michael cooper and some white dudesSome time ago, right about the time we were breaking news of the Paula Deen race discrimination lawsuit, we also brought you this very shitty story about Michael Cooper, who was, in a most ungrateful fashion, suing his old boss just because the boss constantly called him the n-word, made Cooper refer to himself as his boss’s n-word, had a bunch of other employees racially harass Cooper (per their sworn testimony), and a whole bunch of other totally innocent stuff, like then firing Cooper and then fighting him on unemployment because Cooper was “untruthful.”

But oh, it seems a jury did not agree with defendant Michael Bell that Cooper was “untruthful,” because they just ordered over $2.6 million in compensation, punitive damages, and costs. Whoops.

If you want to see all the horrifying details of Cooper’s case, do click that link above; we’ve got motions and testimonies and other law stuff.

Cooper is the grandson of Ann Nixon Cooper, who was the thousand year old civil rights lady who lived to vote for Prezzy Ohezzy and see him inaugurated. Now she no longer has to do the hokey-pokey in her grave.

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