and now you are gay

Normally we do not highlight things that are going to air on Limey Socialist BBC TV, but for this we’ll make an exception, because this poor openly gay UK doctor set himself the task of coming to America to go undercover and explore the wide variety of ex-gay/un-gaying/whatever “therapies” that we have to offer. Land of the free, home of the terrible. That’s us.

In order to investigate, “Undercover Doctor” Dr. Christian Jessen endures therapies (we can’t even believe we’re calling them that, but we’re too lazy to scare quote them for the whole post) that include the relatively weird and probably semi-harmless, except for that whole part where they shame you for being who you are. (They also include the not-semi-harmless at all, of course. We’ll get to those.)

Retired doctor John Smid from Texas offers rehab and orders him to strip his life of things that encourage him to be gay. He throws out Jessen’s Adele CD and tells him: “Adele is very popular within the gay community. You have to listen to Christian music.” Smid also makes him bin his tight undies claiming they will “stir his sensuality” and make him want sex.

In Dallas he visits a doctor who says he can change people’s sexuality through colouring books.

Back in London he meets a pastor who offers exorcisms to rid people of “gay demons’’.


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