Yes, yes, we know, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But you're fine with spaceships flying like fighter planes?
Or for that matter, the past.

So after Tom Price got himself sworn in as Secretary of Dismantling Medicare and Medicaid, Also Obamacare, his congressional seat in Georgia came open. Democrats, feeling pissed off and maybe a bit cocky since while Price carried the district comfortably, Donald Trump only won it by a single percentage point, thought, “Wouldn’t it be neat to take that seat and put it in the D column?” And so with some nudging from Daily Kos and social media endorsements from celebrities, Jon Ossoff, a mere lad 30 years of age, has very quickly raised $2 million dollars and is out-polling all other candidates in the “jungle” primary for Price’s seat.

Ah, but Republicans are trying to use Ossoff’s youth against him; the Congressional Leadership Fund, a superPAC friendly to Republican leadership, has launched a million-dollar ad buy for the incredibly cheesy ad below, which uses old YouTube videos of Ossoff to depict him as an unserious neophyte who’s fibbing about his readiness to be in Congress, even hinting that Ossoff is lying when he says he has “five years of experience as a national security staffer.”

How can Ossoff have five years of experience working on national security, the ad suggests, since here are these videos of Ossoff pretending to be Han Solo, from the popular “Star Treks” films, in a video making fun of Georgetown’s alcohol policy? The nerve of that guy! Oh, except he’s not fibbing at all:

He’s a documentary filmmaker who previously worked as a legislative aide on national security issues for Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga. The congressman threw his support behind Ossoff, as did neighboring Democratic Rep. John Lewis.

Is Ossoff just some wild frat boy who’s too unserious to be trusted with national affairs? (Mind you, that accusation is being made by the party of Louis Gohmert.) Rep. Johnson issued a statement saying that despite the nerdy videos (in which Ossoff is also seen singing a parody of “Uptown Girl,” for shame!), the young man actually knows his stuff:

This is absurd. Jon spent five years working on National Security issues for me, and he worked on such sensitive programs that he received a top secret security clearance from the Department of Defense. Washington political operatives are coming into Georgia to spread false personal attacks — it’s what the American people are sick and tired of.

So he identifies with Han Solo and has a security clearance? This is supposed to be a problem?

The video aims at suggesting this Ossoff kid isn’t a serious candidate, so he’s certainly not fit to replace the distinguished Tom Price, who was a real doctor and belonged to a loony-tunes medical association that claimed HIV doesn’t cause AIDS and that Barack Obama won in 2008 by literally hypnotizing voters.

It’s hard to say whether the Republican superPAC’s ad pointing and shouting “NERD!” at Ossoff will give him that much trouble; NPR offers a thinky-piece on how young politicians may have to worry about their social media pasts coming back to bite them, but if the worst the R’s can find on Ossoff is that he once dressed up like the captain of the Millennium Ford Falcon, he’s probably in fairly good shape. As multiple term Texas congresscritter Blake Farenthold learned, you can still be in Congress even if you’re photographed in far sillier costumes.

You'd think a guy who wears ducky jammies in public would have better judgment

Of course, it may help if you’re a Republican incumbent. We’re betting this ad will do little to convince voters Ossoff is not the candidate they’re looking for. And considering the tendency of pissed-off Democrats to identify resistance to Trump with the plucky fighters of the Rebel Alliance, if the big-money PACs try to strike Ossoff down, he may become more powerful than they can imagine.

[11 Alive / NPR / Daily Kos]

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  • msanthropesmr

    He’s an awfully scruffy nerf-herder.

  • Mr. Blobfish

    This Halloween, I’m going as Sexy Blake Farenthold.

    • msanthropesmr

      Ah, so a mythical creature.

      • Kiri the Paid Protestor

        Hey, god-dammit, I’m a lot sexier than Blake Farenthold!

        • msanthropesmr

          There are beings from the brain slug planet that are sexier.

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      You have your work cut out for you.

  • The Librarian

    If this is the worst Goops can come up with and with Mr. Lewis behind him (don’t know Mr. Johnson), I think Mr. Ossoff stands a good chance.

    • Lazy Media

      Six-term congressman from a racially diverse district. Solid constituent service, has made political waves about police militarization.

      • The Librarian

        Excellent and thank you!

  • Msgr_MΩment

    As multiple term Texas congresscritter Blake Farenthold learned, you can still be in Congress even if you’re photographed in far sillier costumes.

