tech brothers and sisters!

We love Obama, but the White House petition is the worst. It gives a platform to people who previously would have been left muttering on message boards. Right now, the award for dumbest petition goes to Justine Tunney, who is calling on the President to step down so Google can run the country.

I have the utmost respect for you Sir. America is a great country and you’ve worked hard to bring its affairs in order. But I’m afraid you’re fighting a battle that can’t be won. The Washington regime has become incompetent over the years. It is no longer able to face the difficult challenges that lay ahead. I think it’s time for a peaceful change.

I implore you to call a national referendum to do the following:

1. Retire all government employees with full pensions.

2. Transfer administrative authority to the tech industry.

3. Appoint Eric Schmidt CEO of America.


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