Monday afternoon, the Congressional Budget office released a partial score of the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill. And while the Republicans’ attempt to rush the bill through didn’t allow enough time for a full analysis of how many people would be tossed off insurance, the CBO was at least able to say that the “number of people with comprehensive health insurance that covers high-cost medical events would be reduced by millions.” It was enough for Maine Senator Susan Collins, who’d been saying she would wait to see the CBO score before saying how she’d vote on Graham-Cassidy. And that vote is now a definite no.

John McCain and Ron Paul had already said they would vote against the bill, and unless one of them changes his mind (still a possibility, because they are Republicans in 2017), Collins’s no vote means Graham-Cassidy should be dead, at least for the current year. The whole damn reconciliation clock will be reset in January, so no, this isn’t over. Now would be an excellent time for constituents of Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito to make it clear they should speak up and drive a stake through the heart of Graham-Cassidy. Just the bill, you bloodthirsty Terrible Ones. We got rules, you know.

Before the CBO score and the announcement by Collins, some very rude disability activists from the grassroots lobbying group ADAPT disrupted Monday’s Senate hearing of Graham-Cassidy, the one gesture the Senate made toward even a hint of normal procedure. Seems people with disabilities don’t seem to understand how important it was to Republicans to kill off healthcare to tens of millions of Americans to please big-dollar rightwing donors. Over 200 protesters made their way into the hallway outside the hearing room, although only seven of the activists using wheelchairs were allowed into the hearing room itself, plus another 20 or so temporarily abled folks.

The protesters’ chants of “No cuts to Medicaid! Save our liberty!” led Orrin Hatch, head of the Finance Committee, to recess the hearing while the protesters were arrested. Just before Hatch called the recess, he muttered “Let’s let em get it out of their system,” according to REBECCA SCHOENKOPF, FACEBOOK LIVESTREAM REPORTER, who was so disgusted she had to turn the damned thing off after a while. [It was several hours; Bill Cassidy had already lied about “$39,000 premiums,” Lindsey Graham was an UNBELIEVABLE piece of shit, and I was all the way through SANTORUM, who for unknown reasons thinks he didn’t get his ass kicked out the Senate a decade ago. Do not ever make me be the one to watch the hearings again. — Ed] Hatch also admonished the protesers, as if they were elementary school children acting up on a field trip, “If you want a hearing, you better shut up”:

They didn’t shut up, so Hatch turned that Dirksen Senate Office Building right around and recessed the hearing. That freed CSPAN of the unpleasant spectacle of the Greatest Nation On Earth dragging people out of wheelchairs to arrest them because they selfishly insist there be no cuts to funding that guarantees their ability to live independently. Bummer for that plan, though, since reporters have phones, like Vox’s Jeff Stein:

HuffPo reporter Matt Fuller captured co-sponsor Bill Cassidy giving no fucks at all for people who’d be affected by turning healthcare funding into ever-shrinking block grants to the states (and boning all protections for people with pre-existing conditions, like some of the pre-existing conditions seen here):

Cassidy actually had to yawn, he finds people fighting for their ability to live independently so tiresome:

Beyond the Medicaid cuts that would most directly affect the ADAPT protesters, Graham-Cassidy would have made everyone’s insurance worse by allowing states to eliminate insurance regulations that guarantee essential health benefits, to cut protections from huge premium increases for preexisting conditions, and to give permission to insurers to re-impose annual and lifetime caps on coverage. As Capitol Police prepared to drag off the folks using wheelchairs, currently able-bodied protesters blocked the halls and entrances to the elevators. Seems we’re all in this goddamn leaky boat together:

A CBS News poll released Monday shows only 20% of Americans support the Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal, and that’s including the over 25% of those who didn’t have an opinion of the bill. When narrowed to those who actually know enough to have an opinion, that comes to over two-to one disapproval:

With those low numbers, we’re going to rate this ballpark estimate by ThinkProgress’s Lerner TRUE:

Capitol Police said they had arrested 181 people during Monday’s healthcare demonstration:

Nobody got dragged out of a wheelchair, mind you. The cops were simply reuniting them with their mobility devices.

