if they didn't blur these tiny cartoon genitals, you would probably get all het up and go rape a white womanIs there something stupid happening in the world? Fox News and “Dr.” Keith Ablow are ON IT. We first learned of the terrible horrible no good very bad tiny cartoon genitals of It’s Perfectly Normal from the perfectly normal Victoria Jackson. Then Ben Shapiro’s Internet Home for the Congenitally Encephalitic, TruthRevolt, got in on the tiny naked cartoon action. Now, some ladies plus Dr. Keith Ablow — who thinks having a doll will make William gay — are all atitter, because seeing tiny cartoon genitals (not to mention interracial cartoon love) will have 10-year-olds clamoring for threesomes.

Guess they had to cut to something from Hillary Clinton kidnapping those Nigerian girls.

Here is Dr. Keith Ablow sexplaining that including pictures of tiny cartoon genitals in a book for junior high kids will turn them into pervorapists who do threesomes in the locker room. What is surprising is that most of the women on the show do not in fact seem to think sex ed is the worst most terrible mindrape of your babbies’ precious bodily fluids that the world has ever known. There is one chick (looks like Maria Bartiromo kind of? not looking it up) who thinks it is inappropriate to talk about anything other than changing bodies, but the rest are sort of like “meh.”

Good luck getting those contracts reupped, ladies. Next time, be a little more enthusiastic when a man is talking idiot nonsense about teaching children the Kama Sutra because a 20-year-old sex-ed book doesn’t use the proper clinical terms “bad place” and “dirtypillows.”


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