Truly a matter of principle, at least now.

Chuck Grassley takes his duties as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committe very seriously, which is why he is putting an end to the century-old tradition of “blue slips” for federal judicial nominees; in the past, a senator from the home state where a new federal judge would serve would have to sign off on the nominee before he (or even she!) got a hearing, giving senators a measure of input over who’d be administering federal law in their states. Grassley is so over blue slips:

The Iowa Republican announced Thursday that he is going ahead with a confirmation hearing for a nominee to the powerful appellate courts despite the objections of a Democrat who had been blocking the nomination for months.

The nomination of David Stras to be federal district court judge for Minnesota had been blocked by Al Franken because Franken objected to Stras being chosen by the rightwing Federalist Society instead of by a committee of members of the Minnesota legal community. Plus, Stras is a loon who once complained that the Supreme Court had meddled in all sorts of matters it shouldn’t have, “contentious areas of social policy — such as school integration, abortion, and homosexual rights.” You know how contentious the integration is, you know. But damned if Chuck Grassley will allow a president’s judicial nominees to be held up purely for political reasons:

“I won’t allow the White House to just steamroll home-state senators,” Grassley said. “But, as I’ve said all along, I won’t allow the blue slip process to be abused. I won’t allow senators to prevent a Committee hearing for political or ideological reasons.”

And somewhere in the distance, Neil Gorsuch barked.

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  • puredog

    “The Curious Case of the Justice Who Barked in the Nighttime.”

  • armed_bears
  • FukuiSanYesOta
  • MynameisBlarney
  • ((( Augustus )))

    this really is fucked up

    I truly wonder though, is he that stupid to be unaware of the ridiculous hypocrisy, or is he just that ballsy?

    • armed_bears


    • MynameisBlarney

      I think in his, and a few other GOP fucktards cases it’s that they’re THAT fucking stupid.
      The rest, however, that ballsy.

    • J. M. Tusks, Esq.

      They only see what they want. What has already been done is irrelevant. Unless a Democrat did it, then it was bad.

    • ArgieBargie

      It’s almost as if they locked self-awareness, or something.

    • Toomush_Inferesistance

      Grassley invented the phrase “death panels”. Does that answer your question?…

    • UncleTravelingMatt

      He’s a guy who wants to fill as many vacancies as possible before Trump and demographics drive the final nails into the GOP coffin.

      • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

        Based on ideology and not on merit.

    • He does it on purpose because his side think there’s nothing wrong with hypocrisy when you’re OWNING THE LIBS. It is a signal: “ha ha, we can completely piss on whatever we said yesterday, and YOU CAN’T STOP US, commies :D”

    • Impatient

      Clearly, Republicans have discovered something on-beyond-balls.

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    I won’t allow senators to prevent a Committee hearing for political or ideological reasons.

  • Suttree

    And not a single republican voter was changed by this. Fuck these people.

  • Msgr_MΩment

    Is this new policy retroactive?
    /asking for a former SCOTUS nominee.

  • yyyaz

    Irony is so dead that _____________.

    • SayItWithWookies

      It’s like rain on a cloudy day.

    • Latverian Diplomat

      …permanent press is back, baby!

    • Msgr_MΩment

      …The Church of LDS has retroactively baptized it, against its relatives’ wishes?

    • Msgr_MΩment

      …’s in the trunk of Glenn Beck’s car, next to……you know.

    • Cornelius Fussbudget

      …there is only one thing left for Trump to do that would actually be surprising: become a good president.

    • aureolaborealis

      … the GOP is saying Hillary killed it with her bare Benghazi hands?

  • J. M. Tusks, Esq.

    Oh I thought we were talking about that fanfic writer or whatever, whatshisname, the one married to someone important.

  • ArgieBargie

    Assume irony dead.

  • President in Exile Firefly

    Two words: Merrick fucking Garland.

    • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

      Grassley held up way more nominees than that.

  • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

    Considering it has been his past to deny one Clinton and one Obama judicial nominee hearings…both for two terms… I sense a pattern.

    • ((( Augustus )))

      he should drown in a vat of liquified, salted rat dick votes

    • Ninja0980

      It is.
      Which why I never understood why Leahy put the blue slip rule back in place.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Chuck Grassley has standards — both of ’em.

  • Latverian Diplomat

    “The Blue Slip process was a lynch pin of Democracy before January 20th, but now, well, it just seems like a meaningless gimmick ripe for abuse.”
    — Chuck “Assley Gasley or” Grassley

    • alpacapunchbowl

      Gas-ley, Grassley, or Ass-ley. No one rides for free.
      [Unless you’re a Republican]

  • Blackest Noobs

    why in the fuck do Democrats let them get away with this kind of shit?

    • MynameisBlarney

      Good fucking question!

    • gene108

      They don’t have 51 votes in the Senate to keep Republicans from abusing power.

      • Toomush_Inferesistance

        They have mouths, though!…

      • Blackest Noobs

        but it’s the Repubs are like rules, what rules….like they pulled that shit with Obama’s Supreme Court nominee as if that was par for the course…and Dems just fucking did pretty much fucking nothing because they, Repubs, had a voting majority.

        this shit is stupid.

        i assume they just want a violent uprising, right?

        • BoatOfVelociraptors

          Just think. Anytime someone accuses you of being intellectually lazy, a creep, self-interested, or even a self-dealer, You can just say “You were silent for Trump”.
          Win ANY argument!

        • themidniteskulker

          That’s why they whip up the unwashed to buy a shootin’ iron or 2 every pay period. They’re counting on the unwashed to never figure out whom they should really use them on.

    • SayItWithWookies

      Democrats aren’t that far from taking the Senate. This will alarm some Republican senators who are hopefully trying to dissuade Grassley from implementing this rule, but as far as I can tell it’s just a polite tradition and not anything that needs to be voted on.

      • Blackest Noobs

        Dems taking the Senate is wishful thinking…i mean sure on paper…it’s looks like they got a chance..but then you have to remember, oh yeah, they’re Democrats.

        The Republicans have fewer seats to defend, not so much for the Democrats.

    • OutOfOrbit

      Many (D)s don’t give a shit

      • blaid droog

        Not many? Most is the word you want to use. They obey their corporate bosses, just like the republicans do.

    • blaid droog

      When dimocrats like mark warner join forces with other dimocrats and republicans to help screw the shit out of the common folks, why would you ever expect them to stand up and fight their coconspirators. If they rock the boat jamie dimon and the kocksukkers won’t give them any more money. The only good politicians are the dead ones.
      I washed down 2 valium with 4 shots of Jim Beam about 10 minutes ago. It hasn’t kicked in yet. Even when it does, I’ll still hate all 537 of those motherfuckers in D.C.

      • aureolaborealis

        (I think the booze and pills had already kicked in.)

    • Ninja0980

      Because they don’t take the courts seriously as Republicans do, that’s why.
      Bork was the last time they showed a spine.

  • gene108

    The more I read about these hypocritical abuses of power, the shameless disregard for anything but enforcing a radical right-wing agenda, the more I feel like doing something radical, but not with votes.

    • Courser_Resistance

      It makes me feel trapped and want to kill myself. But not today. Not Today!

    • blaid droog

      I have longed for thermonuclear holocaust for nearly 60 years. Ever since I was taught to crawl under my school desk while the whole class played duck and cover, I just wanted it to go ahead and happen. Get it the fuck over with. Really. Earth would be so much better without the insects called the human race crawling on the planets face. We all die. We just do it as individuals or in small groups. Ending the entire species all at once would be ever so much more efficient. I’m dismayed that the sonofabitch with the keys to the bombs hasn’t gone over the edge yet. Ending everything is the only way to rid the world of evil. Let the whales take over. They were here first, anyway.

