America's hero reserves judged to be running low
America’s hero reserves judged to be running low

America lost one of its indisputable heroes — and the last surviving astronaut from Project Mercury — Thursday as John Glenn passed away at the age of 95. He was a fighter pilot in World War II and Korea, a test pilot who set a 1957 record for transcontinental flight, piloting a supersonic F8U-1 Crusader from coast to coast in 3 hours and 23 minutes. And of course he was the first American to orbit the Earth — not the first in space; that honor went to Alan Shepard and then Virgil “Gus” Grissom, who both made suborbital flights first. But on Feb. 20, 1962, Glenn became the first American to orbit the planet, circling it three times before splashing down safely in the Atlantic — after a scare that the Mercury capsule’s heat shield was loose. It turned out to be a faulty indicator light. The Washington Post’s obit notes that the flight was planned to go seven orbits,

but after the first, the capsule began to wobble. Mr. Glenn overrode the automatic navigation system and piloted Friendship 7 with manual controls for two more orbits, reaching a height of 162 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Yr Dok Zoom was a fetus at the time of Glenn’s historic flight, so we don’t remember it. We can at least say we were moving around in a cramped capsule at the same time.

Another cool thing about John Glenn: in the middle of the biggest national celebration for any pilot since Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic, Glenn insisted that all six of the other Mercury astronauts be honored as well when he was invited to a ticker-tape parade in New York. Four million people showed up to cheer for the astronauts.

Here are Five Things we didn’t know about John Glenn:

Amazing: After one combat mission in Korea, he landed his F-86 Saber jet with over 200 holes shot through it.

Fun: before the Mercury program was ever a thing, he was a contestant on the TV game show “Name That Tune,” where he split a $25,000 prize with a child actor. His half of the winnings came to more than his annual salary as a Marine Corps test pilot.

Also Fun: the height limit for Mercury astronauts was 5 foot 11 inches, so Glenn would sit for hours at a time with a stack of books on his head to compress his spine and make sure he wasn’t too tall.

Interesting: Against John Glenn’s wishes (and secretly), JFK wouldn’t let him fly another space mission because Kennedy thought Glenn was too valuable a national hero to be risked in another space flight; Glenn always regretted that he never made it to the moon.

Tragic: John Glenn was also a close friend of the Kennedys, and was with Bobby Kennedy the night he was assassinated in 1968. Glenn then

accompanied five of Kennedy’s 10 children (an 11th was born after his death) back to their home in McLean, Va. The next morning, Mr. Glenn informed the other children that their father had been killed.

“When Bob died, I had to sit on the edge of the bed as each child was waking up and tell them their dad was not coming home,” Mr. Glenn told a Muskingum [University] audience in 1997. “It was one of the hardest things I ever did.”

Glenn was elected to the Senate from Ohio in 1974, beating Howard Metzenbaum in a bitter primary. Metzenbaum went on to win the state’s other Senate seat in 1976 and the two Democrats made peace and served together for decades, Metzenbaum until 1995 and Glenn until 1999. In 1998, after no small amount of lobbying on his own behalf, Glenn was able to fly in space one last time, at the age of 77, in a mission on the shuttle Discovery. We remember some griping at the time that it was little more than a publicity stunt and an unseemly payoff to a powerful senior senator (and national hero), despite the mission’s stated purpose of studying aging. Screw it, if anybody deserved his own personal seat on the shuttle, it was John Glenn.


Another cool fact: John Glenn married his high school sweetheart, Annie Castor, in 1943 and they were together until the end yesterday. With therapy, Annie Glenn overcame a severe stammer and was eventually able to give public speeches. Because we are unrepentantly sentimental, we’ll confess we misted up a bit at this line in the New York Times obit:

From the time they came to public attention, and throughout the turbulence of spaceflight and politics, John and Anna Glenn each seemed the other’s center of gravity.

