In general, whenever Betsy DeVos does anything in the Department of Education, worrying that things will soon go to shit seems like a perfectly reasonable reaction. This is, after all, the woman who’s making life easier for scammy for-profit colleges, getting friendly with folks who aren’t sure what rape is, and who loves crappy online schools. So when we saw this Washington Post story about the Education Department rescinding 72 documents meant to clarify education policy for students with disabilities, our first instinct was to say, well OF COURSE DeVos is going to make it easier for schools to fuck over kids with disabilities. The Trump administration wants to eliminate regulations for the sake of eliminating regulations, and with this crowd, it makes sense to be very skeptical of the department’s claim that it’s simply getting rid of guidance documents that it has deemed “outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective.”

The move is all part of the Trump administration’s jihad on “burdensome” regulations, of course, in accordance with his executive order asking all federal agencies to proposes regulations for elimination.

The guidance documents spelled out how schools should make sure their practices are in line with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Rehabilitation Act, and were rescinded October 2. We’re not inclined to think DeVos has the best interests of kids with disabilities uppermost in her mind, given that during her confirmation hearing she seemed not to even know disability rights are a matter of federal law — she said it was a matter that was “best left to the states.”

Disability and special education advocates are still working through what — if anything — the practical effects of sending the guidances down the Memory Hole might be. Lindsay Jones, of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, told the Post she was concerned about the removal of documents on how schools can use federal special education funding:

“All of these are meant to be very useful … in helping schools and parents understand and fill in with concrete examples the way the law is meant to work when it’s being implemented in various situations,” said Jones.

The Disability Scoop site noted that during the public comment period, “disability advocates broadly opposed the Trump administration’s plan to pare down regulations and guidance.”

But over at Education Week, longtime education reporter Christina Samuels, who certainly doesn’t sound like a raving rightwing education-hater, seems to think that — believe it or not — a lot of these guidance documents really do appear to be outdated and of limited utility. Since DeVos knows nothing, maybe some longtime Education Department folks actually found some genuinely redundant stuff to offer up to the Regulation Reaper:

In all, 63 pieces of guidance from the office for special education programs were identified for elimination, along with 9 documents [from]the Rehabiliation Services Administration, for 72 documents in all.

That sounds like a lot. But it appears that many of the special education guidance documents were targeted because they’re just very old. For example, 50 of the guidance documents from OSEP marked for elimination predate the most recent reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which was passed in November 2004. One memo, which does not have a link available, is a 35-year-old letter to state chiefs about data collection for fiscal year 1983.

Another document, she notes, is a 2005 memo explaining a one-year grace period in implementing federal guidelines on how public schools provide support for private-school students with disabilities. No need for that grace period anymore.

At “A Day In Our Shoes,” a blog for parents of kids with disabilities, Lisa Lightner recommends parents be “concerned but not panicked” and notes that one of the rescinded guidances, on preschool inclusion, had already been superseded by a more recent document. She adds this caution, however, from Ricki Sabia, Senior Education Policy Advisor of the National Down Syndrome Congress:

The biggest issue right now is the process. Mass rescission of guidance documents when we have no idea what they are going after is very dangerous. It may be a long time until we know how much we lost and what we stand to lose as the process goes forward. This is a lot of effort merely to do clean-up work so I am not convinced that nothing substantive will be affected, but I certainly hope that turns out to be the case.

Back at Education Week, Samuels even offers a note of reassurance, noting important limits to the amount of fuckery Trump’s executive order can impose:

[Within] special education, there are some pretty important regulations that cannot be eliminated or even substantively modified through this process, because the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act forbids it. Those include regulations related to parental consent to initial evaluation or initial placement in special education, least restrictive environment, timelines, and attendance of evaluation personnel at individualized education program meetings.

Those very substantive regulations were in place prior to July 20, 1983, and the IDEA says they can’t be “procedurally or substantively lessened” without “the clear and unequivocal intent of Congress in legislation.”

We think we’re going to very cautiously start breathing again — we don’t trust Betsy DeVos not to try to screw over kids with disabilities and their families, but this particular pruning of documents might actually be a removal of genuinely outdated material. We’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, you’re still fully justified in spitting, cursing, and warding off the Evil Eye whenever you hear Betsy DeVos has announced anything.

[WaPo / Disability Scoop / Education Week / A Day In Our Shoes]

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  • Lance Thrustwell

    Hey I’m all for pruning unnecessary regs.

