DRINK (Zyklon B)

Some high school children have some Jews very very angry (for a change; lol Jews, right?) with their classy reenactment of the Holocaust, via Beer Pong (above). Note how much harder it would be to get one’s ball into the Nazi cups, as they are not clustered together as are the Jews’; this reflects with historical accuracy the advantage the Nazis had, probably because, as in Joe the Plumber’s totally smrt analysis, the Jews did not have guns and definitely not because Jews were a tiny tiny minority beset on all sides by a populace that had been trained to consider them subhuman vermin. Oy gevalt!

First, how much do we love Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz?

In response to the reports, Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz, of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida, told Fox4, “As a rabbi, I like to look at the world as a beautiful place. So, let’s assume it’s just children that are immature with no ill intent, not trying to be malice.”

“This is a wake up call,” he added. “We are not doing enough of a job educating people to be nicer, kinder, more polite.”

We love him all the love, that is how much!

Second, children? Try something a little less fraught next time, like “Jodie Foster vs. all the men gangraping her in The Accused,” or, “Japanese people vs. the tsunami and resulting nuclear disaster,” or “your mom vs. uterine cancer.”

See? Now those are funny.


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