If you’re in the next field over, there’s no sign…

It was great news for Dow Chemical when Donald Trump signed that executive order in February calling for a steep reduction in federal regulations, which kill jobs and are terrible for the economy. Trump was so proud of the EO and how happy and prosperous it would make all Americans that he surrounded himself with CEOs and handed the pen to Andrew Liveris, the CEO of Dow (just past the 5-minute mark here):

In late April, just to make it clear he cares about the health of America’s Corporate Persons, if not any actual human beings, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt ignored the EPA’s own scientists and reversed the agency’s plan to ban agricultural use of chlorpyrifos, a very nasty pesticide produced by Dow AgroSciences. The stuff was already banned for home use in 2000, but was still legal for agriculture; Obama’s EPA had started the process of banning its use in the U.S. altogether. As Mother Jones notes, chlorpyrifos is some pretty nasty stuff:

It’s an organophosphate, a class of bug killers that work by “interrupting the electrochemical processes that nerves use to communicate with muscles and other nerves,” as the Pesticide Encyclopedia puts it. Chlorpyrifos is also an endocrine disrupter, meaning it can cause “adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects,” according to the National Institutes of Health.

Major studies from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the University of California-Davis, and Columbia University have found strong evidence that low doses of chlorpyrifos inhibits kids’ brain development, including when exposure occurs in the womb, with effects ranging from lower IQ to higher rates of autism.

And yes, studies found it in the urine of children living near farm fields, which is why smart parents aren’t so poor they have to live near ag operations.

On the other hand, banning the chemical would have been very bad for Dow AgroSciences, so Pruitt signed off on keeping the stuff legal. So it was a huge surprise to nobody that more than 50 farm workers were exposed to the stuff a couple of weeks ago when it drifted over from a nearby field that had been sprayed; 12 were treated for poisoning, and had symptoms like vomiting and nausea; one person fainted. One person was taken to the hospital, and a dozen of the workers had no symptoms.

Oh, yes, and there’s this chilling line which goes without further comment in the KGET TV news report: “However more than half of the farm workers left before medical aid arrived.” So there’s the New Cruelty working from multiple directions: Legalize poisons that scientists said should be banned, and make sure that migrant workers are so frightened of La Migra that they’d risk chemical poisoning instead of getting treated and then met by ICE officers at the ER. America truly is great again, isn’t it?

Just in case, the Kern County Public Health department put out a warning through public relations officer Michelle Corson:

Anybody that was exposed, that was here today, we encourage them to seek medical attention immediately. Don’t wait. Particularly if you’re suffering from any symptoms. Whether it’s nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, seek medical attention immediately[.]

Side effects of exposure may also include deportation, so weigh your options carefully.

The TV report cited a supervisor at the farm where the workers were poisoned, who said a neighboring farm had been sprayed the previous night with an insecticide called Vulcan, whose active ingredient is chlorpyrifos. Mother Jones reported yesterday that while the Kern County Public Health Department therefore assumes chlorpyrifos is the chemical at work in the poisoning, the county’s Department of Agriculture and Measurement Standards was still investigating, and that tests to definitively identify the chemical that made the workers sick would take at least a week.

In the meantime, Donald Trump and Dow CEO Andrew Liveris continue to be great pals. Before taking office, Trump announced Liveris would head the American Manufacturing Council, the main private sector advisory committee for the Secretary of Commerce. Then in February, just before Trump issued the Executive Order calling for broad deregulation, Liveris gushed that Trump’s administration just might be “the most pro-business administration since the Founding Fathers. There is no question that the language of business is occurring here at the White House.” It’s a beautiful partnership, and neither man has children who live near a farm that’s spraying its fields with chlorpyrifos.

Considering how sad Donald Trump got about seeing the poor poisoned children of Syria, maybe the only hope for getting this crap off the market is to wait for another accident — there will be one — and hope the suffering is sufficiently photogenic to make it to cable news.

