Can’t you just smell his superiority?

You really have to feel for poor Christopher Barker, the “imperial wizard” of North Carolina’s Loyal White Knights of the KKK, who was the victim of a complete ambush by the Univision TV network. The network had arranged for Barker to be interviewed in late July so he could explain his important views with Univision’s Latino audience, and let him know that the interviewer, Ilia Calderón, would be a Hispanic “woman of color.” But when Calderón arrived, the poor racist was astonished to find out they gots black Hispanics, too, which rattled the good ol’ boy something fierce. Those people are tricky that way. The Washington Post explains:

[The] KKK leader appeared taken aback, according to Calderón and her producer, María Martínez-Guzmán. He had expected someone like the rest of the predominately Hispanic, lighter-skinned news crew, they said.

But Calderón is black. Barker told her she was the first black person to step on his land in his 20 years of living there.

The interview with Barker and his superior white-lady wife, Amanda Barker, was conducted well before Barker and his Klan buddies marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, last week, and aired on Univision last night. The network had spent months setting it up to “provide viewers with an up-close look into a white supremacist’s views,” as Calderón told the Post. What viewers learned was that the white supremacist doesn’t like people of color, no sir, not one bit. We bet that was an eye-opener. Here’s an excerpt, in which Barker explains that Calderón, who immigrated from Colombia and is a U.S. citizen, needs to go back to her own country, which would be the one she’s already in.

Barker: If you love your country, why don’t you go back? Why’re y’all comin’ up here [garbled –“chasing dollars?”]

Calderón: I go back all the time! […]

Barker: We have nothing here in America, ya’ll keep flooding it. But like God said, Yahweh Himself said, we will chase you out of here, and it’ll be a [garbled –“thorn?” “storm?”]

Calderón: Are you going to chase me out of here?

Barker: No, we’re gonna burn you out.

Calderón: How are you gonna do it? How’re you going to do it with 11 million immigrants?

Barker: Don’t matter. Hey, we killed six million Jews the last time. 11 million is nothing.

He seems nice. And maybe a bit confused on who exactly was on what side in WWII. (We are joking of course. America and Britain only got involved on the wrong side, against the Nazis, because the International Jewish Bankers who secretly control both countries forced them to. This is really something your White Power Rangers actually believe.)

Calderón seemed, to say the least, a bit incredulous: “You’re telling me you’re going to burn me,” she said. Barker thought that was perfectly obvious and sensible: “Yeah. You’re sitting on my property now.”

After Barker said, “To me, you’re a nigger. That’s it” (and his wife interjected “Watch your mouth” and chuckled), Calderón replied, “I find that offensive.” Barker bravely said that he didn’t “give a flying fuck” about that, and Calderón added, “My skin color doesn’t define me.” While it’s not in the video above, WaPo reports that Barker’s reply was simply precious: “I’m way more superior than you’ll ever be.” Glad to know that’s settled.

There were also moments of cultural misunderstanding, we learn:

Calderón told The Post she struggled at times to understand Barker, partly because English is her second language and because of his accent. She didn’t initially understand one of the terms he called her: mongrel.

“I’ve been here over 20 years and we’ve never had a black person or whatever you want to call yourself, you’re a mongrel to me,” Barker said. “We’ve never had one. We don’t let them around.”

Calderón also asked Barker whether, if it were necessary in a hypothetical medical crisis, he’d allow one of his children to get a life-saving organ donation from her, if she were a match. Barke scoffed at the very idea and whitesplained the indisputable medical truth to her:

He told her it was not possible, Calderón recalled, claiming that his blood was not the same as hers because of their different races.

Well, then! By the sacred insane eyes of Nathan Bedford Forrest, there’s another reason to expel all immigrants, if they’re unaware of such obvious racial categories and scientific facts.

As a follow-up to the interview, we learn that the Barkers both attended last week’s rally in Charlottesville. The nice white folks told North Carolina TV station WBTV in an interview that they were perfectly OK with the death of Heather Heyer after a march participant drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heyer and injuring 19 others:

“I really hate that that girl died, but she had a choice to be there that day,” Amanda Barker told WBTV.

Her husband disagreed: “I don’t hate that she died, because she’s a Communist,” Christopher Barker said. He blamed the violence on the “antifascists” and on the lack of security at the protests.

“When a couple of them die, it doesn’t bother us,” he told the station. “They’re always attacking and messing with our rallies.”

See? Superior Aryans, just like the Bible says exactly nowhere. We’re starting to think Barker may have a point with his thoughts on medical science — more research on Human-to-Klansman transplants may be needed, since surely a kidney from a decent person would refuse to be lodged in Christopher Barker’s body.

We’ll just close here with a thought from the right Rev. Jesse Custer, of the Preacher comic books:

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  • ManchuCandidate

    “What do you mean we, hillbilly?”
    -burning souls of German Nazis from the darkest circle of hell.

    • little miss high and mighty

      hillbilly libez!

  • Mavenmaven

    Sounds like he’s auditioning to be Tom Price’s second in command at the Department of Health.

  • Michael R
  • TJ Barke
  • Msgr_MΩment

    North Carolina’s Loyal White Knights of the KKK

    How do these traitors get to use “Loyal” as part of their name? Same way Newt Gingrich is a “loyal” husband to whomever he happens to be married to, unless he’s being loyaler with a busty intern who takes good “shorthand”?

    • ManchuCandidate

      Loyal to the white race… I am pretty sure loyalty meaning: keeping it in the family.

      You know you’re a kkk motherfucker when your family tree is a crooked line like their DNA.

      • Ill-Advised

        That does explain what happened to the missing chin.

  • Oblios_Cap

    I’ve heard people like this before. They don’t get to stay in the bar very long.

    • weejee

      ♪ Gimme three steps ♪

      • little miss high and mighty

        yah, from that soutrun band who “Loves the govnuh” and whom Watergate does bother and who don’t need no Neil Young hangin’ round.

        To hell with racists and their apologists!

  • weejee

    Great post for today Dok. This clown’s thinking eclipses so many in total derpitude.

  • chortlingdingo

    Ilia Calderon has so much more self control than I do. I’m not sure that I could have resisted decking that fucker, and I’m not even black.

    • BosGrl

      Those of us not black don’t know what it’s like to deal with fuckers like that on a regular basis. She must have started honing those control skills since the day she came here.

      • chortlingdingo

        Oh I’m sure, and it’s so devastating that she had to.

      • Hizzoner

        Long before that. There is a hierarchy of shades of brown in many Central and South American countries. Racism isn’t, sadly, restricted to a few mouth-breathers from the South.

  • Mr. Blobfish

    Germany declares war on the USA and……….we should rally to it’s side? Do I have that right? That doesn’t seem right.

    • Oblios_Cap

      After they bombed Pearl Harbor and everything? No way!

      • laughingnome

        Was if over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

        • Oblios_Cap

          Hell, no!

  • Mr. Blobfish

    Someone that pink shouldn’t talk about people of color.

    • Martini Ambassador 🍸

      Talk about the blobfish calling the kettle flushed!

  • Jenny

    The University of Texas moved their statues at NIGHT! Like common Nazis!!! So many illiterate alumni are so mad, they will not give their hard earned dollars to the university! This will not stand man!

    Pretty sure UT will be just fine without their money. What with their 3 billion in oil investments. I doubt these loud idiots were buying expensive football tickets as well.

    Plus the confederate statues were moved into their museum, that’s all. Still there for the racist’s pilgrimage. They just have to use a map to find them.

    Lol who am I kidding? The complainers have never stepped on campus.

    • Nockular cavity

      About time.

  • Mr. Blobfish

    Eclipse of the brain.