    No fair. Kent Dorfman cosplay is a thing!

  • Elizabeth Hillcrest

    I saw the ad last night. Honestly, it made me want to vote for him all the more. So he’s young, liberal, has national security experience AND enjoys a game of beer pong with some cosplay on the side? Better than being a racist, right Beauregard?

  • Chadwells

    “…Han Solo, from the popular “Star Treks” films…”

    What does this mean?! I don’t get the joke!!!

    • Sardonicuss

      Engage the Force!

      • msanthropesmr

        Highly illogical, Luke.

        • therblig

          stop this or i swear by my pretty bonnet, i will change the laws of physics!

      • Meanie-meanie, tickle a person

        Replace the Motivator, first…

      • Querolous

        Gnarfle the Kraken!

    • Monsieur_Grumpe

      He’s dead Will Robinson!

      • rachelmap

        Not dead Wesley Crusher?

        • Resistance Fighter Astraea

          Shut up, Wookie!

    • House0fTheBlueLights

      Give him a break. Dok’s a writer, not a film historian.

    • Resistance Fighter Astraea

      You seem distressed. You should see our empathic ship counselor, Princess Leia.

    • Kiri the Paid Protestor

      Open the pod bay doors, Chewie.

    • timpundit

      He’s being precocious. He knows Han Solo is from Narnia, geez.

    • natoslug

      By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of wookiedom, you shall boldly go on a three hour tour (a three hour tour!).

    • Cock Blockula

      If you don’t get the joke, you’d better watch out or he will Avada Kedavra you with his blaster!

  • GoutMachine


  • Treg Brown
    • Chadwells

      LOLOL!!!! Too good!

    • Jennaratrix

      How do you get coffee out of keyboards? Asking for a friend.

    • Asterix

      Oh dear sweet Jebus, how I love this man!

      I need to step outside… it’s hot in here!

      • Persistent Demme

        Do you know if it’s true, (I read it here) That he’s applying for US citizenship to be an activist and vote against T***p?

  • dslindc

    If anything, dressing as a character from Star Wars makes him more electable in my book.

    • Monsieur_Grumpe

      I know. Nerds rule.

  • Jgb979

    Are they really dumb enough to think people wouldn’t vote Han Solo for emporer?

    • ariel_gee_398

      Well, Americans had the chance to vote for General Organa and opted for the reanimated corpse of Jabba the Hut instead, so they might have a point.

      • Sardonicuss

        HUD secretary Jar Jar will weigh in after his nap.

  • alwayspunkindrublic

    I stopped reading the headline at “Republicans Blow”. Tells me pretty much all I need to know.

  • laughingnome

    Well he may be a nerd, but I’m sure he’s not meeting with the Russian ambassador every five minutes (which is what the kids call it these days) like some Trump official.

    • msanthropesmr

      Maybe the ambassador from Rigel.

      • GoutMachine

        As long as it’s not Gungan ambassador Binks.

      • PubOption

        Are you Sirius?

  • Lazy Media

    LOT of Dragon*Con goers come from the 6th District, just sayin’.

  • House0fTheBlueLights

    Dok’s nerd cred also solidified with this piece.

  • Chadwells

    So they made an arrest in the Jewish Bomb threats that have been happening. Guess where? ST. LOUIS!!! Of course.

  • Villago Delenda Est

    The thing is, what we see as utterly idiotic ads WORK with the GOP base, because idiocy is what they’re all about.

    • Lazy Media

      This is not a GOP base district. It’s a bunch of rich people, who vote largely on whether they’ll get a tax break. Large Jewish population, so a lot depends on how they feel about Trump and Trumpism.

      • Lizzietish81

        Is there any reason for Jews to not like him right now?

        • Crank Tango

          Just all those terrible false flag thingies they keep doing to themselves/

    • Kiri the Paid Protestor

      That, and free-floating rage.

  • Lefty Frizzell

    Republicans need to get their act together on whether previous experience is a good thing or a bad thing.

    • arglebargle

      Republicans need to get their act together on whether previous experience is a good thing or a bad thing pretty much everything.

  • Lizzietish81

    So my Lord and Savior Misha Collins once made a political video where he got early work in wearing ill fitting suits that just somehow work on him

    • That is one terrible 90s suit

    • Jennaratrix

      I knew nothing of Misha Collins before the husband unit and I started binge-watching Supernatural, and now he’s my favorite.