Oh, but it wasn’t all horrible: Oregon’s Ron Wyden bought pizza for the protesters (add your own pizza-based conspiracy theory here):

The deadline for passing some sort of hell-spawned eldritch horror by reconciliation won’t actually come until Saturday at midnight, kids. There’s still plenty of fuckery the Rs could yet get up to. Keep your senators’ website and some holy water handy.

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[CBO Report / WaPo / ThinkProgress / Joe. My. God. / CBS News]

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  • Belasaurius

    give these people medals

  • Asterix

    I hate republicans.

  • JohnBull

    It seems strange that half our population votes for people who take pleasure in killing us.

    • Mavenmaven

      They always assume they are killing the other half.

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        Yup. You could march these dumbfucks single-file to the gallows, and they’d think they’d won out over the people ahead of them in line.

    • Christopher Story

      Otherwise known as “Real Americans(TM)”

    • cleos_mom

      And don’t forget the percentage of the population who voted third party, wrote someone in, left the top of the ballot blank or (voluntarily) didn’t vote. The secular version of the NALTs.

  • Magyar Has Had It Up To Here

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with these people? Do they not think that the images of them having people dragged out of wheelchairs and arrested will follow them into their re-election bids? (Not that it’d be OK if cameras weren’t present, but these fuckers care nothing about “decency” or “basic fucking humanity”)

  • MynameisBlarney

    Dear GOP and those that vote for them.

  • memzilla Ω

    They were charged with D.C. Code §S22-1307, Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding…

    Fittingly enough, the proper place for this Graham-Cassidy shitpile IS the commode.

  • MynameisBlarney
    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Nevertheless, they persisted.

      • MynameisBlarney

        To this day, they persist.

        • Three Finger Salute

          They’ll still be persisting in 2066 if we last that long. America is going backwards.

          • MynameisBlarney

            All thanks to the “Taik are kuntry bak” dipshits.

          • “Colin Kaepernick was a Republican”

            – Fox News 2047

    • YoBunnyBunny

      And who wants to bet those white people back in ’66 are the very same white people who stay quoting MLK today?

      I can guaran-goddamn-tee you that today’s racists in 30 or 40 years will be all “Nuh uh, I was NEVER racists. It was those mean and evil OTHER white people who were the racists!!!”

      • cleos_mom

        As I recall, there was a very large subset of people who supported legal segregation but totally weren’t racists — they’d been to see Sidney Poitier movies, some more than once.

        You know. Sort of like those humanoid units last year who made vile misogynist jokes about “Hillary” but “oh, I’m just crazy about Elizabeth Warren.”

  • Oblios_Cap

    I’m less than thrilled with the idea of a Hatch presidency. What a jackass.

    • Unmutual Tetsu Kaba

      Yeah, it’s only in comparison to the shitgibbon, Pence and Ryan.

  • alwayspunkindrublic

    This is what democracy looks like, Anno Domini 2017. I can’t wait until they turn loose the attack dogs and firehoses on black teenagers again.

    • Skwerl the Nazi Puncher

      You mean police tanks and flame throwers.

      (I noticed the our city cops aren’t showing off their tanks any more after the citizens kept asking, “so are you planning on going to war with the people of this city?”)

      • alwayspunkindrublic

        Naturally, Trump has arranged to supply police departments with even more and yoooger battlefield hardware.

      • Three Finger Salute

        And it’ll be Robocop so that nobody faces any liability. Holocaust II: Trump of the Will is going to be made that much worse by A.I. and 21st-century technology.

    • alpacapunchbowl

      They don’t need dogs and firehoses. They’ve got military-grade ordnance.

  • I’ve got an idea for a protest. Bathroom protest. Have individuals fill up the bathroom and not allow any senator/congress critter into any stall, urinal until they kill this good and dead.

    • JohnBull

      Or just stuff the toilets full of paper, flush them, and swamp the damn place.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Pretty sure that the congresscritters have their own set of bathrooms … you can’t expect them to piss with the proles.

