It's people! Chris Christie EATS PEOPLE! (#2 in a series)

Chris Christie knows how he’d win a presidential election between himself and Bernie Sanders, just in case that particular combination comes up: Let the free market fix everything, the way it always does. Ha! That’ll teach Bernie Sanders, with his socialist call for four years of government-supported college education for all students attending state colleges and universities (no, it’s not “free,” so save your cranky comments, cranks).

On ABC’s This Week Sunday, Christie explained to George Stephanopoulos that we don’t need to tax Wall Street to pay for college. All we need to do to make college affordable for everyone is to itemize the cost of college education, because right now, the “consumers” have no say in what they get.

“My alternative is we have to start to put market forces on these college costs,” Christie replied. “I pay for two college tuitions right now, one at Princeton and one at Notre Dame. And I can tell you that they’re the most opaque bills you’ll ever see in your life.”

“If you got that bill for dinner with that little of that detail, you wouldn’t pay it,” he insisted. “And secondly, we need to start to say unbundle that. So if a child doesn’t want to pay for all of these different things in college, they should be able to select it.”

Leaving aside that Princeton and Notre Dame, both private schools, wouldn’t be affected by Sanders’s plan anyway, or that itemized bills haven’t exactly made hospital stays inexpensive, we need to remember that the market is magic, and if you can opt out of expenses you don’t want to use, everything becomes affordable. So business majors won’t have to pay for the African American Studies program, and everything will even out, because then students who want to major in something useless like sociology can pay more than students in popular majors, who can get volume discounts.

Christie didn’t seem bothered by Stephanopoulos’s suggestion that maybe there was a bit of a double standard at work here, since Christie’s father went to college on the G.I. Bill, because Christie’s dad earned that shit:

“You talked about your dad and what he got on the G.I. Bill. Studies show that there’s a seven to one return on that kind of an investment,” Stephanopoulos reminded the likely candidate. “Why not for all Americans?”

“It is available for all Americans,” Christie insisted. “We have grant programs that are very broadly used. We have loan programs that are very broadly used.”

“And by the way, my dad went for six years at night,” he added. “He worked all day to help to put himself through college.”

It’s so inspiring, really, how his dad got government assistance, but it didn’t make him a leech like everyone else, just like how Ben Carson’s mom got welfare and food stamps, but she was never dependent on government.

This has been an exciting new theme for Christie, who argued last week that student debt is good, because it builds character or something. In a speech at Iowa State University, Christie said we need “a system where we all need to take personal responsibility to grasp the opportunities in higher education, but also one where we can get a leg up when we need it.” Taxpayer-funded college is a terrible idea, he explained:

That is a typical liberal approach. It is wrong … If college graduates are going to reap the greater economic rewards and opportunities of earning a degree, then it seems fair for them to support the cost of the education they’re receiving.

And all we need to do is to let the magic of the market run free, and college will become affordable! We can hardly wait for Chris Christie and Bernie Sanders to win their parties’ nominations, so they can debate that one.

[RawStory / Politico]

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  • Nounverb911

    “So if a child doesn’t want to pay for all of these different things in college, they should be able to select it.”
    Does that include not paying for the football coaches $5Million a year too, also?

    • Good_Gawd_Yall

      Every possible upfist for you, my friend!

    • beatbort

      Or the college president’s $1.5-$2 Million a year salary

      • chazmanr

        At most large universities, the football coach makes at least double what the president of the institution does.

    • Vecciojohn

      Why do you hate America?

    • Mehmeisterjr

      I think most college students would be satisfied if they got a next-Jerry-Sandusky discount.

    • LIT_Fag

      Forcing universities to offer services a la carte? Sounds like government regulation to me, Governor.

  • Skwerl King

    then it seems fair for them to support the cost of the education they’re receiving. And then 1000 MOOCs suddenly perked their ears up before sinking back into despair.

  • Hemp Dogbane

    Flounder is looking good these days !

  • mrFawkes

    Crispy Creme says a college education should be like ordering ala carte from the education menu. While Bernie Sanders wants to give everyone a college smorgasborg. I just made an irony.

