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Let’s get you set up with some Happy Nice Time links this afternoon.

Why not honor Joan of Arc and commemorate the Battle of the Herrings by making yourself this delicious herring sandwich?

You want film stuff? We got film stuff!

The Coppola family talent must be getting diluted as it travels down the generations, because Palo Alto, the debut film from Francis’s granddaughter Gia is very not good.

There’s already a movie in the works about the missing Malaysian airliner, and the trailer is terribawesome.

Alejandro Jodorowsky has a new film, his first in 24 years, The Dance of Reality, and it’s beautiful.

Awww, yeah Thought Catalog! Thought Catalog will never let us down. Today: the guy that is pretty sure if you use the mute button on Twitter, you’re killing free speech dead.

Mad Men had a surprisingly touching finale to part one of the final season. Sadly, you don’t get to see part two of the final season until some un-named date in 2015.

Ain’t a day goes by that there’s not sideboob.

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