      • They have their own bathrooms in their own offices (on Independence and Constitution avenues), but that is across the way. The ones in capitol building are pretty easy for anyone to get into, at least they were the last time I was there.

  • Mavenmaven

    We don’t want to see poor or sick people on these premises! These spaces belong to the Rich.

  • Scooby

    I just hope that’s not Papa Johns pizza!

    • Ricky Gay


    • SpideySenser

      Oh, the painful irony. BTW, those pizzas would cost about an additional 14 cents if I recall Mr. Schnatter’s B.S. correctly.

  • goonemeritus

    Back in my sit-in days no one served me pizza.

    • Skwerl the Nazi Puncher

      That’s because Hillary had only just made her first kill.

  • Lyly Sirivong

    I am totally lost on that subject. I thought you could only use the reconciliation budget thingy once a year ? And that they already wasted their chance on the skinny repeal bill ? (It seems it was a lifetime ago !)

    • Three Finger Salute

      January is next year, so the clock resets for the reconciliation budget just like it does the calendar. GOP America, the wicked Mirror Universe of friendly Canada:

      Some Fox hack: “Senator McConnell, why is it so important to you to hurry up and get a bill passed that would exterminate the useless untermenschen?”

      Sonovabitch McConnell: “Because it’s 2018!”

      • Lyly Sirivong

        So the vote hasn’t taken place yet ? It will take place next year, right ?

        • Three Finger Salute

          We don’t know if they’re going to scrap the bill because it doesn’t have support. They have until September 30 and then they have to (gasp) work with Democrats on any future legislation (which means they’ll probably just run out the clock until January). When January comes they’ll be back to having the option of a simple majority.

          • Lyly Sirivong

            So let me get this right. Until september 30th, they can try to pass the bill with a simple majority (50 votes). If they fail to do so (because of Republican defections), they’ll have to try and pass a new bill with a 3/5 majority (60 votes) which means working with Democrats (which is pretty unlikely). But in january, they’ll have another chance to pass it with 50 votes.
            Is that right ?
            It can’t go on like this forever, can it ?

          • sgt. jmk of the résistance

            Well, let’s hope – and work hard to ensure – that it will no longer be an issue after the 2018 midterms.

  • OneWhiteWhisker

    Aren’t these “politicians” paid with taxpayer money? Don’t they technically work for the public? And yet they think they can just treat people like utter garbage and dismiss them as unimportant? It’s just unreal to me.

    • Three Finger Salute

      Because they’re not really paid with taxpayer money. They’re paid with blood money from Mercer and Koch.

      • OneWhiteWhisker

        That may be, but I’m betting they don’t turn down their actual salaries…

        • Three Finger Salute

          They don’t have to. It’s just icing on the cake anyway. They know they’ve got the plebs over a barrel anyway. What are we going to do? Not pay our taxes? What do we look like? Corporate people?

          • Angela Ruzzo

            I was thinking just a few days ago “What would happen if all 60+ million Americans who voted for Hillary simply refused to file tax returns this year?” What could they do about it? Not a damn thing. It would never happen, but I sure would like to see it.

          • OneWhiteWhisker

            Sadly true.

  • Why don’t the GOP just create camps for ‘these kind of people’ and make the country ‘pure’ …jeez its already 1933 again anyways.

    • Three Finger Salute

      Action T4, brought to you by the NSGOP.

  • thewalkindude

    Now we just need Trump to call wheelchair users sons of bitches…

    “They don’t stand for the national anthem! Flag!! Patriots!! Electoral College!!”

    • BearGHAZI

      “Did you know that Freeloadin’ Roosevelt was a cripple? Lots of people don’t know that.”

  • Fitzgerald Chesterfield

    fucking liberals will do anything for a slice of pizza

    • Three Finger Salute


    • IdiokraticCulturalMarxist

      From Comet Ping Pong, now the official pizzeria of Capitol Hill protesters.

    • AnnieGetYerFun

      This is not incorrect.

    • BearGHAZI

      I’d stab my gramma in her face right now for a slice of Hawaiian

  • alwayspunkindrublic

    I mean, we gave them their ramps and special parking places…what the fuck more do these people want?

