Yeah, those don't look like inbred racists, not at all.

President Obama arrived Wednesday for a state visit to the foreign hinterlands nation of Oklahoma, and the natives, they were restless! And racist! Now usually when a duly elected president (twice, fuckers, TWICE) visits, people of all political stripes drop their grievance shit for a moment and show a little respect to the office, but not Oklahoma wingnuts. Instead they decided to show up at Obama’s hotel and wave around their Confederate flags, probably because they’re so proud of their Heritage Not Hate:

Remember this photo the next time someone tries to argue that racism is over because we’ve elected a black president. Or that the Confederate flag is just a symbol of Southern heritage and not an in-your-face expression of hate. That things are different in 2015. Or that opposition to this president has nothing to do with race.

But come on, guys, this is clearly not racist, and you know why? First of all, one of the supporters said it’s not racist, and that he was just “out here supportin’ my flag” (the flag of a traitor nation that America beat in a war this one time). But also we know it’s not racist because one of the people who organized the peaceful protest is a black, which means it CAN’T be about race. What about black-on-black Heritage Not Hate? The ringleader’s name is Andrew Duncomb, but his friends call him “the Black Rebel,” because reasons:

“We don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism,” Andrew Duncomb, an organizer in Oklahoma City who calls himself “the Black Rebel” says. […]

“Again, look at these people, they all followed the black guy out here. Do you think that any of them are racists,” Duncomb says.

Yes, you idiot, we do think they are racists. Now, we grant that they might ALSO be fucking idiots who believe in revisionist history about how the Confederate flag doesn’t represent slavery, or about how the damn thing really gained a lot of prominence during the Civil Rights movement, which was decidedly about race (unless you’re a libertarian idiot and have some other childish bullshit explanation to share with the class), and they might ALSO be the kind of people who say things like “I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body, my black neighbors keep their lawns right nice, YEE HAW, gonna have to put the house on the market though if too many of ’em move in.” Whatever, dude.

Carlton Banks on Halloween?

Of course, the sad part is that, aside from Carlton Banks’s Halloween costume, pictured above, there were lots of black folks there, with their kids, and they just wanted to greet the president and have an exciting moment, but it was kind of hard for them:

Then the rest of the crowd is just there to get a glimpse of the president. Smiling African-American families. Lots of kids. People craning their necks for a better view. A small American flag fluttering quietly to the left.

Families in Oklahoma, many of them black families, hoping to see the president in their town. Met by this menacing, bullying flag, this giant symbol of intolerance and segregation. In this image, they ignore it as best as they can — though it still hangs over everything.

Indeed it does. Here’s a pic captured by Doug Mills of the New York Times.  The non-traitor Americans are shoved off to the sides:


If it’s any consolation, as Ezra Klein noted on Facebook, it’s that “this time, the African-American guy was in the armored limousine and the small mob of Confederate-sympathizers were standing on a street corner.”

That’s right. Tables turned, bitches.

[Salon / KFOR News Channel 4]

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  • Viva La Tabula Raza

    Red necks, white skin, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Yeehaw!

    • marxalot

      Red neck, white truck, blue jeans!

      • Lady Bug

        Red Neck, White sheet, blue balls

        • James Christopher Owen

          Aaaarrrrgghh, check-matey!

    • Antonin Dvorak

      PBR tis the beer of hipsters. That is a Natty Lite crowd all the way.

      • Thaumaturgist

        What’s more, PBR is the beer of Yoopers.

        • mtn_philosoph

          They don’t drink Hamm’s anymore?

      • onedollarjuana

        I’m thinking Keystone.

      • Villago Delenda Est

        Dumb hipsters. Cripes, they’re such damn sheep. The boob tube tells them it’s hip, and like good little androids, they just go right along with it.

      • anonymous

        Yes, a Natty Light crowd who will never know the joy of drinking beer above 3.2% ABV!!!

        • willi0000000

          first there was beer . . . all the flavor, all the piss.

          then there was macro-brew beer . . . half the flavor, all the piss.

          finally there is lite beer . . . none of the flavor, all the piss.

