Oh sure, it LOOKS like a staged photo, but this is Amurka (still assuming staged)

Terrific news for gun-humping radical extremists all over America, or at least those who don’t pray the wrong way: The Trump administration plans to change the focus of a program aimed at steering people away from all violent extremist groups, targeting its efforts only at “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” because as we all know, the best way to defeat international terrorism is to say the Magic Words. And also to ignore domestic terrorists of any stripe other than Islamic, since who ever heard of anyone but a radical Muslim doing terrorism in America? You know, other than Tim McVeigh, David Koresh, Dylann Roof, The Order and its string of bank robberies and murder, and the occasional lone nut with a gun who acts wholly on his own, except every single one of those is a false flag hoax.

Let’s get real. Donald Trump gets all his national security information from The Shows. So if Fox News can’t remember any non-Muslim terrorists, why should he? And if a thing isn’t sparkly enough to catch Donald Trump’s attention, then why should the government waste time and money on it? Obviously, it’s time for some changes, according to five people who’ve been briefed on the matter who spoke to Reuters (the only good thing about TrumpWorld is that it leaks like a militiaman’s beard on MRE Beef Stew Night):

The program, “Countering Violent Extremism,” or CVE, would be changed to “Countering Islamic Extremism” or “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism,” the sources said, and would no longer target groups such as white supremacists who have also carried out bombings and shootings in the United States.

Such a change would reflect Trump’s election campaign rhetoric and criticism of former President Barack Obama for being weak in the fight against Islamic State and for refusing to use the phrase “radical Islam” in describing it.

Might have wanted to fact-check that claim, Reuters.

In its current form, the CVE program aims at identifying and deterring potentially violent groups or individuals from becoming radicalized, and includes both community outreach and education to dissuade people, and attempts to send counter-messaging against radicalism through social media. The CVE program operates only within the U.S., and is separate from military and intelligence agencies’ programs to counter jihadist propaganda abroad. Even though it only started awarding grants this year, the program has been criticized for heavy-handed or ineffective messaging to targeted audiences, because when did “just say no” ever work with anything? Some of the criticism from conservatives has insisted that the program should leave good gun-humping patriots and sovereign citizens alone, and should focus solely on deterring Muslims from becoming radicalized, because Political Correctness pretends that there are any domestic threats other than Islam.

Also, there were some methodological flaws in a 2015 study that found more Americans had been killed after 9/11 by rightwing domestic terrorists than by radical Islamists, so you are not allowed to mention domestic non-Islamic terrorists at all. Such talk is only a plot to take our guns away!

Reuters notes that proponents of the existing program have this crazy idea that focusing solely on Muslims could actually backfire, making American Muslims even more leery of cooperating with an administration they don’t especially trust. Clearly, that can’t be right, since anyone who doesn’t trust Trump already hates America. Of course, one of the weaknesses of CVE right now is that Muslim and immigrant groups are already afraid the program is merely a cover for surveillance, not a genuine attempt to dissuade people from radicalism. Imagine that — why on earth would Muslims ever get that impression?

It’s hard to call the current program a “failure,” even, since it only recently came into being:

The Obama administration sought to foster relationships with community groups to engage them in the counterterrorism effort. In 2016, Congress appropriated $10 million in grants for CVE efforts and DHS awarded the first round of grants on Jan. 13, a week before Trump was inaugurated.

Among those approved were local governments, city police departments, universities and non-profit organizations. In addition to organizations dedicated to combating Islamic State’s recruitment in the United States, grants also went to Life After Hate, which rehabilitates former neo-Nazis and other domestic extremists.

We should note that in Europe, such attempts to help members of radical groups have been around a while, and seem to have had some success. In one lovely instance, a German town even punked neo-Nazis, using a fascist march to raise funds for such an “exit” program: The more the Nazis marched, the more the people donated to the anti-Nazi group. But if it’s European, it must be bad, huh?

Now that word of the program’s new focus is getting out to community groups, they’re already saying “No thanks.” A Michigan group led by Lebanese-Americans, Leaders Advancing & Helping Communities, had been awarded a $500,000 DHS grant, but decided to decline the money just before Trump announced his travel ban last week. An email from the group to DHS said, “Given the current political climate and cause for concern, LAHC has chosen to decline the award.” A representative of the group confirmed to Reuters they’d turned down the grant, but refused to comment further, probably because they either hate America or are worried about retribution from the Trump Flying Monkey Brigade.