  • Spurning Beer

    I am disappointed that The Wonkette has engaged in chin-shaming.

    • doktorzoom

      If it makes you feel any better, we’re more in sympathy with Jesse Custer’s first speech bubble than his second.

      • Oblios_Cap

        Won’t anybody think of the Chin-Deprived?

        • Spurning Beer

          For every chinless Mitch McConnell, there’s a hyper-chinned Kellyann Conway.

  • alwayspunkindrublic

    Obviously, one of the many “fine people” Trump praised at Charlottesville.

  • Ryan Denniston

    “Barker: Don’t matter. Hey, we killed six million Jews the last time. 11 million is nothing.”

    What’s this we jive Kartoffel?

    • Spotts1701, Nothingburger Chef

      He has a little Waffen-SS mouse in his pocket?

    • TJ Barke

      Bet he simultaneously claims the holocaust was a hoax.

  • Daniel

    Aggrieved whites are economically anxious, and this is what attracts them to Trump. They’re not interested in identity politics- you can tell by all the badges on his shirt.

  • Oblios_Cap

    There was Zing! – an anonymous quote – in the local paper today saying something to the effect that ” When the eclipse doesn’t happen today, maybe everybody will stop believing the scientists and start supporting “president” Trump”.

    I’m really hoping that was world class trolling, because otherwise, someone too stupid to breathe is running around town.

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      Just watch for the guy staring up with naked eyes later on….

      • Rachel Book Harlot

        And then the inevitable, “why didn’t anyone tell me it was dangerous!”

        • alwayspunkindrublic

          “I blame Obama!11!!”

  • fawkedifiknow

    That weak-chinned guy is a dead ringer for Mitch McConnell.

  • Spurning Beer

    “Mongrel”? Yeah, this jasper is a real thoroughbred.

  • I love that the KKK call themselves “loyal”.

    It’s one of those red flag dating profile adjectives, like “trustworthy” or “faithful”. Betrays such an insane insecurity on those points, and is sort of like starting a lie with the word “honestly”.

    • JMP

      If they call themselves loyal, then why do they fly the flag of the worst traitors in American history?

      • Ill-Advised

        It’s all about a real commitment to a bad idea; loyalty is the only virtue that bad idea attracts.

    • Nockular cavity

      Supporters of the Nazis and Confederates, but sure, “loyal.”

    • SweetDeeKat

      “Believe me…”

  • Martini Ambassador 🍸

    I still really don’t get how those Nazi yokels can find themselves superior in any way. Quelle trash!

  • News at 11: fucking Nazi shithead is a fucking Nazi shithead.

    • Rachel Book Harlot

      Exactly. It drives me crazy that Univision dedicated any time to this moron.

  • Oblios_Cap

    Why do they call it an “Invisible Empire”? There’s not enough of those assholes to fill a medium-sized town?

    • Hizzoner

      Delusions of adequacy?

    • Msgr_MΩment

      Those WIMPS and MACHOS are ironically just dark matter, invisible to the naked eye, but massive reservoirs of derp inertial mass.

  • Ryan Denniston

    Bad as this is, at least he’s out in the open. Easier to mock and point at this than 50 years of politicians playing footsie with the Southern Strategy.

    • Martini Ambassador 🍸

      Yup, I agree. I’m hearing a lot of concern trolling that we are giving Nazis too much coverage. Screw that, let’s let the sun shine on these assholes and disinfect the hell out of that underbelly.

      • little miss high and mighty

        Why is there no effort to dig out every single racist /racist apologist quote, clip and reference behind every single Repub or Dino or Indino and flood the intertubes and blogospherix with the true leanings of these Trent Lotts and Mr. Mitch es and Corey Stewerts &&&& historical (closeted or not) racists who seem so mainstream lately?
        Should be easy to find past racial sin on just about the whole GOP and half the Dems and Inds and Unoffiliateds.
        Gotta be all kinds of dirt down there.

  • laughingnome

    Chin up, Rednecks! Oh, sorry.

  • JMP

    I’m tired of these fucking Nazis in my motherfucking country.

  • Mavenmaven

    So Barker was which s***-for-brains banned commentator?

    • Msgr_MΩment

      Namely, A Idiot. A Moran.

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    A man da bark’er. That sounds rough.

  • The definition of ‘American’ is up for grabs, if a guy like that can claim, as I do, to be an American.

    • Ms.Moon

      This man’s ancestors came from someplace else just like this woman did. He is not a Native American therefore he cannot tell anybody go back to where they came from. I wish the reporter told him that the land he lives on is stolen it doesn’t matter how long ago it was stolen it still doesn’t belong to him.

      • little miss high and mighty

        Yah, Brig. General Stand Watie (Cherokee, I believe) thought if he fought for the Rebs long enough he could get the Indians their land back.
        Sarah Vowell (also Cherokee decent) once rightfully noted that, no matter how hard that Trail Of Tears was for the offiliated tribes- it must have been even worse for the slaves of the wealthy Cherokee.
        Some of these slaves of First Nation families distributed Hollyhock seeds along the way- like Hänsel und Gretl- in order to follow the sprouted flower plants back home from their Oklahoma exile.
        The tribes remain seperated to this day but they don’t own slaves anymore.
        Stand Watie and his troops fought a decidedly ambivalent fight an the Cherokees suffered a decidedly ambivalent victimhood- horrible, though it surely was.

  • Rick Hill

    It wouldn’t be a slippery slope if we put a time limit on handling these matters in a permanent way, would it? Asking for a future FEMA camp application…..

    • Spurning Beer

      Interesting fact, “Slippery Slope” is Donald’s nickname for George Takei.

      • jesterpunk

        I thought that was Rick Santorum’s secret service nickname?

  • Bill D. Burger

    The first pussies he grabbed have fled, so Trump restocks the White House.

  • TJ Barke
  • Rachel Book Harlot

    Why are people like this given a platform? They have absolutely zero to add to our society.

    • jesterpunk

      Because the media wants to reach out to the “economically anxious” Trump supporters to figure out why they are sad since they won the election.

      • Rachel Book Harlot

        It’s driving me freaking crazy.

        • jesterpunk

          Yeah same here, and conservatives still claim there is a liberal media in this country. So the media only interviews conservatives and ignores how liberals feel about anything thats going on.

          • Lily

            Yes. This happens on many good news outlets: NPR, Atlantic, Slate, NYTimes, Guardian, etc. Do any conservative papers interview liberals in a fair-minded way to find out what liberals think and treat them with dignity and respect while doing so?


    • alwayspunkindrublic

      BOTH SIDES!!

  • Msgr_MΩment

    and his wife interjected “Watch your mouth” and chuckled.

    The chuckle part is what makes me pig-biting mad.

    h/t to Ed Anger, super columnist

  • JMP

    He didn’t know that black Latina people exist? So has he like never heard of Rosario Dawson, who in addition to being one of the hottest actresses alive is the glue that holds the Marvel Netflix shows together?

    • Msgr_MΩment

      So now the blacks and the browns are mixing! SEE?!!

    • Martini Ambassador 🍸

      😍 I love her.

    • Viva La Tabula Raza

      They just watch their old Ma and Pa Kettle VHS tapes, haven’t seen a new release at the movies since 1978.

      • BearLeft

        I’m pretty sure they haven’t seen anything since Super-8.

    • anon_the_great

      There is no end to what a racist cracker doesn’t know

  • Jenny

    For some reason I thought maybe these two might actually be the “aryan” couple so stylized in their literature. Other than being fat and unshaved, Mr. Barker was almost there with his blue eyes and blonde hair.

    Amanda Barker? Brown eyes, ruddy skin, brown hair that’s been dyed red with grocery store hair color.

    Dammit people, at least live the dream! How am I supposed to take you clowns seriously if ya can’t even look the part???

