A round of applause, please, for John McCain’s reply to a question from Brian Williams on Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News. Over the weekend, at the Values Voter summit, Texas congressdoofus Louie Gohmert had accused McCain of supporting al Qaeda — this has become the standard teabagger attack on anyone who suggests any support for Syrian rebels, let alone a “let’s bomb Assad” warmonkey like McCain. In a discussion of the increasingly uncivil tone in Washington, Williams noted that Gohmert’s comments “hardly made a blip.” (At least that’s what he meant — we’re pretty sure Williams says “it hardly made a blimp,” which is a phrase we’d like to see catch on.)

McCain had obviously been prepping for a question about Gohmert’s accusation:

“Sometimes those… comments like that are made out of malice, but if someone has no intelligence I don’t view it as being a malicious statement.”

Yr Wonkette wishes to congratulate Walnuts on a masterful deployment of Tactical Wordplay here. He was obviously ready for a follow-up question about calling Gohmert a stoopidhead, so he could say with a coprophagic grin, look, all I meant was that my esteemed colleague from Texas obviously doesn’t have access to the security briefings that would inform him on that matter.

Well-played, Walnuts. Well-played.


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