inpeachWe are sorry to inform you of this, because we know you are all gay for the “president,” “Barack” “Obama,” but he has really fucking stepped in it this time. Did he see white-woman boobs again? Yes, but that is not even the most terrible thing he did this weekend. You guys, Barack Obama tweeted a picture of HIMSELF on Presidents Day, like he is some kind of president!

Here, in its entirety, is the trenchant commentary from National Review Online in its bloog post “Obama Celebrates Himself On Presidents Day.”

For the second time in a week, the White House tweeted a picture of President Obama to mark the celebration of past presidents. Last week, on Abraham Lincoln’s 205th birthday, the White House tweeted out a picture of Obama and the first lady at the Lincoln Memorial. On Monday, for Presidents’ Day, the White House revisited the Lincoln Memorial with a picture of the current commander-in-chief​ greeting children and visitors of the site.

Obviously, Barack Obama has about as much relation to the legacy of Abraham Lincoln as he does to the legacy of Rosa Parks, which is to say, “none relation,” that is just science fact.

Why must everything be all about you, Barack Obama? Do you think Presidents Day is about you? (Hint, it is about this guy instead.) Do you think you are somehow “president”? As if! Like the country would even elect a black man anyway, and also you’re the real racist.

Good day, sir. WE SAID GOOD DAY.

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