But that probably won’t happen (the poisoning will, Trump caring about it won’t), and besides, lots of the people who are likely to be affected by this nightmare chemical are here illegally. Maybe it’ll be a good incentive for them to self-deport! Say, you know who else used a poisonous insecticide to get rid of a disfavored group of people?

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[Mother Jones / KGET / Mother Jones / CNN / CNBC]

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  • wait! what?

    Donald’s getting a lot of help with quitting scenarios.

    He should probably take one while they’re still comical and not severely tragic

    • Msgr_MΩment

      “Where’s my golden parachute?”

      /submit golden shower jokes below….

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Republicans are just evil bastards who couldn’t give a damn about America or Americans.

    • They care about an incredibly tiny subset of Americans, the ridiculously wealthy and literally nobody else.

      • onedollarjuana

        Who all believe that they will always be able to buy clean air, water, and food. And avoid the inevitable pitchfork brigades.

        • jesterpunk

          The ones they care about are all old anyway, they will be dead before there is any backlash. But until then they only care about making a shit load of money.

        • I think it’s mostly that they’re incapable of thinking that far ahead, their brains won’t let them follow their actions through to the inevitable consequences of their dipshittery.

  • chascates
    • weejee
    • msanthropesmr

      Is that how they make processed cheese?

    • schmannity

      That’s some big ravioli.

      • Turgid Love Skwerl

        I thought it was pee pads for the White House

        • Red Bird Ω

          My dog used to use pee pads.

          • (((fka_donnie_d)))

            Our friends had a corgie that they housetrained on adult sanitary pads. Unfortunately it did not have the CPU power to distinguish between the pads and any other rectangular flat object on the floor.

            It turned into an unintentional lesson in Jewish theology. “When will the houseguests’ dog do its business on your yoga mat? The day after you washed it.

  • Anna Elizabeth

    OT. My Food Stamps stop 6/30/17.

    I give up.

    • MynameisBlarney

      Can you not reapply?

      • Anna Elizabeth

        I don’t care anymore. I’m glad it’ll be over, honestly.

        • MynameisBlarney

          Please don’t talk like that Anna!

          • Anna Elizabeth

            I can’t do it anymore. I tried. I’ve been hated and hurt and used my whole life. I was barely making it with the Food Stamps.

            It’s not worth it. I’m sorry.

          • MynameisBlarney

            No Anna! PLEASE!

          • Anna Elizabeth

            I’m sorry. I’m just so tired. Tired of of everything.

          • MynameisBlarney

            God no Anna, hang in there, you got to.

          • Anna Elizabeth

            For what? To hurt more? To be afraid everyday? Afraid of every man I see?

          • MynameisBlarney

            I wish I was there with you right now.

          • MynameisBlarney

            Call the suicide hotline PLEASE!

          • Anna Elizabeth

            I don’t have a phone. I re-applied for Food Stamps, I’m just fucking tired of all of this.

          • MynameisBlarney

            You gotta hang in there so we can meet one day and you can show off all your models to me!

          • Ferroequinologist Ron

            If it helps to know, it took me two years of fighting to get benefits I was entitled to. It even required the use of lawyers. And once or twice a year something gets messed up and I have to fight with them again to KEEP them, all for enough to live on and play at a few hobbies and nothing left over.
            I get tired too. I get discouraged. But like you I have things worth fighting to keep, and that keeps me going, even when the brain chemicals get out of whack and I don’t even want to get out of bed. Like you, I have people who love me, and that gets me through the bad times and through to the good ones again.
            I wish I had more than words for you. And I REALLY wish it were possible for me to just throw gas in the Fusion and visit, so you know that there’s RL people in your corner.

    • Yr. Gma

      Completely? Not just a reduction? Find out where the nearest food bank is and go stock up.

      • Anna Elizabeth

        it’s too far to walk

        • Yr. Gma


          • Anna Elizabeth

            Maybe after Payday I could, I just canceled my STARZ subscription so I could buy shampoo and such.

    • lroom

      I have to re-apply for mine every year or they stop. Please don’t give up Anna.