  • alwayspunkindrublic

    Looks like SOMEbody’s been peeing in the gene pool again.

  • I’d love to see what a DNA test would show about him. I’d be willing to bet that it would turn out that he’s not quite as “pure” as he thinks he is.

    • Alan

      Pure stupid.

    • Ill-Advised

      I look “pure,” but it’s a filthy lie. Never rely on the phenotype!

  • Baconzgood

    So….Sammy Sosa wasn’t latin? Whoda thunk?

    • Oblios_Cap

      David Ortiz? Dominican Republic, you say?

      • Werewolf

        ¿Chico Escuela?

        • BearLeft

          I think this one needs to be repeated by Garrett Morris for the hard of thinking.

          • little miss high and mighty

            remeber Garrett’s first role on SNL?
            Inspired by the woman on “This Is Your Life” who, back then (1950’s I suppose) banged out on the piano and- gospel style swing sang:
            (please excuse the direct quotes):
            “IM a gonna git me a shotgun an shoot ever nigger I seee…!”
            I’m gonna git me a shotgun etc etc.
            So . Morris improvised as a prisoner explaining his release plans:

            “I’m gonna git me a shotgun and shoot ever whitey I seeee”
            Yeah, that was mid 70’s- don’t think we were around back then but I saw him explain this in an interview- prolly still online somewhere, check Garrett Morris, Interview,PBS or such for the cite.

    • Red Bird

      They’ve been given soft signals by some Hispanics that white supremacy is okay with them. So, why not assume things?

  • Jenny

    Oh goddammit. The boss and his butt buddy, we shall call him Mr. MBA are talking about the anniversary of Ruby Ridge. Errrheeeerrrdeeeerr that’s why the eclipse is happening today.

    I need to get out of here before Mr. MBA becomes my boss. He’s a grade A moron.

    • Spotts1701, Nothingburger Chef
      • Jenny

        Oh that’s just white jesus remembering Ruby Ridge! That’s all!

      • BosGrl

        These idiots don’t believe in science but they believe in magic.

        • Permit-holder Ron

          TBF, 90% of modern technology might as well be magic to these people. ‘Understanding how things work’ isn’t within their skill sets.

          • Ill-Advised

            To be sure, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I think the bar may be set by the steam engine.

          • Permit-holder Ron

            Or possibly the wheel.

      • Ghenghis McCann

        The sun comes up, the sun goes down. Who can explain it?

    • Red Bird

      Wait you’re boss thinks the eclipse is happening because a white supremacist was killed by FBI?

      • Jenny

        I wish I could say this was a one off, abnormal thing he said…

        It isn’t.

        • Red Bird

          Ugh. I feel your pain. My office is full of that type. But karma has been good to me. They’ve slowly been laid off or quit due to the wonderful jobs program of Donnie Two Scoops.

          I now walk into work knowing the conversation will be mostly brand and business related.

  • Bill D. Burger
    • Ghenghis McCann

      How was he not captain of the Enterprise? He talks more sense than Shatner.

      • The Wanderer

        He became captain of Excelsior, a more advanced class of starship.

        • (((fka_donnie_d)))

          Designed by noted engineer Stanley Lieber, no doubt.

      • Permit-holder Ron

        Asked and answered. The show would have been boring beyond belief.
        ‘Captain Sulu, there are Klingon ships approaching at warp 2!’
        ‘Better not take any chances. Reverse course, warp 3. Let’s not provoke them.’

    • President Obama should have awarded him and Nichelle the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their activism.

  • anon_the_great

    Speaking of Jesse Custer check out AMC’s Preacher. If you liked Dirk Gently and/or Legion, Preacher is right up your alley. Mondays at 9:00pm.

    And no, I ain’t gettin squat for chatting the show up.

    • Oblios_Cap

      It’s a pretty awesome show.

    • CafeenMan

      I just started watching Legion and it’s not really grabbing me yet. Everyone who likes the kind of shows I like tells me it’s good so I’m sticking with it because series often start weak and get better.

      I’ll check out Dirk and Preacher. I’ve never heard of either show.

    • Catstro

      We’re about 3/4 through the first season. I’m enjoying it so far.

      Visually I loved Logan, but I actively dislike all of the characters, so it hasn’t grabbed me. We took a break about halfway through and haven’t returned to it yet.

  • TJ Barke

    Can we treat Mr. Barker the way he wants to treat Ms. Calderon?

    • Thurman Munster IV

      Only with votes

      • CafeenMan

        Dammit, when do I get to use my flame-thrower?!?!?

        • ken_kukec

          When Marsellus Wallace calls you to come see about Zed?

          • CafeenMan

            Do I bring my own gimp or will one be provided?

    • CafeenMan

      I’ve been asking the same thing about Guantanamo for years.

      If right wingers believe that it’s perfectly acceptable to torture people who you believe will give you information they otherwise wouldn’t give you then they should be fine with us torturing people like Cheney, Ryan and Trump so that they’ll tell us the truth about how they’re working against America.

  • Serai 1

    Assholes be assholes. Color me shocked.

  • Ryan Denniston

    ““I really hate that that girl died, but she had a choice to be there that day,” Amanda Barker told WBTV.”

    Yes, of course. Perfectly reasonable to expect that at any moment, you might get run over by a Nazi employing ISIS tactics. Totally normal in America.

    • Shibusa

      You could say that about the victim of any terrorist attack. /FFS.

      • CafeenMan

        You could say it about anyone anywhere who wasn’t forced to be there against their will regardless of whether anyone dies.

        This asshole just flat-out stated that people deserve to die if they choose to be someplace.

    • CafeenMan

      Right wingers don’t understand how logic works.

      So any time a person “chooses” to be someplace they deserve to die because they chose to be wherever.

      • 🛶🗣️ Mr Canoehead 🛶🗣️

        Yeah, all those people who chose to be in the Twin Towers…

    • She lived there, the Nazis came from elsewhere.

      • Permit-holder Ron

        So, clearly HER fault. She should have lived somewhere else.

    • James Baskin

      One of the hallmarks of redneckishness is the inability to empathize.

      • spacecat in space

        I’d call it more one of the hallmarks of racists and fascists, but that’s mostly because I’ve known some pretty forward-thinking rednecks.

  • theblackdog

    Now that you’re done with this BS Univision, when will you have the stories about the people who knew Trump was terrible, voted against him, and how badly his presidency has affected them?

    • jesterpunk

      They won’t do that, they only interview conservatives to see why they are sad no matter who the president is.

      • CafeenMan

        All TV does that. A Republican is President, the show bring on Republicans to get their opinions of whatever is going on.

        A Democrat is President they bring on Republicans to get their opinions of whatever is going on.

        It’s so super-important that everyone knows how Republicans feel about everything all the time and nobody needs to know what anyone else thinks about the same (or other) topics.

        • jesterpunk

          But something something liberal media.

          • 🛶🗣️ Mr Canoehead 🛶🗣️

            That’s just it. They’re so afraid of being accused of liberal bias that they bend over backwards to get the Republican viewpoint on everything.
            AND, it doesn’t work! You could lick GOP ass 99% of the time, then report one accurate, unflattering thing, and you’re “Librul bais! Lamestream media!”

        • Lily


          I wish I could give this 1,000 up votes and shout it.

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      The Guardian too, also. Incessant articles about this ilk, and how they love Trump no matter what. Yeah…I got it the first time, thanks.

      • Rachel Book Harlot

        Add WaPo to this list. It’s almost daily.

        • SomeBigRedDog

          I call it moron porn.

        • spacecat in space

          The NY Times, constantly.