    I just wouldn’t trust this crew to change the freakin’ oil in my car, is the thing.

    • Creepoman

      They would change your car’s oil and filter with my car’s oil and filter and sue you for giving them a bad review on Yelp.

    • Blanche de Shambles

      If these idiots told me it was raining outside, I’d put on sunscreen.

      • gedjcj

        I’d just assume someone told them not to piss on me in the house.

    • Meccalopolis

      I wouldn’t send them to the corner store for sandwiches

  • TJ Barke

    I really fucking hate this smiley, smarmy cunt(cunt libel!). The kind of shitbag con artist that tells you they’re doing you a favor while they rip you off.

    • Creepoman

      Cruella DeVos.

    • (((fka_donnie_d))), SOB

      We can always count on TJ for the most reserved opinions expressed with utter tact and decorumrmphurmbwahahah

      • TJ Barke

        Well, she really fucking sucks…

        • (((fka_donnie_d))), SOB

          See what I mean?

  • Robbertjan Brandenburg
    • Lance Thrustwell

      Yay sportsball!

  • MynameisBlarney

    Hasta banana folks!

    • Msgr_MΩment

      Clamp you ham? Seriously? Shouldn’t you can your clams instead?

      • Beanz&Berryz

        I was gonna say “clamp your ham,” too!

      • Amy!


      • MynameisBlarney

        I’m not a monster!

    • SeeTrain65

      “90 percent of men “clamp their hams.” The other 10 percent? NO ARMS. PROVEN.” – Richard Jeni, uniquely paraphrased.

  • Anna Rompage

    If you cannot afford to pay for a private education, for your little, special needs almost human dependent, then perhaps you should find a better job.. (the mantra of the GOP)

    • BigCSouthside

      Or be a fucking heiress to a fortune made from a multi level marketing scheme

      • Donna Mueller

        multi-level PONZI scheme

  • HazooToo

    Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If IDEA is blocking these people, they will find a way to gut it.

  • BigCSouthside

    I sincerely thought DeVos was the one nominee republicans and democrats would both be like

    “Come on. Seriously. No fuckin way this looney tunes bitch should be in charge of all education”

    I was wrong

    • Creepoman

      See also:
      Ben Carson – HUD
      Steve Mnuchin – Treasury
      Rick Perry – Energy
      Scott Pruitt – EPA
      Linda McMahon – SBA
      Jeff Sessions – AG
      Sonny Perdue – Agriculture

      (Apologies for the depressing list of hen-house guardians)

      • Three Finger Salute

        Yes, that Linda McMahon. She of Mrs. Ruthless Aggression fame.

        Rick Perry (D-Meats) represents the Department of Oops.

    • Alexander Stallwitz

      Wait, didnt Pence have to break the tie on her comfirmation?

  • Vincent Ricola

    I don’t trust any of it. Nope.

  • Wild Cat

    She’s a special little chunk of rich shit, ain’t she?

  • jowgajen

    OT, but too juicy to wait. Jim Comey is maybe thinking about running for President:

    • Vincent Ricola

      JFC. Ugh. No. No. No. I hate this idea.

      • Lance Thrustwell

        You! Ms. Vincent. Run!

        • Vincent Ricola

          I will be running on a pro-kush platform.

          • Lance Thrustwell

            {cough}. Sweeet!

          • Three Finger Salute

            But I don’t like Jared.

    • Royal Ugly Globalist Dude

      President of what?

      • Covfefe’s Evil Twin

        “Fucking up Democracy.”

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      Who would vote for him? Liberals blame him for helping Donnie and conservatives blame him for not locking Hillary in prison for the rest of her life. Nobody likes him…

      • Gigglesnort

        I don’t blame him for thinking he could do a better job than the orange shitweasel. But yeah, he helped throw the election for Trump, so fuck him.

    • Lance Thrustwell

      Lordy, I hope he… doesn’t.

    • blarg

      Update says he was in Iowa for a family party. I don’t think he’s crazy enough to run. Hope not, anyway.

  • Cogswell – In a Mirror, Darkly

    This disgusting, vile creature hasn’t an honest bone in her body and is trying to turn the public school system into her very own personal version of scAmWay.

  • Michael Smith

    I’m still mad at DeVos for her very first act as a cabinet member, which was to personally approach every educated person in the country and slap them in the face.

