Duh, everybody freaking out about Homeless Big Bird, axing PBS has been dogma on the Right for decades. Everybody in this glorious nation may be shocked at Miffed Romney’s mafia threat to Big Bird — looks like you got a real nice nest here, shame if anything happened to it — but Fox Business and their ilk have long believed all that sharing and multiculturalism is soshulizms. Murdering the Muppets is a feature, not a bug. On the flip side, get some morning sweetness with Fred Rogers testifying before Congress and making crusty old men’s hearts grow three sizes, and stuff.

Of course, you knew the Republicans have wanted this forever and ever, but the … er … low-information voters (we are trying to nicely say “idiots”) are dismayed and appalled to learn this basic bit of 21st Century Teatardedness. (Here’s a statement from PBS from last year, when the House voted to cut off all its funding. And here is their — near identical — statement from yesterday. They probably have the whole thing in macros.) Funding for public broadcasting polls better than any slice of federal funding besides your grandma. Too bad that was the one piece of specific policy Ol’ Miffed let fly in the greatest debate performance in this life or any other. Total bummer.

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