter (as, of course, @killermartinis)

  • zendoo

    “In my mind, we’d been drinking all night and went back to my room.”

    OK so, this right here is the point when an empathetic human person is supposed to think, “Wow, she is way too wasted to be making decisions right now.” Hasn’t he ever been that drunk? I know what it’s like to wake up the next morning and wonder with mild horror what you did. I’m sure he does too. Or, didn’t her avoiding him forever after that make him wonder if it wasn’t as good a time as he thought?

    I think it’s double fucked up that he affects this flourishy style in accounting it, like the way Hugh Hefner talked about jazz and silk bathrobes. He’s making it worse *in his confession*. wtf is wrong with people.

  • Robyn Ryan

    If its any comfort, in 1976, we didn’t even have the language to talk about the abuse.

    • WhoCheckedRussia’sVoterID

      Yet the abusers still knew it was wrong.

      • LA Julian

        When it’s the go-to action for every mustache-twirling villain from the Silent Era onward, including the FIRST version of DeMille’s Ten Commandments? You bet they did!

        • WhoCheckedRussia’sVoterID

          Well now…THAT just encapsulates everything now doesn’t it…excellent take.

    • The Rick

      1976 was 41 years ago. Remember the milk man? I don’t.

      • The Rick

        Blah blah blah my dad. I know.

      • Maggielle

        I decided to delete this comment because although it was inoffensive, it was entirely off-topic, and this is a serious topic.

    • LA Julian

      The language was around in the 1890s – O. Henry wrote a bleakly satirical story about it, in fact. (The genuinely well-intentioned young man is grabbed by the police as a potential ‘masher’ – the old word for groping/molesting, derived from ‘mashing’ one’s lips onto someone else’s against their will/without their consent – while the ‘respectable’ wealthy old friend of the naive young heroine’s deceased father is eager to hire her…because she’s hot, and he immediately starts arranging a champagne dinner at his favourite restaurant, and it’s obvious where he intends to take this.)

      In the 1970s, men (and sexist women who profited in various ways from propping up the status quo) were ALREADY claiming that things were where they are just STARTING to get today – that women pretended to have been harassed and discriminated against in order to get preferential treatment and big payouts. And yes, the words ‘sexual harassment’ were being used in 1976, even:

    • Jeffery Campbell

      You should read some Edith Wharton (1862-1937). Start with The House of Mirth.

  • WhoCheckedRussia’sVoterID

    I find spurlock’s “apology” to be the most craven and self-serving one yet. “Oh…I thought we were having a good time!!” Then why the fuck was she crying you cunt?

    “Oh now, I was just havin’ a little fun when I was calling an employee hot pants…I just didn’t know it could have been interpreted as a specific attempt at demeaning an female employee”…Yes…you did know. You are lying. You did it deliberately to undermine her and belittle her. It was, and it always is, a direct and knowing attempt to keep women down in the work place. A man with any balls would understand that and apologise accordingly. To do what you did makes you a fucking cunt.

    This guy is…wait for it…a fucking pig. And to retweet comments by stupid fuckers clapping him on the back for “owning up to it”…just gross.

    Fuck the fuck off you gross fuck.

    • The Rick

      Does an apology make it ok? Just a scared dude asking…

      • WhoCheckedRussia’sVoterID

        Hahahahaha!! You win sir!

    • george lastrapes

      Your deliberative restraint and tranquil eloquence are much admired by Judge Jeanine, I’m certain.

      • WhoCheckedRussia’sVoterID

        Feel free to quote me!

  • SkinlessGenderlessMan

    I haven’t read Spurlock’s note.

    Regarding the “we were drunk and I couldn’t figure out ‘no'”, I’ve been this guy. Once.

    I did basically the same thing; immediately went full stop, slid a sheet or blanket between us, held her, and apologized. We talked about it later, and she said she had really been internally conflicted between “no” and “yes, please”, and was happy I didn’t keep going.

    I claim “confused signals”, and can entirely see this happening – through the years I’ve gotten lots of compliments for listening, and if I can miss, so can anyone.

    Again, I didn’t read his note, and am only speaking to those occasional instances when real misunderstanding happens.

  • Stuart M.

    When I see that 54% of White women voted for Trump and 70% of White Alabama women voted for Roy Moore, I just have to think that women are willing to put up with a lot more crap for a lot more time.

    • James Baskin

      Very disheartening statistic.

      • HooverVilles

        THIS on steroids!
        Disheartening is a huge understatement.

  • ChieSatonaka

    I’m convinced he did this to come out ahead of any of these women coming forward so he can control the narrative. Now it doesn’t matter what they say – his version of events is “the story.” It’s gross, he’s gross, and everybody cooing at him about his “bravery” is also gross.

  • Katamount

    And people still insist consent classes are worthless, eh? Fuck, is it really that hard to respect your sexual partners enough to get enthusiastic consent? In this patriarchal world, apparently it is.

  • Nenatopia

    The open letter is some piece of self-serving trash. So a friend told Spurlock about his date-rape shortly after it happened, and his assistant told him about the harassment when she quit, and he knows he lies to and cheats, but he’s only now figuring out that he’s part of the problem? Then there’s the weaseling out of responsibility for his shit by blaming his past, and by claiming that we’re all the problem. But now he’s got that all off his chest, so let the healing begin!

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