  • Scooby

    Republicans get stupider every day…no wonder they don’t believe in evolution.

    • OrG

      As has been mentioned before evolution sometimes leads to a dead end.

  • Zippy W Pinhead
    • Erala Contratista

      Too late

  • Skwerl the Nazi Puncher

    And if they are just guiding documents, well then, them skewls can just be sued now!

    • VirginiaMorningBlend

      We can sue skwerls now? Were you in our attic with your kids last month?? Oh, skewls. Nvrmnd.

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    No IDEA pretty much defines this administration’s theory of governance.

    • Beanz&Berryz

      Idiots Doing Everything Assholishly

  • VirginiaMorningBlend

    Trust nothing that wrench does to public education.

    • darnyoudarnyoutoheck

      I like it. A wretched wench is a wrench, autocorrect FTW!

  • wide_stance_hubby

    Is she still trying to get in schools?

  • Lizzietish81

    It would really just be sheer luck if this wasn’t harmful to special needs kids.

    • doktorzoom

      Or clever bureaucrats at Education, throwing out real chaff.

      • Covfefe’s Evil Twin

        If it is chaff we have to pretend it really matters and that they’re really harming things; that way they’ll think they succeeded and will hopefully leave the rest of the regs alone.

        • doktorzoom

          Please don’t regulate the Briar Patch, Br’er Trump!

  • jesterpunk

    Gorsuch already ruled that locking special needs kids in a room is fine, that ruling was overturned by SCOTUS though so lets see what happens if DeVos tries to get rid of the disability rules.

  • Michael R
    • Msgr_MΩment

      Vote it.
      Vote it good.

      • OrG

        Get straight…

    • mailman27

      Servo libelz??

  • jowgajen

    Super unpopular opinion time.

    There’s not much to say to defend De Vos. She’s not qualified for her post. She is an ideologue and a zealot. Her policies are ill-advised and generally terrible for the population she has been tasked with serving.

    But. . .

    I don’t care for the pile on tactic the left has taken with her. It seemed like maybe the right could see a glimmer of Dem Senate arguments against her when she was up for confirmation, and they pressed that hard in an effort to win any argument at all against any turnip cabinet pick. But in the process, I think they exploited how easy it is to villainize a woman in our country.

    De Vos is not evil incarnate. Many of her ideas are terrible and harmful, but she comes to them through her worldview and means well by them. Her entire life has been consistently lived through her deeply held faith.

    In my opinion we need to stay focussed on her terrible ideas and not paint her wholesale as a terrible person, because there are still many in this country who will respect her for her consistency in faith and doctrine. And those people will see our arguments against her as a person as hateful. And they aren’t entirely wrong.

    • TJ Barke

      So her sincerely held beliefs to destroy public education for her own financial and class benefit aren’t really so bad…

      • jowgajen

        I believe I was careful, even repetitive, to make it clear that is not my point, TJ.

        • TJ Barke

          Believing the wrong things for the “right” reasons does not entirely absolve one of responsibility.

        • TJ Barke

          And really, I don’t see her as any different from the rest of Trump’s cavalcade of vultures and con merchants. Rich, self interested scum, trying to paint the transformation of society to solely benefit them as somehow benefiting us all.

    • bbayliss
      • C4TWOMAN

        She is such a hack.
        An evil hack.

    • bbayliss

      George W. Bush’s “deeply held faith” may cost me my life, we’d be 8 years ahead of where we are now in stem cell research.

      • BosGrl

        Thank you for the reminder. Every time I think anything positive about W, I’ll remember this.

    • darnyoudarnyoutoheck

      So her deeply held truly awful beliefs are not to be criticized because they are deeply felt? Screw that. She is being criticized for what she says and does.

    • Snark Tank Full of Resistance

      Sorry, ‘jen, I disagree. This person (male or female is unimportant) is willfully ignorant of the basic requirements of her job. Worse, she is actively engaged in fucking over the very department she was hired to run solely for her own financial gain. That IS “evil incarnate” in my book. It’s not piling on to note that she has no business being in the job she was given.

    • TheGrandWazoo2

      We’re not painting her wholesale as a terrible person. She’s painting a self portrait.

    • Unmutual Tetsu Kaba

      Sorry, as a parent who all three kids were covered under IDEA; her lack of knowledge at her confirmation hearing was truly frightening. She is the Dunning-Kruger effect personified.