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      “Those are special privileges that infringe my rights!”

      • AnnieGetYerFun

        “If I had known that I could just sit in a chair and get wheeled around everywhere and take the elevator, I probably would have said I was crippled!” Mike Huckabee, probably

  • Nockular cavity

    Who knew that one day, pizza and football would be revolutionary acts?

    • Unmutual Tetsu Kaba

      Gahh! This has been a weird fucking year from park rangers to the NFL.

      • Three Finger Salute

        Giant Meteor should have won!!!11!

        • AnnieGetYerFun

          But its emails!!

  • rosenbomb

    Oh my goodness…who is cutting onions this early in the morning?

    Not the happy kind of onions, either.

  • Cranky Man

    Big props to the protesters. Huge testes. The time for the number protesting to be in the millions is near.

  • alpacapunchbowl

    Who the fuck are these 2% of alleged Dems who support this bubbling cauldron of evil fuckery?
    Also, I sincerely regret ever thinking that Miss Lindz would be fun to get drunk with. You’re dead to me you faux-genteel evil motherfucker. DEAD.

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      My guess is they’re just the last of the Dixiecrats who de facto are Republicans (and KKK-Republicans to boot) but still stubbornly call themselves Democrats because they’re like 80 years old and don’t like change.

    • Iron Monkey

      The are to ones who didn’t understand the question.

      • alpacapunchbowl

        That’s a much more charitable assessment than I’m able to muster right now.

    • jesterpunk

      There are some people who believe this bill passing will somehow lead to single payer. It make no damn sense at all, but the “logic” is congress passes this, people get mad, Bernie rides a unicorn into congress with his single payer bill and passes it and everyone gets a pony.

      • alpacapunchbowl

        Oh JFC. I suspect you’re right, but JFC.
        Their little strategy sure is working gangbusters so far, eh?

        • AnnJMartin

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      • BearGHAZI

        There’s a contingent of folk ON BREITBART who are against Graham Cassidy for this reason. So, there ya go.

    • Rick Hill

      The ones who answer “Aww, wtf? Like I care…” to any question?

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      That was a little narrative that got sold to us by the media…that Graham was really just a nice, friendly, regular guy at heart, instead of a typical Republican terrorist.

      • alpacapunchbowl

        Mea culpa.
        It doesn’t feel good to be duped, but I’ll own it.

        • sgt. jmk of the résistance

          I fell for that also too, based primarily on the snarky stuff he said while tipsy, his love for OHJB, and my relentless need to think that people are basically good.

          It doesn’t feel good at all to have been duped…but I was, and I’ll own that regret.

        • it was always – for me – the ham biscuits.

      • King Beauregard

        Graham participated in the Republican obstruction all throughout Obama’s presidency. He certainly tried to block the ACA, and definitely helped us not get a public option.

        Like every other Republican, he is shit. Being a Republican requires it of him. He could switch parties like Arlen Specter did, but he chooses not to.

        And for the record, McCain / Murkowski / Collins are shit too. They are just as guilty as Graham of opposing the ACA / public option. Just because they are occasionally casting the right votes now doesn’t mean that they are decent people. Most likely they are motivated by fear of their constituents, desire to project a good public image, revenge against Trump, or some other selfish petty motive. But the public good … ? Not even a consideration to them.

        • alwayspunkindrublic

          McCain=blind pig/acorn. He’s been my senator for the last thousand years. Believe me, I know what thin-skinned, conniving piece of shit he is. I’d like to think his battle with cancer has given him some empathy, but I doubt it.

        • cleos_mom

          Murkowski will, for the rest of my time on this planet, be the equivalent of someone whose sibling informed them that he’d figured out a way to murder Mom for the insurance money and make it look like an accident.

          The sibling refuses but first has to think it over. “Should we whack Mom or not whack Mom? What to do, what to do…..?”

  • Three Finger Salute

    Good for them for fighting the good fight. I couldn’t do it, even though I’m able-bodied but “feeble-minded.” These images, I have to say, are horrifying. As a student of history myself who did a capstone project on Nazi atrocities perpetrated against the “unfit,” I never thought I’d see a modern-day Reichstag trying to put Action T4 into American policy — again.

