Barack Obama poses for official portrait as editor of Harvard Law ReviewOh, look, the AP has written a “color piece” (get it?) about how everyone in Obama’s birthplace, Kogelo, Kenya, is a 105-year-old witch doctor cold throwin’ chicken guts around, for science.

KOGELO, Kenya (AP) — At President Barack Obama’s ancestral village in Kenya, witch doctor John Dimo tossed some shells, bones and other items to determine who will win Tuesday’s election.

After throwing the objects like so many dice outside his hut in Kogelo village, Dimo, who says he is 105 years old, points to a white shell and declares: “Obama is very far ahead and is definitely going to win.”

Is Ron Fournier still directing the AP’s political coverage? We haven’t checked Romenesko in a while. But all entrails point to “yes”!

Observers point out that Mr. Dimo’s methodology remains superior to Dick Morris’s.


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