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Bluto wasn’t racist; he drank booze of all colors

The Justice Department’s internal job posting seeking lawyers to help crack down on affirmative action programs that perpetrate “intentional race-based discrimination” has really resonated with the usual anti-affirmative action wingnuts, and may be just the thing to help Jeff Sessions win allies as Donald Trump has nosed around the possibility of firing him. Of course, Sessions may be safe for now, since new chief of staff John Kelly called him this weekend to assure him he can keep his job for now. However, just in case that was John Barron pretending to be John Kelly, Sessions may still want to keep a couple of cardboard boxes in his office, you know, if he needs to suddenly pack up his desk.

Of course, if Sessions going after affirmative action makes Trump more popular with his base (which is as base as they come), Trump may end up taking credit for the move, because he has the best ideas.

The DOJ’s move is being seen by some as a bit of easy red meat that can be thrown to keep the base satisfied:

“This touches a lot of issues and talks right to the folks who look at college admissions and believe slots for their kids are being taken, whether it’s by illegal immigrants or by other groups,” said Brett O’Donnell, a veteran Republican consultant. “It strikes to the heart of how they feel college is increasingly unaffordable and sometimes impossible to get into.”

Mind you, this assumes there even is any DOJ effort to take on affirmative action — Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores said in a statement that the Fake News Media had blown the job announcement completely out of proportion:

Press reports regarding the personnel posting in the Civil Rights Division have been inaccurate. The posting sought volunteers to investigate one administrative complaint filed by a coalition of 64 Asian American associations in May 2015 that the prior Administration left unresolved. The complaint alleges racial discrimination against Asian Americans in a university’s admissions policy and practices.

See? Just one case, and how could a single case ever set some kind of legal precedent, huh? Flores also denied the DOJ had “received or issued any directive, memorandum, initiative, or policy related to university admissions in general” and insisted the department is committed to “protecting all Americans from all forms of illegal race-based discrimination” — which on the right is a nice way of saying any admissions policy that attempts to promote diversity.

WaPo, however, said that the job announcement happened because of the refusal of “career staffers who specialize in education” to work on the case, “out of concerns it was contrary to the division’s long-standing approach to civil rights in education.” So if the career civil servants won’t touch it, let the political hires take it on, because Republicans just love a good civil rights case that helps undermine affirmative action.

Heaven knows Linda Chavez, Ronald Reagan’s head of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and now head of the right-leaning Center for Equal Opportunity, is pretty happy to see the DOJ taking what she called a “long-standing conservative approach” to affirmative action:

“It isn’t just white students who are excluded,” Chavez said. “Probably the biggest group of people who are affected by this are Asian students. But, it also isn’t a service to the students who get admitted under those different qualifications because many of them struggle.”

It really isn’t fair to make middling minority students carry the burdens of working hard in college when mediocre white students could do just as average academically, but at least have their other social advantages land them a good job with a gentleman’s C. It worked for George W. Bush and Rick Perry, after all.

WaPo notes that anxiety over affirmative action is a bigly motivator for Trump supporters:

A Washington Post-ABC News poll last year showed 44 percent of registered voters who supported Trump saw “whites losing out because of preferences for blacks and Hispanics” as a bigger problem than minorities “losing out.”

Beyond the respectable segments of the Republican right, those of the unhinged racist variety are delighted by the move. Old racist failure David Duke was heartened to see the Trump administration taking on “(((affirmative action)))” — the parentheses indicate it’s a Jewish plot — saying affirmative action has an inherently “anti-white nature” and hoping “this could be the start of something big.” At Duke’s official website, another headline (for the same story) announced, “Prez Trump Declares War on Ant-White Racial Discrimination – Zios are Enraged!” At the white nationalist site “Occidental Dissent,” the news was met with some satisfaction, even while acknowledging that the Trump administration isn’t getting racist red-pilled fast enough for their taste:

While the Alt-Right and Alt-South have leveled numerous justified criticisms against the Trump Administration we can be assured that moves like this on behalf of White people would not be taking place if Donald Trump had lost the 2016 presidential election. If Hillary Climton [sic] or a cuckservative had won the might of the DOJ would have been firmly against our interests and out to destroy what is left of White America.