  • Spotts1701

    Wasn’t he also the one who said that college students should go find some wealthy “investors” to help pay for their education, in exchange for some of their income once they graduate? Because nothing says “21st century” like indentured servitude.

    • college students should go find some wealthy “investors” to help pay for their education, in exchange for some of their income once they graduate

      Like, say, having the government subsidize the cost of a college education, and then taxing the income of the students after they graduate.

  • alwayspunkindrublic

    No wonder he’s paying through the nose for college. He’s got his kids on the “stadium food plan”.

  • Lizzietish81

    But…you do pay per credit.

    Am I missing something?

    • Spotts1701

      No, thankfully. His pablum only works on those who cannot reason past the end of the first sentence.

    • Ryan Denniston

      I think he means that if you don’t want to pay for the administrators, the library, groundskeeping, etc., you should not have to. It’s more of this right wing free riderism at work.

      • Latverian Diplomat

        Because every student has a particular patch of college lawn they can decide to mow or not mow.

      • Mehmeisterjr

        I’ll only pay for some of the books in the library, you know like the Bible, not the godless liberal ones.

    • I think the idea is that you can decide not to pay for, you know, tests you don’t want to take or (possibly) a student health service that dispenses slut pills to coeds.

    • artem1s

      Title 9. no more wimmenz studies or field hockey or keeping track of all that rape that isn’t happening on campus. wimmenz are ruining the football program’s opportunity to compete for a national title, dontchaknow.

  • exinkwretch

    If elected douchebags are going to reap the reward of a taxpayer-funded helicopter ride, then it seems fair for them to support the cost of receiving it.

  • Good_Gawd_Yall

    Would his idea work on government, also, I wonder? Say you lived in New Jersey, and you didn’t want to pay for your idiot governor to fly all around in his private helicopter, could you just say, Uh-uh, nope, not payin’ for that? And then he’d have to get his own fat ass to his kid’s ballgame? Because I could get behind a proposal like that! No more war for you, Miss Lindsey!

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      Or the 82K worth of pork anus sandwiches that Jabba the Gov hoovered down at football games.

      • PubOption

        Did he get an itemized bill for that?

        • alwayspunkindrublic

          I think it just says “pork anus/stadium”.

          • MrBlobfish

            From Christie’s lips to the pigs anus something something…

  • JohnnyZhivago2

    Yeah, and I pay my kid’s Rutgers (State U of NJ) bill, which blowface supposedly has a hand in running and there is one line item: “Tuition”. What the fuck is he talking about?

    Take this for what it’s worth – the man is a psychotic who thinks he’s the smartest guy on earth and can lie about anything.

    • Ryan Denniston

      Exactly. When I was in school, there was tuition, room and board, and other (fees for the gym and such). Then there were grants, loans, scholarships and so on.

      • Lizzietish81

        Really? Mine was way more complicated (admin fees!)

        • Ryan Denniston

          Oh they’d give you the itemized list if you cared. But since there is no negotiation, I never asked.

    • …the man is a psychotic who thinks he’s the smartest guy on earth and can lie about anything.

      I want to say #NotAllMen, but honestly…? That describes a lot of us. (Not me and you, obvs.)

  • Ryan Denniston

    “If you got that bill for dinner with that little of that detail, you wouldn’t pay it”

    Instead, you’d spend all that money buying concessions to make you feel better when your New Jersey Jets play on Sunday.

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      If I were Christie, I’d probably stay away from quips about the size of dinner bills.

  • Paul Dietzel

    I guess it’s not surprising that this guy’s dinner bill would be as complicated as would be the bill for 4 yrs. of tuition and such at either Princeton or South Bend. But, it’s plain that there would be no entry for the “salad course”.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …leave it to Chris Christie to break down complicated socio-economic issues with a food analogy!

  • Ryan Denniston

    Somebody save poor Bernie!

  • Well, I didn’t go to Princeton (unless you count the HVAC repair place on Princeton Street), but no bill is more opaque than your cable bill. Not even the customer “service” rep can tell me what I’m actually paying for.

    • Spotts1701

      My favorite is the fee for the box. And the fee to send a signal to the box so that the box will function.

