This story deserves a Happy PonyActual Dialogue from Wonket Sekrit Chatcave, 4:35 pm, EDT:

Dok Z: We should try to find something happy to round out the day
Sara B: I’m writing things on Patton as we speaketh
Dok Z: and maybe another state will legalize gay marriageĀ in the next 15 minutes
Rebecca S: haha

So then just after 5:00, we heard on the teevee that Wisconsin Went and Did It. Yr. Dok Zoom was off by ten minutes or so, but plans to purchase himself a Lotto ticket this evening anyway.

This is our Lastpost for the day, and so we will very very lazily blog this like we were the Stupidest Man on the Internet, and just copypasta the first three grafs of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story:

U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb in Madison Friday overturned Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban, striking down an amendment to the state constitution approved overwhelmingly by voters in 2006.

Crabb did not stay her ruling but also did not immediately issue an order blocking the enforcement of the order, leaving it for the moment unclear whether couples could immediately marry in the courthouses of Wisconsin.

Instead, Crabb asked the gay couples who had sued over the ban to describe by June 16 exactly what they wanted the judge to block with respect to the enforcement of the law. She said she would then address whether to stay her decision while the matter is on appeal.

If it turns out that marriages can commence, the Dane County Clerk, Scott McDonell, said that his office was “ready to go” in issuing marriage licenses.

The sad pandas of Wisconsin Family Action, bespokespersoned by one Julaine Appling, cried a bit and sniffled, “I don’t understand when ‘We the People’ became ‘I the Judge[.]'” As has become something of a pattern in these stories, it should be noted that a vengeful Jehovah did not hurl any lighting bolts at the courthouse or suddenly afflict the greater Madison area with plagues of boils, frogs, or Minnesota Vikings fans.

Happy equality, Wisconsin, and happy weekend, O Ye Wonkers.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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