We here at Wonkette know that you people love cute animals and we are sorry to inform you that cute animals are cancelled forevermore. Bill O’Reilly, the noted sexual predator, has ruined cute animals.

We are however glad to point out to Mr. Loofah that corgis do in fact have knees and that this corgi in particular is most definitely not standing upright in a fit of patriotic fervor. This corgi is sitting.

Dear Bill O’Reilly: We understand that you are Killing Cuteness and all but we would like to inform you that you are a git who doesn’t know nothing about knees. Or the moon.

FUCK IT, WE’LL DO IT ANYWAY. FUCKING GUY SUCKS.Sorry, we have to break out the kitties for this one, folks.

Yeah, you're really going to need these guys for this one.

(All God’s mammalian quadrupeds got knees. And elbows.)

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