      • Lascauxcaveman

        Well, aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine!

  • NotReallyHere

    Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland Merrick Garland

    • SayItWithWookies

      To the tune of the Hare Krishna song?
      “Merrick Garland, Merrick Garland, Garland Garland, Merrick Merrick.”

      • NotReallyHere

        Sure! Whatever floats your boat.

      • Daniel

        Merrick, not the elephant man.

        • armed_bears

          That’s what she said.

    • Msgr_MΩment

      What’s that yer sayin’? Merry Christmas?

    • ChumpsForTrump

      Hypocrisy gives them pleasure.

      • NotReallyHere

        Well, there’s a sexual fetish I haven’t heard of!

    • Resistance Ftr PuckStopsHere

      Snake! A snake …it’s a snake!”

    • Cornelius Fussbudget

      After the impeachment, I want congress to increase the Supreme Court to eleven justices. I still haven’t seen anyone mentioning it other than me, but it seems like such an apt remedy that I’ll keep saying it over and over until I do. Preferably President Pelosi.

      • NotReallyHere

        Really? Well, you’re right I haven’t heard anyone talk about that. Why do you think eleven would be a good idea?

        The change I would like to see is making the Supreme Court an 18 year term, and the terms would be staggered so that one would be appointed every 2 years. Here’s an article about it.

        • Cornelius Fussbudget

          Well, we could add one more and seat Garland. But then we’d have an even number so we would need one more as a tie breaker. Plus it evens the “score” between the two, if you want to state it baldly partisanly. After Scalia should have been replaced by Garland, we ought to have had three conservatives, five liberals, and one swing vote. After my plan, we’d have four conservatives, six liberals, and one swing. Seems fair.

          I like the 18 year plan, but passing an amendment is inherently trickier. Congress can change the number of justices without as many procedural hurdles.

          • NotReallyHere

            Yes, I know the amendment hurdle is almost impossible. Your plan is more workable. Maybe having more justices would be better anyway. I don’t remember the details, but know there weren’t always nine justices.

          • Cornelius Fussbudget

            Here’s a ‘splainery thing covering some of the relevant history.


      • themidniteskulker

        There won’t be any impeachment. Trump & family will fly out in the dead of night, finishing the trip at an undisclosed location in Moscow. Melania will not accompany them.

        • Cornelius Fussbudget

          You may be right, but then there still might be an impeachment, depending on whether Pence is indicted before or after Trump flees.

        • Lascauxcaveman

          I don’t see why they can’t impeach, then convict with the perp in abstentia.

        • mailman27

          They have taken over and have no intention of letting go.

    • Ninja0980

      Rebecca Haywood, Jennifer Pugh, Goodwin Liu and so many others too.

  • Toomush_Inferesistance

    If Neal runs free, then why not we?…

  • Jackie Jackstein FTW

    Yeah, well Chuck you, Grassley!

  • Jackie Jackstein FTW

    OT: Nice time, thought I’d share. I’m jamming out to the sweet sounds of Sharon Jones (RIP). Got her new album Soul of a Woman today and it is glorious! No blue slips needed, approve this album right away.

    • mailman27

      I was lucky enough to see her live with a pick-up band and it was raggedy jaggedy kick-assedly great.

  • Gayer Than Thou

    …somewhere in the distance, Neil Gorsuch barked…

    Frau Blücher libel!!!

  • BigCSouthside

    I would like the gop to be eradicated. They just don’t give a fuck about anything but pushing an agenda

  • Grassley is counting on American amnesia. The Quebec license plate motto is appropriate here.

    Je me souviens

    • shastakoala

      I don’t speak Canada. What does that mean?

      • UncleTravelingMatt

        I like soup.

        • Daniel

          Bean soup. I want to pay. Let them leave me alone.

      • Toomush_Inferesistance

        I used to know, but I forget…

      • I will remember.