Still, we bet Trump’s new emphasis on singling out Muslims will work just great and not create any backlash, and that the groups trying to fight other violent extremists will be just fine. After all, since Trump took office, donations to the SPLC have gone up some, so why should we to worry about violence from neo-Nazis and sovereign citizens?

Oh, we just remembered a TV show you may want to watch: Next week’s “American Experience” on PBS will be about the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. No idea why that suddenly came to mind. Probably because Trump also wants to eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

[Reuters / Guardian / American Experience]

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  • arglebargle
  • They’ll probably put up a friendly guide on the White House website:

    “You must be this dark skinned to be a terrorist.”
    • White person with gun = freedom lovin’ patriot
    • Violent white person with gun = isolated incident
    • Latino with gun = drug dealing rapist gang banger
    • Violent Latino with gun = drug dealing rapist gang banger
    • Black person with gun = dead thug. The police fucking shot him already and he once did marijuana.
    • Violent black person with gun – dead thug. See above.
    • Arab with gun = Radical Islamic Terrorist.
    • Violent Arab with gun = Radical Islamic Terrorist.

    • Kiri the Resistant Unicorn

      Arab, no gun, playing soccer = Radical Islamic Terrorist.

    • YoBunnyBunny

      Not Violent Black person without a gun (doing nothing illegal) = probably would have became a thug eventually.

  • Lizzietish81

    Otoh right wing extremism is bound to go back down now that the sekrit muslim is out and their golden boy is in.

    It takes a lot of effort to get out of the hoveround.

    • Crank Tango

      It will help when they get rid of Nobamacare in the red states.

  • Blacktop Autumn

    Just what we need, more saggy, white assholes who muzzle lock everyone around them while they rant about their 2nd amendment rights and build literal shit holes on Indian sacred sites.

  • rocktonsam

    ” More guns will solve this problem Mr. Preznit.”
    – The NRA , probably

    • arglebargle

      – The NRA , probably always

    • (((fka_donnie_d)))

      Except in our HQ, which is a gun-free free gun zone

  • memzilla Ω

    The ability of the attention-deficited American public to be completely misled by bright shiny objects and calls of “Squirrel!” never ceases to amaze me. Just like I guarantee you that if the Russians had been rumored to have interfered with the voting on Dancing With The Stars, there’d have been blood in the streets.

    • calliecallie

      Right now some DWTS producer is thinking “I wonder if we could get a Russian on the show? What’s Baryshnikov up to these days?”

      • Jamoche

        Saying “damn it, I left the USSR because of this shit”:

        “I left a country that built walls to come to a place without them,” Baryshnikov says in the video. “But today, as a citizen of the United States, for the first time, I am hearing rhetoric that reminds me of the Soviet Union of my youth, where it was a crime, and continues to be a crime, to be different.”

        • CripesAmighty


  • Resistance Fighter Astraea

    Well sure, otherwise they’d have to investigate their own administration.

  • msanthropesmr

    White people can’t be terrorists. They are freedom fighters.

    • peteywheats

      Every once in a while there is a “crazy person” or a “lone wolf” but most of those are “False Flags” by some unnamed part of the government that Donald Trump is busy trying to root out on Twitter and by watching Fox News.

      • wide_stance_hubby

        But, they were inspired by regular brown-type terrists!

      • goonemeritus

        That a gross mischaracterization of the Trump administrations position. Why just last week a perspective cabinet member called environmentalist among the most dangerous terrorists attacking America.

    • Sekhmet1

      Of course. Unless they’re troubled and probably mentally ill or have justifiable sadfeels because womens reject them. It would be unfair to speculate on their motives before we have all the facts.

      • Notreelyhelping

        Let’s not throw the bath water out with the baby!

    • YoBunnyBunny

      Or “Patriots”.

    • Historicat

      The way things are going, there might be some soon.

  • Gayer Than Thou

    CVE – that’s a drug store chain, right?

    • wide_stance_hubby

      Fred Douglas is the CEO, and he is unbelievably and tremendously good and he voted for me many, many times.

  • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

    OT Breaking: Homeland Security chief: Parts of border wall will be transparent.

    Like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

    • wide_stance_hubby

      Build The Window Now!1!

      • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

        No, not a window. Just invisible. It will be the most beautiful invisible wall.

        • WotsAllThisThen

          “Two hombres walk into a wall– stop me if you’ve heard this one.”

        • laughingnome

          It will be like the force field around the Starship Enterprise

          • WotsAllThisThen

            It’s only a matter of time before Mexico executes the Corbomite maneuver.

    • SayItWithOtters

      As in religion, the invisible often looks strikingly like the nonexistent.

  • Suttree

    Well I’m comforted knowing that this administration is covering every single wing-nut talking point. It proves that they aren’t stupid and any competent jury won’t have to deliberate too long.

  • Angela Ruzzo

    PBS has been very cleverly broadcasting archival and new programs for the past few weeks that subtly contradict the Trump platform. The only problem is that their audience is primarily educated, liberal people who already know what is what, so I assume their motivation is to remind us of facts we may have forgotten in the current media frenzy of bad news. They are trying to give us ammunition and a morale boost in the only way they can. Good for PBS! Keep up the good work!

    • Khavrinen

      At least until Trump gets around to obliterating them, too. Trust me, he will.

      ( “Cutting PBS support (0.012% of budget) to help balance the Federal budget is like deleting text files to make room on your 500Gig hard drive” Neil DeGrasse Tyson )

      • Angela Ruzzo

        Small stations might close, programming hours might decrease, but PBS can survive with private donations for quite a while. How long, I don’t know. They could move operations to Canada and merge with CBC temporarily and stream programs, if absolutely necessary.

  • moebym posted this
    • theblackdog

      I’m more afraid of domestic terrorists who use guns, where does that count?

    • Khavrinen

      I read an article in a similar vein a couple years ago that cited the statistic that more Americans are killed every year by vending machines falling on them ( because they were trying to shake stuck items loose ) than by shark attacks. Vending machines.

      And yet I can’t think of a single block-buster movie about “The Terror Of The Break Room!!”

      • Meccalopolis

        Because we tip the machines over on ourselves to get stuck food like the monkey and the coconut. We are truly a nation of idiots

  • DoILookAmused2u? Résistance☨

    White Supremacist Terrorists–a.k.a. Trump supporters–will no longer be investigated.

    What could–cough,cough Tim McVeigh–go wrong?

  • Bill D. Burger

    OT__but I just looked up and saw Steve King of Iowa…and that sonofabitch just makes my hair hurt. He’s saying that “…the media is blowing President Trump’s conversation with the Australian Prime Minister all out of proportion. And we should thank the President for finding out the details of the agreement with Australia about the refugees…”blah, blah, blah.”

    If there is a more stupid bastard in the government, he would be hard to find.
    (*Oh…I may have libeled Louie Ghomert..hmmm.)

  • Robbertjan Brandenburg

    Don’t know if Dutch television is doing this on purpose but for some reason tonight American History X, Misissipi burning and 12 years a slave are being aired. As if they are issuing a warning.

    • WotsAllThisThen

      With any luck, Australia will be showing a Mad Max marathon.

      • laughingnome

        America is staging it now as a reality show.

      • (((fka_donnie_d)))

        Start with the last one.

    • Bitter Scribe

      Hey, I hope “Mississippi Burning” doesn’t give Dutch people the wrong idea about the FBI.

      Specifically, the idea that the FBI did anything relating to civil rights other than spy on and try to blackmail Martin Luther King.

    • laughingnome

      I had Mississippi burning so my doctor gave me a prescription. It cleared up after a week or so.

    • WomanInTheResistance

      Yeah, you might want to think twice about visiting here for a while.

  • Scrofula

    Gutting the ACA and medicaid will take care of a lot of the Meal Team Six domestic terrorists when they lose their Lipitor and Insulin.
    DeVos appointment will take care of school shooters when there aren’t any public schools anymore.
    Gorsuch will take care of ‘bortion bombers when he outlaws all babby murder.
    Sessions will take care of Klan terrorists when he makes it legal.
    No more eco-terrorism when there’s no eco left.
    Truly, we are seeing a new Pax Trumpana.