Just about the only real problem with the leak of the DOJ memo, as far as maximizing wingnut support for the administration, was that Trump stepped on the news with his own push for a going-nowhere immigration bill. The Internet Flying Monkey Brigade really got going when Trump White House adviser Stephen Miller bravely trashed the poem on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, which many racists consider nothing more than graffiti.

Then again, maybe the sudden emphasis on immigration was tactical — we wouldn’t want Jeff Sessions stealing all the wingnut racist attention for himself, after all.

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  • beingreleased

    Remember all those people during the Sonia Sotomayor hearings who said “If only I’d been born Puerto Rican in the Bronx. Then life would be easy.”

    • Beanz&Berryz

      There’s a musical about that easy living…

  • Nounverb911

    Alt-South? Isn’t that the North?

  • maman

    So tired of listening to mediocre white people blaming minorities for their struggle. Like these opportunities belonged to them.

  • Indiepalin

    Silver lining: From now on, in keeping with the spirit of this initiative, football programs at traditional powerhouses like Alabama and Ohio St. will be required to field teams more in keeping with the racial makeup of the student population at large

    • Nounverb911
      • elviouslyqueer


        • Oblios_Cap

          Such a flashy dresser…

      • Beanz&Berryz

        I’m a scrawny white boy and at my little college I was one of the bigger ones on the rugby team, that’s how scrawny we were…

      • WIDTAP

        Those floppy ears are natural? Who would have guessed?

      • Wild Cat

        JBS must stand for “Jesus, Blow , and Segregation!”

      • Amy!

        Poor baby. Like the girls who start to sag early, JeffBo’s ears seem to have starting drooping from a very early age.

  • elviouslyqueer

    Oh for heaven’s sake. Won’t somebody please take into account the hurt feefees and edumacational butthurt of all these lily white snowflakes? I mean, really.

    • Oblios_Cap

      They can go to Trump U. Practically anyone with a pulse can get in.

      • Old town Urbandale

        If they haven’t maxed out their credit card, or otherwise have a good line of credit.

  • Vincent Ricola

    This is such bullshit.

    Quit making excuses for raising dumb kids, white parents. You should’ve put your extra-strength oxy and “everyday is a Monday” wineglass down long enough to help do homework so some hardworking black kid didn’t get your snowflake’s Ivy league slot.

  • Ωbjectifier

    As if his base knows anything about college admission.

  • Bill D. Burger

    ot but__Whoah! Whoah! ___ Splain’ this to me.
    We’re selling tickets to our rallies now? (*Or have to have a free ticket? to get in? ___ Hell, he’ll be lucky to fill up a high school unless they just want to attend a freak show. ????) And the ticket site doesn’t even work. Weird.
    WTF? Where’s the money going?___ Lawyers?

    • Vincent Ricola

      He’s always sold tickets. I know because I was mind-fucking-blown that a candidate would charge potential voters to come to a rally. Grifters gonna grift, I guess.

      • Bill D. Burger

        How I missed that lil’ gem….well, ya’ larn’ sumtin’ new every day.

    • WIDTAP

      Yep. Going to West Virginia for a rally. Those two families in Minnesota who lost children in the school blast can go suck eggs.

    • jesterpunk
    • UncleTravelingMatt

      This is why he immediately launched his re-election campaign. He can not only charge money for tickets, he can restrict who is admitted to his events.

    • alpacapunchbowl

      A woman I work with is connected on facebook to one of her mother’s RWNJ friends. Said friend posted video and pictures from the “rally” in Ohio the other week. The administration claimed something like 71,000 people attended, even though the venue doesn’t even hold that many people and the crowd that was there was, shall we say, sparse.
      It would be funny if everything wasn’t terrible.

  • Oblios_Cap

    “It strikes to the heart of how they feel college is increasingly unaffordable and sometimes impossible to get into.”

    I’ll agree with the unaffordable part. And they are probably close to impossible for most home-schooled kids and rednecks that can’t read to get into.

  • La forza del resistino

    The fear of one day working for or reporting to a POC with a degree is only surpassed by the envy that person has a reserved parking slot to park their superior ride.

  • Wild Cat

    This is nothing. Wait until they pass the “Inferior Gooks Can’t Get Better Grades Than We Do Laws of 2017.”