      • Lizzietish81

        So my sister and I watched Supernatural because we loved Jensen Ackles from his Dark Angel days, but we didn’t keep up with it. I started watching again in Season 6 mostly thanks to the Television Without Pity recapper Demien and his recapping partner, Raul, the Gay Supernatural Dragon. Then I came to love Misha Collins, helped by his twitter account which is hilarious.

        • Jennaratrix

          Oh oh oh, I just re-signed up for Twitter, must go find him…

          And awww, I miss TWOP. Bigly.

  • BadKitty904
  • Chadwells

    OT: Something smells SUPER fishy about this. WTF kind of “jilted lover” phones in 8 bomb threats across the fucking country?!?! GTFOH. I’m not really into the conspiracy thing….but this makes me want to get into it.

    “Arrest Made in National Threats to Jewish Community Centers”

    • laughingnome

      This doesn’t solve all the threats to JCCs around the country. He may be a copy cat.

      • snark-lurker

        or the original

  • Monsieur_Grumpe

    From now on, I want a warning whenever that picture with the fat guy in blue pajamas appears. I need to prepare myself.
    I expect some kittens pictures now.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    Go Nerds! We need to encourage all the nerds to run for office. Let’s change it from Nerds rule to Ruling Nerds.

  • Crystalclear12

    Nerd isn’t a compliment?
    Are you sure?

    • Not to rethugs. It means you’re smart and therefore an elitist

      • Jennaratrix

        This, unfortunately.

    • Kiri the Paid Protestor

      It is where I come from.

  • Hairstrike Alpha

    So I guess cosplaying as Han Solo would make him a nerd to Republicans because as they all know all the GOP cool kids cosplay as Nazis…

  • Dutchman

    My Jon Ossoff for Congress yard sign went up yesterday. It seems that local Dem leadership has corner envy for our high traffic location. They’re also aware that I’m a proud member of the resistance.

    • Proud Liberal

      Count me in!

    • Hutch

      The voting date is April 18th. I hope that’s correct. I’ve missed other special elections in this darn state!

      • Dutchman

        That’s correct. With a June 20th runoff is noone get’s 50.1% of the vote in April. It’s called a jungle primary.

        • Celtic_Gnome

          If they called it a cage match, all the Republicans would turn out.

  • BadKitty904

    They spent a million on that??? Jeez…

    • doktorzoom

      Well, the full budget is for the ad buy. The ad itself was definitely done with pocket change

      • BadKitty904

        Still sad. Weak.

  • Mavenmaven

    This is the kind of person who should have given the rebuttal to Trump’s weeping widow exploitation. In full X-Wing pilot uniform.

  • Bill D. Burger
    • snark-lurker

      i donut know but i got professional nerd son who wears a Stetson, full beard & rides a Harley

      • Courser_Resistance

        In my social circle being called a nerd or geek is a badge of honor. Honestly, we all have stuff we nerd or geek out about. Games, electronics, gear, news, politics… we’re all geeks, spending our hard-earned Ameros on shiny things to further our nerd-dom.

        • chortlingdingo

          Ironically, sportsy folks can be the nerdiest of all in terms of dedication to their interest, but they don’t seem to like that comparison.

          • Bad Tom

            They have a ton of jargon, too.

      • gene108

        I, Donut would be a tasty way to go through life.

      • Alexander Stallwitz

        I known some pretty buff “nerds” they either were tired of getting picked on or were really passionately about body building

  • Proud Liberal

    Donate, donate, donate to Ossoff. Democrats have to kick Republicans’ asses!

    • Not legal for me to do so!

      • Lance Thrustwell

        Launder it through Editrix! Though you should probably kick in a little extra for labor.

  • therblig

    what is wrong with that blonde woman’s head and neck?

    • ariel_gee_398

      She’s crouching down so the menfolk won’t feel bad that she’s taller than them.

      • Rick Hill

        And she’s thinking “If these guys don’t pay at the end of the night…..”

    • Lance Thrustwell

      She’s trying to do ‘slinky’ and not entirely succeeding.

    • Cousin Itt de La Résistance

      Photoshop doesn’t work so well in real life, does it?