      • Blank Ron

        You should see our hydro bill. We pay for the electricity, for the generation of the electricity, for the transmission of the electricity, for the debt already owned by the distribution company, for UPCOMING debt (in case they decide to upgrade something some day), and all at different rates at different times of day AND year. PLUS a ‘service charge’ which I think pays for the ads telling us to love the company, because you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your electricity supply, now, would you?

        • mtn_philosoph

          I am fortunate to live in an area that has Big Government Socialized Electricity. The local grid is owned by the village that “dominates” the area (to the extent that a community of <3,000 people can be said to dominate anything) and the "power company" is a village department. It buys the electrons off of the state grid and then sells them to us at cost. To the best of my knowledge no one has ever asked the village why it hates America.

          • Blank Ron

            I wouldn’t either. You must not live anywhere near the Niagara Power Grid.

  • beatbort

    I do hope he makes this a top priority on his campaign platform. It’s guaranteed to attract the coveted 18-25 voters.

    • beatbort

      And by that, I mean he will get anywhere between 18 and 25 votes.

    • exinkwretch

      He’s gotta expand past the “belligerent asshole” demographic he has already locked up.

  • dshwa

    It’s almost like republicans don’t understand how the real world works.

    • Ryan Denniston

      They do, in theory. Not in reality.

      • mtn_philosoph

        In theory there is no difference between Christie and derp. In practice, though … there still isn’t.

  • allin58

    So he is paying for his kids collage education? I thought he would want his kids to learn a lesson in self- reliance. Oh, wait that’s for the poors. Rich kids don’t need that lesson.

    • MrBlobfish

      Are you kidding? His wife is paying for it.

  • jviscont1

    did Christie just kinda, sort of, hug a teacher with his with his endorsement of higher ed?

    • Ryan Denniston

      What a snob!

      – Santorum, 2012

  • AnOuthouse

    “one at Princeton and one at Notre Dame”
    well la ti da, Mr. Only Elitist Private Universities are Good Enough for My Kids. Plus your richy rich bankster wife is paying those tuitions, not you.

    • MrBlobfish

      Gotta reach that Affirmative Action quota rich, well-connected twits.

    • Seek

      Do you honestly think they could get into an impacted State University on merit? They go to private schools where who you are and what you’ve got count for something on that admissions application!

      Merit? Can I write a check for that?

  • MrBlobfish

    Since running gov’t like a business has worked out so well for Republicans, sure what the fuck. Run higher education like a business. Teach everyone to speak Mandarin while you’re at it.

    • david green

      You nonbeliever. Just wait – next year Kansas will be a Paradise, a Paradise I tells you!

  • Latverian Diplomat

    If college graduates are going to reap the greater economic rewards and opportunities of earning a degree, then it seems fair for them to support the cost of the education they’re receiving.

    Said Christie, in a speech at the Land Grant University in the nation.

    The gods of irony have a busy schedule, Christie, and they don’t have time for this blatantly obvious shit. Try to be a little more subtle next time.

    • Ryan Denniston

      What greater economic rewards? Where’s he been since the 1980s?

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      When it comes to the gods of irony, Republicans trend toward atheism.

  • AnOuthouse

    I’m afraid that Christie could get elected if he could manage to get ‘Christie Creme’ on the ballot line. Because Americans are not very bright.

  • Treg Brown

    I can’t wait to graduate and be filled with $130,000 worth of character.
    Yay! Hope he never needs a doctor.

    • Me not sure

      As God is my witness, I thought he had a penis and balls.

      • Treg Brown

        Almost makes me squirm.

        • Gristle McThornbody

          It could have been worse – he could have been at a beach in a Speedo. Well, I guess technically it would be a thong on him.

      • MrBlobfish

        Just take a peek under the meat apron.

        • Me not sure

          That’s a job for Mary Pat and a fork lift.

    • allin58

      So that’s twittle dumb!

    • Mehmeisterjr

      So the answer is athletic scholarships?

    • 24601
    • JAWs

      He better hope he doesn’t sit on a wall, or even all the kings horses won’t be able to fix him.

  • Me not sure

    By that logic I should be able to opt out of any portion of my taxes that goes toward paying the governors salary.