      • mailman27

        Betsy DeVoss: “Dunning-Kruger? There’s no paint that has better first-coat coverage in my opinion.”

    • Alan

      Nope, she is the epitomy of selfish, ignorant greed. She doesn’t mean well at all, not sure where you got that impression.

    • Edith Prickly

      Whether she’s evil or merely clueless, she is still in a position to do a lot of damage and has clear financial interests in undermining the public education system. I see no reason to give her the benefit of the doubt about her motives.

    • Opalescent Riddles

      “Many of her ideas are terrible and harmful, but she comes to them through her worldview and means well by them.”

      When one makes decisions that affect other people, one must be informed by more than one’s own worldview. Meaning one thing while doing another crosses the line of mere ineptitude into evil at the point where others are harmed.

      • Lady4real

        You sucked the air out of the internet! Bow!

        • Opalescent Riddles

          Thanks. I’m more accustomed to hearing your sentence end at the second syllable.

    • Lefty Wright

      Her faith may not be my faith. When she uses her position to proselytize or create policy, I have serious problems with that. She has made it clear that she promotes Christianity in schools and she promotes failed for profit educational ventures. Many of the on line colleges and public schools she advocates expanding are nothing more than expensive failures sucking money from taxpayers or from students taking out huge loans for an education they could get at a third the price at a local community college.

      I have no respect for her and think she should not be in any leadership position. Why you think she should be immune from severe criticism after what you say in your first paragraph is puzzling. Your ideology is your person. What you present publicly is who you are. I don’t care if she is nice to animals and sends her nieces and nephews nice birthday presents. What she proposes doing is encouraging scams and massive waste of money. And is going to end up with tens of thousands of women having rape ignored, public schools underfunded, religious school using tax money to churn out under educated zealots, and people with worthless diplomas and $50,000 debts. But we are not supposed to hate her because she claims to be doing it in the name of Christ?

      • Lady4real


    • Iron Monkey

      She is in a powerful position and makes a point of not understanding her office and what it entails. There is no reason to have any respect for her.

    • Shibusa

      There are many more in this country who will respect her for her consistency in being party faithful and obedient to Trump doctrine, no matter how idiotic it is.

    • No, she is evil incarnate. Her world view is not on faith, it is because of money.
      That is all she cares about, she and her mercenary brother.
      At the taxpayer’s expense.
      Her entire life has been consistently lived through her deeply held love of other people’s money, and the paper trail sure proves it.

      • Lady4real

        Why is there a post here trying to ‘normalize’ Betsy DeVos?

        We are in real deep shit.

    • Rocket Pony Ron

      She is a government functionary. Her ‘worldview’ is supposed to be informed by facts and reality, not some bogus ‘deeply held faith.’ Especially in a country where one’s ‘deeply held faith’ isn’t supposed to have anything to do with the freakin’ JOB. If she wants to use her so-called ‘faith’ as a guide, she can quit her job and go work for a church.

    • Lady4real

      Do you, or have you ever, had children in American public schools?

    • HarpyLibtart

      She is undermining protections for RAPE VICTIMS and doing her damndest to destroy the public education system so she can open shitty charter ‘schools’ for ‘Jesus’ (aka her own profit).
      She has smiled and sat next to a self-confessed sexual predator who gave her a job because she paid for it and has the goddamned nerve to say that men are being victimised by false rape accusations.
      She IS a terrible person – having deeply held faith in evil things does not make one less blameworthy for their evil.
      And the people who would respect her for her consistency in faith and doctrine are terrible people too.

    • Red Richmond

      Many of her ideas are terrible and harmful, but she comes to them through her worldview and means well by them.

      Saaaay, you know who else had terrible ideas but came to them through their worldview?

  • yyyaz

    Say, you know what other US American documents are really old?

  • BosGrl

    As long as my daughter is disabled, I can never, ever, ever live anywhere other than Massachusetts. Love it or loathe it, even with a Republican governor, it generally takes care of the poor and disabled with education and health insurance. I’ve panicked in the past but I’m not going to panic anymore. Those of you in states where governors take money meant for one thing and funnel it into something else – you are who I am worrying about right now.

    • Lizzietish81

      I hear ya, my sister still lives there and has an autistic daughter, the city of Somerville has been amazing.

      • BosGrl

        Somerville also has a habit of electing great mayors. It is a terrific city.