          [ drinkers of light beer must just like to piss ]

  • Lady Bug

    bless their hearts

  • Beaumarchais?

    Obama was in Oklahoma for the kickoff of Jade Helm? I guess it’s not a secret anymore!

    • And yet there was a whole group of people – self-identified as likely FEMA camp detainees! – and he didn’t do a damn thing. Worst. Tyrant. Ever.

      • Villago Delenda Est

        On his thin black ass. See if I ever vote for him again!

    • He actually landed yesterday in Texas (Perrin field near the Oklahoma border) on the opening day of Jade Helm, I thought “well hell, he’s got to be just fuckin’ with them now.”

      also too, the confederate flag idiots were waiting for him at the airport too. Assholes.

  • goonemeritus

    It is long past time to break the water cannons out of retirement.

  • kindness

    Now, now. Those loving and patriotic Oklahomians(?) were just wishing President Obama well by bringing along flags of Southern hospitality (including but not limited to lifetime bondage and selling of one’s offspring like they were cattle).

    • Marc

      Maybe they are called Olkahomos?

      • I can tell you that some of them sure are…

        • AntiDerpomeme

          GTT, thanks to your comments, which don’t even exist, I’ve learned a whole lot more about you today, sassy lad!

        • kindness

          Back in the 70’s I hitchhiked across the country a couple times. You know the only place I got picked up by men asking to have sex with me? Oklahoma.

      • shietka

        Proud Oklahomo here! Well, proud of the homo part. The Okla- thing? Not so happy about. But at least I live in one of the relatively liberal pockets.

  • exinkwretch

    “Dumb Okie Hicks” is truly and endless loop of redundancy. There’s more stars on one of those flags than teeth in the whole bunch.

  • Angry_Cop

    “this time, the African-American guy was in the armored limousine and the small mob of Confederate-sympathizers were standing on a street corner.”

    Although we’ve reduced the progress of civilization in this sad nation to almost a dead stop, and it’s enough to make me want to scream every day, it hasn’t quite stopped, and here’s your proof. The quoted statement would have been science fiction 20 years ago.

  • AntiDerpomeme

    Egad, there sure are some dumb, hateful mofos on this planet.

  • ArgieBargie

    I’m beginning to think the South will not be rising again after all.

    • FauxAntocles

      It’s tough to rise when you’re rolling in the mud.

      • Tony Alexander

        that ain’t mud!

    • alnnc

      Well, the right wing blowhards draw a lot of strength from their southern branch. And they seem to have a lot of pull in Congress. So it’s debatable about not rising. The question is, how many times will they need to fall on their face before they sink.

  • Virginia Dreaming

    Shame nobody brought a flame thrower to honor those flags in the way the should be honored.

  • Tony Alexander

    flush hard, kiddies! it’s a long way to oklahoma!

  • Antimassacree

    Despicable them.

    • Virginia Dreaming

      Their minions are not nearly as cute!

  • Spotts1701

    They should have gone full dress for this. Pretty sure wool uniforms and Oklahoma summer would have solved this right quick.

    • Antimassacree

      The white robes and hoods do reflect the heat though.

  • ez

    Yup, no racist here Hoss.

  • Thaumaturgist

    It was Democrats carrying those flags. Republicans did the Civil War, signed the Emancipation Proclamation, and passed the Civil Rights Act and it was all Democrats in the KKK.

    • AntiDerpomeme

      Also, too, Wonkette is the REAL racist for publishing this story.

      • kindness

        If only we could comment and tell them what we think.

      • FrenchFriar

        As we know, if you smelled it, you dealt it.

        • AntiDerpomeme

          Reminds me of this (and perhaps that was your intention, if so bravo!)

    • freakishlystrong

      And Oklahoma has such a leftie Democrat congressional representation.

      • Villago Delenda Est

        Long ago. They’ve gone full metal wingtard in the meantime. Inhofe is about as braindead as Senators come.

        • jmk

          He is exactly as intelligent as that snowball he brought in for Show-and-Tell.

    • marxalot

      They only acknowledge history in order to to distort, obfuscate, or outright lie.
      And by “acknowledge history” I obviously mean “open their mouths.”