  • bookish
  • calliecallie

    Acronym needs work. I recommend Countering RadicaI Islamic Extremism Daily.
    Then you could have a CNN conversation like: “They CRIED the boys, Wolf.”

  • Crystalclear12

    Life isn’t simple.
    Stop voting for simpletons.

  • mrFawkes

    Since team Dear Leader is adament that the Muslim Ban is not a “ban” or religious in design. Does that mean the CEOs and upper management of all our gun manufacturing companies can be denied entry into the U,S due to the 30,000+ deaths they are connected to?

    • Beanz&Berryz

      30,000 — every year

  • Mike Steele

    Lady MS here: Sorta figure Berkeley vandals may themselves have been alt-right false flaggers. Nonetheless, I don’t now, nor did I ever, favor university protests against speakers from any point on the ideological spectrum. A lot of today’s ignorance and insularity has resulted from being totally clueless about what ‘the other side’ is really thinking. Perhaps if the weirdness of the Breitbart-Info Wars crowd were as familiar to folks as the generic alt-fact cheer leading of Fox, more people would have come out to prevent our current dilemma.The majority of Trumpanzees I’ve engaged are totally unaware of the views – or even existence – of Milo Yadayadda, Alex Outtahismeind, etc.

    • zerosumgame0005

      O’Keefe is on film trying to incite violence

    • WomanInTheResistance

      I say this with love, but I accept no excuses. This information was not hidden. It was not secret. And Trump voters need to show some damned responsibility. They broke my country. They fucking need to own that.

      • Mike Steele

        You’re right that info on Milo and his ilk was available. So was employment data, terrorism stats, Donald’s deplorable business record, etc.etc. Those who own this watch Duck Dynasty. Next gen attending Berkeley should see what they’re up against.

    • Dr. Rrrrrobotnik

      TBH there’s always a group of “Anarchists” that show up to every protest and ruin it by pointlessly smashing stuff and setting things on fire. I put the quote marks because in all probability, they aren’t actually anarchists; they’re probably paid right-wing provocateurs or just people who like vandalism.

      • WomanInTheResistance

        The Committee to Fuck Shit Up loves protests. And every member should be outed. In a peaceful, team-building way.

      • cmd resistor

        Then they get pics posted on FOX and all the FB people post them and call all protesters haters and thugs, blah blah.

    • snark-lurker

      like passing out poison so peeps will develope immunity?

      • WomanInTheResistance

        Iocaine powder has no effect on me.

        • snark-lurker

          i KNOOOOOOOOOooow!

    • Swampay

      I doubt it’s false flaggers per se. There are some folks who like excuses to raise hell and bust shit up. I’m actually surprised that so many completely peaceful demos have taken place without more from the violent fringe. But it’s the minority who get violent. Not a reason to assault free speech/assembly.

      Dude should get to say whatever he wants.
      People should get to say whatever they want back
      Folks who disrupt this process with violence are no help to anyone.

      • snark-lurker

        well said

    • Marceline

      The problem is we have anarchists on the left who are every bit as earger to tear the system apart as the Breitbart creeps on the right. There are just too many nihilists on both sides who want nothing more than to watch the world burn.

      • ahughes798

        But so far, it’s been people from the right.

        • Marceline

          What are you basing that on? The Black Bloc anarchists showed up at the Women’s March smashing windows . It was one of them who punched Richard Spencer in the face. (God’s work though it may have been.) They also showed up at the “riot” in Portland right after Trump got elected. There’s no shortage of assholes on the left who are happy to co-opt peaceful protests for their “cause.”

          The problem with people who crave “revolution” whether Nazis or anarchists is they don’t care about collateral damage.

          • ahughes798

            But Black Bloc people set out to do that…they’re entirely separate from the protests going on. I don’t know that they’re really on the left. Since they never show up at Republican rallies or anything, I would think of them as right wingers.

          • NastyBossetti

            All the Black Bloc participants I’ve ever known have basically been young people who were very sincere in their desire to smash the state. To the extent that they could be considered right or left – and they wouldn’t have claimed either one, because they wanted to not take part in the system at all, so you’re right to say they’re not really on the left – I would say they were coming at it from an extreme leftwing perspective.