  • Reddishrabbit

    Never heard of price fix dinner?

  • MrBlobfish

    How ’bout that? I should have refused to pay for those classes I failed since I obviously didn’t get a return on my investment.

    • Ryan Denniston

      Not to mention all those classes in English, and history, and those other humanities areas that don’t pay.

      • MrBlobfish

        I have an all-purpose degree in Communications, which I put to good use banging nails for the following decade.

        • Doug Langley

          Gotta know all the right words when banging your thumb with the hammer.

    • calliecallie

      Yes! I took a mainframe computer class and flunked it. They don’t even use those things any more! They can keep the tuition, just fix my GPA by expunging that class from my record.

  • LarryHoudini

    He’s got my vote!
    Raymond J. Quinlan
    Sallie Mae

  • MrBlobfish

    Although I graduated lets see 6 goes into 20……minus the square root of……….carry the Gohemrt……30 years ago, I still have nightmares of being three credits shy of graduating and failing all my classes. Also too showing up in my underwear to lecture.

    • proudgrampa

      “Also too showing up in my underwear to lecture.”
      I’ve done that, man!

      • MrBlobfish

        In High School, I once carried by dirty underwear to school with me instead of stopping off at the hamper. Whoever says marijuana is not dangerous has not fully investigate all the evidence.

        • Msgr_Moment

          It’s a real bitch drying out your textbook after it’s been through the spin cycle, man.

    • Lizzietish81

      I always had my underwear on for lectures

      • gedjcj

        Even summer quarter?

    • artem1s

      haha, I too, still have student responsibility dreams about having to convince some prof that I totally should pass this class I forgot I signed up for and forgot to attend all semester. even better were the teacher responsibility dreams where I can’t find the room for the class I’m suppose to teach and haven’t shown up to teach for weeks and weeks. It’s always some subject I know nothing about. It was great fun, and by that I mean horrific, when I was a TA in grad school and had both types on alternate nights.

    • Vienna Woods

      I have 2 dreams like that. In one, I am a HS teacher in the morning, and in the afternoon am back in my old HS because “they” found out that I only spent 4 years getting my grade 13 instead of 5 (old Ontario system), so I had to do the extra year.
      The other one is the classic almost naked in front of the class dream. Usually with a too-small to cover everything towel.
      As I approach my final year of teaching, I find that I have these dreams less and less. This is a relief.

    • jmk

      Four years after I graduated (went to convocation and commencement and had my name called and everything), I had to get a security clearance. Internal Security called me in for the results of my background check and told me I didn’t have a college degree after all. I broke down in tears, which luckily convinced them that they shouldn’t arrest me for making false statements on a government form.

      Turns out that, even though I had 30 more credits than I needed, I had been improperly advised about distribution requirements for transfer students, and I was missing a history class on a non-European culture in the 20th century…and no…my degree was not in history.

      Did my university ever contact me about that? Oh no, of course not. I did call to find out where the hell my actual diploma was, but the lady on the phone knew nothing and wouldn’t help. Of course, they now call me every month looking for a donation.

      • Blank Ron

        Of course they do. ‘Alumnus’ = ‘money tree.’

      • david green

        You went to Sacramento State also?

        • jmk

          Nah… the other coast. Good to know Stony Brook wasn’t unique.

  • Jack_Carter_USA

    Last week, he supported the return of indentured servitude, saying students should sell shares in themselves to get tuition money. On the other hand, since Romney said “corporations are people” and corporations sell shares in themselves to raise capital, I suppose he’s just extending the principle to individuals.

    • david green

      You could even have an exchange where shares in students were traded, kina like the NT Exchange or Nasdaq. Based on grades and the job market the value of the shares would go up and down. Investors could buy bunches of them, then slice and dice the group and sell that product on the secondary market. A brilliant plan. Christie for Presiden… Sorry, I forgot myself there.

  • jjdaddyo

    Wait til you hear his latest plan for all you poors who want to go to college: all your kid has to do is work in the coal mine or shale oil field of their choice for no more than 10 years* and they get “free” tuition to Monmouth State!
    * 15 years if they wants books and a meal plan.