    Especially since it was a wheelchair-bound president who got us through those horrible years — but he was a Democrat. Which is now the minority party due to the fact that it’s the party of minorities. “Many, many people don’t know that.”

    Eighty years of Republican Nazis (excepting Eisenhower) is more than enough.

  • Marceline

    I didn’t know anything about ADAPT before this health care fight. I’m in awe. Their civil disobedience game is on point. I don’t often say this because he’s become an all-purpose sockpuppet but Dr. King would be proud of these people.

  • The Librarian

    I think Cassidy wasn’t yawning out of boredom, but fear. People do that to cover up when they don’t know what else to do. I have an idea, Mr. Cassidy! Why don’t you and your fucked up bill go home and think about how you’re hating on the American people.

    • Erala Contratista

      Wondered about that. Sometimes a yawn isn’t it seems to be.

      • Old town Urbandale

        In dogs, a yawn is a calming signal. He was feeling threatened and was instinctively communicating his wish that the protesters calm down.

        • theCryptofishist

          Ah, he’s just a big ol’ teddy bear. Let’s give him his bill…

        • Erala Contratista

          Isn’t that followed by rolling on his back then wetting himself?

  • Three Finger Salute

    Sadly, I think that empathy being viewed as a weakness is just human nature, and America is the most reflective of the automatic self-protectionist instinct inherent to mankind. Those nicey-nice countries we love to talk about, Canada I mentioned below with Truheart Bear actually carrying a wheelchair-bound man down a broken escalator at a metro station, Scandinavia being Scandinavia, and other countries in Europe more or less having their own safety nets and protections for ordinary folks — those are extreme outliers, who if they had to put up their dukes with America would get slaughtered in the span of a commercial break. Either no one would care, because, well, they’re too busy watching the commercial break or taking a piss during it, or they’d cheer it on. There’s never been a saying, “bad guys finish last.” That only happens as the ideal outcome in Hollywood movies, which are fantasy and therefore fiction.

    You think about how, the result of Obama was Trump, not because of anything Obama did wrong but because enough of the country hated him for being the Colin Kaepernick of politics. Trump got widely cheered for saying that the football players should basically kill each other on the “battlefield,” and that he was excited about seeing more bloodshed — which also means more disabled vets, in the same circumstances as these unfortunate civilians at this protest — in a massive war with who knows how many countries? All because “we don’t win anymore.” Implying that “winning” is all that matters (certainly not cooperation, that’s communism) — and nothing less than a total victory where your “enemy” is (literally) slaughtered and permanently destroyed.

    As heartened as I am about the existence of the resistance, I am not optimistic about their chances of, well, “winning” in one way or another. After all, it took a world war to take down a genocidal fascist who targeted the disabled, immigrants, Jews, and everyone else in that poem, the last time. We obviously didn’t learn anything from that war other than “we won.” Then we got tired of “losing,” and set out looking for another “win” again.

    We’re not bonobos. Canada is bonobos. Denmark is bonobos. America is chimps on meth and steroids. Put them together in an environment and the bonobos would go extinct. Heck, actual animals already are, because of all the real-estate grabbing we do that encroaches on their habitat. The ones who get to the top are the ones willing to claw at and break the neck of those deemed “lesser” than they are. Spencerism dialed up to 11. The weak shall not inherit the earth. 😓

    • Angela Ruzzo

      Empathy, like everything else, requires some historical perspective. Canada didn’t show much empathy for their native citizens for several hundred years, and the Scandinavian countries have a long history of dehumanizing everyone outside the aristocracy. These countries have made amazing progress, however, in leaps and bounds, over the past 70 years, and the reasons for that are very complex and there isn’t room here to list them all. I don’t agree that lack of empathy is “human nature” – I think there are strong cultural elements involved, particularly in cultures that value and reward individuals for making a lot of money, regardless of how they made it.

    • AnnieGetYerFun

      Just a small correction – it’s Tenderheart Bear.


