No, the idea is for YOU to caption it

This morning, we brought you news of Paul Ryan/Newt Gingrich/Mitt Romney threeway victim and utter creepazoid Adam Savader, and how we (ahem) he was (ALLEGEDLY) sextorting all the pretty girls by hacking their nakey selfies and then threatening to release the pictures of their “tits” and “pussies” to their parents, the RNC, their internships, and the world. Indeed, he seems the perfect picture of a fine young man. Well but! He is also the kind of team player who VOLUNTEERED to act out his furry cosplay fantasies wear the Ellie the Elephant costume at Newt Gingriche’s zoophilia festivals. And here, thanks to CNN, he maybe is! Caption away.

[CNN Images, via @igorbobic]

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