  • drbloor

    “Chris Christie knows how he’d win a presidential election between himself and Bernie Sanders: Let the free market fix everything:”

    The judges would also have accepted, “eat him.”

  • beatbort

    Chris Christie examining the bill at the restaurant:
    CC: Wait a minute….I didn’t order a whole side of beef…
    Waiter: Yes, you did sir. It was your appetizer and you consumed it more than five hours ago.
    CC: Then what’s this….this….a “tub of cream cheese”?
    Waiter: That’s what you slathered on your side of beef…
    CC: Oh….well, then, six baked potatoes, with lite sour cream….I only ordered five of those….I’m on a diet.
    Waiter: Hmmm, well, you did order six, but I’ll deduct the last one…
    CC: Did I really eat two orders of chicken parm?
    Waiter: Yes sir, I’m afraid so, sir.
    CC: And one more thing….could I have an after dinner mint
    Waiter: Very good sir, just a thin wafer, right?
    CC: Right, otherwise I’d explode, because I’m stuffed.
    Waiter (delivering the Andes mint on a plate): Here you go sir…
    EXPLOSION is heard

    • Doug Langley

      And be sure not to forget the diet cola.

      In a 50 gallon drum.

  • freakishlystrong

    Fat sociopath is also running on the popular platform of forcing my ass to work until I’m 70.

  • MrBlobfish

    When the ‘lil Blobfish is old enough, I’m sending him to Ted Nugent Institute of Technology. He’s gonna make poppa proud majoring in Shooting Things with a minor in Pussy.

    • alwayspunkindrublic

      I’d suggest avoiding the Draft Dodging 101 class.

    • calliecallie

      Very possible that he will minor in Pussy no matter what college he goes to.

    • exinkwretch

      That school is guaranteed to put a Stranglehold on your savings.

  • Ilgattomorte

    Maybe we’re missing the point of his analogy. Maybe we could lower costs if college was more like a Chinese restaurant. Wealthy students could still order a la carte, but the more frugal students would take the combination platter. You know, you choose Business Studies from column A, Literature and Life Science from Column B and maybe Women’s Studies for dessert. Of course you also get an Egg Roll.

    You can study-in or just do take-out and the best part is you don’t have to deal with the antiquated concept of becoming educated. The goal of college should be to get in, get out and get the degree so you can go to work and be productive, just like the Free Market says you should. If you do college right you can work productively until you reach 65 years old and then continue to work until you die. Yeahhhhh, Free Market.

    • david green

      “can work productively”. So we are eliminating Philosophy and my major, Poly Sci?

      • Ilgattomorte

        Don’t feel so bad. I have two degrees, one in theater and one in illustration. Technically, the Free Market has to have me killed.

  • artem1s

    tell me this wouldn’t result in daddy opting to allocate tuition funds for all the men’s sportsball teams and opting not to pay professors salaries.

  • Metadude

    “If you got that bill for dinner with that little of that detail, you wouldn’t pay it,”
    Yeah, unlike Christy’s bills for “All the hot dogs” at his sports ball suite.

  • Mehmeisterjr

    In theory we should refrain from making fat jokes about Christie but since everything he says seems to end in a food metaphor, it is impossible.

  • Callyson

    Yeah, I’m going to listen to what this asshole has to say about education:

  • Anarchy Pony

    It’s nice that your dad worked himself through college, but it is a lot more fucking expensive now chris!

  • Lord-Nash

    It’s sad, but Bernie’s idea will never pass for one simple reason. The US government makes

    far too much money off student loans. Unlike a car loan, or a home loan, your loans continue to accrue interest until they’re paid off.

    It is now time to point and laugh at all the idiots who say “the government only knows how to spend money, they don’t know how to make money.”

    • david green

      Just wondering – which makes the most screwing students, the USA or the private lenders and middlemen. I’ve never seen any numbers. And being a taker, I’m too lazy to look for them.

      • Lord-Nash

        To answer your question: yes. For one, the US government will be happy to sell your loans to another institution. They may not get everything they were going to get if you paid your loans off until you started to receive AARP advertisements however. But they still make money. And lenders get payments on loans they never had to make. Whoever the lender is, unless you can show that paying the loans will cause extreme difficulty to you (you’d pretty much have to be unable to work or earn money) they aren’t discharged through bankruptcy.