      • Michael Smith

        And yet the “Moderate conservatives” that support Trump because “he’s still better than crooked Killary” will respond to stories like this by saying

        “This is irrelevant. This guy represents a tiny fraction of Trump voters. But the liberal media wants to pretend that all Trump supporters are white supremacists, so they interview Klansmen and pretend that they represent all of us. Where’s your interviews with Antifa or Anti-White Black Militants huhhhh? BIAS!! They threw bottles of piss at cops!! Why don’t you say all Democrats are violent communists?? Generalization works both ways!!”

        • LeftyProud

          If I see that argument one more time, I will scream. And get stabby. With Votes of course. Maybe.

          • Ill-Advised

            If you get stabby with votes, are you then afflicted with hanging chads? Asking for a friend.

        • “Generalization works both ways!! It should work only one way – OURS! 14 WORDS!!!!”

  • Covfefe’s Evil Twin

    This is one of those “very fine” people Drumpf was talking about?

    • A Groucho Marxist

      It might also be one of the “deplorables” Hillary was talking about.

      • spacecat in space

        A basket full of actual pig excrement would be less foul and less toxic than these people.

    • Well, she showed enormous grace and dignity by telling her husband to watch his mouth. Give her some credit. /S

    • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

      Yes. This.^^^

  • Mr. Blobfish

    Even JC Watts, after years of looking the other way, has come out against republicans winking and nodding at white supremacists.

  • Bill D. Burger

    [“We killed six million Jews the last time. Eleven million is nothing.”]

    But then:
    [Both he and his wife said they “don’t hate anyone,” were “not racist” and do not condone violence.]

    Gawwwd’! __ Welcome to the diseased and depraved mentality of the leader of one of the groups that Trump and the Republicans are cultivating to compensate for the popular support they are losing among ordinary Americans.
    The inevitable outcome for a morally and intellectually bankrupt political Party that has already given it’s stamp of approval to bragging about sexually assaulting women, calling them bimbos (and other misogynistic names), mocking the handicapped, and being a congenital, pathological liar.
    Welcome to the Republican Party of Trump USA.

    • Ill-Advised

      “Won’t someone think of the poor Poles?”

      “Are they white?”

  • Shibusa
    Let’s hope Christopher & Amanda Barker have not reproduced.

    • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

      They could be Darwin Award winners then.

  • rocktonsam

    “We killed 6 million jews,11 million is nothing. ” this man is not in jail why?

    • ken_kukec

      Because there’s no such thing as a thought crime, or pure speech crime, in the U.S. of America.

      • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

        But, I hope he is at least on a watch-list.

  • My partner is a “Colombian of color” and I live in NC.

    I will add this guy to my ever growing list of people I’d like to get on an elevator with.

  • Randy Riddle

    I look at this guy and his wife and think, “Someday, this will end in tears. And a prison term.”

  • The Librarian

    Oh, what a rock star this guy is. Meaning head full of rocks and a legend in his own mind.

  • Alan

    Please stop giving assholes a forum.

    • LeftyProud

      I agree. I was really pissed of at NBC this week when on Sunday they had a story about “how they internet is fueling the “Alt Right”movement – and gave interviews to the idiots – and no pushback or questing of their beliefs was happening at all. AND they called them the “Alt_right”

  • Lance Thrustwell

    Although I know there are other guys like this out there, I kind of feel like this is shining the spotlight on the wrong thing. Dumbass racists like this do not represent the real institutionalized threat to non-white people in this country. Smooth, pseudo-intellectuals like Richard Spencer are scarier than this guy, and ostensible ‘non-racists’ like Jeff Sessions are scarier still. Schmucks like this guy are just convenient fishes in barrels that people can feel good about taking shots at.

  • ken_kukec

    So the dumb bigot thinks that when Univision sends its reporters, they’re not sending their best people?

  • jesterpunk
  • OrdinaryJoe

    If comments were allowed here I would be breaking the rules when I put in writing my opinions about what should happen to this guy and his wife!

    • Parakeetist

      Same here.

  • Catstro

    I hope Ms. Calderón doesn’t feel like her English isn’t good enough to understand that moran. I’m a 9th generation North Carolinian and there are people here that I can’t understand because of their accents.

  • Bub, the cynical zombie

    I stated my position on punching Nazis in the appropriate thread yesterday. I now find myself reconsidering it.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    Pretty sure Barker and his kin have a family page in those “BUSTED” newspapers you see in convenience stores.

    • I bet his family tree looks like a Spirograph.

      • Bill Diaz

        ‘Happy Birthday, Uncle Dad!’

        Have a great day!

      • Boscoe

        A moebius loop. :D

  • Ghenghis McCann

    Assuming that by ‘White’ these guys mean ‘European’, they’ve obviously never been told that Europeans have 1% to 4% Neanderthal DNA. That’s not just racial interbreeding, that’s species interbreeding.

    • Vagenda of Rebel Scum

      The real “mongrels”.

    • I have a friend who is very proud that he’s in the higher Neandertal percentile. He’s short, kinda stocky, and has a gloriously shaped noggin.

      He also teaches math to kids in the juvenile corrections system. If Neandertal DNA is responsible for that, these people would be better off with more of it.

      • Lance Thrustwell

        Neanderthals get a bad rap. I hear they were actually pretty nice.

        • Ghenghis McCann

          They were well adapted to the conditions they lived in. Then those immigrant Homo Sapiens Sapiens arrived.

          • Permit-holder Ron

            Build the wall!

          • Ill-Advised

            And say on a hill on the other side of the Danube, sending city glances.

    • Daniel Nee

      Speciation in homo is a little unclear. It looks like everything after erectus could cross breed successfully with the hybrid progeny likely abele to mate successfully with members of either parent group. Biologists pretended that hybridization wasn’t a thing for a long time for racist reasons.

  • Red Bird

    Small point but it must be noted that his wife was supporting him in all of this. I think we call that the 53% effect. ;)

    • Manders

      Well, it’s just an important reminder that there are female Klanscritters too, it’s just that we don’t see many of them. And that’s because? *They also hate women.* They often START OUT with hating women, and then move on to some other forms of hatred.

      And someone gave birth to these guys and raised them, so there’s at least a decent chance that this stuff is learned.

      White women have shit to answer for, too, is what I’m saying. Not least of which is the election of the Oaf of Office.

      • Red Bird

        Oh they have a lot to answer for. Women are usually the ones who maintain traditions and culture. The garbage about white supremacy/confederate heritage is cultivated by them. White men are the face of the movement but it wouldn’t be a movement without some sort of behind the scenes support. The proof is in the pudding. 53% voted for someone they knew was racist because they didn’t think it would affect them. #fact

        • spacecat in space

          The Daughters of the Confederacy are responsible for a large number of the monuments honoring traitors who killed Americans in defense if the right to own human beings (and torture, rape, and murder them).

          • Red Bird

            That’s my point.

          • little miss high and mighty

            Sussesh women were the soul of the Confederacy- not just Mary Chesnut and co.(who wupped thosse restive slaves when big daddy was out on the march?) Who homespun and dyed that butternut uniform and cast those homemade minnieballs?
            Lincoln himself, throughout the war housed Mary Lincoln’s sister-in the WH! (Confederate widow)- an openly , and vocal susesh .
            Women benifitted well from household slavery and were a major driving force behind the war effort. Notice how many spys were women. Do not kid yoursef, sisters, the Confederacy (and the KKKlan) have major female support- just look at their ranks today in Congress and state houses and in the media.
            This is not an X or Y chromosonal racisive (sic) trait

      • commatoes

        "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…"— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 13, 2017

        "People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love…"— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 13, 2017

        "…For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." – Nelson Mandela— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 13, 2017

  • Notreelyhelping

    I drew a breath at the “6 million” comment until I thought: dude, you realize that a good chunk of those 6 million are hip to your shtick and may not go quietly.