Annie Glenn came to the attention of notorious fake-news site Wonkette in 2012 when she and her husband met in Ohio with some president guy who had awarded John Glenn the Medal of Freedom a few months before. Or as Wonkette put it at the time, “Obama Terrorist-Fist-Jabs Innocent Old Lady.” She took the award for coolest old lady ever that day, and not only because her husband was a real astronaut (but that helps):

Probably some elaborate space code.
Probably some elaborate space code.

The New York Times says John Glenn liked Tom Wolfe’s 1979 book about the early days of the space program, The Right Stuff, but he never cared for the movie:

“Most of his account was reasonably factual, although I was neither the pious saint nor the other guys the hellions he made them into,” he told Life magazine in 1998. “Hollywood made a charade out of the story and caricatures out of the people in it.”

We can respect that. But it still includes one of the most iconic shots in movie history, so we hope John Glenn will forgive us if we end on that.

Also, with a relentlessly anti-science administration preparing to slouch into office, we’d just like to remind kids learning about the space program to dream big dreams, study hard, and remember what heroes are really made of (they are not made of cheap reality shows). We’ll need some.

[WaPo / NYT]

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  • Lizzietish81
  • Bill D. Burger

    Glenn was hanging on by a thread, then he heard that Donald Trump was landing in Ohio yesterday. The embarrassment was too much. He said, “Fuck it. I’m outta’ here.”

  • MynameisBlarney

    Yeah…2016 sucks.

    RIP Mr. Glenn

  • Cousin Itt de La Résistance

    Annie Glenn.

    I’m in love.

    • Msgr_Moment

      She’s available.
      Too soon?

  • alwayspunkindrublic

    The difference between a true badass and the phony, fronting badasses Trump surrounds himself with. Godspeed.

  • proudgrampa

    A personal hero of mine.

    Requiescat in pacem, Senator.

  • Msgr_Moment

    “When Bob died, I had to sit on the edge of the bed as each child was waking up and tell them their dad was not coming home,” Mr. Glenn told a Muskingum [University] audience in 1997. “It was one of the hardest things I ever did.”

    Holy shit. It was bad enough for me as a 9-year old to deal with that shooting. I can’t even imagine.

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      If you ever want to get a good cry-fest on, there’s a documentary of video and still footage taken from Bobby’s funeral train as it went from D.C. to NYC, of the people who came out to the tracks to pay tribute as it passed. You’ll feel like hope just died all over again.

  • XtremeFeministRodeoQueen MLG

    Here you go again with the fake news, Wonkette. Space travel is a liberal hoax, just like dinosaurs. As is space itself and the moon. Therefore and QED and as a matter of fact, John Glenn never existed. Just like this comment.

    • Latverian Diplomat

      “Kubrick explained all this in one of his movies. I forget which one, so I just keep rewatching Eyes Wide Shut, to ‘look for clues’.”
      — A Conspiracy Theorist

      • Thiazin Red

        When I was home sick with a really bad flu, I watched that documentary on Kubrick conspiracy theorists. Apparently, it kind of makes sense when you’ve got a fever of 102 and you’ve taken a bunch of real Nyquil.

        • Latverian Diplomat

          “We skip the fever and just go straight to slamming Nyquil.”
          — A Conspiracy Theorist

        • alpacapunchbowl

          Room 237? That movie is a hoot, although the film major in me was chafing at the inability of a few of the conspiracy theorists to grasp that what they were interpreting as some kind of hoodoovoodoo is just the way an incredibly talented director constructs a film.
          And yes, watching that doc while fucked up is the way to go. Really good weed would be my recommendation 😉

      • Naytch

        Here is a fun take on it, teach the controversy!!

  • I did a project in Ohio this year and noted as I drove down the freeway a proper Ohio DOT sign identifying an exit for “The Childhood Home of John Glenn”.

    A rare honor for an American Hero to get such treatment while still alive.

    Godspeed Senator.

  • mardam422

    “After one combat mission in Korea, he landed his F-86 Saber jet with over 200 holes shot through it.”
    And Walnuts crashed how many?