    • Marc

      And in the 60’s the Republican’s sold their soul to the racist devil and are now the opposite of what the used to stand for.

      Lincoln would go all vampire killer (with votes) on the bunch of repuliklan ass pimples in government now.

    • Joshua Norton

      Of course. Pointing out the racism of SOUTHERN Democrats decades ago is how you defend the racism of their descendants who are all SOUTHERN Republicans today.

      As if changing their vote changed their attitude. NOT!!!

    • FrenchFriar

      The last time Okies voted for a Democrat was 1964.

      Also, too, in what state are these photos of loser, racist, traitor flags being displayed again?

      • Msgr_Moment

        Where the derp comes sweeping down the plain.

    • SuspectedDemocrat

      Democrats! Why does Obama insist on flying the rebel flag? I only hope Republicans someday succeed in their efforts to remove that flag.

    • TheoLib

      Off Topic: Cool name! My first and only encounter with the word was when I read Simon Schama’s book about the French Revolution, Citizens, back in 1989. He wrote, “And there were certain ritual gestures – the liberation of prisoners
      through royal clemency; the peculiar ceremony of touching the scrofulous
      to commemorate the thaumaturgical healing power of the royal
      hands – that could bear witness to [Louis XVI’s] good intentions.”

      (I have the sentence handy because I kept track of all the many words in the book that I didn’t know and, to create a web page for the words back in the 1990s, I practically reread the whole book to find the sentences the words were used in. Strange, I guess!)

      Anyway, I salute you for your name!

  • freakishlystrong

    Next time there’s a monster F6 tornado roars through OK, how about y’all tarp the roofs with them thar flags. Disgraceful.

    • Lady Bug

      I, too, sing America.

      I am the darker brother.
      They send me to eat in the kitchen
      When company comes,
      But I laugh,
      And eat well,
      And grow strong.

      I’ll be at the table
      When company comes.
      Nobody’ll dare
      Say to me,
      “Eat in the kitchen,”

      They’ll see how beautiful I am
      And be ashamed—

      I, too, am America.

      • James Christopher Owen

        Beautiful. Note to self: learn more of Langston Hughes.

        • Lady Bug

          It’s one of my all time favorite poems. :)

    • Blank Ron

      ‘These colors don’t run! Though they do kinda leak.’

  • Who needs consolation when they’re all being led to the Walmart-FEMA camps as we speak?


      • SterWonk

        What this is, I don’t even… but I applaud it.

      • eggsacklywright

        It’s a dream come true for the xtians, the raptor has finally begun!

        • Lascauxcaveman

          Technically, the triceratops was a vegetarian, so maybe not the one they were looking to get.

          • Villago Delenda Est

            Damn facts getting in the way of their memes, again.

      • Virginia Dreaming

        What are the odds that thing tips over before it gets very far? Unless the triceratops part is plastic that thing has got to have a pretty high center of gravity.

        • jmk

          They don’t need no science. You hush yo’ mouth.

      • handyhippie65

        awww…i want a robotriceratops! from the looks of it i will need a manlift, a welder, and a pile of triceratops looking steel. i’ll have to go look in the weeds out back. might just get lucky.

    • Msgr_Moment

      Never forget!

  • Joshua Norton

    Pretty soon the only place you will be able to buy a Confederate flag will be the black market.

    Oh the irony.

    • eric

      Funny enough, the black market is what the creaters of the flag were trying to preserve.

      • SterWonk


        @DokZoom – Also too: comment(s) of the day candidates!

      • You win.

      • SoSezYou


  • memzilla

    I would have liked to have seen a black guy walk into the midst of this racist pottage, dressed in a suit, with an earpiece and sunglasses and a lapel button and a camera, saying “Sir! Please turn this way?” *click* *click* “Thank you.”

  • FrenchFriar

    Looky at all those white people acting white.

  • Virginia Dreaming

    Do these numbnuts know that Oklahoma was never a part of the confederacy. So that flag was never a part of their heritage in any way.

    • freakishlystrong

      You could have stopped with do these numbnuts know

    • Villago Delenda Est

      The “Indian Territory” was under nominal, at least, Confederate rule, as some Cherokee owned slaves.

