isn't he sweet?

It’s been a few weeks since we talked about Gavin McInnes, the Vice founder who is really working hard to reach peak MRA douchebag. We haven’t been able to forget him because his Windsong stays on our mind and also too some of his fanboys hopped over to tell us they hoped we’d die. That must just be some of the high-level discourse that McInnes touts in his new screed over at the ever-reliably-ridiculous Thought Catalog. Yes, Gavin McInnes, noted political theorist, would like to tell you all about his 10 New Rules for Radicals, which is basically just a laundry list of all the ways genius Oxford debater Gavin McInnes thinks that liberals argue wrong. SPOILER ALERT: They’re all about how to be a macho alpha man and crush those wussy liebrul beta males. Thought Catalog Thought Leadering.


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