    • Suttree
      • Doug Langley

        Damn. He came SO close to being an ace.

        • Whale Chowder

          Just a couple letters.

      • doktorzoom

        Not that I lurve McCain, but I don’t think anyone should count the Forrestal disaster — McCain was just sitting in his plane when the missile misfire happened from across the deck, and he barely got out. (the story that he caused the disaster by running his afterburner in front of another plane is a lie — film shows McCain’s A-4 with its tail out over the side of the deck)

        Getting shot down by a heat-seeking missile isn’t exactly pilot error, either.

        • Suttree

          You are correct. I guess it would be proper to say that he was actually in 3 crashes with one of them being his fault. I threw that link up, because I had gone through a few others that were blaming him for Forrestal. I probably should have included a bit more in my comment, besides a number and a link. I’m not a huge fan, but I remembered something about 5 crashes being incorrect. Thanks Dok!

          • doktorzoom

            heh — I got into a ridiculously long argument with a moran who insisted up and down that McCain had caused the Forrestal fire, because after all, he’d read it on the internet. Something about “if you’re sitting there and a missile shoots across the deck going as fast as, you know, a rocket, it’s not your responsibility” just never clicked with the guy.

  • AntiDerpomeme

    A true American hero.

    Although, to be fair, Donald Trump woulda done all those amazing things too, if not for the horribly painful bone spurs in his left (or is it right?) ankle.

    • XtremeFeministRodeoQueen MLG

      He FEELS like an astronaut, senator and friend to the Kennedys. As we all learned in 2016, feelings and personal beliefs TRUMP facts every single time.

    • Maddogjohn

      I hear he’s really good at outer space.

      • AntiDerpomeme

        The best. All the rest of you losers and haters can suck it.

        • Maddogjohn

          Armstrong- low energy. Aldrin – total loser.

      • BigBoppa pour la résistance

        He knows more than all the astronauts.

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      He played with a toy space ship once as a child. That’s about the same as being a pioneering astronaut, right?

      • Suttree

        I hope the NYT leaves out the part about the ER and where that toy was lodged for Donnie’s obit.

  • Maddogjohn

    “During the Korean War, Glenn was assigned to VMF-311, flying the new F9F Panther jet interceptor. He flew his Panther in 63 combat missions, gaining the nickname “magnet ass” from his alleged ability to attract enemy flak. On two occasions, he returned to his base with over 250 holes in his aircraft.”

    From Wikipedia. As I recall, there is a very vivid description of this in the Tom Wolfe book, which I haven’t read in 40 plus years.

  • Nounverb911
    • WomanInTheResistance

      Shhhhhh….2016 is not over yet.

    • 2016 is waiting until the last moment to get him, too. Probably on Christmas, to make it even more 2016.

    • Msgr_Moment

      “I’m not dead yet.”

    • Msgr_Moment

      During a sixty-year acting career, he has appeared in over 90 movies, and in 1960 helped end the Hollywood Blacklist.

      There’s a lot more to this man than just the acting career. Massive props, Izzy.

  • Latverian Diplomat

    after a scare that the Mercury capsule’s heat shield was loose. It turned out to be a faulty indicator light.

    Given that just staying up there was not an option, at the point in the flight, that light was essentially an “I could be wrong, but If I’m right, you’re gonna die” indicator.

    • Spotts1701, Resistance Pilot

      Yeah, that was true of a lot of our manned spaceflight missions. Going up knowing there was a pretty fair chance it was a one-way trip if something went wonky takes a lot of guts.

    • Kiri the Resistant Unicorn

      The flight controllers didn’t tell him about it, either. Glenn wasn’t happy about that.

      • I wouldn’t be, either. It’d be nice to have a moment to make some contingency statements for family and friends.

        • Kiri the Resistant Unicorn

          Tell my wife I love her very much, etc.

          • “Japan wife or Sweden wife?”