      • Anna Elizabeth

        I reapplied just now

        • Ferroequinologist Ron

          And take the advice to hit up the local food bank.
          And keep in mind that Baby Girl NEEDS YOU.
          And Baby Girl is there for these times when YOU need HER.

          There’s plenty of time to sort things out that need sorting. Don’t give up. You’ve been a source of strength for US, you know, and we’ll return it with interest.

          • MynameisBlarney


    • h4rr4r


      • Anna Elizabeth

        I don’t understand?

        • h4rr4r

          Do you have paypal?

          I am certain we can come up with grocery money around here.

          • MynameisBlarney

            Goddamn right.

          • h4rr4r

            Now of course we will need itemized receipts and the money can’t be spent on drugs or alcohol or unhealthy snacks.

            HAHA! Had you there for a second! No seriously buy all the drugs and candy you like. It’s your fucking money.

          • Anna Elizabeth

            Oh, I do. Thank you. I have food for now.

          • Wes Grogan

            Damn right we could. I’d be happy to chip in as needed.

  • memzilla Ω

    …chlorpyrifos, a very nasty pesticide produced by Dow AgroSciences.

    Monsanto: They say our flagship product, Roundup, is a carcinogen! They say the EPA might shut us down!
    Dow AgroSciences: Hold my beer.

    • jodyleek

      Do you know what works as well as Roundup but you can eat it? A spray bottle full of white vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap. I sprayed it on some weeds in my driveway. Next day – dead! And it’s cheaper, not to mention safer.

      • formerChild

        Yes, but did Insurance Panda approve your message?

  • Ezio

    “Stewards of the earth” everybody.

  • schmannity

    it can cause “adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects,” according to the National Institutes of Health.

    The insecticide or Trump?

    • vivian


  • Ezio
  • Hero Cesar Chavez would not allow this to stand.

    Raise hell about this? Si se puede!

    • mailman27

      He wouldn’t lettuce fall into this trap. I KID!!!!11!!!!

      • Doug Langley

        Bean there, done that.

  • Msgr_MΩment

    I’d like to apologize to the rest of the world. It’s Belgium’s fault.
    All Europeans are Belgians.

  • schmannity

    Soon, Trump will announce Keystone Pipeline II which will carry pesticides.

  • Michael Smith

    The GOP needs to worry about the fact that this poison doesn’t seem to kill the poors, and just leaves their offspring with birth defects. That means the state is going to have to subsidize care for a bunch of poor babies. They should probably make these pesticides stronger if they really want to reach optimal results.

  • The Rain in Spain’s Therapist

    UGH! This administration has more dicks than American Gods.

    • Chadwells


  • Dead people can really save quite a bit on Starbucks. Thanks Dow AgroSciences!

  • IOnlyLikeCats

    Alright, birth defects and poisoning and worker safety haven’t gotten the attention they should so how many people have to outright die before the rest of the world steps in?

    • Ferroequinologist Ron

      I’m picturing the US Army being used to keep all those meddling foreign busybodies from getting off the planes.

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson

    I never want to hear it from the forced birthers about how this administration is pro-life ever again. STFU, fundie mentals.

    • jesterpunk

      They need to shut up about everything, all the stuff they claim to support so bad they are suddenly ok with now that they are in power.

  • Crystalclear12

    OK, who sat Trump in front the TV with Disney movies playing?
    You’re supposed to explain he needs to root for the good guys.
    Not the villains.

  • anwisok
  • goonemeritus

    You can’t make an omelet without damaging the reproductive health of a few farmworkers.

  • proudgrampa

    Well, how am I supposed to get rid of these fucking weeds???

    (Editor’s mote: This is SNARK people!)

    • jesterpunk

      Build a dome around Mar-A-Lago and lock Trump, his cabinet and supporters inside of the dome and elect an actual qualified person as president?

    • Anna Rompage

      Hand pick if just a few, and A torch works surprising well if they’re widespread…

      • ahughes798

        Unless the plant is shallow rooted, and you keep the torch in place for a couple of minutes, all you’re doing is top-killing the plant. But it is fun!