      • OzoneTom

        Yep Cherokee Stand Watie served as a Brigadier General for the CSA. True that OK wasn’t a state in The Union until 4 decades after the war. But none of this is really about heritage…

        • Villago Delenda Est

          Nope. The “heritage” dates back to the late 50’s/early 60’s, and is all about white supremacy, segregation, and racism.

      • Virginia Dreaming

        I actually looked this up before I posted, yes some nominal control and some claims, but the territory remained property of the union. So there was some sympathisers, not actual confederacy government nor admission to the confederacy.

    • FrenchFriar

      Outside agitators at work.

      • Virginia Dreaming

        They were probably gay outside agitators. (That is me mocking myself for not watching all of the video yesterday and misunderstanding the women who was talking about Christinanist outside agitators.)

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Now, now . . . let’s not drag facts into this.

    • Latverian Diplomat

      IIRC the Confederacy make territorial claims for OK, NM, and AZ, and even fought campaigns there that they lost in their usual traitor fashion.

      • Virginia Dreaming

        You are right. And the confederacy did gain some control over the southern most area of AZ and NM, but never had formal control over OK.

        • anonymous

          The Five Nations did sign treaties with the Confederacy and sent delagates to the Confederate Congress in order to not be invaded. The Union Army did invade Indian Territory and both sides fought the Battle of Honey Springs in 1863. Fun fact, this battlefield is about 10 miles from Carrie Underwood’s hometown of Checotah, OK!

      • SoSezYou

        Confederate patrols riding around on horseback does NOT a secessionist state make.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …there is alway “one” in the group that is so ass backwards that they can’t see the forest for the trees! If it isn’t Clarence Thomas then it Alan Keyes and if it isn’t Ben Carson then it is this dumb fuck!!! What heritage does a black man have in the confederacy? He will NEVER know his true heritage, slavery stole that from him hundreds of years. Does he even realize that the last name he carries isn’t that of his ancestors but the slave owners that OWNED his family!!! For those of you who don’t know the definition of a “Uncle Tom”, well you are looking at one right here!

    • Lascauxcaveman

      I imagine black guys like this make you especially angry.

      • AngryBlakGuy

        …it’s one thing when people like Michael Steele and Alan Keyes are paid to be the “designated black guy”. This guy on the other hand, is just plain IGNORANT!!! And the one thing I can’t stand is ignorance!!!

        • Blank Ron

          Then the current GOP slate must drive you to apoplexy.

    • memzilla

    • Vecciojohn

      But other than that I imagine most blacks are finding America to be the post-racial paradise of John Roberts’ dreams.

  • OneYieldRegular

    Because of the injection of colossal amounts of water into the ground related to oil and gas exploration, Oklahoma now has more frequent earthquakes than California, so it’s not like the state has shown much ability to give a sh*t about itself.

  • Villago Delenda Est

    The heritage of hate shows no sign of abating.

    John Roberts is a colossal ass.

    • SoSezYou

      And the conservative Supreme “team members” he has to play with are the darwin losers who just kept being promoted ahead.

  • whatwhomever

    There needed to be a crowd of dumb racists there, otherwise how could Obama be certain he was in OK?

  • Andrew Duncomb: you’re not really helping.

  • kaydenpat

    Well, it’s Oklahoma, right? A red, red, red state. What did we expect? I wonder what flag they’ll fly when President Hilary Clinton visits the state (if she ever feels the need to go there). She’s White so we know it won’t be the Confederate swastika.

    • eric

      I haven’t seen her birth certificate. You haven’t proven to me she’s white!

      • Blank Ron


    • DarkSyn

      All the MRAs will turn out of course.

  • Same as it ever was. ‘They’ waited for President Kennedy in Dallas with their Confederate flags waving, on November 22nd, 1963.

    It’s all just a little bit of (ugly ugly ugly) history repeating it’s self…..

    • Msgr_Moment

      Not racist at all. Nosiree.

      • proudgrampa

        Hey, haven’t you heard? Racism is dead!

        • Anarchy Pony

          Now that that dirty ni*CLANG* is president, racism is finally over.