    But, hey, he seems dumber than dirt; so who knows how much thinking he can spare.

    • commatoes

      They think the voters of the Trumpen Fuhrer agree with them wholeheartedly. With current poll numbers, it seems the voters are backing away from him faster than if he farted at the dinner table.

  • Lance Thrustwell

    I don’t date outside my race.*

    *Humans only. Very strict about that.

    • Ghenghis McCann

      We’ve got no DNA tests to show he’s human.

    • marxalot

      I used to have that conversation with my furry buddy in college. I was like, “dude, I can’t get it up for opposite-gender members of my own species, come on, I’m not exactly a xxxenophile.”

    • natoslug

      KKK-dude likely doesn’t date outside his family tree.

    • Yellerduck

      That’s too baaa-aaad.

    • Trip Space-Parasite

      Anyone seen Kiri lately?

  • The Wanderer

    I am deeply ashamed of my NW European heritage right now. My only consolation is the knowledge that my forebears trekked to Europe from Africa through the Caucasus.

    • Red Bird

      You must have strong thighs.

    • Daniel Nee

      These plebs don’t represent the Anglo dutch cultural complex. Not that you should be proud of being Anglo Dutch or Germanic or whatever per se but don’t be ashamed either we just happened to live on the far side Of the Fells the fens and the channel. So the worst of continental politics didn’t tear us up this allowed us to be the ultimate beneficiaries of the Columbian exchange. It’s just a thing that happened.cultural shake itself out. The part we have to be worried about is the fact of the reactionaries have torn down cultural progress any number of times temper Julian was pretty OK and then 100 years later every Theodosius was like set about murdering some Jews because Jesus and stuff. Cyrus the great was a multicultural kind a guy more less given that the times. Now his descendants I remembered as the monstrous enemies of the manly men in Sparta everyone of them a rapist and amurderer.
      Apologies for the word salad. I need to get better at using text to speech.

  • covfefesumgame0005

    not to wish violence on that “superior” couple however I would really really like a DNA test to see if they live up their principles and run themselves off his property and then burn themselves out…

    • ariel_gee_398

      Is spontaneous human combustion real? Let’s find out!

    • Grumpy Twat

      I had my DNA tested recently. Haven’t got the numbers handy but I turned out to be about 59% English, 29% Scandinavian, 8% Ashkenazi Jewish, 1.8% Irish, Scottish, Welsh and 1.2% Central American, so Mr Superior could certainly be in for a bit of a surprise.

      • Mehmeisterjr

        I am skeptical about the hard-sell DNA testing biz. A friend of mine had herself tested and came up with one result and on re-testing came up with a completely different result.

        In the end, what difference does it make?

        I am probably Irish and German with some Polish in there somewhere but if they turned up some African, so what? It just traces back to the dawn of man.

        I don’t have the time to waste on this.

        • Grumpy Twat

          You’re right. It makes no difference to my life and a lot of it makes no sense. If their definition of English includes pre-Celts, Celts, Vikings and Normans how can there be separate definitions for Irish/Scottish/Welsh and Scandinavian?

          It just makes me laugh when I hear NF idiots banging on about being “100% English”.

          I was just vaguely curious. No big deal.

  • AlanInSF

    It’s been said before, probably right here in the 145 comments before me, but white supremacists are the best argument against white supremacy.

    • little miss high and mighty

      which is exactly why we need to keep Creepo in the WH a while longer- Make those Rep Ugly Cans run on his record , not on Pence’s hopeful alternatives or Ryan’s popular dog whistling

  • mancityRed6

    that guy makes me both punchy and stabby.
    it’s a very good thing for his fecal loving mouth that I don’t have a reason to be in North Carolina, again, ever.

    • Pisto75666

      I lived there for 10 months in 10th grade. Didn’t have a bad time there but, I’m not all that interested in going back

    • Come to Durham. We have good food and good beer. and we don’t put up with Nazis.

      • mancityRed6

        I’ve only been as far as Asheville, and that was ’01

      • ContextIsKey

        I’ll second that. The restaurants are great, and people get into basketball and the Durham Bulls, and you get front row tickets to the Resistance.

        • It really is a great city. It’s not perfect, but no place is. I moved here 17 years ago and have never regretted it.

      • DirtyHippyLiberal

        My favorite professor from my undergrad work is moving there! I plan to visit at some point…I’ll look up your good food. Thanks!

    • commatoes

      Like their little corners of the internet, they congregate together to make the ideological circle jerk more convenient.

  • David Chaillou

    “A close-up view of a white supremacist’s mind”, is that a new euphemism for having a colonoscopy?

    • Michael Smith

      Frankly I’m not sure why we need an analysis of white supremacists are thinking. Once you get the basis of their worldview, all of their other thoughts and opinions are very easy to predict.

      • But the analysis is necessary to see how they got there in the first place, what environmental factors and groups they were growing up caused the extremism in the first place – this way we as a culture, can inoculate ourselves and future generations against this – it might take an extreme form of something to wipe this out, including laws that state parents who express extremist views will have their children taken from them much in the same thread of other child protective services. We as society must be intolerant of intolerance.

        • Gayer Than Thou

          If only it were analysis, but it tends to just be an opportunity for them to spout off their nonsense some more. Analysis would imply the media go looking for the people and entities that encourage that nonsense.

          • Mehmeisterjr

            And fund it.

        • Watch who you’re calling an extremist there, pardner. I’m a communist, of the “not that Stalin/Mao bullshit, but real economic democracy and equality” kind. That’s also considered extremist at the moment, and I would rather my daughter not be taken off me.

    • fauxpinky

      Dude, my fecal matter is more intelligent than this guy…

    • Tasha Naraganza, of Spain


    • Boscoe

      IT IS NOW.

  • Permit-holder Ron

    Are we allowed to send back our White Race membership cards? Cuz I’d never be a member of a club that would let in someone like him.

    • natoslug

      It’s been a while since I’ve checked, but didn’t we all come out of Africa at some point, likely a bit darker than we are now? White Race just means that we got stuck in cold, dark places for too long, and someone turned down the contrast and increased the brightness on our genealogical Xeroxes.

      • Boscoe

        Well sure, if yore wunna them “Science buleevers”.

        • natoslug

          WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT MY NDT SHRINE?!!!!??????!1!?

      • Mehmeisterjr

        Now you are just talking science. No fairs!

  • Jo Mathie

    The stupidity of this man is insane. But then racism is insane too. I’m a Brit and all four of my grandparents fought against the Nazis in the airforce, ambulance crew and radar. None of them were Jewish but they had no problem with Jewish people or anyone of any religion. They weren’t brainwashed by magical Jewish fairies, they did what was right.

    • sarafina

      Magical Jewish Fairies would be a great band name!

      • commatoes

        Nazi and homophobe news make me want to bring out the band I saw at Pride Day in Toronto a while back.

  • Lorindel Ó Loingsigh

    I’m betting if he sent his DNA in to 23andme, the results would back as
    96% Shitgibbon, causing a conflagration of shame and outrage in the
    Shitgibbon community culminating in a flinging contest and
    community-wide demand for a retest.

    • Boscoe

      …and 3% African, just because the universe is made entirely out of irony at this point.

      • Sophia

        Hey, I read the other day that if the tests come back showing any of that blah DNA they will just keep sending it out to differing companies until they find one that will not show that. Business opportunity for you there.

      • Regret

        Ah, hmm.
        Where did all hominids originate again?

  • jodyleek

    Anyone else catch the fact that he didn’t deny the holocaust with the 6 million remark? I thought these assholes always denied it.