          • ahughes798

            Steve Bannon wants to smash the state, too. I’m just confused by the fact that, if they are extreme left, they are not showing up at Republican/Trump rallies and breaking shit, instead, their focus seems to be on making real Democratic protesters look bad.

      • TJ Barke

        Except anarchists aren’t fans of racially motivated mass shootings. Or murder in general. The right is.

        • Marceline

          True but anarchists don’t care how many black or brown people get killed in their revolutions either.

          • TJ Barke

            Yeah, I do.

          • Marceline

            Then could you tell you fellow anarchists to do their own protests instead of hijacking peaceful ones because the first people who are going to get killed are us members of the darker nations.

          • TJ Barke

            Unfortunately not, because they’re dumb angry kids that want to fuck shit up, and have already been told not to do that.

      • Mike Steele

        And Bannon is their hero.

    • capnkrunch

      There’s good reasons to not give people like Milo a public platform:

      Blah blah blah academic freedom, freedom of speech, etc. More and more I’m starting to think that places like Germany have it correct. Why the fuck should we give neo-Nazis, etc the time of day?

      I know the absolutist argument for free speech is that it’s a slipperly slope from suppressing truly abhorrent speech to suppressing any dissenting speech but personally I think there’s a perfectly clear line and Milo and friends are well past it.

      • Mike Steele

        We’d better damned sight be absolutist regarding free speech, as the raisin d’être of this entire shitshow is to discredit, marginalize, silence and, someday, criminalize ‘unpopular’ speech, as defined by those currently in power (whom, I agree, long ago crossed the line…)

    • Up In Smoke O’hontas

      Set him up to debate someone….who could we get though… i nominate Legislative Badass John Lewis!!!

      • Mike Steele

        Better yet, Al Franken:)

        • PUAAN Pussy Has Resist Clawz

          and make it a “Draw the USA” duel.

  • zerosumgame0005

    appreciate your list but in these kinds of discussions I always want to include this;

    • tomamitai

      Jesus, it makes you wonder how hard it would be for the Duterte admiring Twitler now occupying the White House to get Americans to kill each other at an even faster pace than they’re already doing.

  • LarryHoudini

    Weak=ignores insults, focuses on long-term objectives, self-confident

  • laughingnome

    Trump is what results when Goofus mates with Pig Won’t.

  • Ian

    Change to the comments! But, but, but, oh well. Will there be cake?

  • Swampay

    “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism”? CRIE? Makes me want to cry.

  • Swampay

    CVE program was allocated $10 Million in 2016? In government terms that is literally peanuts. I mean literally, that’s (allegedly) (maybe) less than the amount of money granted to American peanut farm subsidies.

    • YellowDog

      That’s about 9 minutes of the current defense budget.

    • Jamoche

      Isn’t that how much we’ve spent to keep Melania in NYC? $1M/day, right?

      There’s a fact to enrage wingnuts.

    • Swampay

      Pizdet! Is there anything the Goog doesn’t know? According to, total US subsidy for peanuts between 1995 and 2014 was $3,920,251,738. Over 20 years that’s $196,012,586.90 per year. Now we have a reference point in discussions about government spending. Anything less than $200M is literally peanuts.

  • Martini Ambassador

    My liver is not gonna make it through 4 years of this shit, although I doubt neither is Cheeto Hitler.

  • Duke

    I can’t read these anymore.

    • WomanInTheResistance

      Check out the Memphis thread. I have found it helpful.

      • JustDon’tSayPeriod.Period!

        But watch out for onion ninjas!

        • WomanInTheResistance

          They are remarkably effective.

  • Rick Hill

    Which is it? They’re doing EVERYTHING completely wrong because they are a idiot or because they are purposely trying to destroy our democracy?

    • WomanInTheResistance

      Why not both?

      • Oblios_Cap

        The incompetence of evil?

    • Mike Wallace


    • snark-lurker

      i bet they mostly just simply donut know wut they doin. like pootin 5-yos into a 747 cockpit alone at altitude & sayin fly this sucker have fun

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      With Bannon at the helm, it’s definitely the latter.

    • Jamoche

      They’re purposely trying to destroy democracy, but are idiots enough to make it blatant.