  • Cousin Itt de La Résistance

    From John Glenn’s memoir:

    “I set about naming the capsule. Al’s Freedom 7 had struck the right note. Gus, in Liberty Bell 7, had been inspired by both patriotism and the capsule’s shape. I had several ideas, but I was trying very hard to keep Dave and Lyn involved and make them feel a part of my mission. I asked them if they would be willing to think about some names.

    I said, “There’s only one ground rule. The world is going to be watching, so the name should represent our country and the way we feel about the rest of the world.” They pored over a thesaurus and wrote dozens of names in a notebook. Then they worked them down to several possibilities, names and words including; Columbia, Endeavour, America, Magellan, we, hope, harmony, and kindness. At the top of the list was their first choice: Friendship. I was so proud of them. They had chosen perfectly.”

    • data_ninja

      Columbia and Endeavor are also the names of two of the space shuttles. Holy shit, is this how they got those names? Is this fucking NASA lore??

  • SuspectedDemocrat

    I agree with him about the book and movie

  • FlemmishSpy

    We still have Buzz Aldrin, who responded to pestering fake-moon-landing loon with real smack in the jaw.

    • XtremeFeministRodeoQueen MLG

      Shut up, Buzz. We have a difference of opinion here! You might have been there and done that, but in my opinion, nope. We have to respect opinions.

      • Latverian Diplomat

        If only the guy had been that polite. He actually accused Buzz of being a liar in service of the conspiracy.

        • XtremeFeministRodeoQueen MLG

          Fuck. If I came off as polite, I’m losing my game!

          • Latverian Diplomat

            Relatively polite. The guy who got punched was bigly asshole. Yooge.

    • Thiazin Red

      That remains my favorite debunking of the moon landing conspiracy theories. I swear 2016, if you take Buzz Aldrin…

      • BigBoppa pour la résistance

        I wish someone would debunk Alex Jones’s Sandyhook theory like this.

        And I don’t mean with votes so I’m hoping Dok will give me special dispensation this one time.

  • Bill D. Burger

    Trump says he remembers watching Alan Shepard’s and Glenn’s journeys into space while playing with a model of an Atlas launch vehicle, so he felt as though he was in the Mercury program also.
    Trump: “RIP, fellow astronaut.”

  • Michael Smith

    We should tell Trump that ISIS is developing technology to go to Mars.

  • memzilla (Maquis Uni)

    I faked being sick so I could watch the coverage of Glenn’s flight on tee vee. I’m so old I remember when this country fucking believed in Science. And here’s Glenn on “Name That Tune,” filmed when Sputnik was orbiting the earth.

  • MynameisBlarney
  • Lizzietish81
    • SterWonk

      For years decades “Major Tom” meant this song. I only heard “Space Oddity” for the first time in the last few years.

  • Cousin Itt de La Résistance

    Sarah Palin in tribute: ‘I can see space from my house!”

  • Ali | Cat of the Resistance
  • Hutch

    When the Friendship 7 flight took place, I was in second grade at a school in Oregon, and they let everyone go to the library to watch the news coverage on a tiny black and white television. All of us little kids watched in amazed silence. Glenn was a hero to me then and remains a hero to be today. RIP.

  • Latverian Diplomat

    “John Glenn’s mission was a dark day for truth seekers like us.”
    — A Flat-Earther

  • Beanz&Berryz

    I’d just had my first birfday on Glenn’s big mission. I was kinda sad to hear the news of his passing. But. Dammit Dok. I never cried from an obit before. Plus also too here on a bus in ice-glazed Portland. Thank you, Man.

  • Spotts1701, Resistance Pilot

    Despite the rough ride, on his third orbit Glenn joked that he wanted his flight to count for his Marine Corps’ required monthly flight time.

  • Latverian Diplomat

    According to Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff, Glenn’s flight made him such an American icon that there was a tacit agreement amongst NASA bigwigs that he should never be allowed to fly again, for fear of losing him.

    Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

    • Msgr_Moment

      Just like Gargarin, IIRC. He wasn’t happy either.