        Hand pulling after a rain is easier. If you are physically unable to pull up the weeds by hand, hire someone to do it. If you can’t afford that, then I would recommend the extremely judicious use of Round-up. Don’t spray on a windy day. Wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, gloves and goggles. Do not use on days where it is going to be below 50, or above 80, and if it’s going to rain within 24 hours.

        If you use Round-Up on an above 80 F day, the spray will become aerosolised, and you don’t want to breathe that stuff. Plus, most plants shut their stomas when it’s above 80 or below 50 to conserve moisture, so the chemical will not be as effective. When you’re done with spraying, take off the clothes you were wearing, including your shoes, and wash them immediately in hot water, separate from the rest of your laundry. Some people shower after using it, which I recommend.

    • Nockular cavity

      Well, you nominate Jeff Sessions Attorney General, and he brings back War on Drugs policies, and starts harassing states that have legalized, and…

      Oh. Weeds. Never mind.

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    So basically what you’re saying is that by the time this regime comes crashing down, we’ll all be poisoned, disenfranchised, and unable to see a doctor because health insurance will cost $10,000 a month, while every other country on earth closes its borders to us and we all begin to die off from unregulated poisons in our air and water? Well, as long as a few libtards and the blahs suffer too, we’re okay with that.
    – Drumpf voters

  • Vincent Ricola

    I have no good words. These people are fucking monsters and not in the cute canned-clams kind of way.

    • Unmutual Tetsu Kaba

      We need a stronger word. Monsters doesn’t even seem to come close.

  • snark-lurker

    r.e. 1%ers: image their surprise when 90% of them get arrested on Trumped up charges and all their assets go to Trumppootie LLC

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    ♪ This land is my land, this land is my land
    From California to the New York islands
    This land was made for me and me ♪

  • UnsaltedSinner
  • Anna Rompage

    But it’s totally safe to put on the produce that you eat every single day, we promise….

  • wait! what?

    In other unhealthy news:

    After the success of the Nutella Bar inside Eataly, the makers of the famous hazelnut spread have decided to open a company-owned cafe across the street from Millennium Park. The world’s first Nutella Cafe will open up on May 31 at 151 N. Michigan Ave., complete with giveaways at Millennium Park Plaza. And it’s not just about sweet stuff—paninis, soups, and salads are also on the menu.

    • ahughes798

      Delicious stuff, Nutella is. High in Trans-fat. Delicious AND dangerous!

  • baconzgood

    If it kills stink bugs then baconz doesn’t care. Those things are impossible to kill.

  • h4rr4r

    You know who else went after an unpopular ethnic group using pesticides?

    • Meccalopolis

      Damn! That’s strong. Good on you

    • Ferroequinologist Ron

      The yellow paper wasp?

  • Elvis Causticfellow

    “I’ve got it! I’ll propagate unfounded fears about a completely safe product causing autism, while deregulating the use of another product that actually does cause autism! It’s so crazy, it might just work!”

  • lroom

    I hate these fucking people.

  • biologydave

    I just looked at the SDS for this stuff and it appears to be a rather indiscriminate killer, but we can’t let this get in the way of future profits for Dow. Big business is our friend, right?

    • ahughes798

      They’re people too, my friend.

  • kindness

    I live in an Ag area. Central Valley CA. They grow dairy feed in the fields just behind my house. Luckily winter wheat & summer feed corn don’t use many pesticides but still, hate being around such exposure no matter.

    I say we dose Trumps food with the stuff every day and see how he feels in a year or 2.

    • Mavenmaven

      I used to see patients from Bakersfield with poisoned marrow (low blood counts) after the sprayings.

    • Carole

      What is “dead,” Alex?

    • Pinkham’s Law

      Let us know how the Secret Service interview goes!