  • Resistance Fighter Callyson
    • spacecat in space

      Let us count the ways…

  • SayItWithOtters

    Leaving aside the Muslim community engagement issue, does the DOJ really think SovCits, Bundyists and the rest are actually not worth monitoring anymore?

    • snark-lurker

      DOJ no longer haz a thinking head at top

    • Jamoche

      If you just do what the bullies want, they won’t have any reason to bully you. And if the embarrassment to real cattle ranchers gets to turn their starving strays out onto what used to be federal land…

    • Alexander Stallwitz

      Considering trumpy and the Banana Republicans want to hand over federal lands to Bundy and the SovCitzens. I am pretty sure they have taken over the Republicans

    • doktorzoom

      The change in emphasis ain’t coming from the professionals in the DOJ, that’s for sure.

  • Randy Riddle

    Well, he’s just returning the favor to the rural white voters occupying bird sanctuaries and blowing up abortion clinics who turned out to get him in office.

    Just politics, you know.

  • Hairstrike Alpha

    It really blows their minds when you point out that Arabs are both semitic and white…like finding out Vader is Luke’s father

  • whitroth

    Can I start a violent organization called The Anti-Fascist League, which will not allow Muslims to join? Is that ok with him?

  • JohnLindhe

    Hey, it’s not like a white right-wing man just shot up a mosque.

    • randomhookup

      And how were those other guys supposed to know that Sikhs aren’t Muslims?

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        Furriners are furrin. That’s all a wingnut needs to know.

  • Pierre_de_Fermat

    Gosh, do you remember when the government was not run by a senile, crazy person? Was it that long ago? We were all so much younger then. That was before the Great Australian War, wasn’t it? Or was it the Great Mexican War? The Great Canadian War? They run together now. At least I can use my greenbacks as kindling when I build a fire to heat up the hobo beans. If there are any left.

    • Dudleydidwrong

      You can afford hobo beans? Another reason why I hate the rich.

    • OrdinaryJoe

      Or the Third German War? But don’t worry. Russia will be there make sure we can all settle down in the gulag.

    • Alexander Stallwitz

      I heard you man, want some roasted Mirelurk cakes?

      • Pierre_de_Fermat

        Gee thanks. There is still a little bit of uncontaminated soylent green, as well as the canned clams I found, but I appreciate the offer. It looks as though another radiation storm is building, so shelter is the most important thing now.

  • goonemeritus

    I’m sure most American would rather be blown up by a fellow American.

    • Alternative Pony Ron

      ‘I’m dying in incredible pain, but at least he looks like me!’

      • Bongstar420

        Um, Americans don’t look like each other. Or is this the white nationalists delusion we are talking about?

        • Alternative Pony Ron

          The second thing. Always assume that the explanation is the one that generates the maximum amount of snark.

  • Little Lulu ResistanceFighter

    Is that a beer vest he’s wearing? If so, is that standard militia issue apparel or did he customize?

  • azeyote

    this regime isn’t wasting time consolidating power, message, and control – i would give odds we are in a new major war soon – and some kind of police state thing to put down opposition – fascist capitalism, united with religion, and a scorched earth agenda – sounds like a crusade –

    • TJ Barke

      It’s almost like giving apocalyptic demagogues power is a terrible idea.

      • Biel_ze_Bubba

        It’s not as if there’s any downside to demonizing an entire religious group. What could go wrong?

        • TJ Barke

          Sounds better in the original german.

        • Bongstar420

          I grew up with my family demonizing secularists. Blegh!

    • Bongstar420

      Not sure how a President accomplishes that. At this time it appears they haven’t got the support to maintain come kind of coup. I imagine their hastiness is they know this is a last ditch effort till the liberals are voted in stronger than usual to clean up the mess.

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    SO… here’s a thing that is happening:

    “Rogue” Science Agencies Defy Trump Administration on Twitter

    After Il Douche placed restrictions on several federal agencies regarding communication with the public, self-described “rogue” versions of government science institutions cropped up on Twitter, defiantly sharing their support of science.

    The account @AltNatParkSer launched Jan. 24, calling itself “The Unofficial #Resistance team of U.S. National Park Service” in a Twitter bio, sharing facts related to climate change and its impact on U.S. national parks, and calling for government support of science-based policies.