  • FlownΩver

    Someone needs to keep a list of everyone at DOJ who expresses any interest in being part of this shitshow. They can be the first invitees to the 2021 FEMA camps.

  • Joe Beese

    In other race-related news, LL Cool J is a recipient of the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors.

    Cause he’s that type of guy.

    • NastyBossetti

      Does that mean he will be performing such classics as “Big Ole Butt” and “The Bristol Hotel” onstage at the Kennedy Center? I’m ready for that.

      • Jamoche

        And is Donnie going to attend?

        • NastyBossetti

          I’m not ready for THAT.

        • alpacapunchbowl

          Doubtful, but if he does I hope Cool James performs Mama Said Knock You Out directly to Dolt 45 in the most comically “menacing” manner possible.

      • UncleTravelingMatt

        Are you saying it’s a comeback? Because if you are . . .

        • NastyBossetti

          I would never. He’s been here for years. He’s rocking his peers, putting suckers in fear.

          • UncleTravelingMatt

            Alright then.

          • Joe Beese

            The problem of sucker MCs is always with us.

      • Joe Beese

        “Ivanka’s got a big ole butt / I know I told ya I’d be true / But Ivanka’s got a big ole butt / So I’m leavin’ you”

        • NastyBossetti

          LL Cool J would never.

    • alpacapunchbowl

      I think someone like Nas would be more fitting, but I this is pretty allright. Congrats to LL!

      • Red Bird

        He was there in the beginning. Run DMC would have been better IMHO.

        • alpacapunchbowl

          Fair enough, when I think beginning though I’m thinking more along the lines of Kool Keith, Herc and Flash, etc.

    • calliecallie

      I love LL Cool J! Not so much for the rap, as for this thing I read back when Sarah Palin was trying to make it on Fox News. Fox cobbled together a show for her where they used taped interviews of various stars and made it look like she was doing the interviews or something. LL Cool J was one of the stars they had interview tape of. He said no fucking way could they use tape of him for that. He was just starting off on the NCIS LA show then. Fox News responded by condescendingly saying they understood and wished him well “in his nascent television career.” I have rooted for LL’s success ever since!

    • aureolaborealis

      LL Cool J in a post about trashy white people, you say?

    • CripesAmighty

      Gonna be fun watching Dump squirm through that show.

  • canes_pugnaces

    The South has risen again.

  • Nounverb911
    • Joe Beese

      My father was of the generation when Jews were discriminated against in college acceptances because “otherwise there would be too many of them”.

      So I’m very touchy on this subject.

      • Nounverb911

        When I got to Clemson in 1970, the Jewish population on campus was… 18 out of 8000 students. There were some that thought that was too many.

    • canes_pugnaces

      My daughter’s school in NYC is 63% Asian. And it’s true, many of those kids can’t get into Harvard with the same grades as others, based on quotas. Solution: make it so only white kids can go to elite schools.

      • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

        Quotas are unconstitutional.

        • canes_pugnaces


          • Skwerl the Taco Hunter

            Schools are required to consider a wide range of factors. Race cannot be a primary one, and quotas cannot be set.

            There is a lot of misinformation about Affirmative Action.

          • canes_pugnaces

            True: and the quotas are informal. But to be clear I was being tongue and cheek.

        • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

          The case law on it, admittedly, is rather bonkers. If I remember correctly, it’s basically “you can encourage diversity, just don’t set strict numbers.” So give preference to minorities if you want, just don’t set hard quotas, kind of.

      • I, too, went to Stuyvesant. Or is it another one?

        • Nounverb911

          Were you there at the same time as Actor212?

        • canes_pugnaces


    • Villago Delenda Est

      The Yellow Peril lives!

  • Nounverb911

    No one from the media RSVPed that they would attend.

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      Mooch, your 15 minutes are over and the schadenfreude appeal is drying up fast. Shit or get off the pot.

    • NastyBossetti

      Why is everything capitalized?

      • greyXstar

        I Don’t See A Problem

    • canes_pugnaces

      Or: because i’m meeting with my divorce lawyer.

    • Bill D. Burger
    • exinkwretch

      I’m busy in the private sector. Those Cayman Islands tax shelters don’t build themselves!