        I wish I had the answer (hint: paying for college a la carte isn’t a feasible answer). The Lady Nash and I have plenty of school debt, so we have an idea of what we’re talking about. But we also busted our asses when we were in school, explored new career paths, did fellowships and internships, networked and used university resources to find good work. And thank God we found them. The debt sucks, and we’ll have it a loooooooooooooong time, but it’s manageable. That doesn’t happen to everyone, and I try not to look down on anyone who didn’t push themselves like we did. I could go on and on (and I apparently have) with all the facets that add to this problem but that would take a while.

  • DahBoner

    I’ll bet Chris Christy never pays for his donuts, pal…

  • OHvoter83

    My son once signed up for an summer online course from his college, so he could take it from home, and they tried to charge him for parking. At least it was itemized.

    • Jen_Baker_VA

      good point. Collage bills are, in fact, itemized. I got plenty myself, so, like they tell you stuff like “Parking and lab fees and credit hours” pretty clearly.
      Once again, Tiny Cristie don’t know what he be talkin about

  • JohnR

    I can’t take Christie seriously anymore unless he’s wearing the baseball uniform.

  • toomanyrappers

    Dear old dad should have told young Christie that he wasn’t going to ever get a penny after he turned 15. At 18, he was out of the house or he could pay market value for everything he consumed at home. (Rent, food, etc.,) Good luck paying that flipping burgers, kid. You’re moving out. ;)

    This means public schools and no money after 15 that Christie did not earn–and no help with college. No help with getting a job either. Graduate school? Need to study and take the bar? Get a job!

    Christie wouldn’t have qualified for much help. He would have been up to his neck in debt. He might have struggled to convince possible employers he was related to daddy: wearing a cheap suit and with that state college on his resume.

    Where was the free market then?

  • Jen_Baker_VA

    Imma sort of a young one, but wasn’t it a once upon a time thing that state run schools were all free and stuff until some con decided they should push the for profit model?

    • alnnc

      As a definitely older one, I don’t rmember state sachools being free, but they were less costly. Especially over the last decade, states have been cutting taxes and trying to balance their budgets by cutting funds to education. They have received push back on cuts to regular public schools – K-12, but not so much for higher education. The result is that tuition and other cost have increased greatly. I don’t recall anyone from my college class leaving with debt approaching the cost of a house, but it’s not so unusual today.

      • david green

        Back in my youth, community colleges in CA were free. When I went back to college in 1971, they were still free, and in 1975 I think I was paying about $125 a semester at the local State College.

  • chicken thief

    Look, Christie might be on to something. I mean, most Euro-peen countries have already tried this and it failed miser-…

    Wait, what?!

  • middleclassman1

    Educating all of our children is a benefit to all of us as a nation. Even john knew his.

  • Manhattan123

    “If you got that bill for dinner with that little of that detail, you wouldn’t pay it,” he insisted”

    It’s always about food with this guy.

    Of course, his dinner bills are about as big as a college tuition. What did he stick the taxpayers of Jersey with last year, $85,000 in expenses for stadium food?

  • Everhope

    That pic above pretty much defines Christie and his blatant narcissism with his barely controlled sense of outrage and…well…rage. He’s a mean spirited cry baby. The closing of the lanes to the bridge between NYC and NJ perfectly captures who he is.

  • TheBidenator

    Yes a guy who uses the state helicopter to fly to his sons little league games and makes the state pay for his ginormous food bill is totally who I want lecturing college students on personal responsibility….

  • SpaceCaptainWarlock

    “That is the typical liberal approach (backed by facts and statistics). Let me give you the typical conservative approach, a.k.a. the magical fairlyland approach that has never worked in all of history other than for enriching rich people.”

  • JAWs

    Yeah, Libtards! Taxpayer money should be reserved for important needs, like helicopter rides and snack foods.

  • MegPasadena

    Yeah, I can totally see why Christie doesn’t want to pay for the use of women’s bathrooms, sports center, computer center, or the library. Just like he doesn’t want to pay for the abortion pills.
    God, these people don’t seem to understand how society works.