  • Anna Rompage

    In the end, Han Solo always did the right thing, unlike most republicans out there…

    • Lefty Frizzell

      Fazackerly. He was an actual hero. And he was cool and handsome with a hint of a sneer, and he had a really fast spaceship.

      • And an awesome best friend. And a kick-ass wife

      • chortlingdingo

        And he did it without the Force, even!

    • Alexander Stallwitz

      especially in The Force Awakens which unlike Ted Cruz I wont spoil for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet

  • Undocumented Skwerl!
  • Lamb Urgini
    • lroom

      That is awesome.

  • Lefty Frizzell

    Since when did it make sense to equate your opponent to Han Solo?

    It doesn’t even matter what the actual contents of the ad are, that’s the takeaway that everybody’s going to remember.

    I’d say go with it Ossoff.

    • Courser_Resistance

      Let your Freak Flag fly, Ossoff! We got your back.

    • HogeyeGrex

      Yeah, at this point his next ad should just drop nerd reference after nerd reference to Solo.

      • Paganish

        “If you’re lucky, President Trump will only take your rights.”
        “Over my dead body.”

  • elviouslyqueer

    young politicians may have to worry about their social media pasts coming back to bite them,


    *glances at Mango Mussolini’s Twitter feed, approximately now*


    • Jennaratrix

      Just change that to young DEMOCRATIC politicians and it’ll be fine. IOKIYAR.

  • Ossoff does lack that moist, lasciviously petulant mouth popular with Price and most Southern Republicans.

    Seriously – what is it with these guys and their creepy wet fish mouths?

  • WiscoJoe

    This reminds me of when Karl Rove put out an ad in Wisconsin with footage of Tammy Baldwin screaming the word “hell.” It was supposed to show that she was some sort of angry radical liberal lesbian, but instead it just her look passionate and tough.

  • Anna Rompage

    Great, so now the GOP is going to try to villainize Cosplay folks as the new transgenders…

  • Jennaratrix

    The sheer hypocrisy of a GOP-sponsored ad dinging Mr. Ossoff’s glee club for making fun of women… I just can’t.

  • WiscoJoe

    “…young politicians may have to worry about their social media pasts coming back to bite them…”

    If any good comes from this Trump shit, it’s that no one should ever again have to worry about their social media pasts coming back to bite them. (Yeah, yeah, different standards apply if you’re a Democrat, but still. What’s a little Han Solo among friends when a legit pussy grabber is president?)

    • Courser_Resistance

      I can definitely get behind a guy who cosplays Han Solo, if he’s got all that other cred. Maybe he’d reprise his costume on Halloween? That’d be cool! Maybe it’s Colorado, but I’ve worked with some very serious engineers and the like and even THEY did dress-up with their kids at the office on Halloween.

      • H0mer0

        I dressed as a S&M queen for Halloween my first year in med school but had to reveal my identity during an Anatomy Grand Rounds so that the patients speaking at the Grand Rounds would think it was a classy institution

  • Thaumaturgist

    I’m no Karl Rove but how do you vote against someone in a jungle primary? And if you can’t run against him, all you’re doing is giving him name recognition.

  • lroom

    So my take-away from this is that Repubs think the Dark Side is the good guys? Explains a lot actually.

  • Courser_Resistance

    So they’re actually trying to Nerd-Shame him? This won’t end well for them. Most of my progressive friends are nerds of one kind or another. Some of them have even written fanfic! HORRORS!

    Yeah, not so much. We like Dem nerds.

    • chortlingdingo

      Okay, I’ll out myself as one of the nerdiest of nerds. Fanfic is super fun, both to write and to read. I mean, you’ll probably have to wade through a lot of poorly written smut in any fandom, but there’s a lot of good writing out there!

    • sgt. jmk of the résistance

      I think that the GOPers are going to find out that cosplay is a plus for younger voters. The offspring and my nephews ALL had freaking capes attached to their superhero pajamas as kids…and seriously – what millennial DIDN’T play with lightsabers?

  • Vagenda of Rebel Scum

    At a time when Democrats are realizing resistance can be fun ( although the real behind the scenes work is a long, boring slog) the goobers don’t realize that seeing this guy playing Hans Solo is a plus.
    And isn’t eccentricity supposed to be a feature in Southern politicians and not a bug?

    • Only if they come out and say that Jesus has forgiven them. It works for Republicans, right?