  • Latverian Diplomat

    Thanks to Glenn, Orbit chewing gum quickly outsold that all but forgotten Suborbit brand.

    • doktorzoom

      OMG I remember that. Hell, I remember when TV stations signed off, for that matter.

  • Christopher Boscarino

    I was reading his obit at HuffPo, and they quoted him as saying that he wished he had the courage his wife displayed to overcome her stuttering. That’s some serious modesty coming from a guy who manually piloted a tiny metal can from orbit back to earth without knowing if he would burn up on reentry or not.

  • MynameisBlarney
    • Msgr_Moment

      Obviously just another fake news site, like the Economist.

    • Doug Langley

      And to think I used to laugh at clip art.

  • jesuswasablack

    “America’s hero reserves judged to be running low”

  • House0fTheBlueLights

    The only good thing about it is that Bamz and not drumpyboy gets to do the presidential farewell to Glenn. Senator, thank you for not waiting until after Jan. 20. Even in dying, you still had our best interests at heart. Godspeed.

    • Thiazin Red

      “He was a tremendous guy, huge. You know I have a golf course in Ohio, it terrific, the best golf course. They said you can’t make a golf course in Ohio, wrong! Its so successful, like this guy. But he only went around the Earth three times, I think he could have gone more, if I were in space I would have gone more. We should have dropped some bombs while he was up there, missed opportunity.”

      • Alycerwayman

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    • ltmcdies

      I tell yah….I’ve been having nightmares at the thought of Trump attempting the “Mourner in Chief” bit of the presidency.

      • alpacapunchbowl

        For once I’d be a proponent of outsourcing an American job. That handsome fella up north seems like he’d do a nice job of it.

        • ltmcdies

          I think that’s why Handsome Joe is visiting….asking if Justin can do funerals, look after that “nuclear football” thing , and maybe a couple of other things the Orange One might fumble.

  • WhatTheFlux

    When I was 9, our entire 4th grade class watched John Glenn’s flight on TV. We had a guy in our class named John Glenn, and we made a cardboard Mercury capsule which he sat in through the entire flight.

    • Rick Hill

      He introduced Kerry at a campaign stop in Dayton. My wife and I were selected to be in the stands directly behind him. Remarkable man and it was great having he and Metzenbaum as Senators.

  • Rick Hill

    “After one combat mission in Korea, he landed his F-86 Saber jet with over 200 holes shot through it”

    “Weak. Sad that this is considered a hero. Would have returned government property in pristine condition. Killed all the N Koreans, too!”

  • anwisok

    Godspeed, John Glenn. Godspeed.

    Fucking Onion Ninjas. *sniff*

  • 2016 has sucked away so many great people. Eat a dick, 2016!

    • VagendaofNastyWoman

      JFK was president in 1962. Now we are getting literally the worst person ever elected to the office, WTF America?

  • Wild Cat

    Smithsonian Air & Space Museum had his landing capsule on floor display about 30 years ago, wrapped in a protective plastic shield. You could walk right over and touch it (like the primate and monolith in “2001”). Certainly one of the most unforgettable things I’ve done (though I prefer touching women, quite honestly).
    It’s actually claustrophobic seeing how little space Glenn had to endure in and also, how simple the technology of the capsule was, even thirty years ago.
    A true Democrat, unlike our draft-dodging lesser neo-nazi gop patriots . . .

    • alpacapunchbowl

      I saw that back in the day too! Even at 7yo the size and construction of the capsule was terrifying.
      And touching the moon rock, which felt more like glass, blew my little mind.

      • pianoplayer1

        The museum in Huntsville is wonderful. The Mercury capsules are tiny.

  • Mintie


  • weejee

    Adieu John Glenn, and many thanks.

  • mancityRed6

    My dad took me to see The Right Stuff in the theater when it came out. I was probably 9 or 10, depending on when it came to our little backwater.
    It was a Sunday night. He didn’t know it was 3 hours long, long enough to have an intermission between the halves. We went at 7 and didn’t get out until 10.
    He was worried about keeping me up late on what was technically a school night. I only remember that I sat through the whole thing and wasn’t bored.