  • I’m suspecting what is being thrown to The Base isn’t red meat, is more a reconstituted processed meat-like food product.

    • greyXstar

      Or Soylent Green

    • Wuulf

      Pink slime.

  • Mavenmaven

    Because all those inbred good ole boys are concerned about their spot at an Ivy League university.

  • Anna Rompage

    Sir, are deflectors are breaking down, we need even more white privlage if we are to sustain this attack…

    GOP congressional intern photo op..

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      God, the only measurable diversity in that room is in brunettes.

    • Nounverb911

      They must get their SPF 100 by the tanker load.

    • MynameisBlarney

      Look at all those motherfucking snowflakes!

    • alpacapunchbowl

      Shit, please warn me next time so I can put my sunglasses on before I pull up that photo!

    • Celtic_Gnome

      I think I saw two blah people in that pic.

  • greyXstar

    This is ANOTHER area where Dems need to forget about “going high when they go low”. This is blatant, ugly racism and xenophobia, and it needs to be straight up called out and slapped down. Every. Single. Time!

  • Reximus
    • greyXstar

      “I look like a dope”

      Something something broken clock

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      “You’re breaking mah balls Mal, you’re breaking mah balls!”

  • Beanz&Berryz

    DOJ doing its part to preserve white mediocrocrisy!

  • Spotts1701, Nothingburger Chef

    Between this and trying to gut Title IX, they really do want to go back to making universities look more like Pimento University (Ah, good ol’ P.U.).

  • armed_bears
  • Bill D. Burger
  • Oneofthebobs

    I’m a big white guy who has never been passed over for anyone who was less qualified for a job than me. I wish that Hillary Clinton and Al Gore could say the same thing.

    • Red Bird

      True story, I was once told that my engineering license was not as good as another engineer’s (white male) because he waited a year longer to get his than I did. I have yet to understand that.

      • Oneofthebobs

        I think I understand, if you know what I mean.

        • Red Bird

          Oh believe me I do. My favorite part of my career was being reminded by the receptionist that I was ‘just like everyone else’ even though my title was manager. I understood the subtext from day one.

  • Anna Rompage

    Us whites, especially us white males, we’re being pushed by the way side and are being discriminated against around each and every turn…

    • Bill D. Burger

      As an affluent, middle age, Caucasian man, I had no idea how oppressed and what a victim I am until I heard it on FOX and from this White House.
      I always felt lucky ___ Boy O’ Boy! That was a wake up call.

      • Anna Rompage

        No shit, here I am, have had a fruitful life of employment, lots of opportunities to advance, have probably gotten a job or two because my name isn’t Tyrnoe or Juan…

        I own a house, we ave two cars, two cats, a decent retirement set aside, and I feel if I ever tire or my job, that I still have mobility, even in my late 40s

        Shit, who knew this was an awful life, filled with gut wrenching discrimination…

        • Covfefe

          You need a dog.

          • Anna Rompage

            I’m not really all that fond of owning dogs, they’re loud and require lots of mtc…

    • Bill D. Burger
      • alpacapunchbowl

        We miss you Jon!

        • Natalie Au Natural Hedonist

          Indeed, voice of sanity.

  • SadDemInTex

    This just makes me want to break my head open on a desk. The truth is we need skilled workers in fields like plumbing and welding. These are jobs that cannot be automated or sent overseas. I’m seriously thinking of becoming an apprentice plumber as a retirement occupation. Lest you think your college education would go to waste…you have to pass serious written tests as you advance.

    • Swampgas_Man

      My brother was turned down for a police sergeant’s position because he refused to go to college.

      • alpacapunchbowl

        And did he blame it on the Blahs? My uncle is a now “retired” former fire chief, and he blames his issues (including a lengthy suspension and investigation) on a lesbian firefighter who he claims set out on a vendetta against him because he told her off for making skeevy comments about his daughter.
        He was always a RWNJ, but now he’s a bitter RWNJ.

  • Mavenmaven

    It’s the black folks what kept me from Princeton!!!

  • Yr. Gma

    I taught college for about 743 years, and I saw lots of students. I never noticed them getting less white as the decades rolled on. Of course, this was in California.