    • Angry_Cop

      Fuck, I hope the Secret Service is a lot better now than it was then. That pic could have been shot yesterday.

    • DarkSyn

      Idiots are still crying about socialists to this very day and still haven’t a clue of what a socialist is. Noted the Kennedy sign on the left.

  • The Molten Soul

    Heritage not hate?!? Don’t be such a duncomb.

  • jesuswasablack

    I lived in Oklahoma when I was in the Army, almost as fucking brain dead stupid as Texas, slightly better weather though if you don’t mind the occasional F5 tornado!

    • Me not sure

      Wife says that Oklahoma is just Texas with worse dental care.

      • spacecat in space

        Texas without Austin.

  • PsycWench

    If they’d have a little more organizational ability they could have pulled off the mass open carry that they daydream about.

    • Virginia Dreaming

      And a mass funeral afterwards.

      • Blank Ron

        Something for everyone, then.

  • jesuswasablack

    “Andrew Duncomb”

    Now he’s what used to be referred to as a house Niggra!

    • chicken thief

      His ‘friends’ call him Token. Or boy.

      • SoSezYou

        Remember those tools who would insult you and then say, “jes kidding, har”…notice how they did that ALL the time?…after a while maybe this guy who thinks he has a bunch of white negro lovers following him around with the peaceful nego loving Confederate Flag of inclusion and peaceful coexistence with everyone and just pulling his leg…and are jes joking, har.

  • MrBlobfish

    Good thing the white race sent out their best and brightest to represent. People might get the idea that the flag-wavers are just a bunch of rednecks.

    • Latverian Diplomat

      One of the best tricks free speech plays is that hateful idiots are unmasked as such at the very moment they are most proud of themselves.

  • jennofark

    Oklahoma wasn’t even a STATE at the time of the Civil War.

    Heritage, my ass.

    • SoSezYou

      Well, their heritage today is whatever the “libruls” are talking about…a mental bipolar opposite hatred of anything a perceived “librul” says anywhere….

      • Villago Delenda Est

        Cleek’s Law. It’s fucking everywhere you find a teatard.

    • And that, my friends, is the end of that discussion!

  • DahBoner

    Sorry, Obama. Oklahoma only gives the drivers license test in Redneck, not Kenyan…

  • Latverian Diplomat

    So, the calm, well behaved Obama supporters are fenced off so the flag waving idiots can freely parade up and down the street? That’s some ace police work.

    • DarkSyn

      I thought that also, but if you take a closer look everyone but the cops are behind that railing.

      • Latverian Diplomat

        I think you’re right. My mistake.

  • SoSezYou

    More of the same with these reactionary yokels. It must be funny to see them scramble to round up racist flags in order to show their support for that flag…or to see them crowd a Chik-Fil-A just because of the “gays”…It must be tiring to be just so angry all the time…even the Hulk goes back to Bruce banner after a while…right wingers just stay pasty white and stay ugly.

    • eric

      That’s what I don’t get, none of this shit affects them in any tangible way. They just love being angry.

      • Joseph


      • Blank Ron

        I wonder what that does to a person’s brain, having it flooded with adrenaline every waking moment?

    • I’m still not mad at myself for not showing up on ‘Cow Appreciation Day’* yesterday in my best gay outfit and get hollered at by a bunch of furious butthurt teatards dressed like cows.

      *on ‘Cow Appreciation Day’ go to your local Chick-fil-A dressed up as a cow and get FREE FRIED CHICKEN PARTS! This is a REAL THING.

  • JustPixelz

    “We don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism,.”

    97% of social scientists say the flag is racist. So you can see why they don’t believe that.


    • CapnFatback


  • Fly

    Ignorant people have a heritage of hate, so there’s that.

  • JustPixelz

    “Heritage not hate”

    They misspelled “of” in that slogan.

  • chicken thief

    I wasn’t aware that Obama was an elected official in SC. I gotta watch the news more often…

  • MrBlobfish
    • georgiaburning

      I say FAKE! no scattered beer cans in this photo

      • SnarkTank

        No abandoned pickups in the yard, also, too.