    • Shoto

      I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen “The Right Stuff,” but it’s fair to put the number at “A Lot.”

  • Shoto

    Glenn was a Serious Badass.

    Thanks, Dok Z.

  • Jonny On Maui

    We have lost another quiet hero. My heart breaks.

  • samrockton

    eat shit and die 2016!

  • Shoto

    Seeing the ever-cool and dignified Bamz hanging with Annie (and John) Glenn, then thinking about what’s looming on the presidential horizon just over a month from now is quite literally revolting.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and a big-ass, ginormous, planet-killing meteor will strike the earth on January 19th. Hey, I can dream, right?

  • Doug Langley

    “game show contestant”

    I remember the MAD magazine parody of The Right Stuff: “And so they looked for astronauts in every possible place . . . run down bars . . . TV game shows . . . and, of all crazy places, aircraft carriers where they actually do flying.”

  • Rick Hill

    “How is orbiting the earth considered newsworthy? Could have done this, too. I know more about orbiting than any of the astronauts. Would have made orbiting great again.”

    • zerosumgame0005

      Heh I recall the “spam in a can” fight to allow them to be anything other then passengers. NASA just wanted to sit quietly in a corner, none of them would take that shit! :)

  • Objectifer

    And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod
    The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
    Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

  • ken_kukec

    I can understand why John Glenn might’ve felt that the portrayals of the astronauts in the film version of The Right Stuff were caricatures. But I think of them more as archetypes. Great casting (especially Ed Harris as Glenn) and performances all around, you ask me. You ask me, all around great movie, too.

    • zerosumgame0005

      I think his objection was Hollywood setting up him as a saint and the others as troublemakers, the typical lack of nuance of their writers. some what like the way they did “Skully” and added a fictional oppressive NTSA “enemy” to create a story line that was not needed.

      • ken_kukec

        Mebbe so, but the dichotomy between the faction of the Mercury astronauts led by Glenn and the one led by Alan Shepard was there in Wolfe’s book, and apparently was based (at least loosely) on actual events, too.

  • Me not sure

    True story. My son’s first grade class entered a NASA sponsored contest to devise a experiment to be carried into space on the shuttle near the end of the school year.
    They were one of the winning classes and got to go to Kennedy Space Center to watch the launch. The mission was scrubbed at the last minute and they didn’t get to see the launch even though we were all there. They did get to watch on TV in the fall when it finally went up. It went up on John Glenn’s last flight.

  • formerChild

    Just to flesh out Dok’s comments, Glenn actually landed twice with more than 250 holes in his plane. One of his nicknames was “magnet ass”, for his proclivity to attract enemy flak…

  • Picabo

    Glen Powell will be playing the role of John Glenn in the movie Hidden Figures.


    • ltmcdies

      I am so looking forward to this movie…

    • Resistance Engineer Red Bird

      This is on my list.

  • shoeflyin

    One of my greatest experiences was watching across the water as a space shuttle took off before dawn. NASA is something to be proud of and support.

  • bluffcityjk

    Nothing funny or clever to add. Just…

    Thank you, Dok. This was lovely.

  • azeyote

    he was a super hero when i was a kid, him and Sheppard, but we should remember the monkey who gets no credit – thanks Albert, and your kin for your service –

  • alpacapunchbowl

    Sure is dusty in my office. Really should ask to get the heating vents cleaned.

    • thewendyb

      My room is so hot, my eyeballs are sweating… Damn you Wonkette. All my feels, all over John Glen and the lost, never was glory that was America.
      I hate who Trump is turning us into.

  • Back when he was selected to go on the shuttle, I remember the griping that he had pulled strings and used his political clout to get it. My reaction back then was “If I had that kind of clout, my ass would be on the space shuttle right now!”

    • ltmcdies

      seems to me sending an space experienced older guy into space when they were studying older people in space….kind a made sense.