  • Bub, the cynical zombie
    • kaydenpat

      Says it all about how horrible this bill is. Graham and Cassidy should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this farce as a healthcare plan.

      • Bub, the cynical zombie

        I’m afraid shame is something that will forever be beyond them The closest most Republicans can come to shame is the fear of being caught.

    • AnnieGetYerFun

      Surely Rand Paul has started his own medical board of Dick Docs Who Hope You Die.

      • Rags

        Sadly, his bullshit “National Board of Opthamology” died completely or I’m sure they would offer C-G a ringing endorsement.

  • Panika MCD

    1) the difference between Rand Paul and his father, Ron, is that Rand Paul actually knows what an ERISA plan is. now that he’s named that as his favored replacement, he’s not likely to budge.

    2) ADAPT is very good at following rules unless they have no other options. I usually hate it when people disrupt hearings, but that is because I work at the TX lege where every bill has to have a hearing with public testimony before going forward. I suspect they were not taking public testimony and had not invited anyone from the disability rights community to speak if they went as far as they did.

    3) DPS > Capitol Police
    it’s sad, but true. and while I adore my regular duty Pink Dome DPS, they’re always supplemented during session with people from around the state who may not share the reverence the regular duty guys have for the building and I still have never seen them be this shitty. (don’t bother with the photo of Josh Pineda from the SWTW protests–he smashed his own face into the floor because he’s a pistol from a group that all want to be media stars.)

  • King Beauregard

    Meanwhile, that big debate last night that seems to have sputtered out, with Sanders and Klobuchar vs. two Republicans. Except it became Sanders and the Republicans vs. the ACA, because Bernie is human garbage:

    Early in the debate, Sanders seized on comments Graham said that insurance companies are “the biggest winner” under the Affordable Care Act.

    “Lindsey is right,” Sanders said.

    Screw you, Sanders. Just … screw you. You will side with Republicans just to stick it to the ACA, under which the biggest winners are actually people who can now see the goddamn doctor. Remember them, the people you ostensibly care about helping?

    • C4TWOMAN

      What have I said about trusting Sanders? Something something as far as you can throw him?

      • King Beauregard

        I have despised Sanders since long before it was cool, and I probably will long after it ceases to be cool.

        … “Despise” might be a strong word, he could win me back just by apologizing for his part in Trump’s victory and making a real effort to help the Democrats. So apparently my hatred for him isn’t THAT deep. It’s just sustained by Sanders’ ongoing insistence on doing selfish harmful things.

        • Roadstergal

          I kinda despise him in the post-mortem. He’s said Democrats are on his ‘enemies’ list. He has said jack shit about the Russian interference in the election, about the disenfranchisement of voters of color, critical issues undermining our democracy.

          And now he’s shitting on the ACA.

          Fuck that guy with a rusty pile of votes.

          • King Beauregard

            Ever work with a guy who barely gets anything done, but during conference calls he has a talent for making everyone else look like THEY’RE the ones dragging their feet, because the boss is too dumb to figure out his game? That’s Sanders. If he worked in a normal office setting, his coworkers would form an agreement that, whosever job it is to clean out the coffee maker that day, they also have to spit in Sanders’ lunch.

          • King Beauregard

            … or, if you’re a superdelegate, it goes something like this:

            “Okay, next question. Whom will you tentatively support: A) Sanders, or B)”


      • theCryptofishist

        Oh, dear, I read that as: Something something as far as you can throw him under the bus…

    • kaydenpat

      Wow. Every day Sanders gives me another reason not to vote for him if he runs in 2020.

      • King Beauregard

        What gets me is how many people can’t even see it. Once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it, but come on, it’s not like a magic eye painting, it’s about Sanders very obviously shitting on everything good.

        Also in that debate: Sanders said that we are throwing all our money at insurers when we should be devoting that money to doctors and hospitals. As always, exactly backwards: insurers are the only entity whose profits ARE capped, and single payer keeps running into problems precisely because doctors and hospitals are unaffordably expensive. If anything, the solution is to find ways to throw LESS money at doctors and hospitals while still letting them remain profitable (so a combination of regulation and wise restructuring).