        • proudgrampa

          No clothesline, either.

        • GDleftyPart2

          You don’t know for sure, they haven’t mowed in weeks….

        • data_ninja

          I would love to see the moon buggy on cinder blocks in a pic like this.

    • Anarchy Pony

      Provided the trailer could stay pressurized, that might actually be an improvement over the actual lunar lander.

      • willi0000000

        the aluminum walls of the trailer are probably thicker than the aluminum walls of the lander.

        they went to extremes to lighten the lander . . . but rumor has it that some NASA and contractor’s folks tucked little items into folds and seams in the insulation blankets.

        [ i can’t wait until somebody goes back and checks ]

  • SoSezYou

    What do these morons expect the President to do? Declare national confederate flag day? Stupid people with empty shells for lives. they are purely reacting to whatever their AM Radio hate personalities tell them. They probably would just as soon join a lynch mob just as easily and with the same lack of thought.

    • Good_Gawd_Yall

      They are a lynch mob, but impotent – a condition that might explain the anger.

    • Villago Delenda Est

      These people are every bit as bright and independent as the mobs of Hutu who slaughtered Tutsi and “traitor” Hutu in Rwanda. React to the same stimuli, and may very well respond in the same way as the Hutu did in Rwanda, if Rush, Hannity, Lars Larson, and the other fascist radio personalities egg them on enough.

  • Squirrels05

    Oklahoma was part of the confederacy?

    when, since 2008?

    • Enfant Terrible

      The Five Civilized Tribes fought on the side of the Confederacy.

      • Blank Ron

        So much for ‘civilised.’

  • Noxious1

    “Its about heritage not hatred, you stupid ni@@er lovers!”

  • Relativicus

    Some folks from Denton are saying the flag-wavers aren’t from Denton, but Texas. That would make sense considering Oklahoma became a state in 1907.

    • Jen_Baker_VA

      That is just what I was thinking. Heritage? Was OK even part of the south? No? OHHHhhh right makes sense

      • Villago Delenda Est

        Some of those living in the area that would become Oklahoma did indeed rally under the Dixie swastika and fight for the CSA.

        • Barbara Delaney

          Yes, it was Indian Territory, but there was Stand Watie, the only Indian to attain the rank of General in the Civil War. He and his band of Cherokees fought for the Confederacy. Although he and his Cherokee Regiment of Mounted Rifles were only required to serve in Indian Territory, Stand Watie and his regiment fought throughout the South.

        • By the way, can I say that “Dixie Swastika” sounds like the name of the most racist Drag Queen ever.

          • starfanglednut


          • The-Timbuktutu


  • onedrewthree

    Is it the day of the small penis parade already?

    • Villago Delenda Est

      Jade Helm is underway, so the “monitors” are out in force, making sure the Imperial Stormtroopers of the Green Beret aren’t rounding up jerkoffs like themselves into cattle cars to be shipped to empty Wal Marts for transhippment to Chinese force labor camps.

      • Playonwords

        Please … the “pro”-life party is in favour of forced labor

      • willi0000000

        . . . where they will be allowed to make electronic toys for Americans.

  • Squirrels05

    When POTUS came through Decatur, GA (the commie socialist part of Atlanta) no one waved a confederate flag in his face.

    There is false heritage, and then there is heritage, bitches.

  • Redgyal

    I hate these people.

    • BeliTsari

      Just look at how many times god’s tried to exterminate them? Hating them’s like using atom bombs to kill Godzilla?

    • jviscont1

      they’re just a lost cause on several levels.

  • Independent_not_affiliated

    Damned Oklahoma drycleaners, can’t even get the white robes and hoods cleaned in-time for O’Bummer’s visit down yonder. What’s a racist have to do around there to get things done right?

  • Mehmeisterjr

    We have outgrown the tired old racism of the past and have replaced it with the shiny new racism of today!

    • Rick Hill

      I saw that down at the store: “I can’t believe this is racist!”

    • Don’t be fooled. It’s just the racism version of “New Coke”

      • data_ninja

        Yeah, it’s not as obvious as Crystal Racist Pepsi. That stuff is pretty transparent.

