E Plebnista!
E Plebnista!

Ted Cruz has a sad about the sorry state of education in these once-great United States of America, and it is that the schools are manufacturing Bolsheviks. The problem, as stated succinctly by Cruz ally and rightwing radio host Andrew Wilkow, is that while the Constitution is a wonderful thing, the schools with all their socialist federal funding have made it hard for We The People to appreciate “Constitutional Conservatism”:

Says Wilkow, just a regular guy who’s sick of seeing what’s happened to our country,

You know what’s amazing about constitutional conservatism is, it seems like so many are lost on it, not because they aren’t intelligent enough to understand it — many people are too busy to follow politics the way those of us in the political media and running for president where you are. It seems like the more the federal government gets involved in education, the further away from an understanding of the Constitution we get. And do you see that problem, do you see a link between public education and bad civics?

Cruz enthusiastically agreed, and added that the real pity is that the plain, simple text of the Constitution is a uniter, not a divider:

Absolutely, and, you know, I will note, you know, the Constitution is a way to unite all of us, to bring us together across divisive issues. I’ve spent my entire life fighting to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Strangely, Cruz and Wilkow seem to have missed all those moments where Americans disagreed quite vehemently about the plain meaning of the Constitution, although they’d undoubtedly sit us down patiently and explain how those disagreements had nothing to do with the text of the Constitution, but arose solely because some people are too evil, wrongheaded, or misguided by liberal propaganda to recognize the simple obvious meaning of the document. Yes, a guy who argued before the Supreme Court that the Constitution plainly gives states the right to regulate dildos (but not guns) says the Constitution unites us all across divisive issues. Except for the people who are wrong, duh.

Cruz went on to say that on his first day in office he’ll tell the Department of Education to abolish Common Core, which he thinks was imposed on the states by Barack Obama’s out-of-control use of executive power (never mind that Common Core standards were created by a coalition of states). Then he’ll wish the Department of Education itself into the cornfield, too.

RightWingWatch notes Ted Cruz’s father, evangelist and possible JFK assassin Rafael Cruz Sr., has claimed public education is brainwashing children to become communists, since progressive educator John Dewey was a member of the Communist Party (which he definitely was not).

Sadly, Mr. Cruz did not elaborate on how returning all control of education to the states would result in schools teaching the Constitution correctly. Presumably, Jesus would simply make them do it once all the liberal teachers have been fired.


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