    • Ghenghis McCann

      Now Trump’s in the White House, they’re getting bolder.

    • Boscoe

      Didn’t deny it? HE BRAGGED ABOUT IT.

      • Cat Cafe for the Prosecution


    • sarafina

      The Nazi’s killed at least 11 million of which 6 million were Jews. The 5 million non-Jews were people also.

  • commatoes

    Yeah, he gots hisself lots o lernin.

    • Tasha Naraganza, of Spain

      He done be one o’ the superiorist white people I ever seed.

      • Yellerduck

        Not one ‘a them lesser superiors.

  • natoslug

    I’m proudly mongrel. And likely at least a dash Mongol. And depending on how long I’ve been working in the yard, a mottled mix of off-white, puce, and beige. And the Master Race can fuck right off. And I like cake.

    • Tasha Naraganza, of Spain

      I, too, like cake.

      • natoslug

        There are only two times when I do not like cake: 1. When the cake is a lie, and 2. When someone has left it out in the rain.

        • Grumpy Twat

          Fake cake?

        • Regret

          Be honest, you even like the cake when the cake is a lie.
          It makes you bob your head.

          • natoslug

            The lie-cake is not one of those cakes we like!

        • I am ok with it in the rain if it is really good cake

        • Tasha Naraganza, of Spain

          I detest mendacious cake, but when the sweet green icing is flowing down, in the rain, it looks yummy, though gooey.

    • Hardly Ideal

      I wonder sometimes about their hard-on for pure blood. I get it, superiority issues. But biologically speaking, I thought pure blood was a bad thing. Like, you only achieve it though extensive in-breeding.

      Or as Major Kusanagi said: Overspecialize, and you breed in weakness. It’s slow death.

      • Mehmeisterjr

        Inbreeding definitely destroyed royal dynasties.

        I’m not sure if it will turn up as quickly in Trumpites marry Trumpians, given the vast, bigly numbers. But it can’t help.

  • kareemachan

    I hope he does have to have a transplant and is told, “BTW, the only one we have is from a black/hispanic/gay dude. Wanna live or not?”

    • Carpe Vagenda

      You can have a liver from a hispanic church deacon who exercised five days a week and watched his cholesterol, or you can have a liver from your best friend Earl, who was riding shotgun when you crashed. Earl really liked Jack and meth. Go for it.

  • Angela Ruzzo

    When my mother was nursing in an Army hospital in England during WWII, they set up a new wing for German POWs in the early fall of 1944. They asked for volunteers, but nobody volunteered to work there because they all had fathers, brothers, husbands or sons fighting the Germans, so they had to assign staff, and my mother was put in charge of the nursing staff in that wing because she was older than the rest of the nurses and had more experience. She told me that several German POWs who needed blood transfusions to survive refused them, because “American blood is mongrel blood.” They died.

    This did not surprise her because during her nursing training in the late 30’s, blood supplies in American hospitals were segregated, and white people in hospitals had to sign a paper saying they agreed to accept “colored” blood if that was the only blood available in their type, and a significant number of people refused the “colored” blood and died.

    It was the US Army that stopped the segregation of blood supplies during WWII – they said they just didn’t have the time or resources to be bothered with that shit during wartime, so it stopped. I don’t think many people remember this.

    • Tasha Naraganza, of Spain

      Great story. War cuts out all sorts of bullshit.

      • sarafina

        So, are you looking forward to all the advances in the orange shitgibbon’s multiple ego wars??
        (Asking for a friend.)

        • Tasha Naraganza, of Spain

          Tell your friend that I draw the line at shitgibbon wars. Too screechy.

      • Um….yay war?

        • Tasha Naraganza, of Spain

          I didn’t say I liked it, just what it tends to do. It also results in amazing inventions, like thermonuclear devices, and I don’t like that, either.

    • gene108

      Do you know, if the German POW’s meant only African-American blood or did this extend to white Americans, because white America consists of Slavs, Southern Europeans, etc., who Nazis considered inferior races?

      Plus there’s a good bit of “race” mixing between whites, like Irish-Italian marriages, diluting northern European blood.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        The German POWS refused ALL American blood supplies, because it was not “guaranteed Aryan pure blood.”

        • Mehmeisterjr

          How pure of them!

          • Angela Ruzzo

            I neglected to make it very clear that not ALL German POWs refused American blood supplies. According to my mother, the number who did was quite small.

          • Mehmeisterjr

            But for those few heroes! Keeping the race pure!

          • Angela Ruzzo

            Yeah, but they died. Imagine the look on their faces when they got to the Afterlife, assuming there is one which is a big assumption, and found out they had to share it with “mongrel races.”

    • Edith Prickly

      Well, I suppose it was nice of those people who didn’t want the “mongrel” blood to Darwin themselves out of the gene pool? FFS.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        It was very difficult for the American nurses to muster their training and skills and ethics to do their job in that ward. They knew the Germans were not treating the American POWs with the same level of consideration and medical skill. In fact, the American military hospitals at the time were the only places in the world that had penicillin, and some of the nurses had to grit their teeth to administer it to POWs because their own husbands and fathers and sons and sweethearts were being allowed to die in German camps without any adequate medical treatment. But the nurses did it. This is what my mother told me, and she was not an emotional person or a person who ever exaggerated, she just told it like it was.

    • sarafina

      I would think someone that much in need of a blood transfusion would not have been asked, just treated.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        It was standard procedure in hospitals at the time to ask the patient to sign a form accepting blood transfusions, if they were conscious. If the patient was not conscious and no next of kin was available, the hospitals did what they had to do and whether anyone complained afterwards, I do not know. In the US at the time a white patient had to sign a form to accept “colored” blood, and if they were unconscious, the next of kin had to sign the form. Sometimes they refused.

        • Mehmeisterjr

          I am going to carefully tiptoe my way around a loving banhammer here because I can’t, in good conscience, wish a horrible death on anybody.

          But suppose one of these superior racial specimens happened to accidentally shoot hisself in the gizzard five or six times while cleaning an empty weapon, as is his Second Amendment right.

          And suppose he was transported to one of those godless hospitals staffed by libtard nurses and doctors with their fancy goddam degrees and science and whatnot.

          Shouldn’t he have the freedom to refuse a transfusion from one of the lesser races?

          And shouldn’t the hospital be required to keep (at great expense, for freedom!) accurate records of the race of donors?

          And shouldn’t he have the freedom (for freedom!) to accept a blood transfer from a reliably white donor who has a different blood type because white?

          I’m not saying these should be the rules but I wouldn’t object if racists opted for themselves and only for themselves, except for the “at great expense” part.

          With votes.

          • Angela Ruzzo

            Anyone can refuse a transfusion on any grounds, if they choose. Jehovah’s Witnesses forbid transfusions. But nobody can refuse a certain batch of blood on racial/ethnic grounds, because although blood donors are not anonymous, the blood they donate IS anonymous, and is not labeled other than with the blood type, and the blood in any one batch in a hospital is a mix from multiple donors with the same type. If a person is obsessed with blood purity, their only option is to donate their own blood and have it stored for emergency use in the future, or find a close relative with the same blood type to donate a lot of blood very quickly if the need is urgent.

            I have been interested in the subject of bone marrow transplants ever since I learned that the DNA of the donor remains in the blood of the recipient for life. I learned this by watching a TV crime series in which the murderer left some drops of blood at the crime scene, and the blood matched a man who had an alibi but whose bone marrow donation had been used to save the life of a young girl, who was the actual murderer. I thought “Is that true?” so I googled it, and it was true.

            Which raises the question of what a person with race obsessions would do if they needed a bone marrow transplant and could not get it from a close relative. Bone marrow donations are also anonymous. In this case, a woman was carrying the DNA of a male in her blood. If she lives in Texas, which bathroom should she use? (sarcastic question)

            HIPAA does not allow hospitals or doctors to reveal any personal information about blood or bone marrow donors without the donor’s written consent.