    Since then, numerous other accounts with similar intentions have sprouted on Twitter:
    @NASAGoneRogue (“NASA Employees taking a stand”)
    @RogueNASA (“The unofficial ‘Resistance’ team of NASA”)
    @NASARogueOne (“Rebel with a cause”)

    • WomanInTheResistance

      Bless them all. Keep tweeting, rogue aka honest scientists!

  • guppy06

    Oh sure, it LOOKS like a staged photo, but this is Amurka (still assuming staged)

    The fact that the guy in the background is being lit from the wrong side doesn’t help much.

    • Unmutual Tetsu Kaba

      and what’s with his legs?

      • spacecat in space

        And where the hell is his shadow?

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    Buh-bye Disqus.
    Who’d have thought that driving users to install ad blockers might annoy the customers?

  • Shibusa
  • Creepoman

    “Trump To Nazis, Other Violent Loons: Have Fun Storming The Federal Buildings!”

    No need to storm the buildings anymore, Bannrump has handed them the keys.

  • Paperless Tiger

    Sounds like the Führer wants to marshal some storm-troopers. Maybe reading Hitler’s speeches as you drift off into unconsciousness every night is not the best thing for your psyche, especially if you are already a psychopath megalomaniac narcissist malignant narcissist.

  • disqus_lWwzrwNaw6

    The Jewish members of our extended family already know quite a bit about the Bannon Boys and the Trump Troopers, mostly in the form of random death and rape threats plus those charming Auschwitz pictures floating around the twittersphere.

    In the absence of a proactive federal government taking those threats seriously, what on God’s green earth are they supposed to do? go all Warsaw Ghetto on those bony swastika-shaped white asses?

    Not that it isn’t a temptation.More than one member of the family–Wayne LaPierre will be delighted to hear–has decided to learn how to handle a firearm, on the grounds that if one has to go, it would be nice to take a few of them out at the same time. Kind of like Donald’s new thing where you can’t pass one regulation without killing off two others. You can’t threaten one Jew without taking out two Nazi boys…

    But I digress. Under stress. I apologize

    Every day, more and more, despite all the criticism of President Obama’s almost surreal serenity and calm–in which I sometimes shared–I miss it. I miss him.

    The man was, it turns out, 24/7 juggling the flaming swords of bigotry and madness and Republicanism and white supremacism and terrorism (both foreign and domestic) and treason and all four horsemen of the Apocalypse plus their horses, all the while smiling gently and telling us a story about how we were really a good and decent people, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding

    God, I miss him.

    • Bub the Hoohah! loving Zombie

      Well stated

  • pgjack

    How many vile names can our current president. be called. the list is long and if you run out just add adjectives like “the greatest asshole”.

    • Edith Prickly

      I’ve settled on the Orange Menace. Simple and to the point.

    • peestain.

    • motmelere

      just add hyooge

  • Alexander Stallwitz

    To be fair, it would look bad to throw your supporters in jail. I am sure its a coincidence that a majority of white wingnuts are Trump supporters.

  • motmelere

    You managed to get through that without any mention of The Bundy Bunch & their weird manservant Alice B. Finicum. I suppose being a deadbeat and an unauthorized dildo-camper doesn’t count if the center square is dead. (That sounds mean, was that mean?) I don’t care; force in the face of reason is terrorism. Fuck those guys.

  • My World War Two veteran Uncles would be so proud of me if I took out some Nazi’s. I know they are looking down from Heaven and are just pissed as hell at these wannabe Nazi’s. They always said that they would be back and that an M-1 was the only solution to this curse. We can kill them with votes. Oh! and fuck Trump and his Nazi’s fucks.

    • Nick Danger

      Please learn how to use apostrophes.

      • This is wonkette. We don’t need no stinking English. Where would would you like your bag of salted rat dicks delivered?

        • Nick Danger

          Please remain proudly grammatically illiterate.

      • spacecat in space

        Just mentally put the word “face” and “children” in after the possessives. It’s what Captain America would do. (Then he’d mention a swear jar, in all likelihood, because he’s a Brooklynite who never swears, which is how you know he’s fictional.)

        Not sure what to do about the last one, except…maybe it’s Bannon? I could imagine him schtupping Nazis. Not that I want to-


  • TomikiTom

    Wow! You people are really out there, aren’t you? This is my first time on this site and it’s safe to say my last time as well! Have fun living in your alternate reality!