  • Well, you know what they say…

    “If you take care of your White People, then they forget all about you”*

    Word to your mommy

    • alpacapunchbowl

      Oh my god, the side eye on the black guy is fantastic.

    • TJ Barke

      Go back to Bawstin.

      • I heard “BAWstun”, but the people who can’t talk right denied they say dat

  • Nounverb911
    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      So our defining national characteristic is obesity.


  • SayItWithWookies

    That Jeff Sessions, he’s a showboater. Actually, it’s better that his this obvious about wanting to end affirmative action, because it’s easier to spot and oppose.

  • Raan

    OT Newsbreak:
    Auto workers at the Canton, Mississippi Nissan plant are voting today on whether or not to join the UAW. If the effort succeeds, it will be the first of Nissan’s three US plants to unionize. Nissan’s other plants world-wide are already unionized.

    Germany is blaming the government of Vietnam for the kidnapping of a Vietnamese former oil executive in Berlin. According to officials, the executive was in Berlin to seek asylum. Germany has expelled the Vietnamese intelligence attaché over the kidnapping.

    • OutOfOrbit

      not look good for oil exec in berlin

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    Judging by the quality of the trumpanzees, I see nothing wrong with destroying what is left of “white America.”

    • OutOfOrbit

      but i, white guy, could not compete

  • willi0000000

    oh good. . . more lies and bullshit from the justice* department.

    • RMKH

      *Your results may vary.

  • alpacapunchbowl

    Look, I’m a white albeit with roughly 3% (((DNA))), but if these alt-right assholes are “White America”, I say BURN IT THE FUCK DOWN.

  • MynameisBlarney

    Weeeeheheheheheeeeeelllllll now…

    Some folks just got no damn taste.

  • exinkwretch

    Hell, son — I don’t worry none about them fancy-schmancy colleges and book lernin and such. I just don’t want any of them darkies in the rod n’ gun club.

  • UncleTravelingMatt

    “If two students are equally mediocre, the white student is more entitled to admission than the minority student.” Because fundamental fairness.

  • YoBunnyBunny

    “It really isn’t fair to make middling minority students carry the burdens of working hard in college when mediocre white students could do just as average academically, but at least have their other social advantages land them a good job with a gentleman’s C. It worked for George W. Bush and Rick Perry, after all.”

    I like this, Dok.

  • FauxAntocles

    I thought they hated edumacation cuz it turns kids into libtards?

    • alpacapunchbowl

      Trying to parse out their bullshit with logic is inevitably an exercise in futility.

  • Reximus
    • MynameisBlarney

      I have run out of ducks to give.

    • HazooToo

      Okay but why, and do they have a plan to clean up all 50k ducks? Sorry to fart on your nicetime. It was nice, just also confusing.

      • Courser_Resistance

        Boulder Colorado has its annual Rubber Ducky Race, too. Each ducky has a number on the bottom so you pay your money and get a number. Yes, all the Duckies are cleaned up afterward and are actually re-used year after year. A local TV station got a look at the big clear plastic bins they’re stored in year after year. It’s a fun charity thing and doesn’t hurt the water or anything.

        • HazooToo

          Okay now I understand! Thank you for splainering.

          • Courser_Resistance

            Happy to share! I’m sure a few duckies escape each year but thus far we’ve had no explosion of wee, teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy babby rubber duckies, that I’ve ever heard of.

      • SprinklemagicResistancebuns

        The Chicago ones are kept in a contained area, then removed with fishing nets.

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      That’s all well and good, until they start to breed and begin competing with local fauna for resources. Introducing invasive species rarely turns out well…

  • MynameisBlarney

    “Psychological analysis of turmp supporters has uncovered 5 key traits! Number 3 will shock you!”

    • OutOfOrbit

      that’s some deep reading right there…no i did not wade in

      • MynameisBlarney

        But LISTICLES!

        • OutOfOrbit

          how DARE you all-caps my listicles!

          • MynameisBlarney

            You know you like that shit!

  • Lance Thrustwell

    Once upon a time, I was actually skeptical about affirmative action in general. I guess I still am in theory – i.e. it could be abused, I suppose – but if applied properly, I don’t see how a reasonable person could have a problem with it, given the realities of how race affects lives in this country.