            The reason why the US Army decided to stop segregating blood supplies in 1942 was because it was, indeed, very expensive to maintain records and separation of blood supplies, and the urgent need for LARGE quantities of blood in a HURRY in front line hospitals simply made it impractical.

          • Mehmeisterjr

            You have obviously researched this subject in detail over many years.

            And I am just joking around, as usual.

            I remember that one of the Law and Order episodes picked up on that bone marrow transplant detail years ago.

            I can’t quite figure out the mentality that rejects a blood transfusion if you need it.

            Case in point: me.

            Decades ago, I had to undergo emergency surgery. On the one hand, it saved my life.

            On the other hand, I needed a blood transfusion stat and it was before they could test for AIDS infection or even knew that it was a possibility.

            Fortunately for me, the blood was clear. Not knowing that I was uninfected cost me many years of anxiety but others were not so lucky, so I can’t gripe.

            What I can’t understand is rejecting a transfusion on racial superiority grounds.

            That is just nucking futs.

          • Angela Ruzzo

            It certainly seems nucking futs to us, but historically, great importance was attached to human blood in cultural, religious, social and even magical terms. It has worked its way into language too – blood feud, the blood of Christ, blood will have blood, first blood, in the blood, after your blood, bad blood, bleed them dry, blood and guts, etc.

          • Mehmeisterjr

            Yeah, it has worked into many metaphors.

            But, at some point, can’t we admit that it is a bodily fluid that exists in a variety of forms in all humans that are understood by any reasonably-competent blood technician?

            Well, of course, we can, you and I.

            The Barkers? Not so much.

          • Angela Ruzzo

            I remember when I learned about racism. I was about 6 or 7, and there was a scene in a TV program (might have been a movie on TV, not sure) and a black character cut himself, and a white character was surprised that the black character had red blood, just like white people. I couldn’t figure that out, turned to my mother and said “Why would he think that black man’s blood was a different color?” I knew animals had red blood because I had seen a baby duck and a frog die, so I couldn’t figure out where anyone got the idea that all people didn’t have red blood too. I distinctly remember my mother was knitting, and she put down her knitting in her lap and looked out the front window for about 15 seconds before she explained it to me. I don’t remember what she said, just that I had trouble grasping the concept. Those are the moments that parents dread.

  • Portia McGonagal

    Guess I should amend my organ donor card to say “except white supremacists” except I’m not a chicken shit asshole afraid of my own shadow because it’s not white.

    And I know dictionaries are elitist and all, but maybe Mr. Superior should look up the word diaspora.

    Also too, might want to understand how black people got to places like Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, etc. in addition to the US. We didn’t walk here.

    • Hardly Ideal

      I dunno, I never thought about a donation blacklist. If I found out my heart was going to help Dick Cheney live for another 1,000 years, my corpse might just pop out of the ground and take the thing back.

      • Grokenstein

        Shhh! Careful with that sort of talk!
        Hollywood might hear y–OH DAMMIT NO

    • You know it’s kinda funny. I can’t find the story now, but a few days ago in my news feed there was a headline to an article about how some white Supremacists refused to allow an Asian (and female, like, that’s not sandwhich-making, honey!) doctor treat them. So I guess it WOULD be a-ok for all parties to put that on your organ donor card.

      Besides, your heart and liver doesn’t seem to contain enough bile for the likes of them anyway.

      • Nasty Girl Brianna

        I would have said “Alright fine. Then you can sit there untreated until we find someone more to your liking” and left him there for the rest of the day.

      • Portia McGonagal

        Ha. I tweeted that out today:

        20 freaking 17.— Portia McGonagal (@PortiaMcGonagal) August 21, 2017

      • Mehmeisterjr

        Boy, howdy, good luck keeping to that racial purity ideal getting medical attention these days.

        Just thinking about my primary care doctors in the past few (50 or so) years:


        Jewish (several times)

        Filipina (and female, yet)

        Indian sub-continent (I don’t know the details and don’t care.)

        The only pcp I had, briefly, was an American of Dutch extraction and even then, the Nazis invaded the Netherlands, so he didn’t qualify on their superiority chart, either.

        I am just beginning to think that this whole race thing is bullshit.

      • Ω cynmac’s reclaiming her time

        Not just white people. My daughter’s pediatrician was Arab (and I don’t know if Christian or Muslim cuz don’t care) and when he expanded his practice, he brought on a white man and a black woman. Because people had issues with him treating their kids. Initially, I thought it was weird when the staff would ask if I had a preference of doctor when I’d make appointments. I would always say that I didn’t care and then I started laughing when they would ask. I think they made a note in my daughter’s records not to ask me any more.

    • YayConspiracy

      You use words like ‘look up’ and ‘understand’ two of the many things these superior beings are incapable of.

    • ImGoingBacon

      So here’s a (half assed) thought. What would be the test to determine if someone is a white supremacist, when their life is on the line?
      “Mr. Hitler, you’re dying of liver cancer, but the only donor who has the correct replacement liver is a half black Chicano lesbian.”
      Would they have second thoughts about dying? ‘Well, if it’s the only liver you can find…”

  • Zyxomma

    Stupid nazi, but then I repeat myself.

  • SadDemInTex

    The fact they actually believe that they have different blood…it’s insane. Chilling

    • Mehmeisterjr

      A+ – that stands for Aryan-positive, right?

      • sarafina

        Well, I’m white with blood type A- — what does that make me?

        Do I have to hate myself now?

        • brucej

          Heck, I’m white with Type O- guess i’m the one of the hated ‘Others’.

          You know, one of those folks who get along with all the other types

          (gotta get a hematology joke in there somehow! :-)

          • Mehmeisterjr

            I figure that Christopher Barker and his charming missus have an approximate knowledge of hematology on their best day but if backed into a corner, they would explain the categories as follows:

            A = Aryan
            B = Blanc, i.e. White
            O = Only Whites Need Apply

            The rhesus factor boils down to:

            rh positive = I am positively not a monkey

            rh negative = I ain’t no monkey

            That would seem to imply that Ms. Calderón has some other substance coursing in her veins.

            Which would in turn explain why she is less superior than he will ever be, whatever that means.

          • Lily

            Yeah, but O is the universal donor, so the best!

        • Ω cynmac’s reclaiming her time

          A-negative is very, very rare too.

      • Ω cynmac’s reclaiming her time

        I’m a black female with A+. Got it from my mama. Passed it to my daughter.
        Genetics, how does that happen?

  • Jgb979

    Well I hope his employer doesn’t……..

    Ahaha ha Who am I kidding

    He’s never had a job.

    My biggest pet peeve of racists is when they try to argue that they aren’t racist. I’d say he at least didn’t do that

    • Mehmeisterjr

      Well, I grant him that but he sure hit a lot of other pet peeves.

  • PJ

    Wonkette, “Latino/a” and “Hispanic” are not interchangeable. “Latino” means “from Latin America” and “Hispanic” means “from Spain”; it also implies being white, so “black Hispanic” would be a contradiction (unless, possibly, someone was of African descent and born in Spain, but I’m not sure they would refer to themselves that way). Since the reporter in question is from Colombia, just referring to her as Latina (or Colombian) would be more appropriate.

    • Empress of the Iguana People

      Maybe. My Mexican-born ob calls himself hispanic, and I ain’t arguing with him.

    • Edith Prickly

      My understanding of Hispanic is that it’s someone with Spanish-speaking origin/ancestry – so it’s not necessarily wrong to say she’s Hispanic.