    • CriticalDragon1177

      No sorry, but you’re the one who lives in an alternate reality

      • Oblios_Cap

        How the hell was that person able to comment? Everybody knows comments aren’t allowed.

    • (((Aron)))

      Why are you here? I don’t remember anyone inviting you!

      • Weneedtruth now

        I see you want to run everyone out of the sand box so can fill it with your own cat shit and lies …that’s why we are here !

        • (((Aron)))

          Once again, who is ‘we?’ You seek to have an horrific parasite infestation, poor dear.

          And I have just reported you for harassment.

          • Weneedtruth now

            Really …sort of like the kettle calling the pot black lol …40,000 comments you take your deception campaign seriously don’t you? Get a life I have had more lefttards attack and threaten me that if they ban me I will wear it like a badge ..I speak truth with snark and that’s why you hate me Aron …I am as hard to get rid of as a bad fungus

          • (((Aron)))

            I don’t hate you. I laugh at you.

            And once again, who is ‘we?’

          • (((Aron)))

            (And it is cute you think you can scare me!)

          • Weneedtruth now

            You fear truth

    • SatanicVagendaRebellion

      Bye, Felisha.

    • Bill

      Hail Kek!

  • G.S.K. herzak

    I live in Canada and we just had a terrorist attack on Muslims by a white Christian terrorist. We had lots of attacks from those guys: Sikh temple, black churches, Planned Parenthood, government buildings.
    They must not be surprised when someone hits back at them. I won’t cry, they have it coming!

  • Don Gwinn

    I’m pretty sure the wheelbarrow photo is weirder than Doktor Zoom realizes, though it is definitely staged. I used to moderate gun forums back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and the first thing it made me think was “Gunkid!” Yes, it’s staged, but it was definitely staged by gun nuts/preppers making fun of a particular troll from those forums days. One of my fellow moderators wrote the definitive piece on Gunkid and his Tactical Wheelbarrow Doctrine, so let me just link you to LawDog (in real life, a Texas law enforcement officer and humorist of some reknown.)

    “06/19/2006 was a truly Red Letter Day among the Internet Gun Forums.

    The Internet troll known as Gunkid a/k/a/ Hardin a/k/a Jamboree a/k/a Swetn a/k/a Lawrenceof Reason a/k/a Brule a/k/a … you get the picture, got nicked by Oklahoma deputies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for multiple State and Federal violations.

    For those Gentle Readers who are not familiar with the metaphorical whiff of methane and hydrogen sulfide that was the cyberspace presence of Gunkid, allow me to shed some light on why there are Internet Gun Board Staff People dancing in the streets right now:

    Gunkid was an idiot.

    In actuality, he was more than that: he was a compulsive liar, a thief, a convicted felon, a Walter Mitty wannabe and a dedicated pain-in-the-arse.

    His dream was for the World To End As We Know It — preferably in a nuclear holocaust — so that he could float down the Mississippi river on a raft and sell his services as an assassin to the warlords that he was sure would pop-up like fungi.

    He opined at great length about blowing up Federal buildings, office buildings, and any building belonging to anyone he didn’t like.

    When asked about the possibility of the Feds not much taking to people spouting off about blowing up their buildings, Gunkid would reply that if he got any whiff of a Fed, he was going to cause civil disorder by poisoning the local water supply and escaping in the panic. If that didn’t work, of course he was not going to be taken alive, hail of bullets, dead agents in the street, napalm, explosions, terror, special CNN music, yack, yack, yack.

    He was fond of a ten-inch barreled upper receiver chambered for .22LR on his AR-15 with a attached silencer, and claimed it was the be-all, end-all survival weapon and was good to 300 meters. He vociferously defended this combination to anyone who would ask, especially tyros to the world of guns.

    He would always neglect to mention that a 10-inch barrel on a rifle without the proper — extra — paperwork violates several Federal and State laws. As does the attached silencer sans proper paperwork.

    He was also an obnoxious believer in the famed Assault Wheelbarrow. When the Balloon Went Up, Gunkid advised anyone who would listen not to bother with backpacks or such-like. No, the only useful carrying mode would be a light-weight wheelbarrow . . . .”

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