    An example of proper application: do “blind” selection of applicants (names and addresses removed, tell-tale associations and clubs removed, etc.) and do your selection process. Narrow it down to the two top applicants for any given position, student slot, etc. Then reveal races. If one is a historically discriminated-against minority, give it to him or her. If not, then apply whatever remaining criteria you can come up with.

    • OutOfOrbit

      that sounds purdy hard

      • Lance Thrustwell

        Not really – you’d be doing all that anyway. The only additional step is removing the race identifiers. You can give that task to someone outside the hiring/admissions group.

        EDIT: or better yet, build it into the application platform/instructions.

        • HazooToo

          @Ebonyteach on Twitter has said that removing race identifiers may not work, because the way POC experience the world comes through in their writing. She may have a point, there.

          • Lance Thrustwell

            Hm. But what if you delay looking at that as well?

          • HazooToo

            Delay looking at the writing? Perhaps, but that seems like a very important consideration. Do you look at the writing before or after the race is revealed?

          • Lance Thrustwell

            Given the potential of the essay, cover letter, etc., to inadvertently reveal the race of the applicant, I suppose it would have to come after. So then the role of the applicant’s writing would only be as a potential disqualifier.

          • HazooToo

            I’ve got absolutely no experience with college in any way, shape or form, but that seems somehow weird.

    • willi0000000

      “reasonable person” . . . that’s where you went wrong.

  • willi0000000

    soon schools like Hahvahd are going to just have to accept the first applications that cross their desks so they don’t discriminate.

    [ until parents of out-of-state kids complain that the locals get faster mail service so are unfairly advantaged ]

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    I have no idea what the solutions to apparently-insoluble long-term problems like discrimination, poverty, peace, etc are. This is why I don’t run for office. I KNOW I don’t have anything meaningful to contribute. If only there were some way to get other people with nothing to offer to stay out of political life. (Looking at you, every Republican everywhere.)

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      Here’s an idea, fix all the institutional, systemic problems that disenfranchise certain groups so we don’t have to artificially tilt the playing field in their favor at college admissions time to make up for that playing field being tilted against them their whole lives leading up to that point? GIve them equal opportunity at nutrition, equally equipped schools, safe neighborhoods, employment opportunities for parents so that families are more likely to stay intact, etc, etc.

  • Zippy W Pinhead

    Why can’t those moocher blahs and messicans earn their way into college by merit like that fine, upstanding Jared?

  • Me not sure

    I know school where there’s an affirmative action outreach for white kids.

  • rosenbomb

    I’m sure they will work on preventing wealthy families from “buying” their mediocre kids admission next.

  • NotALiar

    Lololololollol people still use cuck/cuckservative non ironically?!?!?! What a fucking goob.

  • Ron Spangler

    I didn’t get into Harvard in ’82, which turned out just fine for me*. But now I am outraged and want to know which proto-Kushner with a C average and a rich dad got in instead of me that year.

    *MIT was MIT when Harvard was a pup.
    And MIT will be MIT when Harvard’s time is up.
    And any Harvard son of a bitch who thinks he’s in our class
    Can pucker up his rosy lips and kiss the beaver’s ass.

    • Ron Spangler

      Also and too, Princeton’s run by Wellesley, Wellesley’s run by Yale, Yale is run by Vassar, and Vassar’s run by tail, Harvard’s run by stiff pricks, the kind you raise by hand. But MIT’s run by engineers, the finest in the land.

    • Skeptical_thinker

      Cambridge Massachusetts Grocery store, express lane (12 items or less) on prominent sign:

      Student unloads 23 items on conveyor belt.

      Cashier looks up, says, “Are you from MIT and can’t read or Harvard and can’t count?”

    • Eileen Besse

      My Dad’s an MIT alum! Slainte to him in Heaven!

    • My son’s first choice for astro physics. He’s 12 tho….

  • YoBunnyBunny

    Why exactly would David Duke be “heartened” about affirmative action that disadvantages ASIANS????

    Oh, because he dumbfucks dumbly.