  • Me not sure

    There is a chance that if he takes the top spot in the jungle primary and there is a concerted effort to turn out Dems for the expected runoff between the two top vote getters, that we could steal one in a normally red district. Special election runoffs tend to be very low turnout affairs and a big GOTV push might get the job done.

  • Historicat

    This ad is actually a very subtle threat against Mr. Ossoff. They’re going to get Kylo Ren to get all emo on him.

    • Amy!


    • Nockular cavity


  • My mother had a ’61 Ford Falcon when I was a kid. Great car. Eggplant color, with a white rag top.

    • Courser_Resistance

      My first car was a ’69 Ford Galaxy, pretty much the same car. It was pretty much indestructible – basically a tank. Perfect for high school/college kids. I shared it with my brother, 2 years younger. I couldn’t take it to college until my folks pulled his license for causing severe damage to other cars with it.

      • The Witch of Endor

        A ’72 Gremlin for me. It was also a tank and I miss the hell out of it.

        • H0mer0

          you are Hans Mohlman?

      • They just don’t make ’em like that anymore. Literally. When Ford stopped making the Police Interceptor (Crown Vic with a HUGE engine), that was truly the end of an era. (Full disclosure: My father (before he went into ag mechanics) worked for Ford, directly under Lee Iacoca (they HATED each other), and built the very first model of the Ford Police Interceptor.)

    • The Wanderer

      My first car was a very used ’66 Falcon wagon. Sort of blue.

  • Nockular cavity

    I’ll take the 30-year-old nerdy Jon Ossoff over the 31-year-old creepy robot fascist Stephen Miller any day of the week.

    • chortlingdingo

      Stephen Miller is only 31? I would never have guessed that he was in my age range.

      • sgt. jmk of the résistance

        Being without a functioning soul does make people look older.

  • NastyBossetti

    I want nerds in our government SO BADLY, you guys. Nerds read stuff and think about things. THAT is who should be creating our laws and figuring out how we move forward.

    • Penny Dreadful Says Resist

      We just elected a nerd mayor. It’s awesome.

  • Latverian Diplomat

    He’s a documentary filmmaker who previously worked as a legislative aide on national security issues for Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga. The congressman threw his support behind Ossoff, as did neighboring Democratic Rep. John Lewis.

    “but, but we found some old videos where he looks like a chimp on a davenport in a basement! Schwing! (Did we use that right?)”
    — The Congressional Leadership Fund

  • Persistent Demme

    Pretending to be Han Solo is nerdy?
    The whole country was/is nuts about Star Wars.
    And so what if it was nerdy?
    Nerds are cool!
    (Looks like he had a great time in college!)

    Lying liars who lie!

    • Hardly Ideal

      Well, there is a special flavor of mania when it comes to replicating Han Solo’s gun:
      One particularly telling detail: People have been able to identify the prop guns used scene-to-scene by the dents in the metal.

  • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

    They’re trying to paint him as an inexperienced kid. The more you talk about it, the more it works.

    It’s a very Republican district, so low probability of victory. Best to stay on message and not chase every wild accusation they can dig up in a media era from his college days.

  • Relativicus

    Don’t care about the Star Wars stuff, but Uptown Girl is a deal breaker. Especially since I now have the fucking melody stuck in me fucking head.

  • chortlingdingo

    We’ve got a general election for city positions coming up, and one of the candidates running for mayor has the nickname “Mama Bexar”. Like, it’s listed on the official election website and everything. I have to investigate her!

  • Angela Ruzzo

    I guess this means I can never run for political office since I have admitted in previous Wonkette non-comments, which will live on the Internet forever, that I was a huge fan of “Dark Shadows” when I was in junior high school, and at the same age had a poster of Cat Stevens hanging on my bedroom wall, and that I occasionally smoked pot when I was in college, and that I have had sex a few times and enjoyed it, and I got a traffic ticket in Iowa in 1977 for driving 9 miles over the speed limit. I should be deported.

    • BrianW

      Cat Stevens? Clearly, you ARE a Muslim fifth-columnist. Goodbye!

      • Angela Ruzzo

        Yes, being a Cat Stevens fan is practically treasonable today, but in 1971 he was a sexy pop star and I had all his albums, as did half the teenage girls in America. He wrote some wonderful music, but then he went insane, alas!