    • What Pierre said

      Living in the U.S., it has always been my understanding that Hispanic, refers to anyone in the Spanish diaspora, in other words, peoples from Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain. A person from Spain could refer to herself as Spanish but not a person from any other country. Hispanic, on the other hand, could refer to someone from Spain and/or Portugal or any of the other Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking countries in the world. Therefore, in the context of U.S, English, yr Wonkette is correct in its usage, at least according to Mirriam-Webster:

    • pgjack

      The woman is an American citizen so the proper term is “American”.

    • Agreed. Though i do know a latina from peru who calls herself hispanic. Something about the spanishes i guess

    • Nasty Girl Brianna

      Those terms have been interchangeable for decades now.

    • BearLeft

      Yeah, I don’t know where you get your information, PJ, but I live in New Mexico, the most Latino/Hispanic/Chicano state in the union, and the first state (besides Hawai’i) in which white people are not a majority. The term used by lighter-skinned people who want to make a point that they’re Spanish is “Spanish.”

    • little miss high and mighty

      Right, we here never ever go with “Hispanic”- sounds just too WASP speechy.
      In Cally or in the US Southwest we like Chicano (native US) or Cuz(general ).
      But best is Mija and Mijo.
      Works on Spaniards, too.

      • Ω cynmac’s reclaiming her time

        I used to own an art school and I had two students who were aunt and nephew. She would call him “mijo” all the time and it embarrassed him. I would laugh at his embarrassment and tell him to never be embarrassed that someone loves you.

  • Celtic_Gnome
  • Relativicus

    “Where the fuck is your chin,” indeed.

    • gratuitous

      Not to mention, if Christopher is so gosh-darned superior to everyone else, why hasn’t he done any better in life? I know a lot of people of the races Baker considers to be inferior who have done far more with the life they’ve been given by practically any measure you can think of (though Baker has them beat in spades on stupidity).

      • ImGoingBacon

        Because it is easier to blame someone else, than to admit to your own mistakes. It’s never your fault, because you are right and perfect, or you’re a victim of circumstance. FSM forbid if they did any type of soul searching, or worked on self awareness.

    • Can add brain moral compass soul and or dick to that. Interchangable

  • JDM

    “We have nothing here in America…”

    Wow, why does this guy hate America so much. I say we got PLENTY here in America. Why is it that these “patriots”, self-styled of course, are constantly saying the place is a hellhole, that we can’t do, etc.? I like my country; these “patriots” obviously do not.

    • Jennaratrix

      They think it’s a hellhole because of all the immigrants; as soon as we kick them out it’ll be perfect again; the idea behind MAGA. They have the deluded idea that there is this Utopian, perfect, white America in the barely distant past, which if we could just get Jesus back in everyday life, women back in the kitchen, and n*ggers and sp*cs and w*ps out of “our” country, we’d get that Utopia back. (I want to make it abundantly clear that I’m using those words, redacted, in the voice of white supremacists and to make a point; don’t kid yourself for a second that they don’t actually refer to anyone not white by racial and ethnic slurs on their own time. I do not.)

      They don’t love America; they love a false idol called “MURKA!” that never was. They think they can somehow get it back. It’s delusional and as we’ve seen recently, dangerous. They’re the kind of people that don’t admit they’ve ever made a mistake; to admit you were wrong about something is weak. Therefore, everything they’ve ever done is right, and it’s why they can’t back down when faced with incontrovertible proof of their awfulness. It’s the same with their MURKA! MURKA! has no checkered past; it’s all perfect. It means they have to put a positive spin on slavery, racism, sexism; many of them do it using their bible as bullshit justification.

      To love something or someone is to love ALL of it, the good and the bad. They don’t acknowledge any bad in America, except for all these damn immigrants; they can’t acknowledge mistake, missteps, downright awfulness. It’s the same way they are themselves; they fail to understand that things are complicated, that a person can be a good person while still having faults, so they turn the faults into virtues and color everything good. It’s fucked up. And understanding it doesn’t really help, because the only cure for ignorance is education, and as I tell my students all the time, I can’t teach you anything if you don’t possess a will to learn. These people do not. They’re the real Lost Cause.

    • Lily

      Just like the Abigail Fisher Supreme Court case, it’s about blaming all the people of color with lower scores that got into UT ahead of Fisher. Forty-seven people with lower scores were admitted to UT before Fisher. 5 of those were POC. 42 were white. The whole case hinged on the scores of these 5 people, but not the other 42. Why?

      So, this turd thinks he has nothing in America because of immigrants. What about all the white people that got in his way to the top?

  • Nasty Candy Apple

    Well. I need to go finish a bottle of tequila now. God I hate these fuckers.

  • (((fka_donnie_d)))

    To quote the stock Brooklyn rejoinder

    “What’s this ‘we’ shit? Are you pregnant, or do you got a tiny asshole in your left pants pocket?”

    • Ω cynmac’s reclaiming her time

      Or as Tonto said to the Lone Ranger when they were surrounded by Native warriors – “What is this ‘we’ shit, kemo sabe?”.

  • I wish i had a dragon.

    • Hardly Ideal

      I’m pretty sure there are dragons better behaved than this fucked.

      Which reminds me, I really need to find some decent emulators for Panzer Dragoon. Time spent better than listening to some yokel tell me how superior he is.

    • ImGoingBacon

      I wish I had three

  • Nasty Girl Brianna

    But they’re totally not Nazis. Nope. They only want to exterminate ELEVEN million immigrants, not six. Totally different.

    • persistently_resistant_gayby


  • george lastrapes

    The Crying Nazi- der weinende Ubermensch- is saying that his boohoos were a good thing (maybe part of a master-race master-plan?) to get publicity for his cause, going viral and assuring him of meme-mortification and meme-martyrdom. Embarrassing enough to make him a deity in his own personal pantheon. Is this Klanster a spokesmoron now? Maybe he shoulda been left under his rock.

  • Boy this guy would freak out if they held this interview in Brazil…

  • BearLeft

    Another tragic victim of cerebral bypass surgery gone awry ….

  • Debbie the Unpaid Protester

    Oh, my gosh, that was ugly. I feel so bad for that interviewer, and so sad for this country, that 9% of its people agree with the putzes she had to sit in the same room with (badly grammatical sentence structure, probably, but I’m too upset after reading the article to care).

    • H0mer0

      She (Ms Calderon) was classy in a good way.

  • unionthuggery

    These people (and I use the term loosely here) are the living equivalent of the devices used to administer oatmeal enemas.

  • brucej

    Calderón: How are you gonna do it? How’re you going to do it with 11 million immigrants?

    Barker: Don’t matter. Hey, we killed six million Jews the last time. 11 million is nothing.

    Dude just goes from losing side to losing side, doesn’t he?

    What we need is a meme I’m too lazy to make right now:

    Left hand side: Picture of Sherman “Don’t make me come down there!”
    Right hand side Picture of Patton “Hold my beer!”

    In lieu of that, I’ll just have to post a picture of the OG Antifa brigades:

  • YayConspiracy

    If bile could talk it’d sound like the Barkers.

  • Hairstrike Alpha

    I love that the superior white race holds up the Confederacy and the Nazis as it’s examples of Aryan superiority- histories losers.

  • waspuppet

    “I’m way more superior than you’ll ever be.”

    It’s at times like this that I wonder whether an English test for citizenship is really such a bad idea.

  • whitroth

    Oddly enough, on another blog, I saw someone quote from the Bible about all this:

    Leviticus 19:33-34New International Version (NIV)
    33 “‘When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them.

    34 The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.

    ‘Bout that Yahwey, Hisself, asshole….

  • Heyzeus Ahchay

    Imperial whizzer.

  • NotALiar

    I do not support his right to free speech

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