      • Blank Ron

        Now I feel like a can of Coke Zero IQ.

  • Lance Thrustwell

    I swear to god, I would have seriously considered getting in a fight with these guys if I’d been there (and if I’d had one too many Southern whiskeys, hic.). Remember George W. Bush? I didn’t like that guy, not one bit. But I would have stood up if he’d entered the room, and addressed him as “Mr. President,” and showed him general respect as I calmly asked him pointed questions about his foreign policy. Because I’m an American, goddamn it. Not like these fucking traitorous assholes. There, I said it.

    • proudgrampa

      Right on, Lance. The disrespect shown is appalling.

      • Villago Delenda Est

        The man won both popular majorities and electoral landslides.

    • Doug Langley

      If you can’t respect the man, at least respect the office.

  • VandeGraf

    Look on the bright side. These advocates for the Treason Flag are probably low education, low income, high cholesterol, mean drunks who punch their wives. Chances are they will die young, poor, and unsocialized, but they herd will thin, and it will be sooner rather than later. If these were urban men from a large metropolitan area, they’d be wearing gang colors. Their retrograde attitudes, though annoying, will be functionally ineffectual, and short lived. Sooner or later it’s beer and chips and television, and enough pissing and moaning their families won’t miss them when they finally go cardiac.

    • anniegetyerfun

      Not before they have several kids though.

  • CapnFatback

    “Surrey with the Lunatic Fringe on Top”

    • anonymous

      “The Rednecks and the OU SAE’s should be friends!!!!!”

  • TheBidenator

    What is it with black Republicans and being tools for white supremacists? Allen West tools around with by his own admittance a white power biker gang and Andrew Duncomb is acting as a human screen for Confederate apologists, before that James Meredith and Jesse Helms and of course Ward Connerly and the KKK….it boggles the mind.

    • Lance Thrustwell

      It’s like the Log Cabin Republicans. Some people are able to compartmentalize too well.

      • TheCredible Hulk

        You’re giving them too much credit for actually agreeing with Republicans, most of the log cabin guys I’ve talked to at events were both literal and figurative whores.

    • Jen_Baker_VA

      Money, would be my guess
      Same reason why the blonde heads on Fox yammer on about why women should not have jobs or vote because woman.
      Same reason you can find that hispanic guy saying how illegals are destroying this country unlike the good hard working immigrints like /his/ parents (who, when you peek, generally were here illegally, or were asylum seekers).
      Same reason we get Joe Plumbers making up BS about themselves

  • The Big Truth

    I was born, raised and still live in Oklahoma, and the Confederate flag isn’t part of the state’s “heritage” or “history.” That means these douche nozzles ADOPTED it, which I’m pretty sure makes them even more racist and stupid than if it had been handed down to them on old grandpappy’s knee.

    In a state that boasts Jim Inhofe, Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma state legislature, it’s exceptionally hard to make us look worse, but you did it, you dipshit hillbillies. Congratulations! Please accept this complimentary bag of dicks.

    • Enfant Terrible

      This is a stretch, but the Five Civilized Tribes of Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) *did* fight on the side of the Confederacy. So there is some heritage there, even though Oklahoma didn’t become a state until 1905.

      • Greg Comlish

        Truly, I was unaware of this irrelevant historical curiosity.

      • DsMTwoShoes

        So where were the Indians who should have been waving Confederate flags?

        • Blank Ron

          What Indians?

          – Oklahoma, looking around guiltily

        • Brass

          oh they were all massacred by guys in blue uniforms carrying the american flag

  • Kat Anyperson

    What a bunch of fame-whoring, self-centered, racist assholes. Sheesh.

  • TheCredible Hulk

    But as a progressive I’m “unamerican” for wanting cops to have college educations. Can we have another war with these people now?

  • UnsaltedSinner

    Standin’ on the corner, watching the Kenyan Usurper drive by

    We’re only standin’ on the corner, givin’ him the evil eye

    Brother you can’t go to jail for what you’re thinkin’

    Or for the racist flag that you fly

    We’re only standin’ on the corner, watching the Kenyan Usurper drive by

  • I don’t understand why these rubes love the second place flag so much. The plantation aristocracy wouldn’t give them the time of day.