        I remember exactly where I got the speeding ticket in Iowa. The 2-lane state highway was so straight and flat that you could see for at least 10 miles, and there wasn’t a car to be seen in any direction, but you couldn’t see the cop car hiding in a farm crossing because of the tall corn. I think it was the Iowa version of a speed trap.

        • BrianW

          As a semi-old (52 this year), I remember him too. I still like his music when it comes on the radio.

          • Angela Ruzzo

            Me too. Did you ever see the 1971 movie “Harold and Maude”? All the songs in that movie are Cat Stevens hits, which is just one reason why it is among my Top 10 Favorite Movies.

          • BrianW

            I don’t think I’ve seen that one. May have to look it up.

          • Angela Ruzzo

            It was a cult favorite for a long time. 19-yr-old Harold (Bud Cort), obsessed with death, meets 80-yr-old Maude (Ruth Gordon), obsessed with life. Maude teaches Harold about living life to its fullest, and that life is the most precious gift of all, accompanied by 9 Cat Stevens songs. Harold’s opulently wealthy mother, played brilliantly by Vivian Pickles, steals every scene she is in.

    • NastyBossetti

      I can never run for office because there are definitely nude pictures of me out there somewhere. My face isn’t in them, but it wouldn’t be difficult to prove they are me. I don’t think that should disqualify anyone from public office, but I also don’t want my family to see them.

    • CatCafe #ShePurrsisted

      I had a Mick Jagger poster and WENT TO BERKELEY, and also got a traffic ticket at the Salt Lake City airport for driving 12 miles an hour in a 10 mile an hour zone. Three cop cars pulled me over and everyone stared at me. I actually cried, and I’m a grown woman. The sweet young baby policeman actually finally let me go.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        I don’t think my car will even go 10 mph. I have trouble keeping it at 15 mph when I have to, it keeps wanting to speed up to 20 mph.

        I got out of a ticket by crying once. It was 1978, and I was back in Iowa, driving to a college friend’s wedding. I had her wedding gown in a box in my back seat. When the cop stopped me for driving six miles over the limit (and the limit then was 55 mph) I pretended it was MY wedding dress and MY wedding day was tomorrow and then I started crying and pretending to have major wedding jitters and cold feet, and the cop ended up by patting my shoulder and handing me a Kleenex and telling me everything would be OK, and he did not give me a ticket. It’s a good thing he did not ask to see the dress – because my friend was about 4 sizes larger than me and 3 inches taller than me, and it would have been very obvious that it was NOT my wedding dress.

        • CatCafe #ShePurrsisted

          Great story!

    • Mike Steele

      Lady MS will be 67 this month, got a dui leaving gemutlichkeit festival around 1980, never married or bred, and had teen-bedroom poster of Ilya Kuryakin
      (Ducky of NCIS). Thus, I am, unlike Trump, Sessions, McConnell, Ryan, Pence, etc., unfit for public office. If nominated, I cannot, in good conscience, serve.

      • Angela Ruzzo

        I adored Ilya Kuryakin when I was a girl. I named a white kitten after him. The kitten’s calico sister was named April Dancer.

        • Mike Steele

          Now you can name a new kitten after real spy hero – Christopher Steele:)

  • MeerkatsRMammals

    There’s nothing wrong with loving sci-fi. I’m a grown woman that carries a Star Wars purse daily. Everyone has something that brings them joy. So what if this guy did a little cosplay? The GOP is currently colluding with Russia & they’re gonna attack him over this? Please.

  • BrianW

    I love the photo at the top of the story, but would take exception to the caption. Instead of “This is the future that liberals want,” it should be “This is the present we got,” or something like that.

    • Krombopulous Pichael

      it is a freshly born Meme, everyones throwing it around

      • H0mer0

        young (or older) Harrison Ford and young (or older) Bill Pullman?Both work for me….I’ll be in my bunk….

  • So….
    Not having any experience is OK for Republicans but not for Democrats.
    Same as ut ever was!

    • cyninoregon

      And it’hat! even worse–this guy has five (5) years actual; experience in govt–the entire Repug White House does not appear to possess anything close to that! They have no clue that bills must be proposed, Exec. Orders won’t change all the laws or what the Supreme Court has ruled in years passed. That new idea to ban anyone in govt from becoming a lobbyist is an example….is such a provision in their employment contracts? Did these people agree to the prohibition? Is it supported by consideration? Is it a law–I don’t remember Congress voting on any bill…. What a mess!