    • Arolpin

      One of my friends is generally very conservative (gun nut, gun dealer, used to make and sell suppressors, currently has .50 caliber machine gun, yes, fully automatic) and was probably more conservative until he became a parent. Both of his kids are special needs, but one will need a caretaker for like. He currently lives in MA, and owned a house in NH, where he wanted to live, but due to his kids’ needs, he will never leave MA.
      The funny thing is that when he moved towns (because of schools) and bought a new house, he specifically chose more liberal areas, because they had the best services for special needs kids. He figured dealing with the new town to get all of his guns approved (federal firearms dealer, need to work with local authorities) would be orders of magnitude easier than convincing the school board in his old town to follow the law. As he put it, the gun regulations make sense, they tell you what to do to comply, they approve it. School boards are entirely different. (He did have to have his gunsafes mounted in concrete so that they couldn’t be taken out, even though they weigh thousands of pounds.)
      I’m sure he voted for a 3rd party candidate last year, because he’s conservative, but not a moron. Had he lived in a swing state, he would have even voted for Hillary. He was PISSED when DeVos was confirmed, even though he made a significant amount of money selling suppressors to her fuckhead brother. We may have to change minds 1 fucking RWNJ at a time, but once we break the seal, it will remain broken.

      • BosGrl

        Yes. I’m glad his kids are getting the care and SPED they need.

      • Meccalopolis

        Like guns are even an issue anymore

        • Rocket Pony Ron

          Yeah, it’s not like people are being mass-murdered with them these days.

    • doktorzoom


    • ahughes798

      Illinois raises it’s hand!

      • are we bad? i have a disabled brother and we’ve been fairly well supported.

        • ahughes798

          My neighbor’s kid is autistic, and she had to fight like hell to get him basic services when he started grade school. They had no program in place for autistic children. Which seems unbelievable, seeing as there are so many children diagnosed as being on the spectrum. In fact, because of all the hell she had to raise, the school district now has a really good program for children/young adults with special needs.

          It may just come down to what school district you live in. He’s the only kid who’s experience I’m really familiar with, so I don’t know.

    • mailman27

      I would happily pay another $3.74/yr* to make sure this is available to every kid who needs it. That’s why we pay taxes. That’s what we’re supposed to do. It’s “the general welfare” for fuck’s sake! Where did we get lost?

      *Figure pulled straight out of my ass, but probably not far wrong.

  • Mr. Blobfish

    We can assume they thought they were going to screw over some families. Better luck next time.

  • Crystalclear12

    So she tried to be evil but the deep state outsmarted her?

    • doktorzoom

      From what I’ve heard of the Dept. of Education, there may be multiple levels of outdated guidelines that canny bureaucrats might be able to sacrifice before the bastards start hurting people.

      I’m reminded of the (maybe apocryphal) story about U.S. POWs who gave up to the North Vietnamese the names of their commanders and named a bunch a football players.

      • Rocket Pony Ron

        ‘Thank you for your co-operation, running dog of a capitalist lackey! Chang! Send a message to our men in the South! Our primary target will be General “Juice” Simpson!’

  • Snark Tank Full of Resistance
    • Stulexington

      Oh, so if VW had made it just a little longer without being caught they could have been in the clear with their polutty diesels. I mean it’s only a matter of time before they get deregulated also too right?

  • Villago Delenda Est

    Betsy DeVos and her brother the mercenary lord could fuck up a one car funeral. So no, I don’t trust her any farther than I can throw her.

  • Mehmeisterjr

    To be fair, I’m sure that Betsy wanted to do untold evil. It must be tough on her to realize that she may have accidentally missed her goals.

    Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

    When a couple or three of her fave charter schools burn to the ground killing their young clients for lack of inspected wiring, circuit-breakers and sprinkler systems, she will be able to brag that at least all of the previously-convicted-of-sexual-assault faculty and staff had firearms at their disposal.

    • Lady4real

      ^^That is not even funny.

      Seriously, this experimenting with public education has been a thing since I started school in the mid 70s, probably even before then. Now, the thinning of the public school tax dollar mandate has been almost skeletonized. It needs to STOP!

  • toughsister

    Betsy DeVos makes Teresa May look like Mother Teresa.

  • Mavenmaven

    She’s faking us out. Clear bad things will certainly come next.