        • Daniel

          Yeah, good for you, but that’s no help to the rest of us. What does it mean?

          • puredog

            Actually, it’s in the present tense, and means “I remember.” “Je me souviendra” would be “I will remember.”

          • Indeniable Ron

            Ba dum tish.

        • UncleTravelingMatt

          Is this about the Nordiques?

      • Daniel

        They’re not over getting beaten.

        • Indeniable Ron

          Yup. Y’r typical Lost Cause of the South-er is a rank amateur by comparison. Quebecers are still miffed about a battle that happened in 1759.

          • Daniel

            I’m part Serb.

            They’re still pissed off about a battle they lost in 1389.

          • Indeniable Ron

            That’s pretty impressive. Even the Welsh can’t make a claim like that.

          • mailman27

            Ggudd ffor theymm!

          • Lascauxcaveman

            Yup, you Serbs just need to man up and move on with your lives.

          • puredog

            YOU LOST! GET OVER IT!

          • Dg Hacket

            They’ve got language police up there, comprendez vous?

          • Indeniable Ron

            Not very efficient ones. Two full decades after the passage of Bill 101, there were still small towns with bilingual road signs everywhere.

      • JoeChristmas

        Qu’ils mangent de l’herbe.

  • dshwa

    They know that iokyar will save them from repercussions.

    The question is, when will the day come that democrats say fuck this and start doing the same?

  • OrG


  • Toomush_Inferesistance

    The assley never comes out of Grassley…

  • Villago Delenda Est

    I hate all these motherfuckers. They have no integrity, no honor, no honesty.

    • Vagenda and Pee-ara

      I used to think I just disagreed with them. Now I think they are genuinely evil motherfuckers who have sought to divide this country, so they could plunder it. Their embracing of Nazi/white supremacist ideology MAY have been the final straw for me, but there have been so many damn straws, it’s hard to remember.

      • Courser_Resistance

        I feel exactly the same way. They’re evil, cruel sadists and I will never, ever forget it. Everyone with an R after their name, full stop.

        • folderol

          I don’t think of the Democrats as a shining beacon on the Hill, but in order to get a reasonable opposition party we have to kill the GOP dead. With votes.

          • Courser_Resistance

            Thank you for the reminder than a functioning democracy needs</i/ at least two strong parties to counterbalance one another. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But one relatively sane party and one bugfuck nuts party is a recipe for disaster. And we're living it. Oye.

  • Vagenda and Pee-ara

    Small ray of hope in this dismal time, from the article, Oklahoma Tried the GOP’s Tax Plan. Now, It’s Electing Democrats. by Eric Levitz:
    To be sure, many of Oklahoma’s budget problems are idiosyncratic. The United States is not nearly so vulnerable to oil shocks as Oklahoma is; the federal government can run deficits and print its own money, Oklahoma can’t; America’s median income is far higher than the Sooner State’s. But like Kansas and Louisiana before it, Oklahoma has demonstrated that the Republican Party’s prescription for prosperity is a snake-oil tonic with life-threatening side effects.

    And when “conservative” voters see what the trade-offs of small government actually are — bigger McMansions for the elite, four-day school weeks for the rabble — they start longing for a new deal.*

    Congressional Republicans don’t seem the least bit concerned by the abject failure of their economic model in these states. Which makes sense: As a policy matter, the Republican economic agenda has only “failed” in Oklahoma if one assumes that the party’s goal is to improve the well-being of its constituents. If the GOP is more invested in the first-order effect of its fiscal policies (the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of an oligarchic elite), rather than their theoretical second-order effects (job growth fueled by a boom in private investment) then the supply-side model has been a smashing success.

    As for the politics: Four losses in low-turnout special elections aside, the GOP retains overwhelming power in Oklahoma state government. The party has paid a similarly small price for its decimation of public services in Kansas. And while a Democrat now sits in the Louisiana governor’s mansion, the GOP still boasts control of both houses of its legislature.