    • So at least in THAT respect, not much has changed. :-)

  • Barbara Delaney

    Is this the heritage they are talking about?

    “Dr. Starr in his History of the Cherokee Indians says that the first negro slave was owned by the famous Nancy Ward, the Ghi-gu-u or “Beloved Woman” of the Cherokee. She was a Cherokee woman of the Wolf clan whose first husband was Kingfisher of the Deer clan. In a battle with the Muskogees, Kingfisher was killed, and his wife, who had been lying behind a log chewing the bullets so that they would lacerate the more, picked up his gun and fought as a warrior during the remainder of the skirmish.

    Because of her determined action the Muskogee were defeated and, according to custom, the captured spoils were divided among the victors. Kingfisher’s widow was given a negro that had been captured from the vanquished and thus became the first slaveholder among the Cherokees. She is also said to have been the first to keep cows and make butter. By common consent she became the Ghi-gu-u or “Beloved Woman.” This lifetime distinction was only granted as an extreme mark of valorous merit and carried with it the right to speak, vote, and act in all peace and war councils of the tribe, and it also vested her with the supreme pardoning power, a prerogative that was not granted to any other—not even to the civil or war chiefs.” (Oklahoma Historical Society)

    I guess they’re big supporters of feminism and Native People’s rights as well?

  • A Bashful Nobody

    Mrs. Nobody is from Tulsa. It is the garden spot of an awful place.

  • MadMoh

    No rainbow flags? That’s disappointing.

  • leemoder

    Bricktown, as in “dumb as a…”

    • anniegetyerfun

      Confederate soldier?

  • Fly

    Those Okies are proud to be unamerican.

  • nightmoth

    Okie Confederate flag wavers? Showing out when President Obama is in town? Well, if that’s isn’t a clear indication that the damn thing is about hate, instead of HERITAGE, I don’t what else is. Mofos can’t even claim their unenlightened great-grandpappies carried it.

  • Cismontane

    He.. In an earlier time, heads of state would be able punish entire regions for such acts of lese
    majeste as this. Okies should be thankful they live in our more progressive and enlightened times or Obama would be able to respond to this affrontery by, say, suspending social security and Medicare payments in the state, ordering Fannie and Freddie to foreclose on all mortgages there, or instructing the IRS to send all their agents to audit everybody…

  • Enfant Terrible

    If President Obama had emerged from the limo, flashed the hand sign for “loser” and then pantomimed a mic drop, I could die today a happy man.

    • CripesAmighty

      Or just ‘roll coal’ on ’em (don’t tell these goobers, but the presidential ‘Cadillac’ is really a heavily armored, dressed up GMC TopKick).

  • Marceline

    You know he just looked at them and laughed. “Cry about it, bitches. You lost one war and I won two elections.”

  • sillyclucker

    They so KKKlassy! !!!

  • VandeGraf

    I know this is probably going to be controversial, but there is allegedly a rumor that seems to indicate Robert E Lee ate donkey dicks. It’s difficult to know what to believe, but I’ve hear that during the years 1825 (when Lee was 18) until his death in 1870, not a single donkey dick was reported in federal agricultural surveys. Zero, zip, nil, nada. Coincidence?

  • DsMTwoShoes

    Oklahoma, Confederate flag, heritage.
    What is wrong with the above?
    First of, Oklahoma was never part of the Confederacy!
    Secondly, the Confederate flag is meaningless!
    Last but not least is “heritage”? Oklahoma was a self-governing Indian Territory. And I didn’t see any representation from Indian Tribes.
    Do these people actually believe that others buy onto their bullshit?
    To answer my own question, yes they do.
    Why wasn’t this little gem on any of the network News broadcasts?

    • FZsdaughter

      Dude, there is no dumb like southern dumb.

  • Colt .45

    lmao at the idiots who dont understand what the flag represents… guess
    the Dukes of Hazzard were racists, huh? so what if your precious
    traitor president won twice, guess who else did, George Bush… we all
    know how horrible he was, so you elected an even bigger fuckup than him,

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