  • Jesse

    Ha! Career employees just figured out the ‘mom’ tactic: Give the toddler an old, broken phone so they stop trying to grab mom’s iphone.

  • ltmcdies

    Betsy has a clone and Trump sent her to Ottawa….

    she wants a “thinner” border (I fucking don’t)

    • Rocket Pony Ron

      Just means she’s going to have the bridges cut down at the half-way point.

    • Jukesgrrl

      Eww, way too much face work.

  • ltmcdies

    oh …. she’s a “both sides” climate debate type…I don’t Rosemary is impressed

    • Shibusa

      She’s married to the guy who heads up the second-largest coal producer in the eastern US. Pretty sure she’s going to run with denier science.

      • ltmcdies

        maybe it her first visit within Canada could be the Churchill Manitoba during polar bear season

        • Shibusa

          I want to go there! (But not with the new ambassador.)

    • mailman27

      Good God.

    • holleeee shite.

      sorry canada.

      (also! make her life miserable in your so low key way. my mom does this when she wants to make a controversial point and it’s fucking annoying and devastating all at once).

      • ltmcdies

        well Ottawa can the -30’s so …there’s that…

    • Rocket Pony Ron

      I wasn’t aware that there was any science on the denier side at ALL.

      • Vagenda and Pee-ara

        The Kochs fund a lot of “scientific” climate change research. Generally the findings are “Fossil fuel is healthy as hell.” A few years ago one of their paid researchers said “not only is climate change real, it’s happening at an alarmingly fast rate.” It’s sad when billionaires can’t even pay people to lie.

    • sgt. jmk of the résistance

      Dear Canada,
      This time, it’s we who are so sore-ee. Take whatever revenge you want – feel free to schedule all of your ambassadorey events in the tundra-ish areas you have in such profusion. Heck, I’ll even stop referring to you as America’s Hat.
      Seriously… we can’t apologize enough.
      Actual US People

    • Stulexington

      I believe two mutually exclusive things can co-exist because I have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m just reading from the talking points memo.

    • I believe there are sciences on both sides that are accurate.


  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    We don’t trust Betsy DeVos…full stop.

    • Lady4real

      Yet, sadly, she’s over at Ed.

      Can’t we just do away with US Ed. Place the department offices on an island at sea somewhere where–where she can’t f^*k with our public schools and make them worse? I think that’s totally reasonable–like a holiday break gift for the public school children a little early.

      The school boards need to be revamped. The candidate pool for local school boards need to be tightened up to only true stakeholders: parents, educators, care providers and, most importantly, students.

      If a parent wants their kid in private school of any kind, they should be made to pay. Only special education children should ever have public funds spent on their education in a quasi-public setting. I believe this is the original intent of taxpayers funding public schools and it should be made policy if it isn’t already.

  • Jo Mathie

    I’m sorry all the lovely Americans that I know both online and in person. You would not get away with this shit in the UK – which is by no means perfect, but come on. Betsy is quite startling stupid.

  • Paperless Tiger

    So it’s no good if it’s old? I guess that’s why the Donald figures he can ignore that old moldy US Constitution. Outdated. Sad.

  • Everrett Fanuelli

    Awesome! So when they rescind all the IDEA regulations I can just sit in my classroom and read Wonkette until they realize I’m no longer needed and can my ass.

    • Lady4real

      That’s horrible (I feel your pain). My family has a lot of school teachers going back generations. They went to school night and day and years and years in order to become and remain certified. They fight against the odds at the public school level, generations worth, to protect the rights of public school children. Talented lot are they!

  • Mr. Blobfish

    Chris Matthews is shocked, SHOCKED conservative audience boos McCain while one yells out “HANG HIM!” Oh, Chris. You keep being you.

    • sgt. jmk of the résistance

      What the… is he new here?

    • LiberalANDProud

      “Kill Him” – McCain campaign rally attendee in 2007

  • Viktor

    School districts will accrue large savings avoiding building handicap accessible facilities. Means more money for Johnny Skool Raper’s sports facilities.

  • A: Funnel tax payer funds to private school
    B: Recind a lot of the “outdated rules” about disabled kids.

    Don’t even need Rach to connect these dots. Bet you ten bucks one of those is the rule about you have to fucking accomodate if you accept tax payer money.
    More disabled kids shoved onto under funded public schools, more money funneled to private hands.

  • I got a rock.