    But just because the Republican Party has largely escaped accountability for immiserating much of red America, doesn’t mean it always will. It’s true that Americans typically vote on the basis of identity, not policy, and that partisan identities are among the most resilient kind. But they aren’t unbreakable. Republicans are now committed, both financially and ideologically, to a fiscal agenda that demands a radical reduction in their own voters’ living standards. And GOP voters are becoming increasingly conscious of this fact.

    A Quinnipiac poll released this week found that only 16 percent of Americans believe President Trump’s tax plan will lower their taxes, while 59 percent say the plan will favor the wealthy over the middle class. These are shocking figures given how much money Republicans and conservative outside groups have devoted to propaganda for their bill. And Quinnipiac is far from the only pollster to find most Americans meeting the GOP’s case for corporate tax cuts with incredulity. ”

    *my idiot neighbor never realizes he’ll be paying for all his beloved tax cuts on the wealthy, by getting less Social Security as he gets older.

    • Cornelius Fussbudget

      You can count on Oklahoma to be one step ahead of the rest of the country. On the road to Hell, at least.

  • OrG

    Uh, yeah… about that Antifa Revolution….

    • Iam Reading

      Chopping heads, with votes!

    • C4TWOMAN

      Apparently we’re not very good at that.
      Remember, Comrades, when beheading the bourgeois in their beds, to put that arm into it!

    • JoeChristmas

      I thought that was last weekend…

      • An Outhouse for the résistance

        No, next May Day, right?

  • Proud Liberal

    These fuckers want to stack all the courts with their demagogues and lunatics.

    • Roadstergal

      These fuckers ARE stacking all the courts with their demagogues and lunatics.

    • capnkrunch

      It’s been a fucking train wreck for decades. Will we ever get another Warren court? Sure doesn’t seem likely.

    • little miss high and mighty

      they stacked already!

  • Iam Reading

    Holy murdered irony. Something, something stolen SCOTUS seat. Fuck

  • blaid droog

    Poor Franken. He should have known that being the senior class clown would come back to haunt him. Now pieces of shit like grassley are emboldened to be even greater assholes than they already were. Now can we please talk about the pussy grabber in chief and how he is being cruelly maligned by liberals.

    • canes_pugnaces

      I have always disliked Franken, i don’t can’t put my finger on it, exactly: I don’t think he’s funny; he acts like the class clown (read: asshole); he filibusters unnecessarily; and; he believes he’s a little smarter than the next guy. That picture is really horrible. Why? Who does that, Al? Did he really think that was funny?

      • blaid droog

        I’ve never liked him either. But he is smarter than the fools on the other team.

        • little miss high and mighty

          Yeah, and he once knocked Jerry’s special guitar off the stand on tour, Davis had to come over to keep phil and Bob from raising their fists.
          Jerry didn’t eve notice.
          Plugged in, too the sound was horrific.
          Brave Franken
          Once tried to sue Gen Foods for their (Franakenberrs Cereal)
          The goofy glasses the wildish bush but he chose the shape of the top of the bald spot since it resembled his own rear end.
          Brave Al.

      • An Outhouse for the résistance

        Run for senate, smart guy.

      • Lascauxcaveman

        If you read pretty much any of his books; you’ll like Franken a lot better. But yeah, the smartass-class-clown schtick has really caught up with him.

  • jesterpunk

    Chuck? Merrick Garland would like a word with you. You might want to remove this from your website before this bullshit.

    Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, made the following statement after President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland, the Chief Judge on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court of the United States.

    “When they structured our nation, the founders placed trust in three separate but equal branches of government. Co-equal authorities are throughout the Constitution, including Article II, Section 2, where the power to nominate an individual to the Supreme Court is granted to the President and authority is given to the Senate to provide advice and consent. Nowhere in the Constitution does it describe how the Senate should either provide its consent or withhold its consent.