        Just a reminder, single payer failed in Vermont just months before Sanders hit the campaign trail, because medical COSTS remain too high. That’s the doctors and hospitals.

        • An Outhouse for the résistance

          Single payer requires a huge insurance pool. I don’t think Vermont qualifies.

          • King Beauregard

            So does ANY form of insurance. And no, the size isn’t the issue (above maybe 1000 people to shake out statistical fluctuations), because the number of sick people should scale with population size just as the number of subscribers does.

    • cleos_mom

      But you don’t understand. Lindsey was paying attention to him.

  • Jack Had A Permit

    Fuck you, Miss Lindsey. Fuck you and your heartless cabal. This is on each and every one of you. You are weakening a nation. You want to allow the deaths of millions of citizens so you can claim some kind of ‘win’. I pray this is the final yawning breath (swidt?) of your entire satanic party. You destroy everything you touch. You’re parasites, suckling from the teat of democracy while decrying any one who dares ask for a drop of the milk of freedom. Anyone who still puts an “R” in front of their name should be ashamed of themselves. The republican party is the largest adversary the United States has. We don’t wonder why Russian oligarchs support you, they know their own kind.

    • Angela Ruzzo

      Is it a coincidence that “Republican” and “Russia” both start with “R”?

      • C4TWOMAN

        Coincidence…or CONSPIRACY?

        • Magyar Has Had It Up To Here

          It would be irresponsible not to speculate

      • Jennaratrix

        The alphabet is colluding to rig elections.

      • SeeTrain65

        So does “reptilian.”

    • kaydenpat

      Republicans definitely are enemies to our democracy in so many ways: voter suppression, anti-freedom of expression, bigoted, pro gun over safety, allowed a foreign country to interfere in our elections, etc.

      Your avatar!!! Freaky as hell.

  • Those people in wheelchairs probably aren’t even willing to stand for the National Anthem.

    • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

      Or take a knew for that matter. Fence sitters!

      • thewendyb


  • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

    From Politico’s Bannon story:

    “A Bannon-affiliated outside group, Great America Alliance, aired anti-Strange ads”.
    Oh I bet they were strange, alright.
    Had to say it.

  • Stulexington

    52% against, 20% don’t know, 28% admit they don’t know.

    • Lefty Wright

      Most of the don’t knows are Republicans and independents. I think most of those independents are tea party types or libertarians. They may be morally opposed to cutting insurance for 30 million people, but just can’t bring themselves to support the ACA. Hence the no opinion cop out.

      • HooverVilles

        Ding ding ding!

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    Wow…those protesters make my phone banking to save Obamacare worth every minute. Fight on!

  • sgt. jmk of the résistance

    As offensive as Hatch was, what made me want to reach through the Facebooks and slap someone silly – yeah, yeah, yeah, with votes, whatevs – was when Lindsey pretended that he and Hopalong Cassidy were the lone heroes facing down corporate greed and then had a snitty little mini-meltdown about how much he hates the idea of single payer.

    That and Hopalong’s blatant lying as a witness were the low points in an already below-sea-level experience.

    • I was suspicious when Miss Lindsay said some reasonable things a while back.

    • theCryptofishist

      Death Valley LIebullllzq!!!!11

  • Didn’t Hatch’s momma teach him you never tell anybody to “shut up”?

    It’s the polite society’s version of FUCK YOU FUCKFACE.

    • kaydenpat

      Rudeness is a Republican trait. It’s who they are.

    • Me not sure

      ^the fuck
      The above is always “understood” to be included whenever the term “shut up!” is utilized.

  • kaydenpat

    Sad that Republicans are so gung-ho about destroying affordable healthcare for millions of their fellow Americans. How anyone can vote for them is beyond me. Thank goodness for their incompetence or they’d actually be screwing us over even harder.

  • James Baskin

    The pizza was a nice gesture, but you really need beer to enjoy fully.