    I have 2 kids in school with disabilities, and the services are already minimal. My daughter actually had one EC teacher that told me “I don’t really know anything about autism”.

    I repeat, a fucking teacher for children with special needs knew nothing about autism.

  • lowenufc

    Why is it that every time Betsy DeVos smiles I wonder where the corpse she was recently chewing on is hidden?

  • Liz Ditz

    Denise Marshall is the Executive Director of the Council of Parents Advocates and Attorneys (COPAA) made the following statement:

    “Parents of children with disabilities and advocates rely on the U.S. Department of Education to provide accurate and clarifying information regarding children’s rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and other civil rights laws. They need this information to participate as meaningful partners with the school in designing a child’s Individualized Education Program and assuring the child’s rights are being upheld. As such, COPAA is disappointed in the way OSERS has made this announcement because the process undertaken lacks complete transparency to the public. It is unfortunate that the list of rescissions does not include any explanation for changes made which leaves stakeholders in the dark.

    OSERS has an obligation to make clear why revocations are necessary; and, although our initial review of the list of rescinded documents indicates that many have updated versions or the statutes to which they refer have been recently amended, the mere fact that parents and advocates are left to figure out whether replacement documents are available or not shows OSERS disregard for their first obligation to parents and families as recipients under IDEA.”

    (COPAA’s mission is to protect and enforce the legal and civil rights of students with disabilities and their families. Our primary goal is to secure high quality educational services and to promote excellence in advocacy)

    • Liz Ditz

      Also there is something a bit odd going on. The list of rescinded policies I had to work with over the weekend had as its 5th column heading “Keep, Modify, or Rescind”. The list provided to Matt Shuham of Talking Points Memo had as the 5th column heading “Reason to Rescind”. Hmmn do you think the volumn of complaining about OSERS secrecy had anything to do with that?

    • Lady4real

      Thanks. I appreciate this.

      I am and have always been an advocate for more accommodations for children with disabilities, not less, in public schools.

      Although my children are no longer of school age, it cannot be overstated that public schools must be protected and made better. As a parent, I feel public school children should be afforded every advantage (EVERY advantage) that our public funds pay for. These funds should not be diverted into religious schools or vouchers in any way. Instead, they should go direct from taxpayer to public school systems, run ethically. The school boards need to be revamped to prevent diversion of public funds for private or semi-private education. And yes, I think the teachers unions need to concess a lot in the public interest, but the requirements for teacher certification should remain in place and strengthened.

      Religion was outlawed from public schools the year I entered kindergarten. This privatization of public school funds needs to cease and desist.

      • Vagenda and Pee-ara

        But aren’t public schools hotbeds of communism and homosexuality?

        • dshwa

          And dancing. Never forget the dancing.

  • Viktor

    Betsy Devos and her loony brother are the disabled ones.

    • azeyote

      from god to amway to black as sin ops, these siblings are disturbed in a sick way –

  • President in Exile Firefly

    “I love the uneducated.”

  • The Librarian

    It’s very hard not to be cynical about this since DeVos has already shown her complete lack of brain cells regarding education (oh, the irony). As a parent whose Spawn 2 needed some of those services when younger, I’m worried that DeVos could pull some sleight of hand. These are necessary regs that parents rely on to give their kids the best chances to succeed.

    • Vagenda and Pee-ara

      I don’t trust this witch as far as I could throw her.

      • Stulexington

        I don’t trust her as far as she can throw me and I’m a lot bigger than her.

      • LeighBowery’sLuxuryComedy

        Hey now. She’s no witch, trust me on that one.

  • As always, Betsy DeVry can go fuck herself.

    • Oblios_Cap

      I certainly wouldn’t. No even with Trump’s dick.

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    Maybe the deep-staters in the Dept. of Ed. have hit on something: dredge up old regs and guidelines that are old/useless/irrelevant, and then convince the Trumptard in the corner office that rescinding them will fuck over poor people and make libtarts cry. Easy as pie, at least with the likes of DeVos and Perry.

  • Hanaka

    I’m glad I read the full article because my mad/sad was ratcheting up quickly at the beginning of the story. I’m still on red alert, but I’m going to put the bullhorn down (within arms reach though Devos, you harbinger of doom).

  • LiberalANDProud

    Are they also reviewing WH regulations regarding the mentally handicapped?

  • becauseofjunk

    She had already removed it all from the website and substituted a private entities work product months with direct links months ago, are we shocked?

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