    • BrianW

      Yep. Pretty much word for word what I said back then.

  • Resistance Engineer Red Bird

    This is why we can’t have nice things. :( At least he doesn’t have to live through America’s Orange Period.

  • TX Taco Truck Brigade

    bamz is hilarious in that trio of photos – he’s like WTF is going on here, she’s all sass and attitude. Reminds me of Florence Henderson in Airplane a bit.

  • whitroth

    And for almost a day, he’s kept everything Trump second on google news.

    A chance to remember what America was once, before Trumpolini sells it all off.

    I remember the flight. I still have my vinyl album, Go, Col Glenn in Orbit, with the sound from CapCom, Houston, and him in orbit.

  • Lance K

    I’m with John Oliver on this one……. Fuck You 2016

  • SeeTrain65

    Armstrong is gone, Glenn is gone … someone make sure Buzz Aldrin’s doing all right in quarantine.

    • I would like to see Buzz Aldrin punch at least one more Apollo 11-denying dweeb right in the kisser before he slips the surly bonds of earth for good.

      • You’re mistaken. That guy assaulted Buzz with his face! Besides, no one saw anything. Nothing. Didn’t happen. That’s why the judge threw it out…

  • Zyxomma

    Okay, now I know I’m older than Doktor Zoom, the kindest, warmest, etc. Young Zyxomma sent for the Mercury 7 promo kit, which included 8×10 glossies of the astronauts and the Mercury capsule. I even knew that the first man to fly faster than sound successfully was test pilot Chuck Yeager, whose drawl is the prototype for the way pilots speak. RIP, John Glenn and Greg Lake. I really, really want to erase 2016.

    • Bitter Scribe

      I never understood why Yeager was featured in “The Right Stuff” or what the hell he ever had to do with anything.

      • Zyxomma

        I read the book The Right Stuff long before I knew there was going to be a movie. He broke the sound barrier successfully, and that was a really, really big deal.

      • hendenburg2

        Chuck Yeager was actually under consideration to become one of the Mercury astronauts, but since he didn’t attend college, he wasn’t eligible under NASA’s rules. Yeager worked with most of the Mercury 7 while they were still test pilots.

  • Bitter Scribe

    Meh. Sorry to piss in the pool, but Glenn always seemed to me this pain-in-the-ass Christer who sat in a seat and rode that to unending fame and adulation.

    • pianoplayer1

      You had to be there. I was in elementary school in 1962. No one knew how the human body would react to being in space long enough to orbit. There was fear the capsule would ignite on re-entry. It was a very big deal. Our whole school watched the flight and re-entry. It was fantastic! Don’t be bitter, Bitter. Mercury astronauts were great.

      • cessnadriver

        Boulder balls. Big giant bolder balls.

        Glenn said that he was sitting on something with the power of a small nuke built by the low bidder on a government contract.

    • cessnadriver

      Glenn had portfolio. Didn’t just sit in the seat.

      Did you even read this article much less study Sen. Glenn’s actual life?

  • cessnadriver

    Two repig skkkum politicians flew on the shuttle before Glenn.

    While John was the obvious choice for sending a Senator into space they sent momocultist Jake Garn first. Because, repig.

  • cessnadriver

    Note: the idiotic program is long over and the orbiters are museum pieces. Nobody is ever going to build another giant piece of crap like them.

    The rocket that John rode into space the first time is still in use.

  • cessnadriver

    The rocket John rode into space is still used while the idiotic repig skkkum project “space shuttle” is known as a waste.

  • Gator Brain

    The politician most revered for his morality and public service; a true American hero and inspiration to country loving Americans, is buried.

    The most immoral and greedy American; a real estate fraud and Tax dodger and inspiration to racists and haters is elevated to the highest office.

    There is a profound imbalance.

    “Winter is coming” is passe. Compared to “Trump is coming”, “winter” is a weekend in Cancun without the condo sales pitch.

    Thank you, John Glenn for everything, especially your moral compass.

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