    Real talk: Just what exactly does discrimination against white people look like? When we’re talking about discrimination in admission against minorities, we’re talking about proxy variables where there is known racial bias–SAT scores, membership in certain civic organizations, legacy, income. Can someone please point out to me the metric (quotas aren’t one) that systemically and unfairly disadvantages swaths of white kids? If there were some sort of systemic discrimination, we would see depressed enrollment numbers for white students across the border, no? Are white students not being accepted anymore? If you ask me–I work at a predominately white college with a strong Asian cohort–there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of white students. Oh, but that’s not the problem: it’s blahs and browns are GETTING IN, therefore some unfortunate white child must be victimized by the P.C.Libtard Masses.

    • Lance Thrustwell

      I also work in higher ed, and I too am unaware of any such data.

    • ziggywiggy

      Don’t you know? When you help one person you are obviously taking something away from someone else.

    • dshwa

      It’s because they’re trying to use the alleged discrimination of Asian students to gut affirmative action. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about Asians except as a means to be a dick to African Americans.

    • Vagenda of Rebel Scum

      When you look at the Ivies and the other top tier colleges the competition has become so ridiculous that there has to be some randomization to it. Back when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, when I was in high school, it was enough to have a very high grade point average and SAT’s and sports, band, drama etc to distinguish yourself. That was in the 70’s.
      By the time my kids were in high school, in the aughts, it had gotten ridiculous. There were millions of kids with outstanding GPA’s, SAT’s, community service, extracurriculars, AP classes all competing for a tiny number of slots. My highest achieving kid was waitlisted for a “minor ivy” as Ted Cruz would say- I’m glad she didn’t go as they had a string of ugly suicides that year, and as it ends up, she didn’t do well away from home where she did go.
      It’s a ridiculous crazy overpriced game, and I’ll be paying off the loans FOREVER.

  • President in Exile Firefly

    They should call this the Justice for Harold and Kumar Act.

  • Changeling

    It’s funny(?) that in Russia they have racism against Caucasians (people from the Caucasus area).

  • Jeff Ackerman

    I blame Time for all this, wing nuts want a racially pure society. I’ll need to look into bleaching myself to fit in.

    • Courser_Resistance

      Me too

    • Lance Thrustwell

      Just look at that awful mongrel… say, she’s kind of hot, for a computer simulation.*

      *Not to sound racist against computer simulations.

    • armed_bears

      She seems nice.

    • If things keep going, there’ll be men and women like this on every corner.

      • armed_bears

        I thought that was taco trucks.

        • It’s possible she’ll be selling tacos, though perhaps we’ll see some ethnic fusion options.

          • unionthuggery

            Korean tacos are the bomb.

    • Red Bird

      US isn’t the world’s first multicultural society. Also too the future is a few shades darker.

      • Jeff Ackerman

        I don’t think Time was using enough brown tint on the picture either.
        My younger sister had a DNA test done, the results weren’t a big surprise. Pacific Islander, Scandanavian (German/Russian), Irish, Welsh, and Alaska Native. Just another mutt.

        • Red Bird

          I’m mixed too. For a long time I was convinced the European part of my ancestry was Irish. Not so. Straight out of Spain and Greece. I guess my family name was anglicized at some point.

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    We’ve gone from Justice Robert’s post-racial society to a dumb-as-a-post racial society in just a few years.

  • BearGHAZI

    The ‘Alt-South?’ Sweet Satan, tell me that is not also a Thing

    • Spurning Beer

      I think it’s only a thing from a distance. Down here, “Alt-South” is pretty much the same as “South.” That is, racists who don’t think they’re racists.

  • Relativicus

    What the fuck is the Alt-South?

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Racism, without the hospitality.

      • AJ Milne

        South — y’all know these fellers.

        Alt-South — David Duke figured out Twitter

        Alt-alt-South — David Duke starts a Seattle nineties sounding all-white guitar band with tracks like ‘Sounds like white genocide’

        Alt-alt-alt-South — y’know, they have medications for that stutter, now.

      • Vagenda of Rebel Scum
        • Biel_ze_Bubba

          Just noticed the Hoss Cartwright hat. I wonder if all the hats are allusions to other Westerns.

  • Oh, right, it’s not “racist”, explains the DOJ; it’s just that racists *love* this and other aspects of the Sessions DOJ. Got it.