    “Today the President has exercised his constitutional authority. A majority of the Senate has decided to fulfill its constitutional role of advice and consent by withholding support for the nomination during a presidential election year, with millions of votes having been cast in highly charged contests. As Vice President Biden previously said, it’s a political cauldron to avoid. Judge Bork learned even after being unanimously confirmed for a circuit court judgeship, the confirmation process for the Supreme Court is unlike any other.

    “It’s also important to remember the type of nominee President Obama said he’s seeking. He says his nominee will arrive at ‘just decisions and fair outcomes’ based on the application of ‘life experience’ to the ‘rapidly changing times.’ The so-called empathy standard is not an appropriate basis for selecting a Supreme Court nominee.

    “A lifetime appointment that could dramatically impact individual freedoms and change the direction of the court for at least a generation is too important to get bogged down in politics. The American people shouldn’t be denied a voice. Do we want a court that interprets the law, or do we want a court that acts as an unelected super legislature? This year is a tremendous opportunity for our country to have a sincere and honest debate about the role of the Supreme Court in our constitutional system of government.”

    Also archive link too

    • Drinkalong

      The hypocrisy is deep in this one. And his effing cohort.

    • Hemp Dogbane

      “The Senate will be especially pernicious in advising and consenting on judicial appointments during;

      years one, two, three and four of a Democratic President’s term, because there is an election scheduled in which the People’s voice will be registered

      And during;

      no years of a Republican President’s term, because there was an election in which the People’s voice was registered.”

    • mailman27

      Fuck that douchebag with sharp,rusty votes.

  • Someone who uses the word “contentious” to describe school integration should not be sitting a bench, unless the bench is on an ice floe slowly drifting away from civilization. (If the powers that be decide this comment violates the civility rules, I will accept that without argument.)

    • AnnieGetYerFun

      Anyone who says “homosexual rights” needs to stay out of government.

    • Hemp Dogbane

      It is still permissable to Ice Floe people with votes.

  • Crystalclear12

    Damn it, I’m going to start charging the GOP for these irony meters!

  • BearGHAZI

    Whoever is Weekend-at-Berniesing that guy needs to work on his dead eyed glaze

    • AnnieGetYerFun

      Grandpa of the Corn

  • Lefty Wright

    Back during the election season I repeatedly commented that among the many reasons to get out and vote, and vote for the Democrat running, especially Hillary after the convention, was that there were over 100 vacant federal judge seats, in addition to one Supreme Court seat. There will probably be at least one more Supreme Court seat open before 2020. And that the GOP would likely be nominating judges as young as they could get them, putting us in for as much as 30 to 40 years of right wing judicial activism.

    Almost immediately, responses came in telling me I was a fool, that the Senate would take their responsibility seriously and vet the nominees, and only qualified people would be nominated since Trump’s advisers would rein him in. This was after Trump said his selections for judges would come from the Heritage Foundation.

    Keep in mind that these comments were being posted on liberal websites and were from people claiming to be Bernie fans. That is when I decided either some Bernie fans were idiots or the Russians were trolling. Now, I think it was a little of both. The Russians were trolling and some progressives really were dumb enough to buy into their lies. And what I predicted is coming true.

    • Ellie

      Those comments were never posted by me, nor did they ever come out of my mouth, but I did have the same experiences. I agree that there was a little of both.

    • Khavrinen

      “the Senate would take their responsibility seriously”

      And what country, nay planet, have these people been inhabiting for the last ten to fifteen years?!?

    • Beelzebubba

      “The Senate would take their responsibility seriously and vet the nominees, and only qualified people would be nominated since Trump’s advisers would rein him in”
      Only silly liberals think like that. The Rethugs stopped paying attention to their Constitutional duties a decade ago.

    • JoeChristmas

      It goes back to December of ’15 for me. Those clown car debates. I thought if any one of those payasos wins FL and OH we were headed for full on Oligarchic Fascism. Well, we’re here. Ain’t it great? I’ve already checked out Canadian immigration procedures.