  • Anna Rompage

    Dow Chemical… Bringing you bomb explosives, agent orange, leaky breast implants, and toxic produce! Dow Chemical, better living through chemistry…

  • Aileen

    Fuck, this makes me so angry. I hope this becomes such a PR nightmare for Dow they pull the pesticide from the market themselves. I also hope for immigration reform that includes a guest worker program that protects the workers, but that would require a functioning government not comprised entirely of monstrous garbage people. Maybe the state of California can come up with something.

    • Vagenda of Rebel Scum

      Monstrous garbage people everywhere are insulted that you compared them to this administration

      • Aileen

        I actually struggle with this one. I love the phrase “garbage person” meaning a person who is garbage and deserves to be treated as such, but I don’t want to insult the fine people who come by my curb every week before dawn and take away my refuse. I know, I know, typical liberal snowflake always worried about offending someone.

        • Vagenda of Rebel Scum

          They are mostly truck drivers these days. At least out in California, everything’s automated. Hand collection has gone the way of the Dodo.

          • Aileen

            Ours still hop out and stick the bins on a fork and the truck does the rest. Somewhat awkwardly, my running pace is just about the same as a truck that stops at every house to empty a bin. I feel like I should help.

          • Regret

            I never realized that having large freestanding houses means the garbage collector needs to stop at every house.
            Around here the people group their bins together in the morning at certain locations, about 20 households’ bins stand together. It is only a 10-30 meter walk for people to do so.

  • Mavenmaven

    Trump creating jobs! Long term rehab jobs.

  • Shoto

    In fairness, chlorpyrifos makes an excellent tea. Why are you leaving out that part, libtard mediaz?

  • (((fka_donnie_d)))

    Sounds like the ancient greek god of profiting from dead Mexicans.

  • Doug Langley

    “. . . seek medical attention immediately”

    And then explain why Trumpcare vanished your coverage. But details, details.

  • OneYieldRegular

    This is why I only eat grass from my own yard.

    • Anna Rompage

      Speaking of which, we just planted 16 tomato plants between me, my housemate & my garden intern

      • C4TWOMAN

        You must have a very large plot. Or you’re only growing tomatoes. We had to cut back to 2 from 5 because the things grew into nuclear power station sized behemoths that sucked all nutrients out of the bed, leaving the eggplants weedy and the peppers nonexistent.
        But we had tomatoes. Yay!

        • Regret

          Yeah, tomatoes do that. Also, they spread like wildfire if you leave tomatoes to rot on the ground.

          • C4TWOMAN

            Oh I’m “weeding” tomatoes all the time— from compost which almost never gets hot enough to kill everything. Occasionally you run into people who opine they can’t grow tomatoes. I’m wondering what they could possibly be doing wrong.

  • HorseChestnut

    THIS is the kind of shit conspiracy theorists should be worrying about. Chemtrails, fluoride, gay frogs – that’s all a distraction from the ACTUAL conspiracies. It drives me nuts.

    • Carole

      Ahem. Transgender frogs.

    • Regret

      What conspiracies?
      There is nothing secret here, All the details of how you are getting screwed are out in the open.

      They don’t have to keep it secret anymore.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Unregulated poisons – another great Russian idea, brought to you by the Assmouth administration.

  • Doug Langley

    Ah, come on people. Dow has years of experience dealing with deadly chemicals. I’m SURE they know what they’re doing:

    • ahughes798

      Great documentary. Makes me full of rage. What senseless, needless deaths, all of them to save money for a mega corp.

      • ez

        It was lucky the same result did not happen when the Methyl isocyanate cloud leaked from the Union Carbide Plant in West Virginia back in 1985.

        Good times.

      • Doug Langley

        Seconds From Disaster is one of my favorite tv series. You can find episodes on You Tube.

  • pgjack

    Team Trump: “A buck in my pocket is worth more than your life.”

  • willi0000000

    basically, the organophosphate insecticides are just one small step from nerve gas . . . some of them are the feedstocks for production of nerve agents.