  • President in Exile Firefly

    But he’s a political outsider who will shake things up!

  • sadboy

    So, GOP dingbats laugh at an intelligent, hardworking young candidate who identifies with Han Solo while their own Dark Lord of the Sith Steve Bannon publicly identifies himself with Darth Vader.

    Maybe the Galactic Civil War will be fought with memes and tweets, instead of X-Wings and Death Stars. Should make for one hell of an exciting story!

  • Jack Tenhet

    I’d rather have someone who identifies with the fictional character Han Solo than someone who identifies with the very real Vladimir Putin, but that’s prolly just me.

  • Tom Mears

    I’m 53, husband is 46, we are sober upstanding citizens. We have two homes and enough money in the bank to live comfortably for the rest of our lives on interest alone. We are going on a chartered cruise ( tomorrow with ~1500 nerds like future representative Ossman. The fact that he goes to DragonCon dressed as Han Solo seems like a feature, not a bug. We live in his district and will certainly be voting for him in the special election.

    PS review the life imitates art in Scorpion where Sly runs for Alderman

    • foreign agitator Captain Kraut

      Damn, Tom, I’d be quite envious if I hadn’t just returned from a vacation in Asia (without getting into any land wars, thankfully!), the Jococruise is definitely on my list.

      Have a great time and say hello to John Scalzi from me!

    • Mr Canoehead

      Beat me to it with the Scorpion reference.

  • Celtic_Gnome

    If he was a Republican who’s into Civil War reenactments, the right wouldn’t have any problem with him.

    • Old Man Yells at Cloud

      If he was a Republican who was a necrophiliac and into wearing diapers and hiring #PeeHookers, the right wouldn’t have a problem with him. That (R) after his name would make everything all better.

  • GemlikeFlame

    So ,much for fiscal conservatism. Or is that only Democrats spend money? I get confused sometimes.

  • Bad Tom

    Personally, I would love to have a young Harrison Ford lounging across the table from me in revealing space rebel wear, with this goodies enticingly aimed in my general direction.

    “Barkeep! Another coupla Spice Beers!”
    Wait. You can only get Spice Beer in a difference franchise.

  • whitroth

    Goes right along with the many signs I saw at the March, of a certain well-known Princess with a blaster, and reading “join the Resistance!”

    • Hardly Ideal

      There were more than a few of those in Santa Ana, CA. I still see ’em around.

  • Zyxomma

    Brilliant last line, Dok.

  • Unmutual Tetsu Kaba

    Dragoncon, hmm…with my family, some of my neighbors and about 50bazillion other people. They might want to check how much revenue those 50 bazillion people provide the state of Georgia before dissing us.

    • Chris

      Last I checked, Dragoncon was the number one convention money-maker for Atlanta and surrounding counties. While I personally feel that it has grown too large (yes, I am one of those people), it is nice to know I attend a convention that helps support a southern city in such a big way. For people watching you cannot beat the Peachtree Mall food court. It gives me hope that humanity may have still have a few rounds in it when I see Treckkers and members of the 501st share a table.

      And the memories, oh yes the memories! There was this one year where two Klingons met two church ladies (not the SNL kind, real ones)…

  • Querolous

    Hair Twitler has a potential Ambassador to Israel who likes to dress up as a medieval Knight yet these people have a problem with cosplay? Does not compute.

  • Panika MCD

    also too: Shrub was a coke head until he was 40 and the GOP claimed that all that coke was “a youthful indiscretion”. don’t think they have much room here.

  • Old Man Yells at Cloud

    To be fair, in that photo, Blake Farenthold is able to make the blonde wig and the nighty work for him.

  • persistently_resistant_gayby

    If anything, this makes me love Jon Ossoff even more….

    He’s so dreamy <3


  • phoenix00
    • I prefer to remember the time a little while back when Harrison Ford literally saved lives by landing a malfunctioning plane.

      • phoenix00

        To be fair, he did do that too. Same plane too if I remember right.

  • I can see this ad strategy not working out well. “He loves one of the most popular franchises in existence!” is not what you want to be shouting about your opponent.

    Greedo shot first.

    That is all. Even when he originally didn’t, he did. Even when George Lucas wore a T-shirt saying he didn’t, he did.

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