    • Ninja0980

      Same here.
      Saw way too many folks who think they guys/gals can just get impeached and so the risk was worth it for the progressive revolution.

  • WotsAllThisThen

    The hound of Trumpervilles didn’t bark because he’s a lapdog.

  • Historicat

    Hey Chuckles – as you wait on your deathbed for the end to arrive, I hope you overhear the voices of those near you, talking about you with undisguised contempt. May you weep bitter, impotent tears of rage as you lie there, just waiting.

    • Lascauxcaveman

      They say never speak ill of the dead, but that doesn’t mean we can’t visit him in hospice. And piss.

    • Old Man Yells at Cloud

      My favorite curse “May your children put you in the crooked home they saw on 60 minutes”

  • Indeniable Ron

    Nope. Not even pretending any more. It’s full-on dictatorship time.

    • JoeChristmas

      ♫ ♬ Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome…♫ ♬
      to Oligarchic Theocratic Fascism

    • Sakonyachen

      Already had my FOID Card. No more borrowing relatives guns.

  • Beelzebubba

    “But, as I’ve said all along, I won’t allow the blue slip process to be abused.”

    Fixed it for ya, you lizard-faced Koch-sucker.

  • “I won’t allow senators to prevent a Committee hearing for political or ideological reasons.” Um, Senator Grassley, Merrick Garland? How about Merrick Garland? Did you forget about Merrick Garland? Perhaps you have become senile, and don’t remember Merrick Garland? Or maybe you’re just a flaming hypocrite, and hope that we’ve forgotten Merrick Garland? More likely, you’re just a partisan asshole who thinks that your protestations should only count when the nominee is not Merrick Garland? Mr. Grassley, you can rot in hell!

  • greyXstar

    “Who’s Merrick Garland?”, he added.

  • Gee, Your Hair Smells Horrific

    One year ago: Well, at least the courts will keep Trump in check.
    Now: Oh shit.

  • folderol

    I’m hypocrisy is not word enough for this; should it by hyperhypocrisy or hypohypocrisy… I can’t decide.

    • 3FingerPete


  • An Outhouse for the résistance

    They sure are in a hurry to approve judges. I wonder why?

    • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

      Kochs want their moneys worth.

  • Sakonyachen

    Are they all that self absorbed that they don’t realize we can hear them lie?

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      They simply don’t care

      • Peripatetic Poltroon

        Actually, they do care, but they know that their base can’t hear them lie.

  • Ninja0980

    As vile as Republicans are, Democrats serve some blame too.
    Under W, the blue slip was done away with and yet when Democrats took control and had a Democratic President and Senate, they put it back in place as a sign of goodwill.
    That was just plain STUPID.
    There are 19 Circuit and District court seats Trump has or will get to fill on seats that were kept open for years (including one since 2010) because of that stupidity.

    • Yes, how dare they attempt to formulate a bipartisan government. Stupid idealists. BURN THEM

      • mfp, all 6s&7s&9s

        ya cant bipartisan with fascists–have to defeat and remove the infestation…ask history (or herstory, your choice)

      • eastcoastlib

        It’s pretty clear Republicans have far more interest in taking a flamethrower to any formulation of government, Democrat or Republican led, than they do in actually governing, At some point long ago, Dems should have realized they would have more luck negotiating in good faith with a rabid wolverine

  • 3FingerPete

    Watch Grassley smile and laugh like he just farted while McConnell gets asked about the allegations against Roy Moore.

  • Ray in VT

    Oh really, Chuck? And why did Obama nominees wait months to more than a year for a hearing or a vote? Please do explain why you’re not being a miserable, partisan hypocrite.

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      Good luck wit dat

    • Donna Mueller

      KUDOS for miserable, partisan hypocrite. you could throw that asshole HATCH into the same category after adding ‘sanctimonious bag of shit’!!!!!!!!!