    [ . . . but hey! . . . if it’s only going to kill browns and poors… ]

    • Pookabun

      Pretty sure organophosphates just straight up are nerve gas. Or nerve agents anyway, I guess delivery method is a difference there.

  • You have to crack a few eggheads to whip up a Trumpanzee Omelette.

  • Carole

    All this chorpyrifos is gonna increase the incidence of autism, which will then be blamed on vaccines, giving rise to still more anti-vax sentiment among Trumpettes.

  • Pookabun

    So we are spraying crops and, just as an “oops”, people…with nerve gas. Because organophosphates are nerve gas. Aside from, like, moral issues, inevitably you will spray someone you don’t want to spray and get hella lawsuited but I guess they make enough off it that who cares.

  • Carole

    “As of now, we only drink distilled water and grain alcohol.”

    Hopefully, that would be organic grain alcohol.

  • Greyhame

    Well then, isn’t Dow Chemical just a wholesome American corporate-person? It’s like Mom, baseball, and poisonous apple pie! Anyway Roundup is for pussies. If you want to farm like a boss, it’s derivatives of Agent Orange or GTFO.

    (Seriously, just how fucking evil are these bastards?)

  • Bitter Scribe

    Those workers were harvesting cabbage. I don’t know about anyone else here, but personally, I’ve never been so crazy about cabbage that I’d want people to risk brain damage or worse so that I could save a few cents a pound on it.

  • kaydenpat

    “Side effects of exposure may also include deportation, so weigh your options carefully.”

    It’s okay to use foreigners to work your fields for peanuts and subject them to poisonous pesticides but if they ask for a path to citizenship — whoo boy. We really need to stop exploiting people and then putting them in situations where they can never become legal.


    Chlorpyrifos and Sarin are closely related neurotoxins, so I guess poisoning farmworkers is OK but Syrian babies is an atrocity worth launching a missile strike over

  • ♚ King Leo ♚




    • ♚ King Leo ♚

      (That is the UTTERLY UNQUALIFIED guy who spreads right-wing conspiracy theories about the EPA, for the record).

  • Keith Taylor

    And Dow Chemicals’ spiritual brother Monsanto is still denying that Agent Orange, their gift to the world (President Trump probably LOVES Agent Orange) caused cancer or birth defects. Never was anything to see there, why can’t you move along and let us manufacture anything we want?

    • ♚ King Leo ♚

      Dow made Agent Orange too. And the parts of Monsanto that did have long since been sold off (to Dow, among others).

  • SeeTrain65

    Dow Chemical welcomes you to Bhopalfield, California.

  • Zyxomma

    Support local farmers who grow organic food.

    • ♚ King Leo ♚


      • ez

        You boldly wear the Blue Badge of “Deal With It” to hide your posting history.


        • ♚ King Leo ♚

          I’m sorry, what does my desire for privacy have to do with the question. What real justification is there for supporting organic farming?

          • ez

            The few, the proud, the hidden.

          • ♚ King Leo ♚

            OK sorry you’re like this.

          • ez

            awwwwwwww, oh well, keep dealing with it.

          • delete your account probably

            It’s OK, just because you’re perpetuating an anti-science scam on behalf of a massive ruthless corporation (Whole Foods) doesn’t make you a bad person.

          • ez

            Hmmmmmmmm, by asking you why you hide so boldly behind the Blue Wall of “Deal With It”, I am somehow “perpetuating an anti-science scam on behalf of a massive ruthless corporation”

            Got it, you’re Bat Man.

          • delete your account probably

            Yes the only possible answer is that I am hiding from you, the Only Person Who Knows The Truth.

            Fuck. You.

          • ez

            Two ad hominem in as many posts.

            Excellent evasion of the issue, well practised sir, well practiced.

          • delete your account probably

            Yes it is totally “ad hominem” of me to refuse to present my papers to you.

            Sorry you couldn’t answer my quite straightforward question without personal attacks and conspiracy theories!

  • pixeloid

    Great prank show idea. Secretly replace all the pesticides used at the White House and tRump properties with this shit and then sit back and watch the fun.

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