We cannot stress enough that this is a VERY SERIOUS campaign, and it deals with VERY SERIOUS issues, and the addition of Paul Ryan (R-P90X) to the VP ticket really signaled a move by the Romney campaign towards VERY SERIOUS DISCUSSIONS because Ryan is a VERY SERIOUS person. So when Paul Ryan (R-P90X) accidentally revealed that he doesn’t KNOW when the Romney plan would balance the budget (because they “haven’t run the numbers on that specific plan”) it was probably because it was Fox News and he was tricked into feeling comfortable.

Yes, they haven’t run the budget on THAT specific plan because why would they, when they have so many plans to choose from: there’s the Romney budget that’s on the same page as the Ryan budget, there’s Romney’s “own budget”, and there’s the Romney budget that’s “very different” from Ryan’s budget. So many to choose from! We are curious to see how it comes out, when they figure out which one they like and run the numbers.

[Media Matters]

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