  • mailman27

    Is it bedtime yet? Jeez. It’s bad enough that the ruling party is changing all the rules to get away with murder; but the rules will change back to something closer to justice as soon as they lose an election. Our experiment in democracy is pretty much over. I’m not happy about it.

  • onedollarjuana

    All of this fucking fucked-up fucking shit is how coups and civil wars start. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  • Zonath

    If only cognitive dissonance could actually make peoples’ heads explode…

  • HogeyeGrex

    Fuck you, Chuck, with each and every one of the 293 days Merrick Garland was obstructed.

    And a rusty Garden Weasel in a pear tree.

  • JustDon’tSayConfabulation

    So Chuck: not one of those wrk-wth-th-othr-prty folks, huh? Thanks we y gave you all the cover they could.

  • The rule of law, precedent, custom, basic civility and democracy — well, they’re for the other guy.

    God-damned fascist.

  • JackLinks

    Note: Grassley the chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Senate, isn’t even a attorney!

  • House0fTheBlueLights

    I hate these people and I hate that they’re going to get away with this shit.

    oh, wait did I already say that?

  • disqus_lWwzrwNaw6

    Well, Grassley’s got my vote as one of the dementia patients the Capitol Hill pharmacist inadvertently alluded to (he later dashed to undo the damage, it was a stupid breach of decorum as well as, potentially, federal confidentiality regulations, but the fact that pharmacists are delivering dementia prescriptions to members of Congress is now duly noted).

    He’s a malicious, horrible old man who got away for years with that whole corn-fed, “Midwest Nice” thing, but he turns out to be one of the most corrupt and mendacious and duplicitous men in the Republican caucus, which is some trick.

  • 1943hduff

    These SOB will do anything, bend any rules, cheat at every turn, to win. Until Democrats start playing no rules hard ball this country is going to get disassembled piece by piece. I want Obama’s SCOTUS seat stolen back. It just wants to make you scream!!!!!!

    • The next time Democrats gain control of Congress with the WH, kill the filibuster, and expand the SCOTUS TO 13 judges. Nominate the youngest brightest liberals.
      See? That would be good right?
      But no, they have to go high when the Republicans go low

      • roberteye

        Excellent illustration. And only one or two of Trump’s various and consistently horrific nominees have gotten zero Dem votes. Dems persistently step on their own dicks, whether they actually possess one or not. The rest of “They go low, we go high” is “They continue to go low, get what they want, and then say ‘thank you, suckers'”. But at least we went high.

  • eastcoastlib

    We are literally too stupid to govern ourselves. We continue to elect people who’s only real driving principle is pouring money down the gaping maws of our overlord class. Fuck this rotting corpse of a country. Judged by this standard, really, how much worse could being ruled by a Russian despot be? Putin may be just as evil but at least he’s not a complete moron like most of Washington establishment

    • TheFamilyThalamusPersists

      I understand your sentiment, but… slippery slope, friend, slippery slope.

  • TheFamilyThalamusPersists

    His stretched and wrinkly, duplicitous, dick-breathed face is begging for a slap so hard his jewels jiggle like jello for three solid days. And I know just the person to administer it.

  • Delu

    The same POS who said that he would not give Obama’s nominee to the SC replacing Scalia ANY sort of hearing even before said nominee (later known to be Gardner) was even nominated.

    These fuckers are only interested in a power grab by any means necessary.

    Screw principles or being hypocritical.

    • Petunia Cat

      I share your sentiment. The guys name was Garland, Merrick Garland. I knew Gardner was wrong, so I looked up Merrick Garner! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Apparently McConnell’s blocking of the vote on his appointment has also rendered his name impossible to remember. Drat that bastard!

  • sarafina

    So has the other senator from Minnesota returned a blue slip?

  • Tracy Smith

    I shall treat this as an exercise in empathy. I now know how suicide bombers feel. Hell, I’m old: Strap me up & put a ball of opium in my mouth … *laughing* Resist

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