    • (((fka_donnie_d)))

      We can’t help it if horrible people love our horrible Policy!

      Jeremiah Wright

      Both Sides

  • I had to look up “Alt-South”. It appears to be the same old anti-US, pro-Confederacy, “South will rise again” folks, but allegedly without the militancy and calls for another Civil War.

    The guy behind it, Brad Griffin, says SPLC gets it wrong, that all he’s saying is that following the way of Dylann Roof is just not effective and is a distraction, though they should be armed and prepared for when the antifa Left conduct their John Brown-style raids.

    • h4rr4r

      That was a long winded way to say traitors.

    • Skadi

      Has anyone reminded them that they’re the ones who opened fire on Fort Sumter last time?

  • Red Bird

    Affirmative Action has been proven to benefit mostly white women when applied to government contracts.

    • You should ice that burn

      Because the vast majority of government contracts that are signed only by white men don’t represent affirmative “old boy” action?

      • Red Bird

        Because when they created the affirmative action program for government contracts, they made a point to specify women as a protected class. So white women were able to qualify for contracts that were set aside for disadvantaged businesses due to being women. According to studies, the main beneficiaries of these programs are predominantly white women (and by default their husbands who tend to be white). If one were to by cynical about it, it seems like the white men who make decisions, chose to help women of the same race rather than men of a different race. The way conservatives described it you would think that black people were getting all the jobs and government contracts. But they really don’t benefit from programs like this.

        So…….a program that is described by conservatives as an entitlement to non-white people, is actually a back-door entitlement to white people. At least that’s the way it looks to me.

        Here’s a link to an article about it.

        • Government contracts go first and foremost to veterans. Then Women and Minority owned businesses /equally.
          For real.

  • Daniel Hooper

    Why the hell do these racist bastards even care? They’re not going to be sending their kids to the liberal brainwashing camps that are college campuses anyway, right? Too much fancy book learning going on there.

    • Vagenda of Rebel Scum

      They would like to think they could if they wanted to. “L’il Bubba could go to Harvard if he wanted to but it’s full of libturd scum.”

    • cats530

      All they need is the Bible (King James version).

    • unionthuggery

      I thought they had Liberty University. Surely it’s not a den of affirmative action.

  • Paperless Tiger

    I reckon it’s all tactical at this point, trying to keep the base riled up with racist bullshit so they don’t notice all the evidence that they were duped by the Russians.

  • College admissions according to way too many people:

    ** first, all the legacies of rich alumni get in, but that’s OK, because reasons.
    ** then the really smart kids, who are mostly Asian because “everybody knows” they’re workaholic smart kids with tiger moms.
    ** then the dumb-but-athletic kids, who are mostly black, but that’s OK, because sports. Also, it shows that black people get in, so affirmative action isn’t necessary, especially since “all” athletes get scholarships and then really high paying sports jobs.
    ** then some more really smart kids, who are actually mostly white, but that’s just how things work out, because something something they deserve it.
    ** then the unqualified black kids, because “affirmative action makes them take those kids.”
    ** then a few deserving white kids take the last few spots.

    And this leaves out a whole bunch of qualified white kids, because “reverse racism”.

  • Bitter Scribe

    Has there ever been a racist who didn’t say, “So-and-so just became a doctor/judge/president/whatever because he’s black”?

  • Poly_Ester

    Finally, the long discriminated against Dunning-Kruger sufferers will get the chance to go to an Ivy.

  • Don Gwinn

    You have to admit, it’s refreshingly honest how the Trump administration just comes right out and explains their decisions by telling us that racist voters will like what they’re doing because racist voters don’t know what’s real and what’s not.

    They did the same thing with the tweets about transgender service personnel–“Well, you have to understand this is pretty smart on our part because a lot of conservative voters in the midwest don’t know it’s bullshit and it’ll be hard for the Democrats from those states to explain it to them before the election.”


  • Spurning Beer

    I happen to know that not a single one of the Ivies offers a major in White Studies.

    Unless that’s what “semiotics” means.

  • If anyone …ANYONE….tells me that Trump Voters are economically anxious again, I will smite them with great and furious anger.
    Shut the fuck up about economically anxious.

  • lovelydestruction

    What, they lost out on something they were never qualified to get?

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