  • ThePuckStopsHere

    Pretty sure the benefit-reapers who get college degrees wind up paying way more in taxes over the course of their lifetimes (and we could come up with something reactionary like, I don’t know, a PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX to make it even more fair) so I would make the case that free college for all winds up paying for itself and makes us smrtr as a country. Inasmuch as this results in fewer serfs tied to dead-end, low-pay jobs because young people have huge debt loads and the fact that the GOP embraces stupidity as a value, it remains an uphill fight.

    • frambley1

      Stop the presses. Are you saying there is a benefit to the society as a whole for investing in the future of our country? haha. that’s crazy talk. As if California became one of the largest economies in the world, including the tech capital of the world, partially because the Cal State University and UC systems were free when they were established and remained relatively cheap up until the last decade or so.

      Next thing you’ll be telling us is that it would be a boon to our economy to also spend money on fixing our infrastructure. And that would pay for itself with increases in economic activity just related to the work involved. And then over time a modern infrastructure would also increase revenue with the efficiencies it offers to the business community. But no, that’s also just plain crazy talk. And that should just be ignored because Hillary needs a latte.

      • ThePuckStopsHere

        Sorry. Don’t know what in the fuck I might have been thinking. Drinking may have been involved.

      • david green

        Definitely crazy talk.

  • VandeGraf

    According to the Christies of the world, everyone else is a leech unless you already got yours. Then, of course, you are no longer a leech and a little assistance to them never hurt anyone.

    • frambley1

      I am constantly amazed that they pull this off. They are able to push this narrative that they exhibit personal responsibility, but others don’t.

      That when their family uses a public benefit or safety net it is okay, but others who do are leeches that take advantage of government handouts and are lazy and are bad. And we can’t afford GI bills and to take care of today’s veterans.

      When their state experiences natural disasters they should get fed gov help, but others shouldn’t.

      And it’s not just the politicians. Craig T Nelson’s family didn’t need anyone’s help when they were on welfare. Rush Limbaugh was a different kind of addict. Ultra patriotic Ted Nugent dodges the draft and sings about pussy fever. But Common (the Rapper) is a misogynist. And the decorated war veteran John Kerry is Un-murican.

      How do these people have any credibility in the eyes of anyone?

      • Celtic_Gnome

        They’re white.

        • frambley1

          I think it has more to do with their inability to empathize with anyone else. I’m a white guy and don’t have those views.

  • Zhu Bajie

    Iowa State is a Land Grant University and is supposed to be virtually free for Iowans. That was what Lincoln intended when he founded the system.

  • Zhu Bajie

    Why don’t Christie’s kids go to those trade schools, better than universities, Cons say?

  • SullivanSt

    If college graduates are society is going to reap the greater economic rewards and opportunities of [more people] earning a degree, then it seems fair for them to support the cost of the education they’re receiving.

    FTFY, you fat fucking idiot. Maybe if you’d spent more time listening to teachers instead of yelling at them, you wouldn’t be so damned stupid.

    BTW Shy, I know it’s probably your lovely wife’s prime directive to you that this site should have MOAR advertising, but it’s so insanely larded up by them that it is now literally impossible to comment using my iPad. Before it used to be merely too much hassle to bother most of the time. Now it’s actually impossible to fire off a comment before the crushing memory demands of a million requests crashes the page. That’s when I even manage to scroll down to the comments section before it crashes. This is killing my dwell time. I understand that is valuable to you, or should be.

    • SadDemInTex

      I also use my iPad a lot…I try to close every program and every thing I’m doing on the net. Sometimes that helps. But unless Shy and Trix win Lotto this will be the only way to keep this blog as good as it is.

  • Doug Langley

    So tell me, Crisco, after Sandy had pounded your state into gravel, did you let market forces do its magic without running off to hit the Prez for taxpayer money?

  • Celtic_Gnome

    I assume food metaphors are the only ones Christie is capable of using.

  • Santana999

    I bet Christie would sign a bill making college free in NJ if you poured some gravy on it. That guy is the fat bully from middle school all grown up, ecept mentally.

    • RC

      Or if he couldn’t afford to send his kids to college

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