    • theCryptofishist

      In Congress there is no beer,
      That’s why we drink it here…

  • Lefty Wright

    This drive to repeal the ACA has nothing to do with a campaign promise. The GOP and most media sources need to stop that crap. The promise was to repeal AND REPLACE. With the implicit promise that the replacement would be better. In fact, Trump promised it would be better coverage, cheaper, and cover everyone. The GOP action is like telling a family in an overcrowded rent controlled apartment you are going to take care of their housing problem, then finding their solution is an empty refrigerator box under a highway overpass. Your implied promise was the new place would be better.

    The Republican plans are not in any way fulfilling their promise to repeal and replace the ACA. The only promise it keeps is big tax cuts for the wealthy.

    • Old town Urbandale

      Voting for Graham-Cassidy to fulfill a campaign promise to repeal and replace the ACA is like a Dad who promises his daughter a birthday pony, and then brings home a gerbil.

      • Roadstergal

        A dead, rotting gerbil.

      • Odd Jørgensen

        Richard Gere`s gerbil.

    • Cat Cafe for the Prosecution

      They WERE going to have the empty refrigerator box, but Rand Paul thought it was too much, so now it’s just the firing squad.

  • An Outhouse for the résistance

    Those takers show up to protest just for the free lunch.

    • theCryptofishist

      And George Soros is going, Ha! I guess I don’t have to send them checks, those pizzastrati!

  • Invidosa

    I watched the live feed on YouTube and it was literally heart breaking to see. Not to mention. The fact that (I believe) all of the republicans left the room while the protesters were dragged out. Didn’t even have the fucking guts to stay and see their handiwork.


  • Meanwhile, Republican do absolutely nothing about 6 White House staffers…

    No biggie because David Koch no likie payie taxes

  • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

    Luther Strange needed my campaign advice.
    For example, campaign slogan: Strange is More, and Moore is strange.

    • Celtic_Gnome

      If he wanted my campaign advice, I’d say, “Remember, everything Donald Trump touches turns to shit.”

      • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

        everything he touches dies

  • Kooolest G

    my nomination for shittiest job in the world…. capitol police officer. you take the job thinking you’re part of an elite security team tasked with protecting our democracy and you end up dragging people out of their wheelchairs.

  • Cornelius Fussbudget

    Cassidy wasn’t yawning. That’s just how he swallows people’s souls.

    • Celtic_Gnome

      Or he was limbering up for a session with Mitch McConnell’s balls.

  • Zyxomma

    I’m also too through with the media (even PBS NewsHour) calling this another “Republican attempt at healthcare REFORM.” Destruction should never be called reform.

    As for Miss Lindsay, I mean Senator Graham Cracker, if he’d shown up years ago at my box at the Kentucky Derby and complimented my hat, I might have let him buy me a mint julep, but I doubt it.

    • Rags

      Another reason why I did not renew my 3 PBS/NPR subscriptions this year. They are unable to rise above others framing the story.

    • Lulu’s Mom

      Ditto Rags – my disgust with NPR in particular was the reason I stopped giving $$.

  • VirginiaMorningBlend

    If this doesn’t tell you something is very wrong with the guys deciding on the healthcare of millions, something something and the plane you flew in on.

  • VirginiaMorningBlend

    Wait!! The bill is dead again!!

  • Saxo the Grammarian

    You call this crowd control? Where are the police dogs and the fire hoses?

  • whitroth

    A good friend of mine may have been there, in her wheelchair. (And I wish her MS on Trump and the rest.)

    But you’ll be glad to know that, just this morning, I’ve come up with a fancy logo for the fight to replace the ACA:

    What’cha think, Wonketteers?

    • Erala Contratista

      Ummmm doesn’t fill out them overhauls too much, tho…


    Over at the Washington Post, Paul Waldman sums it up–the Republicans don’t give a shit about policy


    This is further proof that to run for the Senate as a Republican, you have to put your conscience into a blind trust

    • HooverVilles

      What conscience?

  • Rickyphoo

    You got to hand it to these GOP assholes, they sure know about “Optics”. Smiling and yawning or scolding protesting citizens while cops literally carry handicapped people out of the room REALLY looks good on the 6 o’clock news.

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